How To Catch ALL Fish & Shark In Nintendo Labo Fishing!

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AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Thanks so much for watching! We had a great time catching all of these fish LIVE, so check out the livestream here: Don't forget to enter our Nintendo Labo giveaway by leaving a comment on which fish is your favorite and checking out the details in the description!
坂牧葵 - 6 months ago
AbdallahSmash026 ゆはゆ
清水あず子 - 8 months ago
AbdallahSmash026 8
Manuel Díaz
Manuel Díaz - Year ago
大久保幸子 - Year ago
AbdallahSmash026 たたたたたたたたたたたた
Yoshi Yo.
Yoshi Yo. - Year ago
Osc S
Osc S - Day ago
I tried to catch a sailfish, but my stupid fishing rod won't go as fast as yours, and I reel as fast as I can.
Elektra Kosh Edwards
Elektra Kosh Edwards - 4 months ago
How do you get to those levels? It doesn't tell you!
Reece Ollie Kent
Reece Ollie Kent - 6 months ago
Is very hard for me at the last second the fish gets off
Sister. Vivienne
Sister. Vivienne - 6 months ago
Tarponpet Secord
Tarponpet Secord - 6 months ago
Is there a way to look at your fish in this game?
Molly Gibbons
Molly Gibbons - 6 months ago
Thank you!!! This helped a lot!!! I cant wait to try the new technique out!!!!
Sharky - 7 months ago
Why you stop and go down while a tiny fish?
diplocaulus :V Bv
diplocaulus :V Bv - 7 months ago
This gane is so short
SK- shuuto
SK- shuuto - 8 months ago
semih emir soner Gökner
semih emir soner Gökner - 8 months ago
I already got 2 sharks
John Windham
John Windham - 9 months ago
what is the difference between sailfish and swordfish or are they the same
Natchan - 9 months ago
Angie Weigelt
Angie Weigelt - 10 months ago
Yes yes yes good time of
Adir Maymon
Adir Maymon - 10 months ago
I caught a Pacific Bluefin Tuna thanks to you! That took 3 months to pull it out to Aquarium. I bought a Labo on June and then I tried to get Bluefin Tuna. He got away every time and then today I caught it
AbdallahSmash026 - 10 months ago
miracle of baim
miracle of baim - 11 months ago
shark ,sword fish ,krabs gooood job
Liamofthesky - 11 months ago
Omfg I got a ocean sunfish AND IT WAS HUGE took up whole screen! When I caught it there was a giant tag stamped on it
Nova 360
Nova 360 - 11 months ago
Learning the mechanics is not that easy....
Nova 360
Nova 360 - 11 months ago
I don’t hav patience for this
The Kobster 05
The Kobster 05 - Year ago
Stingray is SO HARD
Bruno Herbin
Bruno Herbin - Year ago
Samah Madaci
Samah Madaci - Year ago
Mechanica gamer
Mechanica gamer - Year ago
15 crab
Lorddonut2009 !
Lorddonut2009 ! - Year ago
Are these all the fish?
Semoulox - Year ago
Dont work if too sloW
Gabriel Baker
Gabriel Baker - Year ago
I can't get the great white!
Ayden Playz こんにちは
Hey what if the swordfish breaks the rope why you are doing those steps to catch the swordfish?
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Watch me do it on the livestream. You have to let him take the lure down until he's tired, then reel again.
Ayden Playz こんにちは
AbdallahSmash026 and should I go on the website of the live stream to get more tips
Ayden Playz こんにちは
AbdallahSmash026 so what I'm trying to ask is so I'm trying to catch the swordfish and it look easy for you and I tried to do the same thing but it didn't work so I need more advise to catch the swordfish
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
What are you asking?
Paul Carpentier
Paul Carpentier - Year ago
The Meme User
The Meme User - Year ago
I'm really excited because I really like fish.
Reves Enfant
Reves Enfant - Year ago
☠ ta ocune chace dovoir le requin
david hernandez
david hernandez - Year ago
I tried that and it doesn't work!😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠👿👿👿👿👿
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi - Year ago
Off brand Pokemon
smarz - 2 months ago
But there real fish and not trying to imitate Pokemon
Stewart Daily
Stewart Daily - Year ago
Were is the crab?
Nolan Leo
Nolan Leo - Year ago
Tu te fous
Azur Ocean
Azur Ocean - Year ago
Wee need 40 more fish plz nintendo
Maxitsu24 - Year ago
the shark is to big for the switch
Kimberly Winter
Kimberly Winter - Year ago
u forgot the jelefish
Ned Looker
Ned Looker - 2 months ago
As far as I know, they are background scenery in the shallows
Emiliano 2009
Emiliano 2009 - 11 months ago
U can catch 0NE?
Pawel Adamowski
Pawel Adamowski - Year ago
Its jellyfish
Metal General
Metal General - Year ago
I learned the secret of FISHING!!!
Metal General
Metal General - Year ago
thanks for your help abdullah!
Bronze Robin
Bronze Robin - Year ago
Not all heroes need capes
Dysd - Year ago
I hope I win the giveaway! I’m subbed
Renzo Ramirez
Renzo Ramirez - Year ago
Great. Now i want Endless Ocean 3
Jaden Abeyta
Jaden Abeyta - Year ago
Nintendo! It’s a Swordfish not a Sailfish, COME ON!
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Calm down kid. Nobody understands what you're complaining about.
Jaden Abeyta
Jaden Abeyta - Year ago
Warman The Ultimate
Warman The Ultimate - Year ago
The songs when trying to reel in the fish remind me of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
BrainSpyro - Year ago
I only came for the shark.
Millers Landing
Millers Landing - Year ago
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Sweet pro fishing man
The_arctic_fox :D
The_arctic_fox :D - Year ago
When did you get the labo?
The_arctic_fox :D
The_arctic_fox :D - Year ago
AbdallahSmash026 Im just a new subscriber :)
AbdallahSmash026 - Year ago
Midnight of launch. You didn't see the building of the Variety kit?
Paul Troyer
Paul Troyer - Year ago
My favorite was the napoleon fish
Philip Cheung
Philip Cheung - Year ago
Woo hoo! I can't believe you caught all those fish! And in my opinion, catching a Great White Shark in Real Life would be very dangerous, don't you know?
MegaPikachu 21
MegaPikachu 21 - Year ago
Awesome video abdallah
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