Dora and the Lost City of Gold - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

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Aseel Osman
Aseel Osman - 3 hours ago
I watched the movie it’s actually not that bad...
DJ Bluetooth
DJ Bluetooth - 4 hours ago
If Dora doesn't speak any spanish or ask the audience to repeat after her, I'm walking out the theatre
Lama Jehad
Lama Jehad - 4 hours ago
i watched the whole movie yesterday it was awsome
Marimbo Games
Marimbo Games - 8 hours ago
Hacen un live action de Dora la exploradora y no de jojo's
Es para partirse!
Elizabeth O’Connell
Elizabeth O’Connell - 8 hours ago
Isn’t Dora supposed to be a little kid not some teenager
And Diego is supposed to have hair 🤭
jozafen alazawi
jozafen alazawi - 12 hours ago
Its just for children 6 to 12 years old
nazli güçlü
nazli güçlü - 13 hours ago
Bu gün bunun sinemasına gittim harika muhakkak gidin
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer - 19 hours ago
Jammed 48: Late Today (October 6)
Nadjib Megh
Nadjib Megh - 20 hours ago
Went from a meme to a real movie wow
I can't be beaten goodi dbzaf
At least it's better than the cats trailer
Michael Moulds
Michael Moulds - 22 hours ago
IDGAF. It's Dora, and Dora rocks!
Thicco - Day ago
Where is swiper the fox? Look for him or die.
미니 - Day ago
This movie is very very exciting
OOferYam - Day ago
the dude: there is no need to overreact. next second gets stuck in the spider web, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF
Emma Chambers
Emma Chambers - Day ago
at first it says full movie then when i click it says trailer.....
Jaycob Walker
Jaycob Walker - Day ago
2021 Ni Hao Kia Lan and the quest for viewers
flow swisher
flow swisher - Day ago
A big fuck up already. Didn't even see swiper punk ass
Technologic - Day ago
if there is no backpack song i will lose my shit
Alphaboy eyes
Alphaboy eyes - Day ago
where is snyper or swyper
John Dope
John Dope - Day ago
No swipes? Wtf
Yuvi Chirag
Yuvi Chirag - Day ago
looks like Uncharted 4 in movie
Gage  Hawk
Gage Hawk - Day ago
Calling this movie on its trash doesnt have an ounce of continuity from its predacessor dora should not be that old and im willing to bet this movie doesnt teach spanish at all
DaMoose Kareem Sherrod
I like how sheSyracuse your own agesing your own age that’s a grown ass woman
violet sackinzi
violet sackinzi - 2 days ago
if you haven't noticed, Dora has decided to leave nickelodeon and now is stuck on an school bus XD
Lemonademan - 2 days ago
Rat Goddess
Rat Goddess - 2 days ago
My dudes I think they where in the Colombian jungle, I watched the movie and the plate number says Colombia
Horse Lovee
Horse Lovee - 2 days ago
I swear If there’s no swiper
MR. MYSTERIOUS - 2 days ago
Swiper no swiping
peitopei - 2 days ago
Furry animals have become the fetish of Paramount Pictures
Midnight_Mooon - 2 days ago
2000: Diego has to look like this!

2019: Make him look bald
Miraversal - 2 days ago
Little Latino tomb raider.
Gin-chan Jared
Gin-chan Jared - 2 days ago
You really can't judge a movie just by its trailer.
It's actually good. I enjoyed it!
Aaliyah Warrior And the reptile family
Gin-chan Jared thank you in ganna watch for my birthday hopefully
*-C-* - 17 hours ago
same i really enjoyed it!
Dinner Bone
Dinner Bone - 17 hours ago
Nah its cringe and it ruined my childhood since when did Dora go to school it ruined the series for me and so many people
Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa Manoban - 2 days ago
Oh my god Dora the explorer!!!!
Celestial Ivory
Celestial Ivory - 2 days ago
cut sean sahaya
cut sean sahaya - 2 days ago
0:50 why it's sound like baby don't stop NCT U?
JohnnyJohnny Yespapa
cut sean sahaya cuz it is lolz
The exploration gang
The exploration gang - 2 days ago
Dora dora dora klik op dora
Güzide Gün
Güzide Gün - 2 days ago
no offence but isabela moner is way too pretty to be dora
火FîřëÇløñđ - 3 days ago
Dora is a kid :/
Jacob Czyz
Jacob Czyz - 3 days ago
I’ve seen this movie and I loved it. 😌🙂
Honey-Saur - 3 days ago
I am in high school, and I unironically enjoyed this movie
Felix Williams
Felix Williams - 3 days ago
Oh, look at that, it’s my whole childhood.
Felix Williams
Felix Williams - 3 days ago
Where’s the strange talking map and evil fox?
Swag Girl
Swag Girl - 3 days ago
Dora in 20 years later
Stephanie Lytrides
Stephanie Lytrides - 3 days ago
I thought Dora was a kid
k a t a r i n a
k a t a r i n a - 3 days ago
*Those dislikes are from Swiper's family*
Aaliyah Warrior And the reptile family
k a t a r i n a 😂 so true
The man the Mitch the Legend
Just one question.....

blueangeloftheseas - 3 days ago
Aaaaand Dora's a bit darker, just saying
blueangeloftheseas - 3 days ago
I feel left out, Dora's not talking to me😤🙄😭
Thomas Boot
Thomas Boot - 3 days ago
Warning the following trailer contains changes that we not know in the cartoons then the movie itself. You be warned
DJQ 15
DJQ 15 - 3 days ago
Dora is *BIG* .
Frenz Antonio
Frenz Antonio - 3 days ago
Sweet Kitty
Sweet Kitty - 3 days ago
I never expected its that good. I dont really watch Dora when Im a kid but this movie is so great. Dora is so beautiful too!
Shrunken Presence
Shrunken Presence - 3 days ago
Is swiper the bald kidnapper?
Fred Samoluk
Fred Samoluk - 3 days ago
Saw the movie yesterday in imax , and I liked it 😅
Need some tea
Need some tea - 4 days ago
i've watched this movie AND ITS THE BEST MOVIE EVER 😭😭😭😭💓💖💕💞💕💕💖💖
Jana Alfar
Jana Alfar - 4 days ago
Am i the only non child person that's kind of hyped up for this movie and wants to watch?😑😁
Emma Lukasiak
Emma Lukasiak - 4 days ago
When is it
fadadapple - 4 days ago
Why do I actually like the bitchy classmate girl
Vince Doming
Vince Doming - 4 days ago
Wajid Ali
Wajid Ali - 4 days ago
Very nice
Guess Who
Guess Who - 4 days ago
the first thing I noticed was they made sure they gave dora some tig 'ol bitties lol
Jullian Mendez
Jullian Mendez - 4 days ago
#Nickelodeon you should make a Diego movie
Ryanw 6969
Ryanw 6969 - 4 days ago
Me and my friends watched this as a joke but it was actually quite good
Miraversal - 2 days ago
I felt the same way when will smith played the genie in Aladdin. He suited pretty well actually.
1,000,000 subs 0 videos challenge
No they didn’t ...
Yes. They did
Brave Sir Robin
Brave Sir Robin - 4 days ago
Saavian Duc
Saavian Duc - 4 days ago
Why is Dora so skinny? And why is Boots wearing no boots?
Isabela Moner Is my crush
Can I watch this movie in Romania?
Abraham 1
Abraham 1 - 4 days ago
Yeah is a worldwide movie
جزائسطيني وافتخر فلسطين والجزائر شعب واحد
اين الفلم انا لا اراه
DebbieSchigt - 4 days ago
Great Movie :D
Bubysharba89 - 4 days ago
My name is Jeff
Kazu - 4 days ago
1:39 Terminator 2 Reference?
OliLovesUndertale - 4 days ago
A lost city of gold?
How original
Deadpool - 4 days ago
College Humor left the chat.
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos - 4 days ago
Assista o filme agora, acesse já: >>> WWW.FILMESONLINEXHD.BIZ
Lau :)
Lau :) - 4 days ago
Nobody is talking about how Luis is in this movie??
freakinturtle - 4 days ago
this move was good
JP Brennan
JP Brennan - 4 days ago
Saw it yesterday.
I took my Marx plush and we enjoyed it so much.
Ontan Dededededestruction
Oh fucking hell naw
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