I'm An Idiot For This... | '89 CR500 is FINALLY Here!

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Fooligan - 5 months ago
Ayooo! Another day in the life of this guy. It looks like the KTM pump is out again... and I just assumed it was gas 😂😭 Also got the cr500 in my garage ready to be rebuilt!! Let’s goooo 🤘🏼 —> http://motoantics.com for all ya swagg 🔥
Keanna Ballen
Keanna Ballen - Month ago
Can i get a dirt bike
tjlovesrachel - Month ago
Dalton Hubbard lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Kimberly Grant
Kimberly Grant - 3 months ago
I need a dirt bike
Allen Crespo
Allen Crespo - 4 months ago
What kind of bike do u have is it in the title sorry im new to bikes starting to like bikes now
Hagan Crumpton
Hagan Crumpton - 4 months ago
supermoto the cr500!
Amundlofs - 5 days ago
Siri opens to me at 3.59 😂
dylan 1234 oof
dylan 1234 oof - 14 days ago
Thats ktm for you
Dian Rademan
Dian Rademan - 16 days ago
Im not even kidding but there is something wrong with the bell button xD
Fooligan - 16 days ago
It’s bad!!!! Ugh
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez - 17 days ago
Where is Kevin
Troys Vlogs
Troys Vlogs - 20 days ago
I do 750 I need a new bike I just lost my g grandpa
Gamer Tv
Gamer Tv - 23 days ago
Bruh I lost your channel about 2 years ago now I’ve got some catching up to do
Alexander Wiesmüller
Alexander Wiesmüller - 24 days ago
500 2 stroke
Zervista -DEVX-
Zervista -DEVX- - 24 days ago
What bike is that I want to get it in like a few years
jared Monk
jared Monk - 27 days ago
That’s probably why fuel pump went out cause you never put gas in it til it runs out
Arthur Paolucci
Arthur Paolucci - 29 days ago
Do you got a put street tires on it. That goes with your other bikes
taryho figúrka
taryho figúrka - Month ago
Are u from slovskia? You hsve slovakia on the bike
Justingattone - Month ago
Was it on reserve because I once rode my dads exc and I put it on reserve gas and it stopped and I was like wtf
Cody Bigelow
Cody Bigelow - Month ago
i have a old '79 49cc fat wheel Honda
Samantha Jenkins
Samantha Jenkins - Month ago
My son wants a dirt bike or a pit bike
Lalhruaizela Khawlhring
I like bike😊😊😊
ronan O'Shaughnessy
ronan O'Shaughnessy - Month ago
I know what you mean but when I went road to school my wheels where full and after school my wheels where flat
tjlovesrachel - Month ago
Lollll got nice toys ... crazy YouTube following ..... no extensions for your ratchets....sad🤭🤭🤭🤭
Tean Goodwin
Tean Goodwin - Month ago
I apsaloutly love you
Josh Cureton
Josh Cureton - 2 months ago
What's your yellow bike make
Tomáš Greško
Tomáš Greško - 2 months ago
Is that slovakian flag on your bike ?
Ryan Goodloe
Ryan Goodloe - 3 months ago
How much would you sell it for?
Sebastian Reichel
Sebastian Reichel - 3 months ago
Can we get a fooligan breaking down compilation
digederigoon - 3 months ago
Why do you have Slovakia stickers on it???? On KTM
Icyy - 3 months ago
What seat cover do you have
LThe Gamer
LThe Gamer - 3 months ago
Does anyone know if Phil 2.0 is still for sale
yousuckatvidoes - 3 months ago
Do you not have a reserve on the bike
Bigsolly - 3 months ago
Yoooooo we have bp in New Zealand g
gabrijel andrisek
gabrijel andrisek - 3 months ago
Blow in reservoar trust me it will drive you for next like 1000m.... I do that every time when I get out of gass
Gary Cartee
Gary Cartee - 3 months ago
he has a 80 i have a 85
Lexi Robbins
Lexi Robbins - 3 months ago
Lol i feel bad
Gd Chris0908
Gd Chris0908 - 3 months ago
2016 ktm 500
Sean Gangstad
Sean Gangstad - 3 months ago
I didn’t have any problems with my 450ktm BECAUSE I SOLD IT .!!!😭🤣🤣
HaX trix
HaX trix - 3 months ago
KTM means keep 2 motors
John Pearson
John Pearson - 3 months ago
I will take that fuel injection bike for 5 bucks lol jk
RngGunah Gaming
RngGunah Gaming - 4 months ago
Sell me the 250
RngGunah Gaming
RngGunah Gaming - 4 months ago
I have no bike my last yz85 got stolen
SweatyLemons YT
SweatyLemons YT - 4 months ago
Nice vid
Dennis Ashmeade
Dennis Ashmeade - 4 months ago
Woah hold on I haven’t watched your videos in like a month but did he say the grim squad is no more?
DaRealJJ32 - 4 months ago
Noooo! Not Phil!!! Btw, before I commented, there was 666 comments. I’m usually the 666 like on comments/ vids and my ram part numbers for my laptop are 666. Am I cursed?
Raven Claw
Raven Claw - 4 months ago
Who are the people hating like 1.dont watch if you don't like it
2.Why don't u like it?!
3.Haters suck
4.Fooligan rocks
WIlliam Fitzallen
WIlliam Fitzallen - 4 months ago
Found the problem. It’s a ktm
Kaleb Klaus
Kaleb Klaus - 4 months ago
Can I buy it
Thomas Andrews
Thomas Andrews - 4 months ago
Get a quad bruh it’s so fun ripping up dirt and grass it’s like the best and also drifting quads are good it’s even better
Anthony Weisse
Anthony Weisse - 4 months ago
My uncle has a Honda 500 dirt bike
T. Larson
T. Larson - 4 months ago
puts 89 into the grom heres a quick lesson kids please for the love of god put 91-93 octane fuel in your bikes! both bikes ive torn apart that were run on 87 and 89 oct had severe detonation pitting on the pistons and in the combution chamber both were run on shit gas by the previous owners. if you care about your shit it is only a couple cents more run 91 or 93 in it unless your really that much of a fucking cheap ass...
T. Larson
T. Larson - 4 months ago
especially if you have a pipe or pod filter on em it doesnt hurt... mixing up a batch of 101 right now with Torco Accelerator to run in my piranha 190-4v ign map 3 rev limiter set to 13k
J Lorenzo
J Lorenzo - 4 months ago
Dude.. I don’t understand how some people jus don’t take care of shit and expect it to jus always work smh lol
Million plus subs makin plenty of dough and can’t even do routine maintenance..? I’m broke and still make sure my shits straight before I go ride haha
Jackson Rust
Jackson Rust - 4 months ago
“I noticed the KTM” I am actually convinced anyone rocking Ktm parts or gear they are most likely famous because of how expensive it is.
John Lewis
John Lewis - 4 months ago
FMF gnarly pipe and core ii silencer, torquey as hell!!!
RunLax - 4 months ago
K.T.M Keep Taking Money
Bob Thynob
Bob Thynob - 4 months ago
Your boyfriend Jake thinks your a idiot .I can ride a wheelie better on my moped.stop fooling yourself you suck.shave the 80’s porn mustache and go suck cock that's all your good at.
Wheelies with Jacob
Wheelies with Jacob - 4 months ago
Does the bike get super torquey when runs out of gas
hedghog party
hedghog party - 4 months ago
Where's sherco
louis48ful - 4 months ago
Why is gromsquad no more?
Living Happy
Living Happy - 4 months ago
All that walking lol and you realized you had gas
BISH DISH - 4 months ago
I pushed my bike with flat tires for 14 kms once
Orestis Maroulakis
Orestis Maroulakis - 4 months ago
What's the intro song name ?
Mike Teets
Mike Teets - 4 months ago
theres a expansion tank that goes on the front of your bike where your number plate is....have it for my 89 cr250 and its AMAZING it's for cross country riding but will work for what you need Acerbis makes it
Craig Fraser
Craig Fraser - 4 months ago
what a total dick
Caiden Mcvay
Caiden Mcvay - 4 months ago
Y not just get a reserve tank 😂😂
Jay 0711
Jay 0711 - 4 months ago
If you need ideas for companies that can help you, call Didion-Orf Recycling and drop that KTM off at one of their scrap yards.
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