If Huawei Is Banned In India...

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Anish Sawant
Anish Sawant - Day ago
India should work with korean companies for 5g tech like samsung ntt sk
Kevin fan Hu
Kevin fan Hu - 2 days ago
why do we sell any tech to India anyways they are not paying top dollars. fuck them
0_0 - 2 days ago
Huawei got banned lol
Mmm 333
Mmm 333 - 16 days ago
Shubham Hirve
Shubham Hirve - 17 days ago
Change the name of your channel bro like namo namo
The Real YOU
The Real YOU - 19 days ago
It is spying on our ppl.. it shd be banned.. its nt a company., its chinese agent
Rushikesh Patil
Rushikesh Patil - 19 days ago
India will give right decision...now China America nuts are in Indias hand
Money Lad
Money Lad - 20 days ago
Stay away from anything chinese, until communist govt. at the helm. India is rising, don't need lectures.
Ashutosh Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar - 20 days ago
india isn't pulling in both direction sir. IT IS TRYING TO BECOME STANDALONE IN ALL POSSIBLE WAY !!!! PERIOD.
Kandarp Agrawal
Kandarp Agrawal - 20 days ago
Huawei should be ban worldwide
Evo296 - 20 days ago
Ambani could dominate the world if he introduce cheap plans all over the world.
Amal Augustine
Amal Augustine - 20 days ago
Reliance Industries may have another opportunity.
view more
view more - 20 days ago
If Huawei is banned in India other Chinese smartphone company is also banned by China to India😀
Vishalography - 20 days ago
We will have american 5g than chinese
Krishna Vyas Gienah
Krishna Vyas Gienah - 21 day ago
India if not favor, going to play neutral role unless China won't be pain in the as** , because there are more than 1 or 2 angles to this situation, ..... geographical (China claims our land to be theirs ...big pain in the a**), political (support a terrorist supportive country Pakistan with nuclear power) ... as now a days India is more producing themselves rather than importing from outside, so for national growth also ....another reason also is that China is always trespassing borders .....of we account all these situations together, if not neutral, India is not going to be in favour of China. As world is known how China plays it's tricks by giving loans to poor countries in the name of development and hijack their lands for their Navy or army base ...more like modern Genghis Khan army to loot around the globe
Khan Ovaiz
Khan Ovaiz - 21 day ago
Dont worry only Ambani is the owner of telecommunication in india.....No one can beef with him not even our Prime Minister
Sourav Shah
Sourav Shah - 21 day ago
Definitely huwaei will be band in india bye modi govt.. and we indian want this
A Mallikarjuna Reddy
A Mallikarjuna Reddy - 21 day ago
China all electronics items will ban in India soon
Rohan Sai
Rohan Sai - 21 day ago
If India rejects Chinese goods 😂 😂😂😂😂😂 lots of loss we will get profit those will start to manufacture in India our economy rise😂😂😂 huge strategy should be applied by government
GamerZ Log
GamerZ Log - 21 day ago
If Huawei bans then xiaomi, oppo and oppo also should be banned
Yashas rao kuthnikar
Yashas rao kuthnikar - 21 day ago
Jio is the future we don’t need huawei for 5G
Kumar Ranjeet
Kumar Ranjeet - 22 days ago
Just banned China
shishir kumar
shishir kumar - 22 days ago
I want Huawei to be ban in India, in fact I want all Chinese devices to be ban and countries like US, Canada and India should start making their own devices at home.
Manchuvaru Reddy
Manchuvaru Reddy - 22 days ago
HUWAEI stay away. From INDIA.
Manchuvaru Reddy
Manchuvaru Reddy - 22 days ago
HUWAEI should be banned in INDIA.
Archit Ashish
Archit Ashish - 23 days ago
Reverse sanctions??? I think Chinese manufacturers too are active in India. What if India hikes tariffs on Chinese goods??
Varun reddy
Varun reddy - 23 days ago
china will go nuts and huawei goes bankrupt.
K sam
K sam - 23 days ago
Huawei should be banned ,,, to much security risk
CyberminD - 23 days ago
What? Heh
K sam
K sam - 23 days ago
Huawei should be banned ,,, to much security entry
indar pvt
indar pvt - 23 days ago
Ur views is increasing drastically on making videos related to 🇮🇳
subhasis kolay
subhasis kolay - 23 days ago
Comments section shows how much angry chinese people are with Indians 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Huawei will be failure in india even if india doesn't ban it coz Indian market is totally under the control of jio 😏😏😏😏😏😏 beside why can't chinese focus more on Pakistan then india well we Indians saw chinese campaign against INDIA in UNSC
Result: only china was against india while the other four were in favour of india 😁😁😁😁😁😁 sorry but you guys choose the wrong partner
Don Pablo escobar
Don Pablo escobar - 23 days ago
if only helping Pakistan works. lol bye bye Huawei
Anand Shridhar
Anand Shridhar - 23 days ago
India is a non aligned country.... We don't buck to either country
Sayan Ray
Sayan Ray - 23 days ago
China can never dare to implicate reverse sanctions against India.😂🤣😂🤣😂
China has everything to loose against India 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
China makes a lot of money from India 😂🤣😂🤣 if Chinese even dare to think of reverse sanction, they will loose this huge market named #IndianMarket ..
Muralidharan K G
Muralidharan K G - 23 days ago
No Chinese 5G in India
Souvick Das
Souvick Das - 24 days ago
Did I hear 'Jio'political? 😂
mamta guleria
mamta guleria - 25 days ago
Cater Clips
Akshay Nikam
Akshay Nikam - 25 days ago
You are half indian😁
mechamso takaliang
mechamso takaliang - 25 days ago
india will ban Huawei,
AKS TV - 25 days ago
Huawei you are doomed in India ,who cares about China warning not India 🤣
Sourav dey
Sourav dey - 26 days ago
Time to ban xiaomi realmi oppo vivo oneplus in india and invest 10 billion dollars in R&D of smart phone technology
shubham kumar
shubham kumar - 24 days ago
Bhai go for korean and japenese brands as india companies are nowherein the market wud medium segments customers go for lava micromax intex noway man
Shivam Rai
Shivam Rai - 26 days ago
Fuck the china because he support pakistan in UNSC it is difficult for huwaye
Nitesh Singh
Nitesh Singh - 27 days ago
China should not take sides with Pakistan that is the only concern of India.India doesn't get influenced by anyone ,it only take into consideration what will be good for india's economy nothing else matters.....
prajin raj
prajin raj - 27 days ago
Will add imported taxes on chinese products
prajin raj
prajin raj - 27 days ago
Ban chinese smartphones and business to india. China will fall
prajin raj
prajin raj - 27 days ago
Jio giga fiber
prajin raj
prajin raj - 27 days ago
Jio giga fiber
ashu pundir
ashu pundir - 27 days ago
Huawei is Chinese military agency it should be banned definitely India will also banned it
Sonu Raj
Sonu Raj - 27 days ago
Huawei is gonna ban no matter what ? Huawei will pay for China's sin
Onik Rax
Onik Rax - 27 days ago
Huawei 💝
Onik Rax
Onik Rax - 27 days ago
India 🇮🇳🐖 💩
Paras nath
Paras nath - 27 days ago
Every foreign you tuber want view of indian audience and their video is relating india and if not then they mention indian in somewhere ti get view.
Not even seen this video but this is what i have found out on many channels 👁👁👁
Anime Crush
Anime Crush - 27 days ago
Abey yeh chutia views pane k liye kbse India2 KR rha hae
BEEP MAster - 27 days ago
*China just went to the UN against India* .... Huawei is f'ked up now.
Nightbot - Day ago
@Akash Pandya because Huawei works for China (it gives info of armies and much more to Chinese government). Mi, Vivo, Oppo don't do that.
Guru Gobind Guchhait
Guru Gobind Guchhait - 18 days ago
What about xiaomi.....
Akash Pandya
Akash Pandya - 19 days ago
why not Oppo Vivo Mi n OnePlus too?
viral tube videos
viral tube videos - 27 days ago
Come on China cannot block Indian companies
Their trade balance is 50billion dollar on Chinese side
If it dares we can give them trouble in both strategically and trade
sanket mokashi
sanket mokashi - 27 days ago
There was in news earlier that Chinese intelligence were eavesdropping on huawei phone. This is the main concern India might be having.
Apollo Dablew
Apollo Dablew - 27 days ago
Jio fiber in India
yoNKgamer145 - 27 days ago
There is a baby bottle
Arunabh chowdhury
Arunabh chowdhury - 27 days ago
Nobody warns India dude... Choose ur words wisely
Goku Wick Stark 47
Goku Wick Stark 47 - 28 days ago
Huawie BAN is the response of GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK & WHATSAPP BAN ... China is unfit to UNSC resolution ... This NonDecromatic member should be reolaced ... #UmbrellaProtest ...
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