How to Change Your Look & Find Your Style 💃

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Shaniafan1 - 9 days ago
I found this video because I have a serious self esteem crisis right now. And changing up my wardrobe maybe the key to confidence.
I miss my hair so much 😩 shaved it in February and now November it’s only covering my ears and it looks awful. I feel my hair is a big part of me and I ruined my look.
I kinda reduce and add to my wardrobe bit at a time because I’m poor. But I like to give my old clothes to charity.
My style muse I can’t afford her style so I find outfits similar to hers.
It’s time I try a new style, including makeup.
Chlarie Peace
Chlarie Peace - Month ago
Love your red dress i went to the doctors today i am 13 st and in june i was 17 st i am happy 😊
kylie Williams
kylie Williams - Month ago
You're such a beauty
Taeddybear // I miss BTS ;-;
"Stop caring about what others think"
My social anxiety: HAHAHA....Lol
Cyann Henderson
Cyann Henderson - Month ago
If I chop off my hair it’ll take 800 years to grow back 😂😂😂 great vid btw
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen - 2 months ago
It is hard to say that you are part of my life. Listening to your videos every single day is essential for me because it is super inspirational. Some may say that you are young and it is impossible to apply your advice because you do not experience this life enough. But I ignore all because in my mind, you are the one who I want to become. I lost, unconnected and even depressed because I did not achieve my goal as well as my expectation. Then you came and changed my mind, persuaded me keep moving. I passed that obstacle by listening to your videos every morning for 30 minutes. Super beautiful my girl. I wish you all the best. One of my favorite quotes from your videos are :” You only fail when you stop trying “ Thanks for what you have done for your followers.
Auroma Karmakar
Auroma Karmakar - 2 months ago
Got so many new ideas thanku ❤❤❤❤❤
Mou Lee
Mou Lee - 2 months ago
You are so beautiful inside and outside😘😘
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 3 months ago
U need to be healthy n feel good health wise. Ur missing the point example some people mayb fat n lose confidence even if you try also if u hv health problem and u feel lethargic n too tired bcus of it clothing wont change or make the problem disappear, you need money to colour hair i did it n i felt good for few days but its very expensive. The hair cutting is true i bob cut n it looked fresh the old clothes things is must thank you for this tip. Ur video is beautiful. I used to buy stlish clothes as i got older i seprated my clothes n i got best clothes seprate all clothes are seprated for each duty as of shopping for grocery its differnt and so on. I am sick of some clothes though old i need to decllutter i do it after 6 month or a year. I cant afford to di nails n stuff im nail tech so i do it myself
smokypoo - 3 months ago
Women often cut their hair after a breakup and many times it's unconscious. But yeah a new hairstyle can make a big difference 🙂
Nik C
Nik C - 5 months ago
You’re amazing. Loved watching your video. Thank you xxx
Emerete ‘
Emerete ‘ - 5 months ago
But you’re beautiful without makeup
Vanesa Bertasiute
Vanesa Bertasiute - 6 months ago
I really love Blackpink's fashion but I have thick-slim body and it's so hard to find outfits like their to fit me
paulakkking - 6 months ago
Thank you for this video :,) ❤️
Satomi_Ito - 8 months ago
Your videos are so inspiring!!!
conchita roxas
conchita roxas - 8 months ago
I like red dress
Elida Sjøgren
Elida Sjøgren - 8 months ago
I love this video❤️😁
Erin Johnson
Erin Johnson - 8 months ago
It seems that my decluttering process is ongoing; definitely not a one time thing
charon pluto
charon pluto - 9 months ago
Its the first time I saw your video and I liked it a lot ! The only thing that i have issue is the amount of waste you promoted. you are a stylish YouTuber which can have a huge impact on other people, and having so much clothes can promote it to other people and getting bored of clothes after 5 month it’s crazy! Clothes can’t be recycled and charities are full of clothes so they are not in need of our clothes anymore. Each clothes you buy and get rid of now is like throwing it in ocean and usually clothes have mixed fabrics so they have plastic and they can’t composite!
For earth we have to consider our act impacts on the it, Specially that you are an idol👍 and can have a huge impact on other people to follow your life style!
I hope you don’t get angry about my msg I only said these because you have great videos and you are a kind of person that people include me wants to follow!
Dambella's World
Dambella's World - 9 months ago
Hello, I really love this...its so inspiring but what if in a case you don't have money to do all this, cos you know all these are gonna require money.
So what do I do in that case?
Lyla N
Lyla N - 9 months ago
I constantly declutter and it started this a year ago and since /hen every 6 months i declutter and it makes me feel so good. Trust me makes me feel like lighter and fresher. I then realized what kind of clothes i love and which styles doesn't do it for me. Declutter makes me put together and makes me more stylish.
Itzlesliem - 9 months ago
omg i had such long hair with blond ends and my bf at that time liked my blonde hair so after we broke up i cut the blonde off leading to me with shorter hair but yea wow i guess i express through my hair as well :)
Amber Soos
Amber Soos - 9 months ago
Shop through your style muses? Can’t afford to have Bella hadids style lol
preciouspassionfruit - 9 months ago
Thanks for the tips! Like you, I am really into fashion and use it as one of the means to express myself and my style. However, I don't prefer buying new clothes so much b/c I want to save money and it can be wasteful. Now, I like to buy more basic pieces that I can style around. Shopping at thrift stores can also be more sustainable. :)
B U F N I T Z A - 10 months ago
You should post more about fashion!
Katie - 10 months ago
Thank you for this video! Where is your necklace from?
perzioso xoxo
perzioso xoxo - 10 months ago
Lavendaire is my inspiration
Kashvi Rateria
Kashvi Rateria - 10 months ago
Georgia Pollock
Georgia Pollock - 10 months ago
One day I wore this 70s top and my friend who's 12 and I'm 13, she said "what are u wearing!" Pretty sad
skyekimi - 10 months ago
I am like you, I declutter all the time!! About once every 2-3 months. I just love styling and because of that, I always want to try new styles which pushes old styles out of my mind. and out of my closet. :)
umarishiu - 10 months ago
Everytime i get bored of an outfit I sell it and I buy a new outfit
Mais Haddad
Mais Haddad - 11 months ago
could you please donate your clothes to me?
유성민 - 11 months ago
i can't just throw clothes away cuz i have nothing to WEAE. LITERALLY.
xoK23V - Year ago
my middle name is Aileen ! and good video, i always have trouble finding my style. i tend to get overwhelmed when i enter a store...for example, i go to target or tj maxx and wanna buy everything but i wanna look for particular things not just say Oh wow this looks cute!...etc
Calm Dust
Calm Dust - Year ago
Agreed on the KonMari method. She said it’s good to go through your stuff once a year, but I don’t think it’s helped my wardrobe area enough. So 3-4 months feels more like what I need to do.
N T E G O - Year ago
subscribed cause your hair
Amanda Townsend
Amanda Townsend - Year ago
Finding this was really good for me because I recently realized that I hate the way I present myself, I'm a very confident person so I knew it wasn't me I didn't feel happy with , I'm almost 19 and I've been unknowingly afraid to dress how I want because the people around me see makeup skirts and nice clothes in general as very vain and pointless (I've also realized those people were just overall toxic but still) so I decided a few weeks ago that I would save up enough money and completely buy myself a wardrobe I can feel myself in.
green absinthe
green absinthe - Year ago
I really love your channel, Aileen!
Keep up the good work :)
Alyssa Nicole Cacdac
What if your family just keeps telling you what to wear and my mother forbids me to wear makeup but I really want to try it so badly that I even bought makeup in secret, What shall I do?
Connie Murphy
Connie Murphy - Year ago
I own a 52 yr young leopard coat I love !
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