2020 BMW X3M Competition Review - The M3 of SUV's

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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars - Month ago
Was great to chat with you guys - if ever you need some more tuition on how to operate a stick of truth pls let me know. Just be warned - with great power comes great responsibility...
Ryan Cordero
Ryan Cordero - 27 days ago
This was seriously my favorite part of the video! Love both the channels and the crossover was awesome haha
Krzysztof Wodnicki
Krzysztof Wodnicki - 28 days ago
Good job Mat!
The Forza Guy
The Forza Guy - 29 days ago
TheStraightPipes pleas review a 2019 Lamborghini urus 😀
DJAZTHETAFREQ - 29 days ago
@Ash please no.. doug is best on paper. Matt, the pipes, Savage geese with scotty turbo and Jessie Lang. That video would win awards. Or just Jessie Lang and Scott Turbowski in a hot tub. Any of these combinations that include Jessie Lang would be epic..
scook2003 - Month ago
Just be careful, if he cant find a stick.....
no name
no name - Day ago
m35i does 0-60 in 4.9 for half the price
Lobster Johnson
Lobster Johnson - 3 days ago
Not shilling for Continental, but I'd say they are the best tires for anyone who lives somewhere with cold winters and a fair amount of rain, they have the best All-Seasons. With driving being statistically the most dangerous thing we do, it's worth every penny to have the best tire. I avoided a really nasty wreck a few years ago because I had Cont. ExtremeContact DWS on my Mazda3 hatch. They also look sexy
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz - 4 days ago
GLC 63s vs. Stelvio Quadrifoglio vs. X3M vs. F-Pace SVR?🤔🤔
JaDereon Starr
JaDereon Starr - 4 days ago
I love both but personally I'd take the X4 M...
Dimitar Iliyanov
Dimitar Iliyanov - 7 days ago
Stating that the x3/4 are slower and less sportier than their main competitors(glc63 and stelvio) yet not actually racing them against each other LMAO fuck outta here with this bullshit channel.
Oscar Quezada
Oscar Quezada - 7 days ago
When are you going to review the Audi SQ5?
Silent Refusal
Silent Refusal - 7 days ago
Woah woah woah... Is that really Mat Watson? Did he really make a special appearance or was it some CGI?
Jeff Ng
Jeff Ng - 8 days ago
Sounds dope
Al McDaniel
Al McDaniel - 8 days ago
It looks way better than the Alfa Romeo and Mercedes
Iwo - 8 days ago
I think X3M40i is a better deal and it’s plenty fast for a daily driver.
brice levy
brice levy - 8 days ago
Please review the Jaguar F-pace SVR
Labeed Benlashhar
Labeed Benlashhar - 10 days ago
Nice show very informative
Hk C
Hk C - 10 days ago
Matt should start selling stick of truth as an international vehicle measuring standard tool
Andreas Yeleni
Andreas Yeleni - 12 days ago
Matt! Is that you?
Great video as always and I think I'd give it 7,5/10
XxMalaboo - 12 days ago
Chevy Blazer RS review
Andrew Pettener
Andrew Pettener - 13 days ago
Seen Matt from carwow and went directly to the comments
courgargold - 14 days ago
Great that you go fast with launch control, but I just want a car that pulls hard when just taking off from a stop light. I don't want to put it in launch control at every stop ya know? The E53 Mercedes has it right with their electric motor assist. I love when BMWs are up to speed, they pull hard, but the turbo lag is so terrible from a stop. Wish they could fix this. (Not sure if it's better with V8's, but that's been my experience with their 6's).
Jason R
Jason R - 14 days ago
Where in NY did you guys film this??
Jéan Geldenhuys
Jéan Geldenhuys - 17 days ago
great review
fitzgoblin81 - 17 days ago
come on Doug... they're killing you!!
You tuber 2.0
You tuber 2.0 - 18 days ago
X4M looks sad but the X3M looks soooooo goooodddddddd
Logan Hill
Logan Hill - 20 days ago
You guys should review the f pace svr
JMC Cars N More
JMC Cars N More - 20 days ago
The fact that is BMW, ///M and has the all new S58 engine, I’ll go for anyone of them. The price factor make me go for a Mazda CX5!!
Emerald and company
Emerald and company - 21 day ago
Alfa Romeo Stelvio is my favorite.
The GLC looks weird, the X4 looks weird, and the X3 doesn't look as bad ass as the Stelvio.
Jason R
Jason R - 21 day ago
Track-ready CSUV.... Ugh....
K. Veronique
K. Veronique - 22 days ago
The issue with turb lag is ppf-petrol particle filter, dpf for petrol
K. Veronique
K. Veronique - 22 days ago
Continental sucks, thread cracked after 6 months, michelin is better
lgnfve - 22 days ago
Resale will drop like a piano off a cliff...and you get to enjoy the horrific dealer service experience.
DG300 - 23 days ago
Give me a GLC63s all day over both of
Draggy654 - 24 days ago
I like the boxy rear but the front is meh
viper3ez - 24 days ago
I have the GLC63 so i am obviously bias. but how would you guys rate the X3M against the GLC63? forget Android Auto and Carplay. Drivvability as a compact performance SUV, where does it stand? Power seems the same as GLC with worse performance
Troy  Wiegand
Troy Wiegand - 24 days ago
Don’t forgot that new Ford Explorer ST😬
van phillips
van phillips - 24 days ago
Guys, good content, but have you ever asked anyone how they like your ping pong approach to sharing verbal content. Very annoying. Maybe you think it has to do with your viewers attention span.
tsaikoboy - 24 days ago
8:26 yes! they should just keep the gauges like these
tsaikoboy - 24 days ago
6:44 i was like wai-whut! love watching Mat in Carwow! awesome crossover good job guys
Michael Mueller
Michael Mueller - 24 days ago
how can you have panoramic roof on a competition? it's not configurable!
Michael Mesolella
Michael Mesolella - 25 days ago
Hey guys - what’s your overall opinion
, m40i or this? I have the m40i fully loaded. Is the comp a real, serious, worth it jump. I am extremely fond of the m40i. It’s one of the best I’ve ever driven. It’s all-around excellent. It sounds like you might feel the same way here. Are you truly impressed with the performance or what
NFiltr8Red - 25 days ago
I have a 2018 M40i........the X3 M’s $40K over the M40i is and doesn’t justify the Cars performance. You can chip the M40i by Dinan to putout almost the same amount of power for a couple THOUSANDS. Save your money.
Martin Uher
Martin Uher - 25 days ago
Hey, Mat Wattson! :)
MzCincoDeMayo - 25 days ago
Matt from CarWow!!!🤗🤗🤗
NCOIC - 25 days ago
You guys are great keep up the great work 👍
$93K but no android auto? Android users amounts to 75.27% of all Mobile phone users in the world according to statcounter as of June 22, 2019. Soooo... don't you think android should had been given priority? Huh BMW? Besides Apple was founded by a thief, Apple is junk too, most IT professionals stay away from it. There's a reason... The no android auto it's a dealbreaker for me, even if it looks nice.
Sean - 25 days ago
Love the Mat Watson cameo!! :D
Adem Obey
Adem Obey - 26 days ago
to me the round shape of the grille totally collides with the hexagon shape thing below.
TheTallDriver - 26 days ago
Great review guys!
TheTallDriver - 26 days ago
I rented an X5 M. I can't wait until I can rent one through #Turo - > http://goo.gl/m1yF5V
Dave Paek
Dave Paek - 26 days ago
I'm surprised you guys aren't fans of Waze map!
Daniel Postma
Daniel Postma - 26 days ago
I will forever like your videos, that being said BMWs are for men in their 30s that still go to clubs and bars to pick up women. Also why do they even put blinkers on them? Can you imagine that being your job at BMW? Installing something that the car owners never used.

Nuff said.
D - 26 days ago
ITS A BETTER INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM! Hands down. IF!! your an iPhone person. It’s the only reason I bought this car. Yes I drove the others. Slightly faster. Who gives a shit. This is my 2nd living room. That fucking radio better be perfect. Also the only car on the road with wireless Apple CarPlay. Fuck yea!!!
IssaLyfeStyle - 26 days ago
Welp now I want a SUV
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