Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 29 days ago
Nezzy Nezwez
Nezzy Nezwez - 17 hours ago
Get through Life
Get through Life - 23 hours ago
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Troy Tickle
Troy Tickle - 7 days ago
Im diggin the new intro
Rodney - 11 days ago
What a beautiful human
Sean Retotal
Sean Retotal - 11 days ago
When you see XXX you don't think hot sauce
Brandy Hillian
Brandy Hillian - 3 hours ago
Love this guy
DeKappatated - 3 hours ago
this is the best Hot Ones ever.
Six-245 - 3 hours ago
I can't believe he's almost 80! He looks like a teenager!
Nicholas Furic
Nicholas Furic - 3 hours ago
I love how he starts talking about weathermaps, then moves to talking about category 7 - which by coincidence, is the way Chili Klaus describes his chilis
CalixLuv - 3 hours ago
Lmaoooo at the ending
Shakeira Solomon
Shakeira Solomon - 3 hours ago
So we not going to talk about how Paul does the picture thing with his finger because I was rolling and very impressed 👍🏽😏👏🏽👏🏽
Vaughn Brinson
Vaughn Brinson - 4 hours ago
this was one of the best for sure
Shalini Ghoshal
Shalini Ghoshal - 4 hours ago
Paul rudd made Sean caugh at end!!!😶 paul just watched him caugh with a smile- I STARTED LIKING PAUL MORE😊
Levi M. Johnson - The Path to Authenticity
Oh my gosh, I love Paul Rudd. He took it way better than Gordon Ramsey.
RapierGold - 5 hours ago
Best one yet!
Megas - 6 hours ago
i wish paul rudd was my dad
Ale Maldo
Ale Maldo - 7 hours ago
Omg! This was the best episode! I love Paul! ♥️👏🏻😎
Sim Suzie
Sim Suzie - 7 hours ago
I love Paul Rudd, he’s so handsome & so funny! He also seems to not age!!
Screw The Net
Screw The Net - 7 hours ago
Never seen the kidso choked up. THis was monumentous.
Shreyas Shetty
Shreyas Shetty - 9 hours ago
Paul Rudd my man!!!
ireri kinyua
ireri kinyua - 9 hours ago
this is beautiful
MoOnZtEr 1
MoOnZtEr 1 - 9 hours ago
10x dab that was next level shit. 😅😅
Paradox Realism
Paradox Realism - 10 hours ago
Paul Rudd’s honestly a national treasure
1silentwar - 10 hours ago
1:36 and he has the oh f face
Marzia Hazara
Marzia Hazara - 10 hours ago
Drag - 10 hours ago
28:19 paul rudd sounds like Trevor from GTA V lol
Tumbleweed Drifting
Tumbleweed Drifting - 10 hours ago
Paul Rudd is straight up cool. “I’m not here to sell anything. I’m here to celebrate”. Damn...
Démaster - 10 hours ago
this is by far the hot ones that i laughed the most while watching.
Capo V
Capo V - 11 hours ago
Lmfaooooo paul Rudd just caught a view on his new show for this video... hilarious man
RealMittens - 11 hours ago
25:08 when a Xbox and playstation players are in the same lobby
Phil Chircu
Phil Chircu - 11 hours ago
that was easily the best episode ever. beasts.
KID SLEEZY - 11 hours ago
Blackbelt Brown
Blackbelt Brown - 12 hours ago
Beardy Paul Rudd is adorable. He's the best friend I never had. Protect him at all costs.
ADILENE AMBRIZ - 12 hours ago
He’s the best, one of the best episodes.
Jessie S
Jessie S - 12 hours ago
I'm watching EVERY Paul Rudd movie from now on.
juan rodriguez
juan rodriguez - 12 hours ago
We need Bill Hader
Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson - 12 hours ago
I love paul rudd even more after this. I've seen the majority of these episodes and this is definitely one of my favorites.
Roosevelt Campbell
Roosevelt Campbell - 12 hours ago
We demand a part 2
Mahadhir Isa
Mahadhir Isa - 12 hours ago
Covfefe - 12 hours ago
Where can I find the first song during the interview? That jazzy little guitar bit is very comfy!
Rob Razz
Rob Razz - 13 hours ago
The editing is amazing throughout the video with the music
Geist 1
Geist 1 - 13 hours ago
I would like to see naurdwuar on hot ones
Naomi Alino
Naomi Alino - 14 hours ago
1000/100 recommend Paul Rudd!
Joey PS
Joey PS - 14 hours ago
Paul Rudd appreciates Sean Evans, and I appreciate it.
Joey PS
Joey PS - 14 hours ago
This is my all-time favorite interview... maybe video, too. Gosh, I love them both so much :`)
Xannos P.
Xannos P. - 14 hours ago
Well, now I love Paul Rudd more than I did before. What a guy.

Also, get Keanu for the next one
american desert
american desert - 15 hours ago
I love Paul Rudd
Rudy Salcido
Rudy Salcido - 15 hours ago
The Newsman vs Apes sounds hilarious
warren mcgreevy
warren mcgreevy - 15 hours ago
Came here for the meme, seen the meme, liked the video because of Paul
The Swarm
The Swarm - 15 hours ago
I like the Chicken Nuggets for hot ones. Good idea.
kai rawlison
kai rawlison - 16 hours ago
Paul Rudd is like another Keanu Reeves
Rodney - 16 hours ago
Since Sean Evens is incredibly popular now, He should interview HIMSELF.
KilroyDX - 16 hours ago
One of the best episodes by far..Paul Rudd..Legendary!
Goat 719
Goat 719 - 16 hours ago
When ur mom motivates u to make the basketball team
Chase Mathis
Chase Mathis - 17 hours ago
Don't mind me. I'm just here to brag that I saw this episode before the meme.
Janners Crystal Collection Heaven
Gotta love him!!!!!!
hoodgriller - 18 hours ago
I like how by not mentioning Mac and Me, Sean got Paul to explain in detail the Mac and Me thing.
K - 18 hours ago
David dobrick would be such a good guest
Joc Lourey
Joc Lourey - 18 hours ago
"Where did you learn this skill?"
"I don't know... but I'm glad I did"
Literally talking about imitating a ballsack with his hand
SkyTower Kurogane
SkyTower Kurogane - 18 hours ago
the finger camera thing is a really funny trick XD.
edwteja21 - 18 hours ago
love this episode
Tam Plays
Tam Plays - 19 hours ago
Towanda... I was at Cayuga which is across the lake from Towanda...or nearby something like that lol interesting
Ruukyu 7tt
Ruukyu 7tt - 19 hours ago
best one
Don Joe
Don Joe - 19 hours ago
CRUNCHIE BARS!!!!!! these are everything
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