Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka (Cover)

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Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez - 7 hours ago
Ori de mi.. eres tú?
IISteveII 8
IISteveII 8 - 14 hours ago
Sam Arifin
Sam Arifin - Day ago
Visca Barca ! 💯🔴🔵
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Your singing technique reminds me of Billie Eilish
Arjay Lester Lugay
Arjay Lester Lugay - Day ago
Your eyes it feels like someone is fcking u
freddi - Day ago
my heart is literally melting i-
jojo ayako
jojo ayako - Day ago
Maganda ! I love this song too.. and i like your cover Maam..
Tristan Owen Miano
Tristan Owen Miano - Day ago
You are good and beautiful I like you😍😍😍
Irmak - 2 days ago
Spotify ??
Johnpaul Revidad
Johnpaul Revidad - 2 days ago
Salamat 💕
Musha Mushi
Musha Mushi - 2 days ago
wonderful cover... i love it! i just did my acapella version. it was my first time making acapella cover with multiple harmony and it's very raw.. what equipment do you use on recording your song.? do you get copyrighted with the minus one?
Bujin - 2 days ago
your voice is so beautiful
hi hi
hi hi - 2 days ago
I honestly thought, " Well, there's another one of those tryhard people. Let's watch it. "
BUT NO. I luv this cover.
aina donghyuck
aina donghyuck - 2 days ago
I'm in love with this girl
Grass Dungeon
Grass Dungeon - 2 days ago
You look exactly like him
Renata AG
Renata AG - 3 days ago
I dont know how I found this video but now my ears are blessed omg thank u
Mozzie - 3 days ago
Your voice is simply mesmerising...I LOVE IT! please make more covers like this!!!
sultan mikaili
sultan mikaili - 3 days ago
Edan geulis langsung subrek
aNtii-EasT __
aNtii-EasT __ - 3 days ago
This song reminds me of grease
Massimiliano Di Marco
Massimiliano Di Marco - 4 days ago
Aninha Quinot
Aninha Quinot - 5 days ago
Aninha Quinot
Aninha Quinot - 5 days ago
Leonard Leaño
Leonard Leaño - 5 days ago
instant mood change at 0:26
Jay - 5 days ago
This is incredible! Excellent voice, excellent delivery! Great cover! I can actually picture hearing this version when out and about... in retail, a restaurant, a coffee shop, wherever.
What's Up Everybody
What's Up Everybody - 5 days ago
She's gonna have 1 million or more subs
MARVIN LOPEZ - 5 days ago
put your head on my shoulder
bunni• bear
bunni• bear - 5 days ago
i physically gasped when she started singing- like omg her voice is stunning fr 🥺💕
Jommel Tuliao
Jommel Tuliao - 5 days ago
You look like dua lipa
brady093093 - 5 days ago
Mardhiah Warda
Mardhiah Warda - 6 days ago
sama sama
人にして.— - 6 days ago
Damn she’s pretty
Andrea Garcia Duran
Andrea Garcia Duran - 6 days ago
You transmit so much love in one song, that great voice.
Molly Moore
Molly Moore - 6 days ago
christmas song?
Iliana - 6 days ago
You’re so pretty and your voice is beautiful 🥰
J EG - 6 days ago
Es el mejor cover que he escuchado en mi vida 😍
Firgian Gavansa
Firgian Gavansa - 6 days ago
U are my favourite singer for this song, after Mr. Paul Anka. The best cover, lov it❤❤❤❤
Gebyar Mahardhika
Gebyar Mahardhika - 7 days ago
Terima kasih
Sama - sama cantik ku🖤
Antonia Lima
Antonia Lima - 7 days ago
I didn't know I needed to hear a cover of this song until I heard a cover of this song
Tevita Takitaki Jr
Tevita Takitaki Jr - 7 days ago
TUFFF ! x33
Kaleb Boler
Kaleb Boler - 7 days ago
Ooh this shit be hitting different
muhd zulhilmie
muhd zulhilmie - 7 days ago
I love u too...so classic 😊
José Hernandez
José Hernandez - 7 days ago
Me encanta tu voz😭😭❤️se me pararon los pesones
byun kkaebhyunn
byun kkaebhyunn - 7 days ago
Put the speed on 1.25, thank me later
EinfachNur David
EinfachNur David - 6 days ago
It's way too fast..
Saumya Chauhan
Saumya Chauhan - 8 days ago
so good 😍
Genesis Martinez
Genesis Martinez - 8 days ago
Alaina: *breathes before song starts*
SrTito16 - 8 days ago
Ahora sin autotune
Alejandra Acosta Raymundo
Ori de mierda american??
RoseAnn O’Neill
RoseAnn O’Neill - 8 days ago
My mouth DROPPED omg
Nikelry Gabrielle
Nikelry Gabrielle - 9 days ago
I loved it (I'm from Brazil🇧🇷) ❤
Джамиль Гулиев
Sarah Bandy
Sarah Bandy - 9 days ago
What mic are you using? And do you edit your sound at all
If so what program?
Ally Waldie
Ally Waldie - 9 days ago
Abril - 9 days ago
Nelvyeena _
Nelvyeena _ - 10 days ago
1.25x playback playing and i was😍
Abel Carbajal
Abel Carbajal - 10 days ago
i dead ass fell in love right when she started singing
faith of jesus
faith of jesus - 10 days ago
Kollin Jasmine
Kollin Jasmine - 10 days ago
I legit got goosebumps wjwn you dtarted to sing.
DenilsonEdits - 10 days ago
I was going to like and subscribe until I saw that scarf in the back 😒👎🏽
AvivBuchler &
AvivBuchler & - 10 days ago
Joel Arredondo
Joel Arredondo - 10 days ago
This is great🔥
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