Last To Leave Roller Coaster Wins $20,000 - Challenge

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MrBeast - Month ago
Subscribe or I’ll kick your face
ozzydog4 - 18 hours ago
what if i kick your face
Ellie Bowden
Ellie Bowden - Day ago
If u do da I will go oof
Kahlani Phillips
Kahlani Phillips - 15 days ago
All u rlly care bout is how many subs u have :-:
Doha Khaled
Doha Khaled - 21 day ago
Ben & Ethan Movies Halbani
I just what is in Tennessee that rides called lightning rod
Ben & Ethan Movies Halbani
I just went there it is in Tennessee and it is called the Lightning rod
Sydney Morrow
Sydney Morrow - 2 hours ago
DeejayCobra Playz
DeejayCobra Playz - 3 hours ago
Let us see the hole thing next time
thatonegirl - 3 hours ago
Can chandler control his head please
Jenifer Markowski
Jenifer Markowski - 3 hours ago
Anyone see the area 51 sign
AlizonAlissonYT - 3 hours ago
I would be gone :
Emmanuel Osborne
Emmanuel Osborne - 4 hours ago
Where are you at Kings Island
《Twenty Øne Heartbreaks》
Who can swing without stopping the longest get's 20,000
Lachlan Jones
Lachlan Jones - 6 hours ago
ThE sPeEd LiMiTs ArE 30
Lachlan Jones
Lachlan Jones - 6 hours ago
Do this but with dank memes
haydar al-rufaie
haydar al-rufaie - 9 hours ago
Hasaan Chaitou
Hasaan Chaitou - 9 hours ago
Noah Jobe
Noah Jobe - 11 hours ago
Whoever kisses Chandler's dad wins 15k
Likeya Hi
Likeya Hi - 12 hours ago
I’m guess u guys r at carowinds on the Carolina gold rush?
susam danoela
susam danoela - 12 hours ago
Wrong I cried my first time and it was the middle of summer
Stefani Ayers
Stefani Ayers - 13 hours ago
This is six frges
GAMING BOY 123 - 13 hours ago
You are my faver
Gus Quinn
Gus Quinn - 14 hours ago
I feel good for Chandler
It is Me
It is Me - 14 hours ago
I can’t be the only one who saw the “warning Area 51 sign”
Lincoln Wilson
Lincoln Wilson - 14 hours ago
Happy (late) area 51 day
Banksy McGee
Banksy McGee - 15 hours ago
That ride looks stupid
Miku_Chãn - 16 hours ago
-Subscribe or I'll delete your minecraft account
Me:I dont play minecraft-_-
Shadow Shark
Shadow Shark - 16 hours ago
Is jake gay?
gacha_ lover
gacha_ lover - 17 hours ago
i don't have a mincraft channel hahahahah.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
LLAMA OOF - 18 hours ago
I never have joy on rides. I'm completely joyless.
Egg with 1 Subscriber
Egg with 1 Subscriber - 18 hours ago
Ask for $1 from and if they give $1 then give them 10,000
Winston Bonbeck
Winston Bonbeck - 19 hours ago
Hit it fergie
DavidEunchan - 19 hours ago
The line was longer then this
DavidEunchan - 19 hours ago
Next time do X2 at six flags magic mountain
Sisters from Another Mister
is it just me that noticed the sign on the gate next to the roller coaster says area 51 lmao
Tundra Ghost
Tundra Ghost - 19 hours ago
Chandler actually won!
Louis Tube
Louis Tube - 19 hours ago
What's that beat at 8:10
Atlanta PAC
Atlanta PAC - 20 hours ago
Ummm Area 51
Tyler Barajas
Tyler Barajas - 21 hour ago
Did nobody notice the area 51 sign
anna swenson
anna swenson - 21 hour ago
Haha go ahead I dont have minecraft plz give me a shoutout
Kayla Powell
Kayla Powell - 21 hour ago
Yas Chandler
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez - 22 hours ago
I feel bad for chain Chandler
Coral8 - Day ago
MrBeast should go to Arizona in the summer and do last one to leave Arizona wins 10k (they have to be outside 🤭)
Sabrina Prevost
Sabrina Prevost - Day ago
you dont no me so you cant kick mi fcwe that is just mean
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson - Day ago
Your awesome Chandler
danilojr lacebal
danilojr lacebal - Day ago
Pls help the homeless✌🏽
Melissa Candemir
Melissa Candemir - Day ago
whoever cleans the most garbage from a polluted beach wins $5000
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow - Day ago
Did you see the Area 51 sign
Briann Mazzone
Briann Mazzone - Day ago
Randon Vuong
Randon Vuong - Day ago
wow you guys where at six flags over texas
Biljana Petkovikj
Biljana Petkovikj - Day ago
Chandler you are the best
kaden allen
kaden allen - Day ago
Are they at valleyfair
Rowan Bickers
Rowan Bickers - Day ago
Rowan Bickers
Rowan Bickers - Day ago
mrrrrr beast600 awo
Makayla - Day ago
does anyone know what ride this is at what theme park?? I know it's a six flags, but which one??
Tyler Ahrens
Tyler Ahrens - Day ago
Stick the balcks in the back
Kaelani’s amazing World
At 7:00 I liked it when chandler said “hey boys” it was cute
Marselle K
Marselle K - Day ago
Whoever picks up the most trash wins 30k
burningphoenix36 - Day ago
I woulda won.
Christian Balagtas Vlogs
Your the best mrbeast, I love you hope you can recognize me
Aleysha BalcazarQuinones
when chandler screamed tho lol
aestheticmondayz - Day ago
Whoever can pick up the most trash in the ocean wins 30k (respost)
savage m
savage m - Day ago
Mine train ultimately sucks
lps squad
lps squad - Day ago
blue team is f bessssssssssssst
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