2020 BMW X3M Competition Review - The M3 of SUV's

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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars - 4 months ago
Was great to chat with you guys - if ever you need some more tuition on how to operate a stick of truth pls let me know. Just be warned - with great power comes great responsibility...
Kevin Nevuvha
Kevin Nevuvha - 28 days ago
Lol Matt's stick test does make me cringe. 😂🤣
Nate Haji
Nate Haji - 29 days ago
Youre a proper legend
TasteMyStinkhole - Month ago
Why is it that the ayholes at BowelMovementW can't make a gawd damn tow package for anything with an 'M' in the name. Are fast cars just too gutless to tow a trailer that a tiny phking Kia can tow? I suspect AMG is no different. Phking pricks think anyone that wants a fast car would NEVER want to tow anything.
GY - Month ago
We wanna see more crossovers with you !!!
sarthak nagesh
sarthak nagesh - Month ago
Hi mat I am a fan of you!
Sean - 2 days ago
They are NOT FAKE VENTS. The holes in the vents are just smaller than a stick. Science, damn it.
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 4 days ago
Donut Media x TheStraightPipes x CarWow
*One day, this will become reality.*
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 4 days ago
*Toyota should put the X3 M’s engine in a future 2020 Supra trim level.*
Jared Machado
Jared Machado - 4 days ago
Review 2020 X6M when it comes out
周子翰 - 7 days ago
Where can I watch the x4m on the track?
Cristoforo Colombo
Cristoforo Colombo - 7 days ago
total desperation
Simar Jit
Simar Jit - 8 days ago
Wow my two fav car reviewers together. Keep up 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
siham abukhader
siham abukhader - 12 days ago
I disagree on a lot of things you guys said about the car only thing I agree on is that. its fast I own one and its the best m I've owned amazing
Ricky Liu
Ricky Liu - 13 days ago
when is the track day video coming?
justice JPN
justice JPN - 15 days ago
Looks like you guys like the Stelvio more than this?
Jason Estrada
Jason Estrada - 15 days ago
Competition?! Who’s racing SUV’s on track?
Glorfindel Iron Foot
Glorfindel Iron Foot - 17 days ago
What do you guys think of the new BMW X5M Competition f95?
king aynat
king aynat - 18 days ago
shoutout to matt Watson always a pleasure
Jatin Anand
Jatin Anand - 19 days ago
you have to collaborate with Doug and Mat, a whole series of reviews Doug's quirks and features, your visor test and Mat, that will be so damn cool to see you three together.
Jason Darrell
Jason Darrell - 20 days ago
Stelvio is ugly
Rashid AL-
Rashid AL- - 24 days ago
What is the name of that color please ???
PSN Gamer
PSN Gamer - 24 days ago
Is Kenji available in the US ?
Issa A
Issa A - 25 days ago
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson - 25 days ago
the video cuts out after a while...
TheStraightPipes - 25 days ago
No other complaints other than yours. Works for us
Miki R
Miki R - 28 days ago
Dudes , as a bmw cray fan you got me and I’m Disappointed ... expected it way better
Benny Ang
Benny Ang - 29 days ago
Curious, when are you guys reviewing the x2 m35i?
Mike Dahlmann
Mike Dahlmann - 29 days ago
The BMW X3M and the X4M has not 503hp this haf 510hp (510hp!!!)
Anthony T
Anthony T - Month ago
The S58 looks like a beefed up B58. I wish they put this engine in the M2 Comp when the current M3 and M4 are almost EOL that uses the S55.
Matt - Month ago
I don’t really get all the fascination with launch control.
Miroslav Marinov
Miroslav Marinov - Month ago
seeing Mat made my day :D, forget about the car :D:D:D
Maxwell Asiedu
Maxwell Asiedu - Month ago
great video. i hear the alpina xd3 has 4 turbos
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - Month ago
Thumbs up for carwow and straight pipes colab! 💪
Eli Shur
Eli Shur - Month ago
More Carwow collaborations!!
Carter Lamont
Carter Lamont - Month ago
Fuck me cars are dirt cheap in America.
Salman Humayun
Salman Humayun - Month ago
Damn, I stopped at 2 mins into the video. Seems underwhelming. That really sucks
TheStraightPipes - Month ago
The video is fun though
James Benedict
James Benedict - Month ago
These two idiots are simply opinionated talking heads...not the reviewers!!
GY - Month ago
In the exact moment I thought of "hmm CarWow stick of truth would be useful"....
Carlos Brazao
Carlos Brazao - Month ago
drage race please againt Merc and stelvio.....after that we can make reveiw... stop assumming with wout butt dyno....pfffff
泓璋陳 - Month ago
Same with Jakob, hate the Coupé on those SAC
FixTooth - Month ago
The front end looks like the pigs from the angry bird game
Pod - Month ago
these guys hate bmws on the DL
TheStraightPipes - Month ago
Nah, watch our M2 Competition and M340i reviews
Andy Takara
Andy Takara - Month ago
Its official, the Carwow stick of truth is now an international standard unit of measuring automotive aesthetic legitimacy!
Gopal Trikamdas
Gopal Trikamdas - Month ago
sme5991 - 2 months ago
Twig of truth. I laughed out loud.
david ha
david ha - 2 months ago
Do an x4m and x6m video
Dinu T
Dinu T - 2 months ago
I would like a vote poll for sub $100k crossover/SUV: GLC 63s vs. Stelvio Quadrifoglio vs. X3M vs. F-Pace SVR vs Jeep Trackhawk
John Li
John Li - 2 months ago
Jacobbbb, u need to go to gym. I see u gained some weight there. Love u guys
DriftKido - 2 months ago
10:20 downshift like crv? So slow
Stef L
Stef L - 2 months ago
Looks are subjective but to my eyes the X4M is a total munter, whilst the X3M comes across as a little tame and underwhelming. Think it would be the GLC 63s and its V8 for me.
Bhigr Bond
Bhigr Bond - 2 months ago
I hope they will put this engine S58 into the new Supra.
Christopher Tame
Christopher Tame - 2 months ago
It is truly great that you disagree .... even if you make old man comments :P:P:P
Potato Donkey
Potato Donkey - 2 months ago
Mat is the best. One day you might get the carwow stick of truth 😂
Moises Sequera
Moises Sequera - 2 months ago
Nice surprise with Matt Watson.
Harkamal Aujla
Harkamal Aujla - 2 months ago
Omg luv the Matt cow wow colabbbb.. uk 2 toronto
Chemist - 2 months ago
Y'all remind me of the Diamond and Silk of auto reviews LOL. And that's still a compliment.
Javier pereira rodriguez
Javier pereira rodriguez - 2 months ago
man it sucks that they still have the old screens in the gage cluster
Guilherme Cabral Freire
Guilherme Cabral Freire - 2 months ago
Mat Watson showed up! That was really legit!
Chris - 2 months ago
The b58 motor sounds so much better than the s58. I guess all the changes to the motor between the normal motor and ///M version impact the sound that much.
Accurize2 | Survival Gaming Channel
Hey X4M! Aztec called...it wants it’s body back!!
SamTheCar - 2 months ago
This is the hottest SUV I have ever seen...
Malique buckets
Malique buckets - 2 months ago
A man like Matt came from nowhere
lic2kil007 - 2 months ago
Here is my order for "Over All". 1) Mercedes GLC63s still V8 and good looks and awesome interior. 2) X3M Comp great tech interior, straight 6 performance and tradition looks. 3) Stelvio Quad awesome Ferrari performance, simple interior, and traditional front end.
carlos Ruiz
carlos Ruiz - 2 months ago
It is me or that pink sweatshirt make him look so hot. I didn’t notice it before.
C Squared Gaming
C Squared Gaming - 2 months ago
This is probably my next car. Great review 👍
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