I Built a BASS Out of my YouTube Gold Play Button

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Davie504 - 24 days ago
*checkmate youtube*
Eman Vince Rodriguez
Eman Vince Rodriguez - 5 days ago
Adien Denker
Adien Denker - 11 days ago
Esteban Gabriel Morales Mora
Simonas Satkauskas
Simonas Satkauskas - 21 day ago
Epic solo
Nimsacraft elite
Nimsacraft elite - 24 days ago
I always slap like on 7 seconds
Kieffer Lietsch
Kieffer Lietsch - 26 seconds ago
when he fingers the BASS and it ends up fingering ASS. 👍
Sarai Dreadful
Sarai Dreadful - 17 minutes ago
Hi. Why doesn't that have gold hardware or the lettering cleaned up? SLAP!
Call Marques
Call Marques - 44 minutes ago
Algum br
Robyn Burke
Robyn Burke - Hour ago
I literally slapped like the instant the slapp sound happened. Epic.
Jo Ro
Jo Ro - Hour ago
Guess the song:
1. Megalo- *BASS*
2 Golden *BASS* (Giorno's *BASS* )
ben nikoro
ben nikoro - Hour ago
B / A S S
Hardy Yardcare
Hardy Yardcare - 2 hours ago
bass is easy becauze of 4 string and not 6... is that why you like so much? it is 50% easier,,, basic math davie504... bc, canada come and let's have a bass-0ff..... SPANK like if you want to hurt me bad
Bill Muhammad
Bill Muhammad - 2 hours ago
i hope the B A S S could sue you.
Nathan Hillen
Nathan Hillen - 2 hours ago
Send Bass (to me) Now!
Janko Suarez
Janko Suarez - 2 hours ago
Whaaaat the heeeeck, u just killed that. Great work man.
ETHAN BORAH - 3 hours ago
Waaaaoooouuuu !
Graham Tenison
Graham Tenison - 4 hours ago
How do I slaap
EvanS19s - 4 hours ago
Why wasn’t this in Rewind 2019
Beritan vyan Cakmak
Beritan vyan Cakmak - 4 hours ago
Oswald 11
Oswald 11 - 5 hours ago
Frostbyte Gaming
Frostbyte Gaming - 5 hours ago
Megalovania & Giorno's theme
TokyoDrift456 - 5 hours ago
the Bass solo reminded me of the 25 basses 1 solo video
Intoxicated Otter
Intoxicated Otter - 7 hours ago
Davie504 vs Thedooo
Zack Mann
Zack Mann - 8 hours ago
Davie: youtube is a slapper confirmed!

Subtitles: youtube is a slacker confirmed
Andrew Stewart YEET
Andrew Stewart YEET - 8 hours ago
i like davie504 4 cuz he does not flex
Luca 796
Luca 796 - 9 hours ago
Love you
Daleyツ - 9 hours ago
came up on my recommended and now i can't stop watching him
O Harris
O Harris - 9 hours ago
slap bass like if agree
Rainā Braun
Rainā Braun - 10 hours ago
REALLY EPIC ENTRANCE 0:00 bro haha *plukk
Tenorio - 10 hours ago
william gu
william gu - 10 hours ago
2:38 who else uses those things for their tv? the little wrench looking things

Simone Lonestar
Simone Lonestar - 10 hours ago
epic said, epic did. OMG
Grant Markman
Grant Markman - 12 hours ago
Davie half ass smiling at 4:57
Sp-des Blank
Sp-des Blank - 12 hours ago
Such a power move
fire_and_ice_mage - 14 hours ago
can I have *B A S S*
Short Humorless
Short Humorless - 14 hours ago
Davie gained massive popularity in the same week that I learned to pay bass, so Davie, you’re welcome
Federico Marino
Federico Marino - 16 hours ago
Vivi veramente a Savona ahah, che roba
Stacy Pomerleau
Stacy Pomerleau - 16 hours ago
Nikolas Samplis
Nikolas Samplis - 16 hours ago
Jerzelus 226
Jerzelus 226 - 16 hours ago
This was really the epic bass solo.
Yinx TV
Yinx TV - 17 hours ago
Csgopolygon is back!

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Swokk - 18 hours ago
That epic ~SLAPP~ base you played int the end gave me chills👍👍
maheergamer201 - 19 hours ago
epic bass!!!!let slapp it
ExoticThesis - 19 hours ago
8:36 - Megalovania
8:40 - Giorno’s Theme
Mwuahahahaha Fear Me Mortals I’m The Lord Of Memes!
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