Traded My Tesla Model X For Honda Accord!

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CameraOne1 - Month ago
Smart move! Selling it now before its value will drop significantly when the better range battery pack is put in X and S next year probably.
Michael Superbacker
Michael Superbacker - 4 days ago
8:50 who is that he looks familiar
BlueCasey11 - 6 days ago
@Luke Velbis Well if they do a redesign someday this is smarter
Tanman324 - 12 days ago
Great point.
Picatostes 1000
Picatostes 1000 - 16 days ago
@Aesthetic Medic I love mine. I really really find it awesome and I'm so happy with it. Maybe in the future I'll go for the Porsche Macan S 2019 or the Taycan but for the moment, it is great and I really don't mind what people think about it
Armando Montano
Armando Montano - 2 hours ago
Why didn’t you just get a new Honda? They’re really cheap
Eddie Choi
Eddie Choi - 5 hours ago
Why not get a rental for long road trips?
jan martinez
jan martinez - 7 hours ago
Elon Musk like: HOW DARE YOU?!!!
jan martinez
jan martinez - 7 hours ago
What’s inside your bank account?
Parantez Adam
Parantez Adam - 12 hours ago
Dude, you just needed to use that grounded adapter that was made for the powerbank, it had 2 ports! *OOF*
Zack Montell
Zack Montell - 23 hours ago
How do the Tesla owners not know that the Tesla has a 20 gallon gas tank it doesn’t power the engine but it charges the batteries very little videos I see on the Tesla mention it that’s why the model 3 has the v3 charger and a better battery because it doesn’t have the gas tank learn about you car bro
GVY UU - Day ago
Traitor too ev community
Johann De Manzana
Johann De Manzana - Day ago
Is this a prank?
David Perry
David Perry - Day ago
In spring 2022, I am trading in my 2015 Toyota Camry for a 2022 Tesla model 3 performance. I have always wanting to say goodbye to gasoline and oil changes and hello to providing myself a stepping stone towards a carbon neutral lifestyle.
Slog - 2 days ago
Model 3:

The model 3
tortillawing tv
tortillawing tv - 2 days ago
whats your honda refferal code?
Viktor Lukic
Viktor Lukic - 2 days ago
Whi dud you buy that car BMW i beter
Maples01 - 3 days ago
Their range is a fraud, does not include AC, heat, interior fan, headlights, windshield wiper, etc. A hybrid is the way to go, this very reason is why electric cars being as old as combustion engine cars, this is why they are not equal, and that is ignoring the fact the batteries are hazardous waste, and do not last long enough to justify their cost!
robin taylor
robin taylor - 3 days ago
Waiting for the 500 mile pickup 😊
M. Hafiz Ishak
M. Hafiz Ishak - 3 days ago
The model 3 makes much more sense for the common people, I guess.
Hovo Gyurjyan
Hovo Gyurjyan - 3 days ago
sell your honda and by a Toyota camry. you will get a better millage :D
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith - 3 days ago
Dude. Did your lease run out? Sounds like financial issues and you’re going through Dave Ramsey’s 7 steps to financial freedom.
ratpistol - 4 days ago
you should sell your white Tesla when the new one is out in 2020
WokeMegu - 4 days ago
Should've gone for a Camry
Riley Kaminskas
Riley Kaminskas - 4 days ago
You should have gotten a Audi A6 that’s what my dad drives and it’s super nice and it get 500 mpg and it’s the 2019 model
nowtleft2 - 5 days ago
What a wally.
Tyler Stalletti
Tyler Stalletti - 5 days ago
Weeks later and I’m still mad at you.
J3 MotorSports
J3 MotorSports - 5 days ago
A few reason my family doesn’t have Tesla’s
1: we love gas and diesel cars
2: they are too expensive
3: we travel the nation and we can’t use a Tesla for what we do
zhyrone bingayan
zhyrone bingayan - 5 days ago
You Should Get The 2014 Subaru BR-Z
zhyrone bingayan
zhyrone bingayan - 5 days ago
Hi Dan Trading Will Get You Money But Im A Fan Hi Dan And LinkPie Thats Ok You Can Be Super Rich
kwm380 - 6 days ago
Wow! That gas car is a great invention!!
Realz Kerks
Realz Kerks - 6 days ago
Why did you do it tesla s are awesome
ThisorThat - 6 days ago
Repairs on your hybrid are going to be murderous.
Stubaru - 6 days ago
Good choice! Honda Accords are great handling cars.
Kaimen Hibbert
Kaimen Hibbert - 6 days ago
My dad has this car and its 👌🏾 but a Tesla is better
BlueCasey11 - 6 days ago
Will ya still use the white tesla for going to vegas
Zach’s Cooking
Zach’s Cooking - 6 days ago
They should just put the roadster battery in the S and X
Dylan Dougherty
Dylan Dougherty - 6 days ago
Your dumb
Creaw ttv
Creaw ttv - 6 days ago
Good the Tesla is not a good Car even the Honda is better
AD 2385
AD 2385 - 6 days ago
Honda over Tesla any day. At least you can make a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas without any layover in a Honda.
See the USA in a Honda...oh, that doesn't rhyme.
STEVE - 7 days ago
Rubixrecon .,
Rubixrecon ., - 8 days ago
It was so satisfying when he was taking the wrap off
Rubixrecon .,
Rubixrecon ., - 8 days ago
Merdith Roach
Merdith Roach - 8 days ago
Why do we need to know what kind of car you drive who cares
Mark1508871 Dagoat
Mark1508871 Dagoat - 8 days ago
You could of traded a 2018 Tesla for a hybrid Honda CR-V just saying but it’s your choice
XX_YT - 8 days ago
I am going to be honest I miss the Tesla but still its the smartest move to gets a Honda accord
John Bruno
John Bruno - 9 days ago
Trade in your family instead. It’s a Tesla
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe - 9 days ago
I'm sure Thanos would have something to say right now if he was backed by the big oil.
ludi miloje
ludi miloje - 9 days ago
You could buy mercedes,bmw or audi or some dodge or something. But why Honda
Mashfiq Alam
Mashfiq Alam - 9 days ago
Why didn't you get a Toyota Camry hybrid or a Lexus es hybrid? Those are the most reliable vehicles brands!
Good choice though Honda is also good.
Discontinued Channel
Discontinued Channel - 10 days ago
The 2019 Toyota Highlander (LE XLE Limited) Hybrid also a good choice but its expensive so here are some specs of it! Number 1 is that the LE XLE and Limited has 3 extra seats BUT on the XLE and Limited you have a choice of Captain seats which doesn't have the middle part of the rear seats or the regular. Number 2 The hybrid brake pads don't wear down faster than the non hybrids. Number 3 There may be a chance of you having blind spot warnings on the mirrors to save your familys life from a crash from the rear and it signals you by beeps its a neat feature! Number 4 You probably get the power liftgate or not on it also! Number 5 The limited has a stage audio sound like you're the concert! Number 6 When you are backing up for parking it beeps from you hitting something also has a rear back up camera on all Toyota models even then on hybrid models!
Synapse Mation
Synapse Mation - 10 days ago
You should of traded the 100D white one because the gray one is custom and the white one is not and the gray one is better then the white one and you liked the gray one better
Synapse Mation
Synapse Mation - 10 days ago
I would if traded it for a Mercedes s class or something
Graffix - 10 days ago
Imagine just realizing that gas cars having more mileage...
ohma geddon
ohma geddon - 11 days ago
I'm sorry but how do you own a Tesla roadster? Isn't that car like not out yet?
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe - 9 days ago
Older model
George Shonia
George Shonia - 11 days ago
Total jerk.. Clown..
Arpedk - 11 days ago
Aprils fools?
Date: October... i am confused.
NSXPRO_GAMER NRG_NSX777 - 11 days ago
You should of gotten the 2019 model..
Tim Angie
Tim Angie - 11 days ago
My wife and I next car is a Model 3 but, right now our current daily is a 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid and we average about 750+ per fill up.
Teri Owens
Teri Owens - 11 days ago
Felix Parker
Felix Parker - 11 days ago
Elon musk will remember that
Steve Withers
Steve Withers - 12 days ago
Funny how climates change doesn't matter when it runs up against our personal convenience.
Humans don't deserve this planet.
Adam waleed
Adam waleed - 12 days ago
Why didn't you buy a Honda accord?
Clumsy taytay
Clumsy taytay - 12 days ago
Suprize you just got the world record of dumbest man in the world
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