No Flag Northern Ireland

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Ur mom gay龘
Ur mom gay龘 - Day ago
Well, get ready for Troubles 2.0 boysssss
CheTonMic McMorScull
CheTonMic McMorScull - 2 days ago
United ireland
CheTonMic McMorScull
CheTonMic McMorScull - 2 days ago
Fak the red hand of Ulster
chiefcat12 - 3 days ago
0:11 BAM
Bavarian Mapper
Bavarian Mapper - 7 days ago
Abkhazia and Northern Ireland can high five each other
Adorable Patrick
Adorable Patrick - 7 days ago
I'd like to see a Northern Ireland video and more videos.. generally
_B -Lowe_
_B -Lowe_ - 5 days ago
agreed. DUP disagrees however.
captain chaos
captain chaos - 9 days ago
To be fair all British have only one flag. The union flag. All others are just symbolic, just like Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland parliament, you have no idea! Then you have to take your history lessons again and find the symbolism goes back long before the 1950s. Then you need to look closer at the Irish flag. The troubles go a wee bit before the 1970s by only a couple of hundred years.
red x17
red x17 - 9 days ago
red x17
red x17 - 4 days ago
@_B -Lowe_ yea which part of ireland says "fleg"
_B -Lowe_
_B -Lowe_ - 5 days ago
Lucas-Tyler Harrington
Lucas-Tyler Harrington - 9 days ago
Wales really does have the superior flag
Dan Sweeney
Dan Sweeney - 10 days ago
I still prefer the blue flag with the harp in the upper corner. Oh, that's a United Ireland, sorry.
RAtHOR - 10 days ago
2:50 for anime fight scene in case ur curious
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly - 10 days ago
Northern Ireland is falling apart if only the Loyalists played nicely IRA wouldn’t have had the huge support.
THATMemeMaker - 10 days ago
I live in Northern Ireland 😃
An Eevee Named Pearl
An Eevee Named Pearl - 12 days ago
*The Troubles*
( *lurking* )
Koko - 14 days ago
0:09 scotland has 3 arms?
pëppërmint_träsh owo
pëppërmint_träsh owo - 15 days ago
We do actually. it's basically the England flag but has a wee red hand and a crown on it.
gamer boy
gamer boy - 15 days ago
You fruit be careful i am a from Northern Ireland
Mark Vincent
Mark Vincent - 16 days ago
The O'Neills didn't arrive in East Ulster until 1364, the red hand symbol predates the O'Neills.
Earliest record of the red hand was on the flag of the Norman Kingdom of Ulster.
Mason Silvers
Mason Silvers - 16 days ago
*the trouble's book come's in*
Qorp sazd
Qorp sazd - 17 days ago
thanks for this knowledge
Corey TV the David
Corey TV the David - 18 days ago

ROBOXINBOY_23 - 19 days ago
Hunter’s Way
Hunter’s Way - 19 days ago
AnnoyinglySalty - 21 day ago
I wish this was the only time the British monarchy was controversial.......
Jetman640 - 21 day ago
throw on a over zealous flag maker somebody seeing the mirrored side of it to the peculiarities of sinister vs dexter
Tjarco Distel
Tjarco Distel - 22 days ago
You love using Dutch stuff for comparison don't you?
Casey Lee
Casey Lee - 23 days ago
I'd like to take a moment and talk about how good the fight between the troubles and grey/his dog looks
Mike Yao
Mike Yao - 24 days ago
Well if you ever do make a video on the Maryland Flag, I expect you to fully research the two British Noble families’ coats of arms it is and how they were used in the Civil War.
Since you said it was ugly.
KommandoCraft - 27 days ago
until now I thought Northern Ireland had an official flag, being the Saint Patrick's Cross, represented on the Union Jack...
Frindjinny6 - 28 days ago
3:40 isn’t fully explained as it ignores the religious troubles. The troubles are that the northern Irish were profistent and the Irish were catholic. Created after the potato famine when Ireland was at it’s worst the catholic Irish were discriminated against majorly during the mess and caused the prodistebt orange and the catholic green with the middle the hope for peace between them.
Btw: i’m not an expert nor claim to be
Theodicist Eddie
Theodicist Eddie - 29 days ago
Up the Ra.
Doc_Holliday - 29 days ago
Loved the animation in this one
Kaitlyn Mccoy
Kaitlyn Mccoy - 29 days ago
The flag of Northern Ireland is the red hand. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs a geography lesson
speedocowboy - 29 days ago
Ireland was definitely colonized by England. Just because they were all white, doesn't make it any less of a colonization.
Blake McCarthy
Blake McCarthy - Month ago
Mazkebar - Month ago
Please make one about Yugoslavia breakup, AND one about the Soviet Union breakup, plz n thanks!
Daniele Spertino
Daniele Spertino - Month ago
And what about this : ? Becouse peaple here had teached me that was the n. Ireland flag... So? Why you didn't even metioned It?
Ksortakh Kraxthar
Ksortakh Kraxthar - Month ago
Well, looks like it will solve itself anyway. Brexit will make Northern Ireland join the rest of Ireland, and then the whole of it adopts the existing flag of the island itself (golden harp on green ground).
Ksortakh Kraxthar
Ksortakh Kraxthar - 13 days ago
@Claire E The official flag for the *Republic* of Ireland, not of Ireland as a whole. Ireland as a whole does not have anything official as such, although some people claim this and that, see . As for me, I'd go for what looks best, and I'd say the tricolour flag looks ugly. I dislike the simple flags that many nations have in any case, but the orange makes it look like a bleached italian flag, dunno. Golden harp on green looks far better. I mean, I am not the person who makes the decision, sure, but as things are, it's not like one position is clearly superior and in the end it's just some flag of a nation I don't live in, oh well.
Claire E
Claire E - 13 days ago
The official flag of Ireland is the tricolour 🇮🇪
Po Li
Po Li - Month ago
as a democratic country which respects freedome and human right, it is time for Britstan to let go of Northern Ireland.
Claire E
Claire E - 13 days ago
It's an Irish matter, tbh GB doesn't care much for NI. They will decide via a referendum as set out in the Good Friday Agreement. Opinion in NI is pretty evenly split at the moment.
Paul Master Gaming
Paul Master Gaming - Month ago
Do a video on "the troubles"
112mrc - Month ago
The Scottish thing was on the NI flag because they used to own it before England conquered Ireland and Scotland it’s why when you go to NI they speak quite a few Scottish phrases and as well as the 1973 settler thing
Thicc Fungus
Thicc Fungus - Month ago
The editing really good!
Jose Fernando Lopez Fernandez
So we're just not gonna talk about the fact that they were playing basketball with a volleyball
Robman92 - Month ago
Love these videos! On a binge!
Magnus Juul
Magnus Juul - Month ago
How on earth did i manage to complete miss this video until now? :o
red x17
red x17 - Month ago
Their flag is ulster
AdzSONLINE - Month ago
What about the red X flag? That's what was implemented into the Union flag.
I assume there are some political issues there but no idea what they are
Munchy Wanchy
Munchy Wanchy - Month ago
As a Scotsman I love the Irish and like the welsh for helping us against the English, the English on the other hand can suck my dick but I also have to say fuck the pope and the ira
Claire E
Claire E - 13 days ago
You seem quite confused! Glad I don't have to hate anyone! :-)
Claire E
Claire E - Month ago
You sound confused. As an Englishwoman I don't have to say any of that shit. I can simply pity anybody who is not English. Although, joking aside, I am part Irish, and that sort of matters. :-D
Crude Birth Rate
Crude Birth Rate - Month ago
Aww yeah, O'Neill clan represent.
Gonzalo Silva
Gonzalo Silva - Month ago
Ownership by yeet.
KB65 YT - Month ago
Well just use the Saint Patrick's cross.
The Roman
The Roman - Month ago
Wow, it really took me 3 months to realize the Red Letter Media reference on the wheel.
lemonlime 77777
lemonlime 77777 - Month ago
3:13that is called the push pull factor
Az. J. Woods
Az. J. Woods - Month ago
Grey on HI: Sports don’t seem like a good criteria
Grey on his channel: If it’s good enough for sports...
CD - Month ago
What is the red cross in the union jack then,I'm talking about the English one but the one which looks like the white Scottish one, except it is red
Irish Guy
Irish Guy - Month ago
I’m from Co Down in NI
Duuqnd - Month ago
The hand: **exists**
Everyone: I made this.
BertKaya - Month ago
Why netball thou? WHY?
Infinity Galaxy 501
Infinity Galaxy 501 - Month ago
Wait, a video on Northern Ireland where people actually respect each other in the comments?

ColdZero - Month ago
Probably a stupid question but what about the diagonal red Cross? As an englishman we mostly see this as the NI flag over here.
Dave Sisson
Dave Sisson - Month ago
That's the St Patrick cross. It was the Irish flag for hundreds of years before they decided they preferred a French style tricolour.
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