Can You Break A Lock With Canned Air? (Movie Mythbusting)

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Sanstheske1eton - Hour ago
I've also seen liquid nitrogen do it, try that instead!
Dominic mcgonigle
Dominic mcgonigle - 11 hours ago
boricuaedj - 22 hours ago
Well if u have 5 kids yo keyboard does get to that point
Lucas Jensen
Lucas Jensen - Day ago
The double flame was from the straw lighting on fire
Herminator3009 - Day ago
I wonder what the canned air would do to the locking mechanism inside the lock if you sprayed it in the key hole.
dog - Day ago
who else wanted the lock to hit her in the face when she was slamming it
Joseph Stalin's Daughter
should've put it vertically on something so you would have the downward force like in the movie
John Kolar
John Kolar - Day ago
Watch out for phosgene gas when the refrigerant hits the gas. Nasty stuff!
Ghostly - Day ago
If you were to break the can then it would explode
If you look at 2:55 you will see that it says two thirty six on the clock and it is dark out side so they must be filming it in the very early morning
MatrixEdits - Day ago
I always thought of this as poor mans liquid nitrogen
David Gruen
David Gruen - 2 days ago
11:23 the key says it all.
Robert karalfa
Robert karalfa - 2 days ago
i dont know if it is true with all gases but like oxygen when crompressed becomes very cold. nitrogen is the same way
Victor Vandez
Victor Vandez - 2 days ago
This was really cool
Alec Pereida
Alec Pereida - 2 days ago
The reason it was a double flan was because the plastic was catching on fire
Iven Gideon
Iven Gideon - 2 days ago
You can also burn off warts put some in a cup and use a cotton ear swab and freeze the wart
jan inge pedersen
jan inge pedersen - 2 days ago
Rip my man
Trident Thrishul
Trident Thrishul - 3 days ago
Breathe it in
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat - 3 days ago
You could’ve just said CFC(chlouroflourocarbon)
Watcher - 3 days ago
FrontMedal9 - 4 days ago
BPMPlayz - 3 days ago
aww man
Robert Jensen
Robert Jensen - 4 days ago
You should have measured just how cold the propellant made things. Also, canned air is used a lot in photography to blow dust from lenses and the camera sensors but you could show by shaking a can and holding it normally, how the propellant can damage a sensor or glass. Find a piece of glass to demonstrate. Also canned air is very dangerous if used in enclosed spaces without proper ventilation.
Я. B
Я. B - 4 days ago
You got me in the first half, not gonna lie
Steven Worley
Steven Worley - 4 days ago
She hits like a female 😂😭
Steven Worley
Steven Worley - 4 days ago
The plastic tip was lighting on fire not the air🙄
iiEz0rexii - 2 days ago
Why would you type something like this when they are coping with a loss if you are coming just to comment on one video of someone you have never watched them learn about their loss
Dominik Lukács
Dominik Lukács - 4 days ago
7:10 Probably the plastic caught on fire
1jzpowered - 4 days ago
ME: 8:18
Andrew Lister
Andrew Lister - 5 days ago
Did anyone else notice they were recording at 3:10 AM
minecraft villager sound effect but earrape
3:52 they were so happy
Raiden Okami
Raiden Okami - 5 days ago
3:48 proof Calli is a cat in human form
Fateema’s World
Fateema’s World - 5 days ago
Skip to 5:05
No - 5 days ago
*[O-hare has joined the chat]*
cauzlog - 5 days ago
“Woah!!!! A double flame! I need that in my life!” - Calli 2019
Rubik's Cubed
Rubik's Cubed - 5 days ago
Um it clearly didn't burn you guys were just burning the straw
Steven Worley
Steven Worley - 4 days ago
Rubik's Cubed
Rubik's Cubed - 5 days ago
Why didn't you guys use the version of this product which is known as something like "freeze spray" or something where they put the mechanism for releasing the canned air upside down in the can so that it releases the liquid instead when you hold it upright
UnraisedChunk - 4 days ago
I'll stick with spray on shoes
G K - 6 days ago
When the smoke was floating in the glass, the smoke particles moving in a spiral reminded me of the scene from Hercules when Herc is looking for Meg's soul. Anyone else?
Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd
Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd - 6 days ago
Excuse my spelling
Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd
Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd - 6 days ago
Uum tetro cloro ethane!? Tetro chloro ethioline is TOXIC
☠️RIP King of random☠️
Timmothy McCandless
Timmothy McCandless - 6 days ago
I think that it was more of the straw burning than the gas
Clay Hawkins
Clay Hawkins - 6 days ago
Anyone curious if liquid nitrogen would work instead?
The Bunny
The Bunny - 6 days ago
I will miss the guy.
Isis Escalante
Isis Escalante - 7 days ago
I think it was the straw that caught on fire not the actual gas
MrCrazyMan Games
MrCrazyMan Games - 7 days ago
The t-shirt says 22 and 10... hmmm
Madeline Hill
Madeline Hill - 7 days ago
Who is watching this after the passing
MrGentlebutfirm - 7 days ago
Caution! These guys don't know the difference between air and gas. The content of these cans is NOT compressed air. There is no oxygen content in the gas and you will suffocate and die if you breath the content of these cans. Don't make a setup - like a diving apparatus - where this so-called compressed air (it is not) is used for breathing. This video is DANGEROUS and The King of Random should take it down.
PLEASENNØ - 6 days ago
oxegyn and air isn't the same thing either
Andrick Joubert
Andrick Joubert - 7 days ago
You should put dry ice in a balloon
Monkeybus Plays
Monkeybus Plays - 7 days ago
Request:What happens when you put gum in a cotton candy machien
Innovators world Wide
Innovators world Wide - 7 days ago
What happened to the actual "king of random" sheesh.
Codsworth - 6 days ago
Innovators world Wide he’s dead
Aaron Spear-Keeler
Aaron Spear-Keeler - 8 days ago
You should fill your house up with the bubble maker thing and then blow the bubbles
John Chrysostom
John Chrysostom - 8 days ago
Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings - 8 days ago
Should try filling it with water, then freezing it. That's another I've seen in movies. "The expanding water breaks the lock"
Luke Matthews
Luke Matthews - 8 days ago
Calli is like a curious little child and Nate is a nervous baby sitter. 3:46
Jonde - 8 days ago
In finland dust off is flammable
David Savage
David Savage - 8 days ago
What would happen if you filled a soccer, basketball, beach ball, football, or any other inflatable toys.
Thomas - 8 days ago
why is the video 13 min long when they only spend about 2 minutes of it trying to break a lock and the rest just talking about air?
AlexViola DoesStuff
AlexViola DoesStuff - 8 days ago
Wd40 is what i call it
Forever Alpha
Forever Alpha - 8 days ago
What did she tried yo spray air into? What's in The yellow container?
TheTerrificTeddy21 - 9 days ago
Is compressed air flammable?

3:03 - clearly states: *Non-Flammable*
Cruddy Gamer
Cruddy Gamer - 6 days ago
Even on 6:08
Cas Kade
Cas Kade - 7 days ago
Yuan Tronz
Yuan Tronz - 9 days ago
Can you clean your teeth with one??
Pyroman /
Pyroman / - 9 days ago
ITZ LIKE walking on shineshine
‭‭アキュララ - 9 days ago
country road
take me home
to the place
‭‭アキュララ - 5 days ago
Geoman265 hahaha
Geoman265 - 5 days ago
coutry road
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez - 10 days ago
Video starts at 11:02
LEGO SB - videos de graffiti
Why does it freeze?
The Jangler
The Jangler - 10 days ago
Calli + Nate
Dehumanized. - 10 days ago
i'm farily confident you could actually do it. but 1. you're holding the straw way to far to the lock, and 2. you are spraying all around it, trying to "freeze" all of it, but if you held it in one spot for long enough, and then smash it, you could break it.
Forever Gaming
Forever Gaming - 10 days ago
Nope you cant break it cuz China made the most hardest lock ever :D
Ashton - 11 days ago
The compressed air for keyboards in Canada is extremely flammable and can be used like a flame thrower😱
David M
David M - 5 days ago
Lol really?
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter - 11 days ago
My brother once put the liquid on my sholder for like 3 seconds and it hurt for like 30 min dot put the liquid on your skin
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter - 11 days ago
He also made a thing where you put tape on a can then put paint inside I think and then loaded it with nails
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter - 11 days ago
We also buried a chainsaw and a bunch of other things and there was a pull thing sticking up
omkr 01
omkr 01 - 11 days ago
00:12:23 when the lock does not 'let it go', you bring out the hammer!
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston - 12 days ago
Taylor Le
Taylor Le - 12 days ago
Your supposed to hit the bar not the mechanism
X LaserBeam X
X LaserBeam X - 12 days ago
Sounds like Sulphur Hexafloride, Acts Like Sulphur Hexafloride, Maybe IT IS SULPHUR HEXAFLORIDE
Izuku - 12 days ago
I just though about this. Putting the Super Duster air in a Wubble Bubble ball to see what would happen
Austin Vaughan
Austin Vaughan - 13 days ago
When you guys put the smoke in the gas, it looked kinda like the soul well from the animated Hercules movie
picklethepuckle - 13 days ago
Ummmmm well I tried the one where they put out the match in it and mine wasn't so non-flammable resulting in an explosion of fire that made everything cold and released a whole bunch of gas into the air sooooooo yaa
Electronicalvarera - 13 days ago
Jlh 88
Jlh 88 - 13 days ago
Soulo Dolo Music
Soulo Dolo Music - 13 days ago
I've seen people break locks with canned air. Hitting the body alone won't do it. Try it while it's locked to something (like a fence), spray it with the canned air, then hit the lock downward with a hammer.
jeff manuel
jeff manuel - 14 days ago
I wonder if people thought you were getting these to get high
SSJ_ Jasonchev
SSJ_ Jasonchev - 14 days ago
i know someone who sprays this in their mouth to get high :/
kev bow
kev bow - 14 days ago
opp im going to break the can (half full)..thats fine...
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