Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - Day ago
b00gernater - 19 minutes ago
Best one thus far 🤘🤘🤘🤘
hamsterSNAKE - 25 minutes ago
Sean should do a Christmas special called Sweat Ones where he gets sweeter and sweeter Christmas foods and by the end the guest gets Diabetus
Derek Stephen
Derek Stephen - 26 minutes ago
First We Feast I would love to try
Final Season LegaC
Final Season LegaC - 21 second ago
Chad Baxter
Chad Baxter - 52 seconds ago
Representing KCMO here! We love Paul Rudd!!
Joe Masterman
Joe Masterman - 54 seconds ago
He blew my mind with his butt-finger trick.  Tried it myself, no can do.  His hands are magic.
Trey Whiting
Trey Whiting - 54 seconds ago
Paul Rudd is just wonderful.
RetroGang - Minute ago
One of the best guests on show so far.
Eli so Crazy
Eli so Crazy - Minute ago
This is how many people Hungry while watching

Brett M
Brett M - Minute ago
Hands down my favorite video of the day.
R4iDeN 24/7
R4iDeN 24/7 - Minute ago
*switches to camera roll*
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh - Minute ago
Get Andy Samberg on this
Alec lawrence
Alec lawrence - Minute ago
this is the best interview of the entire show
Elliot Jackson
Elliot Jackson - 2 minutes ago
Such a cool guy
James Boyle
James Boyle - 2 minutes ago
Cut to me trying and failing to do the finger trick for like five minutes.
Matt Fairbanks
Matt Fairbanks - 2 minutes ago
This is one of the best episodes ever. MVP for the Season 10 recap for sure. Come on, you got Gavin up in here? You got Sean busting out laughing at those 'genital' pics? Come on.
Richard Ivey
Richard Ivey - 2 minutes ago
Wow.. He just raised the bar in every area.
Knight - 2 minutes ago
This was up there with the best episodes of all time, new found respect for Paul
angela gilroy
angela gilroy - 2 minutes ago
This was the first time we really got to see Sean suffer. 😂😭 He still handled it like a BEAST.
Definitely a new top favorite, Paul Rudd is an absolute delight.
Sir Cliff
Sir Cliff - 2 minutes ago
No he's not vegan just cutting down
مهند و مالك تيوب
Sbcicribe to chnnal me
JoeM - 3 minutes ago
I feel like Paul is a dude I could hang out with.
Ryan Kelley
Ryan Kelley - 3 minutes ago
I seriously love Paul Rudd
Goalie Dad 33
Goalie Dad 33 - 3 minutes ago
RUDD is the GOAT!
مهند و مالك تيوب
They should call the mixed sauce dab “THE RUDD’’
achilles0405 - 4 minutes ago
I don't know why, but I'm a little disappointed that Paul Rudd apparently doesn't eat meat.
Kyle Patterson
Kyle Patterson - 4 minutes ago
Tank 7 would have been helpful 😄
VM CV - 4 minutes ago
Rudy Stiltner
Rudy Stiltner - 4 minutes ago
Yeah the interview was great, but I haven't seen anyone talk about how Paul Rudd just bodied those wings like he's been doing it forever. He even ate the entire last wing after suffering through Da Bomb. Sean only ate half. That was an all time performance, and he not once went for the water or milk.
Gwyneth Knolle
Gwyneth Knolle - 5 minutes ago
Why am I crying at the end with them??
Jerry Soares
Jerry Soares - 5 minutes ago
I don't care of people agree with me or not I'm definitely down to see and anchor man 3 where they fight apes... It could be called Anchor man and the attack of the ninja apes lol
Pour Decisions Brewing Co.
Pour Decisions Brewing Co. - 5 minutes ago
Paul Rudd is a maniac! Love Him!
syariffah omar
syariffah omar - 5 minutes ago
by far my most favorite episode!!
Nathan McKenzie
Nathan McKenzie - 5 minutes ago
Get Jorge Masvidal on here
Magda - 5 minutes ago
Might be my favorite hot ones interview. Very genuine.
game man
game man - 5 minutes ago
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dean botha
dean botha - 6 minutes ago
This was my absolute fsvorite episode ever! 😂 Paul Rudd is my spirit animal.
Almighty Vitko
Almighty Vitko - 6 minutes ago
Chris Evans, josh brolin and the rock next
Ibrahim Nasr
Ibrahim Nasr - 6 minutes ago
By far the best hot ones interview
Misael V.
Misael V. - 6 minutes ago
The host guy sounds like he's reading lines even when he's speaking candidly. Jeez.
Cayan - 6 minutes ago
This Guy looks 20 years under his age
Fall Days
Fall Days - 7 minutes ago
Oh my gosh that hand bum thing he does with photos is hilarious
Timmothy McCandless
Timmothy McCandless - 8 minutes ago
Feeling some bromance vibes on this one
cc101iscool1 3
cc101iscool1 3 - 8 minutes ago
I'm suprised no one is mentioning Ant Man in the comments
Saasha Sanari
Saasha Sanari - 8 minutes ago
Okay. New Favourite episode right here!
Cory Skowronek
Cory Skowronek - 8 minutes ago
The bromance is strong in this one.
Sarah E
Sarah E - 9 minutes ago
Where's the pumpkin spice hot sauce??
fadetoblack2104 - 9 minutes ago
Paul Rudd seems like a truly sincere, genuine dude. This was immensely enjoyable because it was less of an interview and more of a conversation between friends.
Gabriel Alaniz
Gabriel Alaniz - 9 minutes ago
Damn it 😒y'all made me cry
Jonathan Skowron
Jonathan Skowron - 9 minutes ago
HAD Patrick Mahomes.... 😬
keen - 10 minutes ago
nobody and I mean NOBODY will top this. EVER! he took in double the spice! DOUBLE!! also give him the damn Oscars already FFS he had me tearing up at the end
Dane K
Dane K - 10 minutes ago
Favorite episode by far!
jes Guerra
jes Guerra - 10 minutes ago
🤯🤯I didn't think I could fall more in love💕💕 with PAUL RUDD. JUST HAPPENED, JUST NOW, MORE LOVE💘💘💘💝💝💝💖💖💖💗💗💗💓💓💓💞💞💞
Star Corder
Star Corder - 10 minutes ago
ugh fried cauliflower sounds really good rn. especially with some hot sauce
Anthoniccious - 10 minutes ago
I hope you are well, I invite you to go through my instagram follow me to follow you back greetings
cc101iscool1 3
cc101iscool1 3 - 10 minutes ago
Man Paul looks so different with a beard
Arit H
Arit H - 10 minutes ago
One for the books. Absolutely perfect from start to finish. Good performance from Rudd 'spicewise', too.
j0ellyfish - 10 minutes ago
Never heard of him. But he seems like such a down to earth dude.
Richard ponton
Richard ponton - 11 minutes ago
I'm thinking maybe the Cauliflower may could have been cut a taaaaaaad smaller. :)
Brandon Yohn
Brandon Yohn - 11 minutes ago
Shout out to Joe's KC!
princess Luna kusuma
princess Luna kusuma - 11 minutes ago
try bon cabe
Isaac Bisaac
Isaac Bisaac - 11 minutes ago
Anyone else think when it said dab it meant smoking
I'm like waaait what..
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