Mass Effect's Citadel is One of the Best Locations in Video Games | The Joy of Gaming

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vazak11 - Day ago
A very pleasant piece!
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith - 17 days ago
This show is definitely getting better, good work!
Rory Parsons
Rory Parsons - 17 days ago
Please stop saying "Star Track", it's making my ears sad 😂😬
Lucian Corvin
Lucian Corvin - 18 days ago
3:13 ("How boring is human life on earth?") brings up a really good point and is one of the things i like about Mass Effect 1 the most:
They so *easily* couldve included earth as a visitable planet (even luna was in a side mission, after all), but they didn't, as if to say: F*** it, earth is too boring anyways, we see and live and breathe on our planet every day, whats the point. This is a space exploration game, lets go, you know, to all other places in the galaxy except earth.
Its great.
And i cannot state often enough how the Mass Effect series as a whole is and forever will be the perfect blend between Star Wars and Star Trek for me. Its the best of both worlds, really, and as someone whos a Trekkie at heart BUT enjoys a whole lot of Star Wars as well, this really is the perfect game. And no, even the more or less mediocre third entry in the series didnt ruin the franchise for me.
RamblingSailors - 21 day ago
I always thought it looked a bit sterile, like a deep space mall.
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill - 21 day ago
Fantastic video, put all my thoughts and feelings into words. What an amazing experience exploring the Citadel was, I will never forget it.
Sabretoothsquirrel - 22 days ago
That star map music in the beginning of the video is one of the most soothing pieces of auditory stimulation in the universe!
Tyler Hays
Tyler Hays - 22 days ago
Totally agree. Playing the first Mass Effect back in 2007 is one of the greatest videogame experiences I've ever had, and it's almost exclusively due to the incredible worldbuilding. I don't think there is a single videogame with a better world than the Mass Effect trilogy.
Matt Evans
Matt Evans - 22 days ago
Who is this guy? And why does MovieBob get to make more videos than him?
Pooltastic - 24 days ago
Funny, I always somehow clock in at ~32.5 hours, and that's me doing everything.
Sera Lune
Sera Lune - 24 days ago
The Citadel is my favorite place in any game, period. I am so hoping Cyberpunk 2077 has something to rival it.
Ronan Concannon
Ronan Concannon - 25 days ago
Dammit. Now I have to replay it for the 100th time.
Luke Pearce
Luke Pearce - 25 days ago
Instead of Andromeda they should have made an open-world game where you play as a C-Sec agent on the Citadel in the 2 years between ME1 and ME2 when humanity was given a place on the galactic council and a huge shake-up in security based on the "Geth Attack". Humans basically took over C-Sec from what I remember, that would have been nice to see. Also exploring a fully open-world Citadel with flying cars would have been amazing!
Morteza Fan Club
Morteza Fan Club - 25 days ago
The Mass Effect modding scene is alive and well. Anyone thinking of revisiting the series should check out the nexus page for each of the games, because for 1 and 3 especially there is some real life-saving stuff.
RockinSi - 25 days ago
This was a GREAT video, its made me appreciate The Citadel in a way I didn't before, mainly because I kept getting lost :D Many thanks for this.
Bran the Broker
Bran the Broker - 25 days ago
KOTOR 1, Mass Effect 1,2,3 and Dragons Age Origins are 5 of my top 6 ot 7 SP games of all time.
BioWare's demise is just genuinely saddening.
Sam - 26 days ago
I never got into this series, but this video really made me want to pick it up:
Sam - 26 days ago
Your reasons for almost starting a career in astronomy is the same reason I almost wanted to get into it as well. Scifi inspires a sense of wonder in our own reality, that I haven’t found from any other genre.
UberHitz95 - 26 days ago
Really brought back my own memories of playing this game
Metaphix - 26 days ago
wish they would ditch anthem and just remaster the original trilogy, add extra flavor quests, new gear, new endings to ME3. i would throw money at that in a millisecond.
Sebastian Kamp
Sebastian Kamp - 26 days ago
Fine! I´ll play Mass Effect again. Gee
Tim Power
Tim Power - 26 days ago
I’ve never had a more enjoyable gaming experience than playing Mass Effect.
Spartan Sneaky Snake
Spartan Sneaky Snake - 26 days ago
Good god that music at the beginning gives me an emotion that I didn't expect to feel
Mass effect 2, I love you
And you garrus aka my broski
crazyeYesgaming - 26 days ago
I didn't get to playing the first two games but I did play through the third one and started Andromeda.
Jorge Subiabre Cabrera
Jorge Subiabre Cabrera - 26 days ago
All what you say is exactly the same i think. Mass effect is the truly masterpiece of all time. At least for me.
opiateofthemasses - 26 days ago
F to pay respects
Robo Max
Robo Max - 27 days ago
I like scifi i think i'm going to check out this Star Track you mentioned
mattig89ch - 27 days ago
I agree with this. ME1 was such a great game, for so many reasons. I didn't like 2&3 nearly as much as I did 1
ACG - 27 days ago
Same one of my favorite games of all time. From the speech at the starting to just exploring random places.
Ian Carlson
Ian Carlson - 27 days ago
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time actually could have been a better choice. It predated this, and had the idea that the universe was in some sort of virtual reality.
Brodie O’Mara
Brodie O’Mara - 27 days ago
You’re not wrong
P.S: Seeing Garrus brings the entire trilogy back to me man. The best series ever, of all time.
salavora - 27 days ago
The music alone brings back so many great memories!
Dan Slash
Dan Slash - 27 days ago
This guy really likes the citadel.
99Lezard99 - 27 days ago
feeling this a lot. me1 is my favourite from the trilogy. many hated the mako. but compared to the boring scanning system from me2 its engaging and gives a sense of scale.
Vandrefalk - 27 days ago
If there ever is a trilogy remake, I'll be the first one to buy it and play it. Every game had something different about it, and though ME2 may have had the better, personal stories and everything, I will never, EVER forget how amazed I was during the entirety of the original Mass Effect. Going in absolutely blind too when the game launched, really made it for me. The exploration, the shock of the Reapers, just absolute awe all around. And the music.. I love this game so much, and I wholeheartedly agree with the video. Thank you for this, and thank you so much for this series. It's been really, really great so far. :)
passwordistaco1 - 27 days ago
Read expeditionary force by Craig Alan, if you haven't.
Larry - 27 days ago
I miss Mass Effect, I played the original trilogy so many times putting hundreds of hours into them, they were just so damn good. I could never finish Mass Effect Andromeda, I may return to it one day but at the time it was just sad to see what became of my favourite series
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Robinson - 27 days ago
I'm afraid I have to disagree with you friend. I love the Mass Effect series as much as the next guy, but whenever one of these type of videos are made, (the best video game locations), the one location that's always neglected is Toussaint from The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC. I understand that you have a special love for science fiction and that's what drove your choice. But, given the overall title of the video, I just thought that it was worth mentioning since the wine obsessed country is mine. Hands down. Mainly due to its beauty, architecture and richness-of-culture...many of the same reasons you love The Citadel.
Nikita Gudkov
Nikita Gudkov - 27 days ago
I would LOVE to replay ME games on Switch 8)
Black Light
Black Light - 27 days ago
Well I suppose it was about time for me to do another playthrough. I'll see you all later. I have a crew to put together.
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