Billie Eilish - Bellyache

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Max D
Max D - 47 seconds ago
Slimo_Lюdi Shop
Slimo_Lюdi Shop - 6 minutes ago
Русские? Тут?
Nguyen Trung
Nguyen Trung - 30 minutes ago
Why is there no cars
Parker Miller
Parker Miller - 32 minutes ago
Those snow capped mountains are Tehachapi. #TEHACH
Yolanda Meza
Yolanda Meza - 36 minutes ago
You are so Pretty
Box Boy
Box Boy - 36 minutes ago
Alvinch me trajo aquí y me quedé.
Kinga Sętkowiak
Kinga Sętkowiak - 43 minutes ago
This song was share 22 march, and 22 march i have birthday. WTF?
hallie davenport
hallie davenport - 47 minutes ago
Who’s all here in 2019 😂😂
Gizem Deniz
Gizem Deniz - 54 minutes ago
Happy billie ellish omg
Nada_ Syifa06
Nada_ Syifa06 - 54 minutes ago
The sounds It's good
Ashlyn Gould
Ashlyn Gould - Hour ago
So nice
BossTwins101 - Hour ago
5000 likes and I will ask out my sister
Ксюша Герасимова
Тут есть РУССКИЕ?
Vervito united
Vervito united - Hour ago
this girl is throwing 100 dollar bills in the air and worrying about a bloody bellyache
Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago - Hour ago
No entiendo que le ven a esta carajita de mierda. Canta horrible y dan ganas de cagar.
Cielo Aishlin
Cielo Aishlin - Hour ago
Miguel Santiago yo creó que tu también tienes problema por qué lo único que piensas es mierda 🤔
Rosa Botello
Rosa Botello - Hour ago
Levi Cheeze Pie
Levi Cheeze Pie - Hour ago
Luke Daniel
Luke Daniel - Hour ago
Her "AGE" is a paid actor
•xu ne•
•xu ne• - Hour ago
Excuse me.. can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty she is and how she is so free willed with her dances, and OH don’t forget her voice.
Appreciate everything about her.
Rico x Рико
Rico x Рико - Hour ago
Yegana Nagiyeva
Yegana Nagiyeva - Hour ago
Minu Koirala
Minu Koirala - Hour ago
Who else love her outfit style :-)
She is so pretty.
Бла бла бла бла
Joseph - Hour ago
Was it hot filming in that ?
Erica Chiong
Erica Chiong - Hour ago
Why she so creappy 2019? Coachella lol
yo weird girll
yo weird girll - Hour ago
Omg Billie Eilish is so dam beautiful and young😩! I really wish I could meet her someday. Her music are so inspiring and it makes me feel better. God please take care of her, don’t take her away from us at a young age like all these singers that had died:( by that I mean Xxxtentacion he had help me out through depression but sadly he’s gone:( I hope Billie Eilish doesn’t die soon she deserves to live a longer life😭😭😭❤️
DeeDee Serajem
DeeDee Serajem - Hour ago
Billie-ached to this song. Ouch! 🤣😍😘
Renata Naomi Nunes Espinosa
Hola soy mexicana xd
Renata Naomi Nunes Espinosa
Love yuo
Alejandro 1911
Alejandro 1911 - 2 hours ago
Min 1:05 dineros perras
monica galvan
monica galvan - 2 hours ago
pero me justa el ritmo
monica galvan
monica galvan - 2 hours ago
no te entiendo ni verga no se ingles
Xkawaiichanx :3
Xkawaiichanx :3 - 2 hours ago
I love you so much Billie but my family won’t let me listen to your music so when I am at school I go on YouTube when I am not supposed to or I go in my basement and listen to you but the reason they don’t like to listen to you cuz they think your depressing but I don’t think that and don’t hate on me or stuff
Lily &more
Lily &more - 2 hours ago
She looks so different
candypiecute - 2 hours ago
Where's my mind? I lost it because of how good this song is.
Ariana Ruiz
Ariana Ruiz - 2 hours ago
Adoro su manera de expresar sus sentimientos a través de las canciones
PinguDaCutie [Lizzykat0229]
Lol love the ending Billie
Kirsten Ann
Kirsten Ann - 3 hours ago
This is called thought of a bloody mind
Grace The CHEESE
Grace The CHEESE - 3 hours ago
Uggggggh when she dies I’m going to cry even though I’ve never met her I love her to pieces
ana Luísa
ana Luísa - 3 hours ago
Cadê os br 😒?
•Emi Draws•
•Emi Draws• - 3 hours ago
oooooooooo happy music uwu
CupOfDespair - 3 hours ago
Anyone else notice she was 14 in 2017 and she’s this successful
Karen Perez
Karen Perez - 3 hours ago
Yo u are tve best of my Tour música are gooooood d'Or my i hace 16 in Line Yo u
Camry Solomon
Camry Solomon - 3 hours ago
I'll sing this in my birthday
Alisanne Lagimodiere
Alisanne Lagimodiere - 3 hours ago
The money in the garbage bags is the amount of money she made from this music video
Heyer G. Fernández
Heyer G. Fernández - 4 hours ago
ALV esta Mierda esta Chevere!, cool!!!
Some Dude
Some Dude - 4 hours ago
she's not like other girls
its catchy
Just you're average otaku ;D
*little did they know the song is about murder*
*that's why I love this song so much*
Carly Wicks
Carly Wicks - 4 hours ago
I can't even watch the whole video cus it's so good
Karina La Pro:3
Karina La Pro:3 - 4 hours ago
Perfect 💗🌷💕💕
moneystack95 - 4 hours ago
shes just a lana del ray rip off with electro....
J Venice
J Venice - 4 hours ago
Billie, I don't know why but you make me question my sexuality baby🤔😭😍
Maria Estela Rolon
Maria Estela Rolon - 4 hours ago
Te amooooo soy tu fan
jasmine vargas perez
jasmine vargas perez - 4 hours ago
Those garbage bags are full with money! I thought it was real garbage 🤑😲🤑
Same same But different
Same same But different - 4 hours ago
The dislikes, they have BRAINache and EARache
Morgan Foley
Morgan Foley - 4 hours ago
she is so pretty like i can’t even like mackup or no mackup whatever she’s fine add hell
*antonia* avalos
*antonia* avalos - 5 hours ago
Te amooo
XxxEmoShadowWolfgirlxxX 94
I loooooooooooooooooooooooove ur songs sooooo much and ur soooooooo preeeeeeetty
Victoria Andrade
Victoria Andrade - 5 hours ago
Hard tô believento sheila se online 15
slappy w.
slappy w. - 5 hours ago
Bro I heard this song so many times on the radio and didn't even know it was Billie 🔥
Campbell Quattlebaum
Campbell Quattlebaum - 5 hours ago
Quirkinesses is an actual word wtf
Campbell Quattlebaum
Campbell Quattlebaum - 5 hours ago
You guys will get out of the bellyache phase quick, and move on to bury a friend, then copycat,then you shoukd see me in a crown, then the party’s over, now I’m in bad guy and my boy :)

Also I’m just guessing and I’m not saying this song is bad I actually love it and this is my favorite album
Onesie corn 3307
Onesie corn 3307 - 5 hours ago
Love that outfit sis ❤️
Safiya Howard
Safiya Howard - 5 hours ago
I love her music
ANDRÉS MARVIN Bv - 6 hours ago
Me exito v: :3
Brian McCONVILLE - 6 hours ago
José Aroca Martínez
José Aroca Martínez - 6 hours ago
Estoy dándome la oportunidad de conocer otra música. Gracias a Alvinch
vân channel
vân channel - 6 hours ago
I love bille eilish ^^
Elle Dalman
Elle Dalman - 6 hours ago
1.75 speed, imma dance like shit.
zugey zzqw
zugey zzqw - 6 hours ago
eloisevinicombee - 6 hours ago
*guys billie started orange justice*

Itsyogurl_mira - 6 hours ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I went to Coachella
And so did you?👇🏼
Honey Pixels
Honey Pixels - 7 hours ago
Damn though I didn’t know this song was so old
Ilyes Maafa
Ilyes Maafa - 7 hours ago
She and xxxtentacion the best rapars in the world
Gabriela Silva
Gabriela Silva - 7 hours ago
TigerTaylor 23
TigerTaylor 23 - 7 hours ago
180,000,000 of the views are by me
Panda Person
Panda Person - 7 hours ago
Not only is she a talented singer, shes an amazing dancer
Mundo da Tamiris
Mundo da Tamiris - 7 hours ago
Amei gostei muito
Catsie land
Catsie land - 7 hours ago
More like,
Bianca Reyes
Bianca Reyes - 7 hours ago
i have 1000 for you bille eilish
SlimGoody - 7 hours ago
Love this girl xoxo
Toni Martinez
Toni Martinez - 7 hours ago
y aquí tenia 15 años? esta tiene un pacto con el diablo o algo...
Lisania Lara-Medina
Lisania Lara-Medina - 8 hours ago
Why Couldn’t I Be On That Road When She Was Throwing The Money
SwaggyPotato - 8 hours ago
Billie: *throws money on the ground
박종혁 - 8 hours ago
이걸 이제 보다니 난..
Ellie - 8 hours ago
Billie dances around with her wagon of... well... lets not go there... 😬
Ben Weisser
Ben Weisser - 8 hours ago
She now looks nothing like she did back in this video. It's kinda wierd. Don't even look like the same person. Wtf.
Puberty lol
GEKII e lunna
GEKII e lunna - 8 hours ago
Eu te amo Gui
khalid abdi
khalid abdi - 8 hours ago
This had 60 million views 5 months ago wtf is going on
Jeff123 Xcx
Jeff123 Xcx - 8 hours ago
I love billie eilish 🤤😍
Jeff123 Xcx
Jeff123 Xcx - 8 hours ago
R4nd0m Pl4y3r
R4nd0m Pl4y3r - 8 hours ago
Clip makes no sense, as always.
Song is good, as always.
This Is life!
This Is life! - 8 hours ago
Billie I have a small question can I borrow a bit of money to come to your show in New York City *she had money in her vid*
elin bolland
elin bolland - 8 hours ago
loved this album. know her new one is her fave - but this is my fave 🤩💛🧡
Psycho Pass
Psycho Pass - 8 hours ago
oh snap, they caught Billie
Diego Ramírez Rodríguez
Te amo zorra
evelyn Macias
evelyn Macias - 8 hours ago
She looks so different in thsi
Singing Sisters' Blog
Singing Sisters' Blog - 8 hours ago
I feel like she’ll be the next Sia.
Blondie - 8 hours ago
Notice Billie and Lana Del Rey are not only beautiful, but have the most unique voices! Love them!!😆👍
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