Breaking News: BMW Stops Selling Cars in America

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 4 months ago
I meant to say saloon when I mentioned the European version instead of salon, slip of the tongue, this is filmed live and I can't redo it
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OFFICIAL NSA - 4 months ago
Thats why we love you scotty. Youre genuine as an oak tree, you just roll with it.
Glen Hayward
Glen Hayward - 4 months ago
@Caudahy Hall the 440 WAS NOT a Hemi !
Master Jedi
Master Jedi - 4 months ago
Hey Scotty There's No room for error I'll see you in Court 😎👍
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin - 4 months ago
Hey scotty its Christian Satterlee. My 7.3 powerstroke has 150k on it and runs perfect with no blowby and cylinder contribution in spec. My question was about the trans. Wants to come to a stop when i let off the accelerator feels like its stuck in a gear.
manuel meza
manuel meza - 4 months ago
Scotty please do a vid on Dually Trucks. Ford F350, Dodge Ram 3500 or Chevrolet 3500, which one will be the best buy. Im going with like a 2015-2017 model. Im a loyal Subscriber and I need your insight on this one, you will be the determining factor. THANKS
Future house cleaner
Future house cleaner - 29 days ago
Scotty, I’m going to buy a used BMW Z4 3.0 roadster
If something breaks I’ll just fix it 🤔
FABULOUS DOLPHIN - 3 months ago
Paul Fognozzle
Paul Fognozzle - 3 months ago
I think it is driven by economics...nobody buys these “saloons” so BMV does not import them....what the hey, ford does not even make ‘saloons’ any more, or for that matter they don’t make sedans either....’cause THEY DON’T SELL. This is not news just an artifact of low fuel prices and wide roads in the US.
Auriam - 3 months ago
BMW = Burnt My Wallet
Euromotive Performance: BMW Porsche Bentley Mercedes Service
literally nobody:
Scotty Kilmer: Breaking News: BMW Stops Selling Cars in America
Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall - 3 months ago
We have never seen your eyes. SMOKE?
watersprite - 3 months ago
I love your stuff, Scotty, but your habit of purposely mislabeling your videos is bush league. This one is a typical Scotty Kilmer title, with only a modicum of truth to it, but overall false. If you game your audience in this matter, what else is being gamed?
First Last
First Last - 3 months ago
Electric cars will eventually kill this not a hype anymore for grandpa and teens like Mers and BMW
Marc Harris
Marc Harris - 3 months ago
Highway speeds are usually low rpm? Light load?
Van's Best Friend
Van's Best Friend - 4 months ago
Scotty's NOT a diesel guy as you can see.... '92 -'97 Powerstrokes EASILY go 300,000 to 500,000 miles. The later model 2001 - 2004 or so STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Early 2008 until now are good again.
Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic - 4 months ago
Every video Scotty uploading he never once answering youtuber subscriber s questions and we knows what his answer ! My guess the answer is .........
Andrew Pennebaker
Andrew Pennebaker - 4 months ago
Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. Who did you pay for the new intro?
Jeff Voght
Jeff Voght - 4 months ago
I am so happy to have found your show. I was ready to make a huge mistake! I'm hooked! I'm buying a Toyota!
John Schuler
John Schuler - 4 months ago
Lack of "Cars" made across USA is due to "Chicken Tax" of 1963 ... It is still in place and is a 25% tax on ALL Imported Light Trucks and SUVs - this means that Detroit and any Mfgs inside USA have an "automatic" 25% markup on ... e.g. SUVs and Pickups ... the extra money goes directly to the bottom line.
Calisto Riviera
Calisto Riviera - 4 months ago
Wait so will everyone’s car start having problems because of the extra ethanol? How much of an issue is this?
robert will
robert will - 4 months ago
I will never own a Chrysler ever again.
John Sluder
John Sluder - 4 months ago
BMW are wonderful driving machines but once they get 60,000 miles or more they start costing money. I had one. I loved it. The engines are great but it's the other parts that go bad.
Michael Dunlap
Michael Dunlap - 4 months ago
Scotty I know what you say about Dodges what's your take on a Dodge Dakota 2003
kpax45 - 3 months ago
My guess is Scotty says it's JUNK
Grant Rennie
Grant Rennie - 4 months ago
0:46 in the uk 80% of all new cars sold are suvs, 90% of TV commercials are for suvs, they became the main seller when the makers decided that they should be pushed in the uk as they are hugely popular in the USA, the suv was perceived as downsizing to a smaller car in the US, in the uk people were marketed the idea that bigger is safer and protect your kids and bla bla all that, people also associated a big car with wealth and/or status, so they became desirable like an expensive toy.
50% of people driving them can't drive them properly or park them, so you see them thrown up on the sidewalk or parked squint.
There are also problems finding parking spaces at all, and they are priced to the sky in showrooms and the repair bills are severe, because garage mechanic spanner blah.
segoiii - 4 months ago
3:03 i´m a huge fan ... showing a picture of a huge fan XD XD XD
ozmond2600 - 4 months ago
Do you mean saloon? Never heard of salon. Saloon is what you guys call a sedan.
Adrian Cunningham
Adrian Cunningham - 4 months ago
Hey Scotty what do you think about a Mitsubishi 3000gt SL 5 speed 98000 miles...
Akinwale Iyun
Akinwale Iyun - 4 months ago
Question: I'm planning on buying Honda Accord Sport 2019 or Toyota Corolla Sport 2019. Which product is preferable and easy to maintain. Many Thanks
Akinwale Iyun
Akinwale Iyun - 4 months ago
Hi Scott,
Question: I've a RAV4 2008. The reverse gear snaps on inclination. Is it possible the transmission is bad or can it be fixed ?
gustavo.bruh_ 123
gustavo.bruh_ 123 - 4 months ago
I have a 1989 Ford F-150 with a new Factory rebuilt 5.0 v8 engine how long will it last ?
Dan Jones
Dan Jones - 4 months ago
Is regular unleaded gasoline without ethanol better for the fuel system and drivetrain?
James Plotkin
James Plotkin - 4 months ago
High speed misfire can also be a badly worn camshaft. Once one or more lobes wear down and not open that valve properly, you lose power in that cylinder.
Gonzo Gilberto
Gonzo Gilberto - 4 months ago
Tbf, it's just "estate" not "estate salo(o)n"
Mario Galicia
Mario Galicia - 4 months ago
Thanks scotty
Mark Villano
Mark Villano - 4 months ago
BMW should put a depreciation gauge on the dashboard right next to the tach. It would have to be something like a calendar / odometer combo gauge, with a dollar figure overlay, so you could see how much value your new BMW is losing with every passing mile, and every passing day. This gauge would run continually in the background, so that when you get into the vehicle after a prolonged absence, it would be able to tell you exactly how much less it is worth since the last time you drove it. I would also suggest that they include a Doomsday / Sunset feature with the depreciation gauge. This feature would activate when the car has achieved maximum worthlessness, which can be described as the point where it would make more sense financially to have it crushed and made into a coffee table, than it would to replace the carbon ceramic brakes.
Godfrey Poon
Godfrey Poon - 4 months ago
Unfortunately it won't actually reduce the number of pratts on the road.
Mike Kramer
Mike Kramer - 4 months ago
It is downright remarkable Ford they have been in business longer than most companies. The power stroke has been a disaster since it’s very beginning. The best power stroke cannot Touch the Dodge diesel with it’s Cummings turbo diesel. The longest lasting most reliable. I drive a diesel Jeep CRD it is not broken yet it only has 230,000 miles maybe a little early to tell on the longevity. Never had any problems of any kind. But when I speak to people who have the Ford power stroke they say never again. I told him maybe you just bought the wrong engine. There are several kits available to put a Dodge diesel in the Ford pick up as well as retrofitting a Cummings into a Chevy that had the Duramax.
Jay Von Visger
Jay Von Visger - 4 months ago
I would not have thought of weak valve springs. Just learned something new!
randobad - 4 months ago
Huge fan, that was great.
bigahelmful - 4 months ago
Everybody who has a question about ANY Chrysler product DONT even bother asking because scotty has a personal vendetta against Chryslers he gone say no everytime
Boone Docker
Boone Docker - 4 months ago
BMW SUVs are made in South Carolina.
Paul's Reviews
Paul's Reviews - 4 months ago
There not going to stop selling cars in usa.
Wounded Soldier
Wounded Soldier - 4 months ago
They call them, Estate. Not Estate Saloon. Just a correction.
Khult Herro
Khult Herro - 4 months ago
SCOTT, you're my go-to man. What you think of the 2012 Sports Unlimited Jeep Wrangler.
MsPietpaaltjes - 4 months ago
Damn ive never heared someone talk more dumbshit then this man.
VansPowell - 4 months ago
to who asked about the high speed missfire on the chevy truck, its a common isue that people try to chase thinking its actualy a missfire. it almost always just needs a CKP relearn procedure done the computer thinks its missfiring but its actualy not. most scan tools cant do it the tech II that the dealerships have can do it. I had the same issue on my truck
Kyle Rutherford
Kyle Rutherford - 4 months ago
Today I learned: Toyota made a Camry wagon.
웅이 - 4 months ago
First of all, the main problem is that they're called "station wagons" in this country. What a dumb name. Hold my beer I need to go get my WAGON. Geez
bob smith
bob smith - 4 months ago
COOL!!!! BUY AMERIKAN!!!!! foreigners and your products GO HOME!!!!!!
Stephen Green
Stephen Green - 4 months ago
I love my Nissan station wagon. 17 years old, but still fast and comfy.
dkd - 4 months ago
Upgraded intro.pretynice
Roberrt Biniaszewski jr.
Roberrt Biniaszewski jr. - 4 months ago
Oldsmobile wagon , 6 kids 2 adults growing up we had a lot of wagons .
Breaker Morant
Breaker Morant - 4 months ago
I they cause your engine to fail, figure ways to write it off your taxes times 6. Make them cover your losses plus your time.
Harry Kaminski
Harry Kaminski - 4 months ago
Well good I can't afford a bmw
Frank E
Frank E - 4 months ago
Big difference: BMW stops selling cars in America and BMW stops selling station wagons in America.
Shred Father
Shred Father - 4 months ago
Saloon not salon
Fishy Hobby
Fishy Hobby - 4 months ago
The beemers are generally ok when new, but why the hell does anyone buy the used money pits?
Fishy Hobby
Fishy Hobby - 4 months ago
That extra ethanol is going to chew up all your seals and who knows what..
TownBizz510 - 4 months ago
I have a E46 2002 Wagon and love that car 325i
Grunkle - 4 months ago
BMW=Big Money Waste?
Ron Radmer
Ron Radmer - 4 months ago
I HATE it when people use misleading descriptions in their videos. This heading makes people think that BMW is no longer selling all models in the US (Breaking News: BMW Stops Selling Cars in America), when in fact, its only certain models and trims. Please do not use deceptive advertising. The heading should be changed and read "Breaking News: BMW Stops Selling certain model Cars in America". Be a good citizen and make this change. You only gave it the heading that you did to get more viewers. So it makes it look like you are only out for the money and not putting out good ACCURATE content. Bye.
Matt James
Matt James - 4 months ago
Oh my gosh that new intro though!! NICE!!
William Ensign
William Ensign - 4 months ago
Who wrotes the headlines; they're irresistible?
TheGuillohm - 4 months ago
BMW SUVs are assembled in the US. The margin on these must be higher than a car imported from Germany..
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