Can You Break A Lock With Canned Air? (Movie Mythbusting)

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Lenyn Gomez
Lenyn Gomez - 7 hours ago
10:53 You're welcome
Crazy mp9
Crazy mp9 - 15 hours ago
Try liquid nitrogen, put the lock in it and try to break it with the hammer.
Nathan Uk
Nathan Uk - Day ago
Does it cost to make a journey mate what does it do you if you put ink in
Nathan Uk
Nathan Uk - Day ago
The Veganism Hotline
pixiedust389 - Day ago
Homemade ice for summer
PoisonNuke - 2 days ago
Guys... are you realizing @KindOfRandom, that you tried to smash the most sturdy part of the lock! Look at the movie again, the lock was hanging and they smashed from the top, so the crucial part ot the lock, which is only 2mm of metal, will break. You can easily smash open such a lock with a hammer. So no myth to bust here, as it is simple physics involved.
You're Welcome
You're Welcome - 3 days ago
Well now there going to make it different smh
Oscar Gamez
Oscar Gamez - 3 days ago
The balloons were heavier than any regular balloon because cold air goes down according to my teacher.
SpaceTurtle 0167
SpaceTurtle 0167 - 4 days ago
The can says non-flamible
Noah H**er
Noah H**er - 5 days ago
7:33 i thought that was a tnt at firts

I call that a dynamyte of matches :)
Christopher Olivares
Christopher Olivares - 5 days ago
Can you do what will happend when you mix canesd air liquid with nitrogen
Jorge Montoya
Jorge Montoya - 5 days ago
Myth vistes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Santino Nollez
Santino Nollez - 5 days ago
Are they a couple
Big DoMo
Big DoMo - 5 days ago
She is so fine 😍
KERT - 5 days ago
madison machen
madison machen - 5 days ago
HOT BOY - 6 days ago
rip juice wrld
Sam Barber
Sam Barber - 6 days ago
You just got another subscriber!! Well done.😜
jackson wilkison
jackson wilkison - 6 days ago
Wants to see if it’s flammable

On the can it says non-flammable
thatsenseijosh - 6 days ago
My friend sprayed an upside-down can of this stuff on my hand I I regret trusting him to do it
Charlie Baxter
Charlie Baxter - 7 days ago
it is thin but it is very hard to braek trust me I've seen it happen
Lukey - 7 days ago
Let the guy hit it you hit like a girl
Gabe Tucker
Gabe Tucker - 8 days ago
Try huffing it
Marcus S
Marcus S - 8 days ago
Why not blast it w/ 3 or more large cans- blast two on the bar/body, one directly in the keyway, (for use in the field) use a mapp gas torch or torch lighter on the bar or up in the keyway so it quickly shrinks then immediately starts expanding from the heat? Even if it doesn’t shatter it could still Maybe be pulled open (w/ proper glove) or brute force a screwdriver to turn it open, as the pins & springs will have gone through lots of stress
Loner Yee
Loner Yee - 9 days ago
*Peace & Love*
Jordan Glover
Jordan Glover - 9 days ago
“Other things that you can do with it that we’re just finding out, HUFFIG!!”
Vain knowitall
Vain knowitall - 9 days ago
In the movie it showed it was hanging maybe the way it is place effects it in the slightest
Rasiz _
Rasiz _ - 10 days ago
im not suprised cuz it said china on the lock
Jacob Kirby
Jacob Kirby - 11 days ago
Did they even see the "May explode when heated" sign?
Penelope Smith
Penelope Smith - 11 days ago
When you put in the match it looked like a hurricane
F4M3 Unknown
F4M3 Unknown - 11 days ago
I literally tried it but my dust thing is was flammable and I almost caught my house on fire thanks 🔥 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
Duffie - 13 days ago
well,The film "10 cloverfield lane" is on TV today in Vietnam
Mitchell 42
Mitchell 42 - 13 days ago
EPA: always have your a/c system drained and disposed of by a professional.
Also EPA: let’s allow them to sell air dusters with the same chemical we say not to release in to the atmosphere
Alfonso  Ramos
Alfonso Ramos - 14 days ago
They did it wrong 😂😂😂... Your suppose to point directly into were the hole of the lock is so that the coldnes makes the metal expand so when you hit it.. that way if you don't break it the lock Will open
Rootin tootin
Rootin tootin - 14 days ago
Shake as your spraying
Rootin tootin
Rootin tootin - 14 days ago
Gum remover freezes well
HuffmanTeamGaming - 14 days ago
Just don't huff it. I had a friend that did and he turned into darth vader.
Fahim Uddin
Fahim Uddin - 16 days ago
This bad teaching young people how to brake locks no wonder why my bikes go missing 😢
悲しい. B i n n y .悲しい
3:52 vs 3:58

That is a huge mood change.. 😂
yousef sadek
yousef sadek - 16 days ago
Bro it flames because the canned air has oxygen when helps fire 🔥 burn
Aniket Kumar
Aniket Kumar - 17 days ago
11:00 what you are looking for
Vitamin Memes
Vitamin Memes - 17 days ago
Maybe try locking it to something to recreate the scene
Holly Y
Holly Y - 17 days ago
11:11 thank me later
Young Gamer
Young Gamer - 17 days ago
Is that how u make invisible ink ?
JD be Fishin
JD be Fishin - 17 days ago
I just inhaled a bottle of it to see if it filled me up.... I feel woozy!🤪
PollyWannaFirecracker - 17 days ago
Why are they doing all the burn-ey stuff INSIDE?
PollyWannaFirecracker - 17 days ago
3:47 Does Calli have ADHD? And I mean that in a nice, humorous way.
Rogers Family
Rogers Family - 18 days ago
Please do copper reactions
Patt Adams
Patt Adams - 18 days ago
7:02 looks like the plastic mussel caught flame
Saurabh Tagde
Saurabh Tagde - 19 days ago
go to 11:00 video for lock starts from there
Hannah Spellman
Hannah Spellman - 19 days ago
Dang... you got me all excited with the lock 😢
Omar Sharkawy
Omar Sharkawy - 19 days ago
What happens when you breath canned air ?
TUBBX - 20 days ago
MsQjoe - 20 days ago
I have a mild complaint, which is that the movie lock was broken while hanging and she struck down against the main body of the lock while the loop was held in place. Laying it on the ground and hitting with the can or even with a hammer is an entirely different approach that....isn't going to work and doesn't faithfully recreate the movie scene.
Ocean_man Gaming
Ocean_man Gaming - 22 days ago
My finger was hurting for 5 hours be cause I put the can upside down on my finger for 2 seconds
Sketch Tips
Sketch Tips - 25 days ago
I have nothing to say so hi
Mary Makarova
Mary Makarova - 25 days ago
0:34 How guys express their feelings when they are hungry...
Chiron Keller
Chiron Keller - 25 days ago
You should blow a balloon up, and then put in it liquid nitrogen
Natalie Davis
Natalie Davis - 25 days ago
We play with these in science class and we checked how cold it got when upside down and we got to -72 f then the thermometer broke :)
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