What's In The Box Challenge with My Wife! (Live Animals, Snake, Lizard, Giant Toad)

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Z_enk Gaming
Z_enk Gaming - Hour ago
The funny thing is the cameraman is Sgc barbarian and he abandoned his channel 7 months ago lol now he turns to this lolol
Krystal Gonzalez
Krystal Gonzalez - 2 hours ago
is it just me or did they use corls inro and outro
Krystal Gonzalez
Krystal Gonzalez - 2 hours ago
Krystal Gonzalez
Krystal Gonzalez - 2 hours ago
Catalina Juarez
Catalina Juarez - 2 hours ago
Lydia Wangui
Lydia Wangui - 3 hours ago
My favorite is mchanga in Kenya when we see snakes we run
Rio Ruena
Rio Ruena - 3 hours ago
i love bunnies
Varrayu Thanavaro
Varrayu Thanavaro - 7 hours ago
Can it be aquarium
Vids4u #edmc
Vids4u #edmc - 10 hours ago
Likes pls
Kaela Collins
Kaela Collins - 10 hours ago
Hi Brianna and Preston I am your fan also my little brother we love you guys
Erin Cordova
Erin Cordova - 11 hours ago
I love your Merch!!
Julius Cisneros
Julius Cisneros - 14 hours ago
We are twinsv prestin we both like hotpockits
Krasley Groff
Krasley Groff - 14 hours ago
I love robiox
Krasley Groff
Krasley Groff - 14 hours ago
I love your vis I live in texes
Craig Schaller
Craig Schaller - 18 hours ago
I love big chunges
Dwaynedavis Davis
Dwaynedavis Davis - 19 hours ago
Make some more videos with josh please
Bryan gaming
Bryan gaming - 22 hours ago
the rabbit is BIG CHUNGS who agrees with me
AceGamingYT - Day ago
The rabbit is 90% like my rabbit he looks so similar but like a female version.
Arya Ali
Arya Ali - Day ago
Dont worry brianna because I have a snake thats the same breathe and he never bit me
antonio stupid
antonio stupid - Day ago
Preston said"i found a cactus plush that i havent seen for years!"i actualy wat watched the cartoon of that when i was 4 i think his name is toby yeah toby
Adam Szymczakowski
Adam Szymczakowski - Day ago
10 million
Gachawolfie Gamer
Gachawolfie Gamer - Day ago
I want a hedgehog so badly ๐Ÿฆ”
Makayla Steele
Makayla Steele - Day ago
My mom is being men to me๐Ÿ˜ก
Trixie Trixie
Trixie Trixie - Day ago
โ€œHeโ€™s so fat! I love him!โ€
The Ender Girl
The Ender Girl - Day ago
Nathanel Parsaoran
Nathanel Parsaoran - Day ago
I'd like bakugan but when im 5 years old
14:43 that's a spider ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
Omo Obas
Omo Obas - Day ago
Chris Reddman
Chris Reddman - Day ago
i live in Africa
Isaac Webb
Isaac Webb - Day ago
6 13
Karolina Andrzejak
Karolina Andrzejak - Day ago
I love animals!!!!!
Crystal Gamer
Crystal Gamer - 2 days ago
5:02 Did he lick the floor what HANDLESS
Edit: sorry Itโ€™s at 4:45
Scott McIver
Scott McIver - 2 days ago
Preston is the best
The Arty Mummy
The Arty Mummy - 2 days ago
umm im in austrailia and that is one of the most poisenes frogs ACANE TOAD
Snoopy Caleb
Snoopy Caleb - 2 days ago
Do a pause vid

dennis vincent palma
dennis vincent palma - 2 days ago
i want to keep the bunny
thhegg1 - 2 days ago
XxMoonlight_YTplayxX - 2 days ago
When Bri was gonna touch an hedechog i laughed
hamster plays_YT
hamster plays_YT - 2 days ago
I heard that Preston 4:00
Payton Reichel
Payton Reichel - 2 days ago
Hi Preston
Osman Mohamed
Osman Mohamed - 2 days ago
hey I had a Kenyan sand boa in Kenya and also i was born in Kenya
Osman Mohamed
Osman Mohamed - 2 days ago
no it not sonic it a hedgehog
OmEN Drew
OmEN Drew - 2 days ago
Did anyone else think nick said byakugan๐Ÿ˜‚
Olga Rivera
Olga Rivera - 2 days ago
legless lizards are actually a thing
FoxXx Vlogs
FoxXx Vlogs - 2 days ago
I have a pet hedgehog she is the sweetest
Ashton0502 LFC
Ashton0502 LFC - 2 days ago
Hi Iโ€™m the first comment
lilvill - 2 days ago
at 4:10 the "ad" I played with these toys all the time but it's old. Nobody plays with that anymore.
Zachariah Fowler
Zachariah Fowler - 3 days ago
Brianna why are you scared of me I'm a snake so don't be scared of me I don't bite
Khalid Zaki
Khalid Zaki - 3 days ago
Such a cute bunny!
The best squad kids
The best squad kids - 3 days ago
6:22 so true and funny
Andre Animes
Andre Animes - 3 days ago
8:10 that looks weird....
Mike Antunes
Mike Antunes - 3 days ago
big cungis toad
NBTR Zane - 3 days ago
15:57 look at this dude
Trenton Schaffer
Trenton Schaffer - 3 days ago
9:20 sonic
Jo Thomson
Jo Thomson - 3 days ago
How is Brianna scared of snakes
WIOLA SOB - 4 days ago
But it was a lizerd
WIOLA SOB - 4 days ago
I thaught it was a snake
Marshall Scully
Marshall Scully - 4 days ago
Smelly fish
Jack DODEMAIDE - 4 days ago
Hi pristin
Louiseantoinette Dieparine
Can you part two please
Storm the blue wolf pup/wereguy [Kind]
Iโ€™m an of bakugan guy I have a bakugan game for ps3 and wii so yeah Hanks for promoting it again I missed bakugan
gachaxXqueenxX gacha
gachaxXqueenxX gacha - 4 days ago
come on we almost got 1M Subs
gachaxXqueenxX gacha
gachaxXqueenxX gacha - 4 days ago
Valerie Martinez
Valerie Martinez - 4 days ago
I love spinmaster I have them
Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero - 4 days ago
Your wife looks like a man
Planet Jeff Kiki
Planet Jeff Kiki - 4 days ago
800_ fundip
800_ fundip - 4 days ago
*high pitch* Dude he looks like big chungus๐Ÿ˜‚
Kalo Kalo
Kalo Kalo - 4 days ago
GiellePlayz Games
GiellePlayz Games - 4 days ago
ok does anyone feels like preston is like an anime lover

wait is he
Melissa Havern
Melissa Havern - 4 days ago
It is a snake
gooseduck - 4 days ago
I have held a 6 foot 50 pound red tailed boa and loved it.
Amelie Caldwell
Amelie Caldwell - 4 days ago
Im part aussie and irish
Kale Kraft
Kale Kraft - 4 days ago
Naruto usimaki
Naruto usimaki - 4 days ago
Isaiah O'Brien
Isaiah O'Brien - 4 days ago
Snake ๐Ÿ˜Š
Emely Pambid
Emely Pambid - 4 days ago
snake:iโ€™m not slimy!
preston:then who?!
snake:YOU!MUA HA HA!
Tammie Sarkar
Tammie Sarkar - 4 days ago
Kale Kraft
Kale Kraft - 4 days ago
i like that in 8:42
Anna Randall
Anna Randall - 5 days ago
Addy is lit
Addy is lit - 5 days ago
you look like alex wasabi
John Pierre Cabal
John Pierre Cabal - 5 days ago
Uhmmmm snake I'm scared
Isabella Obrien
Isabella Obrien - 5 days ago
I went to my aunts birthday and I held a giant snake
mele latu huakau
mele latu huakau - 5 days ago
Rihanna video smash that like button is time for first boy versus girl what in size box
Hannah Henstock
Hannah Henstock - 5 days ago
I would rather touch the bunny than the toad!!
Comment "Toad!" = for a chance to make me touch a toad!!!
A like = for a chance to make me touch a bunny!!
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton - 5 days ago
9:16 is the best clip ever!
SnowyFrostYT - 5 days ago
He looks like a boy version of Elise ecklund
pro gelo 69 hacker
pro gelo 69 hacker - 5 days ago
It's a lizard
Tam Cao
Tam Cao - 5 days ago
Why Preston is more scared is that he is not a animal person and his wife is thatโ€™s why,xD๐Ÿ˜†
Tara Savania
Tara Savania - 5 days ago
My cousinโ€™s live in Queensland Australia Iโ€™m going there today and they always get Cane toads in their pool and their dog like to chase them.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha - 5 days ago
That guy is FeArLess
David Loffredo
David Loffredo - 5 days ago
Fricken me Le
Fricken me Le - 5 days ago
Ashley Ashley
Christina Horan
Christina Horan - 5 days ago
Give me a present fortnight and the dance is dream feet
BigFaTnOobPaN Da
BigFaTnOobPaN Da - 5 days ago
I thought I was watching a vid not a documentary channel
Albertyolo 12
Albertyolo 12 - 5 days ago
Would you rather for a rattle snake or a dragon
Albertyolo 12
Albertyolo 12 - 5 days ago
Your wife is scared of a rabbit
Kelvin Ye
Kelvin Ye - 5 days ago
can you do another video of this
Erin Pittman
Erin Pittman - 5 days ago
Breanna is a scaredy cat
Eva Hall
Eva Hall - 6 days ago
SIS vs BRO - 6 days ago
Would you have a gerbil or a hamster

Like gerbil
Comment hamster
Janis Livens
Janis Livens - 4 days ago
Raven The crow
Raven The crow - 6 days ago
Ayyy I own a bunny named bun bun
Emily Hutch
Emily Hutch - 6 days ago
๐Ÿค•๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎโ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿค’๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿคง๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป
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