Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

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Les Diquens
Les Diquens - 37 minutes ago
7:16 are you kidding me?
shady Jay
shady Jay - 44 minutes ago
Stan 2 coming in 2020
Gabe Fernandez
Gabe Fernandez - Hour ago
We stan
JuXeN SoLaR - Hour ago
Like si vienes por woshingo
TT MTS - Hour ago
Man i want to throw up when i listen to new "famous" rapers when they convertiation about the best rapper at the all times .
Erick kiragu
Erick kiragu - 2 hours ago
Stan For Life
Happy birthday marshall
Doessic !!!? Nightcore! !!!? Fountain !!!?
Grum heartbeats
Т М - 3 hours ago
Мне понадобилось почти 20 лет чтоб понять о чем вообще речь идёт
It took me almost 20 years to understand what is the Song about
Ich habe fast 20 Jahre gebraucht um zu verstehen um was es überhaupt in diesem Lied geht
Nasro Titou
Nasro Titou - 3 hours ago
Who October 2019 ?
Robert Pirlot
Robert Pirlot - 4 hours ago
ALWAYS was a great song/story but some dumb-ass censored the shit out of this version.
TheRacing Gamer
TheRacing Gamer - 5 hours ago
It is annoying that non-curse words were censored... but to finish a real story in a different way like that is someone disturbing...
Cross Nears
Cross Nears - 5 hours ago
Cross Nears
Cross Nears - 4 hours ago
May Bandito
May Bandito - 4 hours ago
martin perrotta
martin perrotta - 5 hours ago
Best Eminem song ever. Period.
Reza shojaei
Reza shojaei - 5 hours ago
ALEXIS LIMA - 5 hours ago
Em dezembro esse hino faz 19 anos
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs - 5 hours ago
Watching Eminem videos is like watching a movie, you get your comedy, drama, suspense, and etc. This is one of my favorite Eminem videos and song.
Edgaras Salk
Edgaras Salk - 5 hours ago
cc be like "i love you slam"
alex castillo
alex castillo - 5 hours ago
Y de repente un comentario en español!! Que clásico que pedazo de canción
Ахмед Аджоян
Ахмед Аджоян - 5 hours ago
Thembelani H Dlamini
Thembelani H Dlamini - 7 hours ago
So i came back to listen to this track 15 years after I last heard it. I know English now, I understand the lyrics but the censoring just messed it up. What a major disappointment.
Anoura Lea Logan
Anoura Lea Logan - 7 hours ago
Protozoic trisodi acidium protalitate stan
Hayden Karim
Hayden Karim - 7 hours ago
This should be considered an art piece. For the lyrical skill, fluidity and writing but also for the acting and filming
Hakan Ataş
Hakan Ataş - 8 hours ago
Kuş: Cik cik
Killa: Gluk gluk
Kedi: Miyav
EminemMusic: Sansür
gabriel talisic
gabriel talisic - 8 hours ago
whos still watching this video.. only me?
Warren Batiste
Warren Batiste - 8 hours ago
Anybody here after devon sawa tweet wishing em a happy bday pretending to be stan? 🤚😁
Georgius - 10 hours ago
next time censor the whole song
Mohamed Rami
Mohamed Rami - 11 hours ago
BanBan Arneil
BanBan Arneil - 12 hours ago
Ohh i listen to this song since yyear 2002, not knowing its davon sawa 😡😡
One way
One way - 13 hours ago
Happy birthday @Eminem. Sincerely yours, Stan, Ps. We should be together, too.
Twitter>Devon Sawa
Henry Marin
Henry Marin - 16 hours ago
This song always Make my Grown Ass Cry 😭
Slutty Gush
Slutty Gush - 16 hours ago
We get it everyone,censored this censored that. We get it.
Btw, I would've sent Stan an album of ja rule just to piss him off.
Andrew C
Andrew C - 18 hours ago
I listened to this song on my headphones laying in my coffin rack on the USS AUSTIN in 2000 just before 9-11. Then I listened to Lucky by Britney Spears. Only two CD's I had before we shipped out. Lol. When CD's were relevant.
JÅPXÑOFFICIAL - 19 hours ago
I had a dream yesterday and this song was playing inside my dream word for word .I never heard this song IN MY LIFEEE!!!! So I decided to look this up. I actually like the song.but I'm still wondering how and why this song was playing in my dream?😭😭😭
Wellyngtom Ribeiro
Wellyngtom Ribeiro - 19 hours ago
Alguém aí Brazil...??
Luke Gale
Luke Gale - 21 hour ago
How bad is that phone? He can't even leave a voicemail
LogaM - extra large
LogaM - extra large - 21 hour ago
i am loling rn
Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira - 22 hours ago
2019.. Brazilian
Sonia Taglianetti
Sonia Taglianetti - 22 hours ago
i like how they censor entire paragraphs
Valmir Gomes
Valmir Gomes - 23 hours ago
Mais alguém ai curti essa vibe?
Mob Ties
Mob Ties - 23 hours ago
how vevo fkk up something so spectacular like come on
Jimmy Valmer
Jimmy Valmer - 23 hours ago
Anyone else wonder what stans first letter to EM was before his first verse i mean....
EXODO AMBIGUO - 23 hours ago
Mr. Krinkle
Mr. Krinkle - Day ago
Happy birthday Stan da man
LG Cac la Paz 2
LG Cac la Paz 2 - Day ago
Yoooo! Brother's blessings #Eminem and Cryptic Wisdom✌🔥🔥🔥
WidmoCiała - Day ago
Legendary song🔥🔥🔥
Greetings from Poland🇵🇱
Joe Vo
Joe Vo - Day ago
Censored or Not thanks Eminem from your biggest Fan Not Stan :-)
Clinton Washington
Clinton Washington - Day ago
thejerkismine - Day ago
Storm Kitty
Storm Kitty - Day ago
Where’s the scream sound? At which part in this episode
YouRock YouRets
YouRock YouRets - Day ago
Happy birthday, legend
Thank you for everything
17 of October
Empathy - Day ago
Still bumping???
Marksman Trooper
Marksman Trooper - Day ago
Hurm.. I want a like too
fabian zepeda
fabian zepeda - Day ago
Ain't it funny it's the reality of are existence living in a fairy tale world
pavan raibagi
pavan raibagi - Day ago
62k stan dislikes
Daniel McKee
Daniel McKee - Day ago
Stan is at the window at 7:58
Sanguine Offical
Sanguine Offical - Day ago
Ма кс
Ма кс - Day ago
2019 still gold
a.j. adams marzan
a.j. adams marzan - Day ago
happy birthday Eminem "Marshall Bruce Mathers III" #47
10-17-19 sana maka punta kayo dito sa pilipinas at matikman nyo ung lutong adobo at sinigang
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Tina A
Tina A - Day ago
Sub to me if you are watching this in 2019 :*
Ujjwal Subedi
Ujjwal Subedi - Day ago
Who's watching on Em's birthday... Happy 47th birthday goat..the greatest one that has ever lived...
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