How To Catch ALL Fish & Shark In Nintendo Labo Fishing!

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AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Thanks so much for watching! We had a great time catching all of these fish LIVE, so check out the livestream here: Don't forget to enter our Nintendo Labo giveaway by leaving a comment on which fish is your favorite and checking out the details in the description!
坂牧葵 - 9 months ago
AbdallahSmash026 ゆはゆ
清水あず子 - 11 months ago
AbdallahSmash026 8
Manuel Díaz
Manuel Díaz - Year ago
大久保幸子 - Year ago
AbdallahSmash026 たたたたたたたたたたたた
Yoshi Yo.
Yoshi Yo. - Year ago
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 6 days ago
Are you muslim? My neighbour is muslim. His name is Abdullah Ali
Kizumo - Month ago
"You caaaan catch a shark... just like you caaaan get a college degree"
Scott the Genius Woz.
Nozid - Month ago
Now, you CAN get a shark. Just like, you CAN get a college degree.
AbdallahSmash026 - Month ago
森川睦子 - Month ago
森川睦子 - Month ago
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim - 2 months ago
How do I keep the rod from snapping as easily?
Osc S
Osc S - 3 months ago
I tried to catch a sailfish, but my stupid fishing rod won't go as fast as yours, and I reel as fast as I can.
Elektra Kosh Edwards
Elektra Kosh Edwards - 7 months ago
How do you get to those levels? It doesn't tell you!
Reece Ollie Kent
Reece Ollie Kent - 9 months ago
Is very hard for me at the last second the fish gets off
Im. Vivienne
Im. Vivienne - 9 months ago
Tarponpet Secord
Tarponpet Secord - 9 months ago
Is there a way to look at your fish in this game?
Molly Gibbons
Molly Gibbons - 9 months ago
Thank you!!! This helped a lot!!! I cant wait to try the new technique out!!!!
Goldfish Boi
Goldfish Boi - 10 months ago
Why you stop and go down while a tiny fish?
pro gamer 777 ok no xd
pro gamer 777 ok no xd - 10 months ago
This gane is so short
SK- shuuto
SK- shuuto - 11 months ago
Semihrocker Brawl stars
Semihrocker Brawl stars - 11 months ago
I already got 2 sharks
John Windham
John Windham - Year ago
what is the difference between sailfish and swordfish or are they the same
Natchan - Year ago
Angie Weigelt
Angie Weigelt - Year ago
Yes yes yes good time of
Adir Maymon
Adir Maymon - Year ago
I caught a Pacific Bluefin Tuna thanks to you! That took 3 months to pull it out to Aquarium. I bought a Labo on June and then I tried to get Bluefin Tuna. He got away every time and then today I caught it
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
miracle of baim
miracle of baim - Year ago
shark ,sword fish ,krabs gooood job
Liamofthesky - Year ago
Omfg I got a ocean sunfish AND IT WAS HUGE took up whole screen! When I caught it there was a giant tag stamped on it
Nova 360
Nova 360 - Year ago
Learning the mechanics is not that easy....
Nova 360
Nova 360 - Year ago
I don’t hav patience for this
The Kobster 05
The Kobster 05 - Year ago
Stingray is SO HARD
Bruno Herbin
Bruno Herbin - Year ago
Samah Madaci
Samah Madaci - Year ago
Mechanica gamer
Mechanica gamer - Year ago
15 crab
Lorddonut2009 !
Lorddonut2009 ! - Year ago
Are these all the fish?
Semoulox - Year ago
Dont work if too sloW
Gabriel Baker
Gabriel Baker - Year ago
I can't get the great white!
「Ayden Playz」
「Ayden Playz」 - Year ago
Hey what if the swordfish breaks the rope why you are doing those steps to catch the swordfish?
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Watch me do it on the livestream. You have to let him take the lure down until he's tired, then reel again.
「Ayden Playz」
「Ayden Playz」 - Year ago
AbdallahSmash026 and should I go on the website of the live stream to get more tips
「Ayden Playz」
「Ayden Playz」 - Year ago
AbdallahSmash026 so what I'm trying to ask is so I'm trying to catch the swordfish and it look easy for you and I tried to do the same thing but it didn't work so I need more advise to catch the swordfish
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
What are you asking?
Paul Carpentier
Paul Carpentier - Year ago
The Meme User
The Meme User - Year ago
I'm really excited because I really like fish.
Reves Enfant
Reves Enfant - Year ago
☠ ta ocune chace dovoir le requin
david hernandez
david hernandez - Year ago
I tried that and it doesn't work!😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠👿👿👿👿👿
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi - Year ago
Off brand Pokemon
smarz - 5 months ago
But there real fish and not trying to imitate Pokemon
Stewart Daily
Stewart Daily - Year ago
Were is the crab?
Nolan Leo
Nolan Leo - Year ago
Tu te fous
Azur Ocean
Azur Ocean - Year ago
Wee need 40 more fish plz nintendo
Maxitsu24 - Year ago
the shark is to big for the switch
haslol you
haslol you - Year ago
u forgot the jelefish
Ned Looker
Ned Looker - 5 months ago
As far as I know, they are background scenery in the shallows
Emiliano 2009
Emiliano 2009 - Year ago
U can catch 0NE?
Pawel Adamowski
Pawel Adamowski - Year ago
Its jellyfish
Metal General
Metal General - Year ago
I learned the secret of FISHING!!!
Metal General
Metal General - Year ago
thanks for your help abdullah!
Dysd - Year ago
I hope I win the giveaway! I’m subbed
Renzo Ramirez
Renzo Ramirez - Year ago
Great. Now i want Endless Ocean 3
Jaden Abeyta
Jaden Abeyta - Year ago
Nintendo! It’s a Swordfish not a Sailfish, COME ON!
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Calm down kid. Nobody understands what you're complaining about.
Jaden Abeyta
Jaden Abeyta - Year ago
Warman The Ultimate
Warman The Ultimate - Year ago
The songs when trying to reel in the fish remind me of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
BrainSpyro - Year ago
I only came for the shark.
Millers Landing
Millers Landing - Year ago
FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More.
Sweet pro fishing man
Woomy - Year ago
When did you get the labo?
Woomy - Year ago
AbdallahSmash026 Im just a new subscriber :)
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Midnight of launch. You didn't see the building of the Variety kit?
Ryder Troyer
Ryder Troyer - Year ago
My favorite was the napoleon fish
Philip Cheung
Philip Cheung - Year ago
Woo hoo! I can't believe you caught all those fish! And in my opinion, catching a Great White Shark in Real Life would be very dangerous, don't you know?
MegaPikachu 21
MegaPikachu 21 - Year ago
Awesome video abdallah
InklingSethO - Year ago
No squids or the like, I am greatly disappointed
Isaac B39
Isaac B39 - Year ago
funnier than it looks.
Depressed Toad
Depressed Toad - Year ago
Napoleon Fish because he was banished to an island
Oxman 7077
Oxman 7077 - Year ago
i kinda wish this had something like a cheep-cheep or some sort of nintendo fish as a easter egg :/
Mr_ Majikku
Mr_ Majikku - Year ago
That’d make so much sense!
Paper Luigi
Paper Luigi - Year ago
The AR Card minigame. Free Fishing
Oxman 7077
Oxman 7077 - Year ago
Luigi Marinus 2 yea
Somebody you don't know about
Hey! Where's the jellyfish?
Ned Looker
Ned Looker - 5 months ago
In the shallows in the background
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
You tell me.
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