Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - Day ago
Johnny Chahal
Johnny Chahal - Hour ago
First We Feast finna chug that shit
bad baby
bad baby - Hour ago
Paul Rudd is a vampire How can he make 50 look like 30
Ane Mapu
Ane Mapu - 2 hours ago
DJ.remix. com
DJ.remix. com - 3 hours ago
SplitSniper7 - Hour ago
I was not expecting much from this one but this is easily one of my favorites!
William Hernandez
William Hernandez - Hour ago
Dude I’m literally in love with Paul Rudd. Like every time he says something and just sits there and smiles. Fuck man. He’s the best guest on the show. Period
Sheri Sheesh
Sheri Sheesh - Hour ago
James Lewis
James Lewis - Hour ago
Gotta agree with you Paul, McVities for number 1 with Cadbury fingers at 2.
James Scott
James Scott - Hour ago
100% approve the biscuit rating. Don't worry about Jaffa cakes, they're not true biscuits.
natygelinas - Hour ago
Love your show, but hate the music, I liked it better when the background music wasn't on
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez - Hour ago
Waaaaay more entertaining than i thought it was going to be. Great guest!
handsson - Hour ago
Paul Rudd is the best...
Jordan Burge
Jordan Burge - Hour ago
When I was 8 years old, I remember being asked what celebrity I would want to hang out with the most if I ever could. I immediately chose Paul after seeing his bromance with Seth on Knocked Up and today seeing him today on my favorite YouTube series was exactly what I always imagined that would be like. Thank you so much Sean and Paul! 👍
Endur - Hour ago
I was not ready for those feels at the end.
Captain Groot
Captain Groot - Hour ago
Paul Rudd is a national treasure. Him and Shia were the best.
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez - Hour ago
Can I get the recipe for those wings? They look bomb!
Constantine Zavolas
Constantine Zavolas - Hour ago
Do zac efron please
Southparker42 - Hour ago
Paul Rudd is the best person ever.
Kevin Cabrera
Kevin Cabrera - Hour ago
I love paul😂❤️
Mark Alvarado
Mark Alvarado - Hour ago
PLEASE get ryan reynolds on here
Nina Torrise
Nina Torrise - Hour ago
Such great chemistry between the two of them! To be fair though, it's really hard not to be happy and comfortable around Paul Rudd. He's such a sweetheart. He's so humble and down to earth. Not one second of his fame has gone to his head.
Phillip Oconnor
Phillip Oconnor - Hour ago
i love u paul
Justin In
Justin In - Hour ago
Can you get Joaquin Phoenix on the show? I want to see how you’ll interview him
Hobo Bobo
Hobo Bobo - Hour ago
I thought he was maybe early to mid 30s HOW TF IS HE 50 !!!
OJD Creative
OJD Creative - Hour ago
Viva  Tom
Viva Tom - Hour ago
Get GEORGE LOPEZ on the hot ones!!!!
Blake Feece
Blake Feece - Hour ago
One of the best episodes yet (IMO)
Munky Schu
Munky Schu - Hour ago
Joe Earle
Joe Earle - Hour ago
Check out that bromance ! wow! EPIC
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell - Hour ago
kingofthedeepsea - Hour ago
What is the hottest wing you ever had? Also I'm here to spread the good word of skateboarding! Let me know below
TimoChili - Hour ago
The show is just getting better and better
Will Campbell
Will Campbell - Hour ago
You can't help but love Paul Rudd. He's just one of those people who makes you happy when you're around them.
Jfunkage - Hour ago
This is one of the best episodes.
Reinventing Tech
Reinventing Tech - Hour ago
This guy is super well one word legend
Jack Ward
Jack Ward - Hour ago
Well me and Paul Rudd have the exact same taste in biscuits. Cool.
Ron Krokey
Ron Krokey - Hour ago
Take my frickin man card if you want. I choked up at the last dab.
Best Hot Ones EVER! Paul Rudd is the BOSS!! Well done!
Q money
Q money - Hour ago
The music lol is quite Paul Rudd 😂😂 ambient soul jazz loland I tgink throwing stars are Japanese
Ashley Amanda
Ashley Amanda - Hour ago
I have always liked his movies and him as an actor, but now I also like him as a person. As a first time watcher of any interview for Paul great job.
ZeroFX Gaming
ZeroFX Gaming - Hour ago
Paul mother fucking rudd..ano thats not his middle name but god damn hes the man
SpeedyBlueDemon - Hour ago
Great episode. Paul Rudd is such a down to earth dude.
Scott Kelly
Scott Kelly - Hour ago
Second best episode behind Steve Austin interview. Paul Rudd carrying himself like a pro. Awesome show!
Francisco g.b
Francisco g.b - Hour ago
Jack The muffin
Jack The muffin - Hour ago
I try to hate the man. I hate most actors. But f u c k its hard with this dude. He shits charisma
Jose Castro
Jose Castro - Hour ago
have David Dobrik on the show
LEZ MILA - Hour ago
Sean Jaffa Cakes are not biscuits hence the name Jaffa CAKES there cakes believe it or not, biscuits go soft when they get stale Jaffa cakes are soft when fresh an get harder like every other cake.
Raging Baby
Raging Baby - Hour ago
This had the best chemistry between sean and the celebrity ever on a hot ones episode
Wigzz0316 - Hour ago
Best hot ones yet!
Nelo Alvarez
Nelo Alvarez - Hour ago
Can we get Joe Rogan on the show?
Calvary Crusader
Calvary Crusader - Hour ago
Paul Rudd could play one of the lead male characters in a remake of www A CANTERBURY TALE com.
Baron - Hour ago
Best one yet 🔥♥️
Gabriel B
Gabriel B - Hour ago
One of my favorite people on the show. The amount of synergy between these two is beautiful!
Lotus Blue
Lotus Blue - Hour ago
I love Paul Rudd... that is all 💙💙💙
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan - Hour ago
Paul Rudd seems like such a nice guy. This is a great episode
julietisamommy - Hour ago
How is he more handsome now than ever before?!
Ivan Markovic
Ivan Markovic - Hour ago
Rudd is so high here.
TheCnicus - Hour ago
Let's all just appreciate that this is as close to having Matt and Trey on Hot Ones as we will ever get.
jetta - Hour ago
Bring Tom Holland please😂😂😂😂
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith - Hour ago
Paul Rudd needs to try a Houston Texans tailgate Party. Everything is Bigger and Better in Texas Baby! We have major Grocery Store chains sponsoring the Tailgate party's in Houston! A few years ago we had a BBQ Smoker the length of a 18 wheeler. It was a tractor trailer turned in to a big pit. Only in Texas.
zihomara abrego
zihomara abrego - Hour ago
best episode so far! laughed the entire way through
Fatima Dar
Fatima Dar - Hour ago
I'm worried someone might have a heart attack cause of spice overload.
Brandon Henning
Brandon Henning - Hour ago
Paul Rudd is one of the best actors that is the most humble and care giving human there is!
Jake Brennan
Jake Brennan - Hour ago
Love Paul Rudd such a legend of a guy
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