Only 3 of 11 Pickups Are Rated Good in Surprising New Crash Tests: Here Are the Least & Most Safe!

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Alvah Thompson
Alvah Thompson - 4 days ago
Why do the drl's blink, is this a safety feature?
Pieter NIEMANDT - 8 days ago
I live in a right hand drive country. So my left passanger has potentially lower safety? These companies strengthen the drivers side at the expense of the passengers in the name of saving money. But driver on driver side collisions are more common and keeping the cost down is crucial for survival of these companies.
Gu Nesnaj
Gu Nesnaj - 8 days ago
Why these Americans want to drive around in these huge vehicles anyway is a mystery for me. They are getting bigger and uglier every year. Do they want to impress each other by 'mine is bigger than yours' Why should a vehicle be completely square in front? Ever heard of aerodynamics? Now it is found that they are unsafe as well despite their huge size.
Kendrick De Los Reyes
Kendrick De Los Reyes - 12 days ago
I don't think you guys fully understand how safety ratings work and are therefore misconstruing them. Safety ratings are implemented by class of vehicle and that means that they aren't equal to each other. A subcompact car that is rated a Top Safety Pick + by the IIHS means that that particular vehicle has excellent safety performance for the category that it is in, but that does not necessarily mean that it is safer than a half-ton pickup truck that simply scores Acceptable. The main factor you guys are missing here is mass which is vital in vehicle safety performance. In collisions, the vehicle that has more mass is nearly always going to come out better due to the fact that the kinetic energy of the bigger vehicle is going to transfer into the smaller one. It's simple physics...
Blue Patch1413
Blue Patch1413 - 12 days ago
"If you don't like it move to RUSSIA", Homer Simpon.
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams - 13 days ago
Being someone that travels nationwide daily and sees multiple accidents a day.........3 safest vehicles I’ve seen on the road in real life situations for head on collisions are
Ram followed by Ford/Chevy in either order. All trucks. These tests measure specific hit points. That small overlap is a rarity in a truck. Add a 4-6” lift to any of these trucks and I trust my chances hitting anything other than a semi on the road. I’ve seen too many of these top safety picks that look like crushed sardine cans post collision. These tests are done at 35mph or so. These crash tests need to be done at speeds up to 80mph for real life conditions that coincide with 80mph speed limits in multiple states across this country. Ive seen pickups and large SUVs be the sole survivors in several multiple car collisions across the country. Of course though.........a 7k lb vehicle probably isn’t going to fair well when you put 7k lbs impacting on a 6” segment outside the frame rail. Again.......rarity. So rare that I’ve only ever seen that specific type of crash happen 2 times in the last 15 years out of thousands of crashes I’ve seen
jon b.
jon b. - 13 days ago
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven - 14 days ago
No reason a heavy body on frame truck shouldn't be the safest vehicle on the road. Stupidity.
Chris Clear
Chris Clear - 15 days ago
Actually if your going by your IHHS graphs Ram1500 is 1st place as it scored Good in every area like the Ford and Marginal for headlights instead of Fords Poor headlights...
Trebor Heminway
Trebor Heminway - 18 days ago
New models coming. GMC Prosthetic and Chevy Amputee. For all that money these things sure fold like a house of cards.
Gregamz - 18 days ago
So Nathan said the 2019 Ram received only an Acceptable rating for the Passenger small frontal overlap test but the IIHS rating was Good??? Which is it? Please clarify TFL. Thank you.
Greg, Pittsburgh, PA.
Will Barks
Will Barks - 22 days ago
How much of this is caused by CAFE standards? They keep making these trucks lighter and lighter to meet fuel economy numbers.
Steve Schilling
Steve Schilling - 28 days ago
don't by a tundra
SuperSilence23 - Month ago
The Honda ridge line is not a truck, it’s a unibody car. Take a top safety pick car and crash it against a truck, the truck wins.
S M - Month ago
Tundra are lame... in looks ,performance and now this. And they cost alot
VIVADUDE07 - Month ago
One of many reasons to own a Ridgeline
HRB 21
HRB 21 - Month ago
this vid was awkward xD
Randy Hunt
Randy Hunt - Month ago
With the price of these trucks they all should exceed safety ratings. These results are unacceptable.
Tracey Maddox
Tracey Maddox - Month ago
As a 2018 F150 owner, we NEED better headlights... you have to spend 60k to get LED headlights...All F150 should have LED lights.
Ari GSD - Month ago
Safety is over rated. Very few people get in wrecks but the worry warts make all of us pay 20% premium for something we never use.
D B - Month ago
5:45 Seeing that scares the hell out of me. It shouldn't even be on the road.
Charles Lewer
Charles Lewer - Month ago
Seems like a few years ago they where squealing about how trucks and SUVs where killing people in cars apparently they went to far.
The Honda isn't a truck.
xadam2dudex - Month ago
Why do people buy trucks if you don't use it for work ??
knotbumper - Month ago
The headlight test is interesting, I don't care how good your lights are, don't drive beyond the the light range. The teach you that when you learn to drive.
paul lamont
paul lamont - Month ago
the shitline is not a truck, it's SUV.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - Month ago
I think we expect too much of today’s cars and trucks! If you are that paranoid but dying in a car crash you might as well not even drive.
yep me
yep me - Month ago
I like to have a independent one about my 3/4 ton 2002 Dodge pick up on ratings even though you guys, say there's no studies on it.
Gerard - Month ago
Why are you guys speaking so quietly like someone died?
Joe Wayne
Joe Wayne - Month ago
So a new tundra and a 50 mph power pole for that quick divorce hehe
Brandon Caldwell
Brandon Caldwell - Month ago
I want to knownwhat headlights they used. Ram has 3 different types and ford has 2. They range between models drastically from LED to halogen. Both use the same light assembly style, each produce a different level of light.
Buck Cake
Buck Cake - Month ago
I'm surprised, that given their size, trucks are not as safe as one would think. Especially when you take into consideration how smaller vehicles do in these tests.
Brandon Caldwell
Brandon Caldwell - Month ago
You have to think these obects they crash into donot move an inch. Real world crashes, items move. Poles bent, walls collapse and so forth. Hard comparing these type of crashes to something more severe or factual. Hell, a guy took a 1998 buick sable gone through a fence and into a tree no seatbelt walking away from it. I wouldnt take these test serious at all. If anything, they have weakend pickups build quality ti were they dent with ease. Axtuall, ihad a guy loose control of a ratchet strap denting my omnew 2018 ram 3500 dual fender. My 05 silverado 1500 ive dont much worse hits with zero damage. Goes to show build quality is sinking.
JB - Month ago
Ford f150 has always been better than the rest for years in safety rating.
Braxton McGuire
Braxton McGuire - Month ago
Ford sucks!!!!!!
Will Allar
Will Allar - Month ago
The Ridgeline is classified as a mid size truck, not a full size
DabbaYabbaDo - Month ago
Will Allar and we all know it’s really not a truck to begin with...
Smarticus - Month ago
The Tundra and the Silverado should just come with a wheelchair as standard equipment.
Rookie Detectorist
Rookie Detectorist - Month ago
Any idea when the crash test results for the 2019 Ford Ranger will be released?
Chevyfan - Month ago
F*** you Ford and Dodge
Chevyfan - Month ago
I believe the Ridgeline is a unitized body and that's a piece of s*** anyway
David Mandziuk
David Mandziuk - Month ago
Wanna see a recall on 2018 + F-150 for crappy headlights...!!
Bill Peirce
Bill Peirce - 2 months ago
Ford rules!!!!!
Toyota, and Chevrolet suck!!!!
They are always bad in the crash ratings!!!!!
DabbaYabbaDo - Month ago
Bill Peirce Fix Or Repair Daily, Found On Road Dead, etc, etc.
Robert Fowler
Robert Fowler - 2 months ago
Go Honda.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 2 months ago
The truck I'm driving I'm keeping I don't care how it ranks for safety. The ridgeline isn't a truck dude!
Cory Nickoleff
Cory Nickoleff - 2 months ago
The way they push the f150 EB I'm almost surprised that they didnt say the f150 EcoBoost was the only truck with good numbers.
MotorcycleMan - 2 months ago
GM Mary can’t get a good design out that’s safe, cost effective and looks good. She helps employ Mexicans but not Americans.
acdii - 2 months ago
Looks like to get top safety pick, the trucks will need their headlights lowered to just above the bumper. When you consider the headlights sit at least a foot higher then cars, well, higher chance of glare. However, there are plenty of GM SUV's that have blinding headlights, and they are not much higher than a passenger car headlight .
I have been in two crashes the past 5 years due to bad weather, both were in Fords, both times above 45 MPH, both times walked away just a little sore. I am sold on the safety of a Ford.
Donald Livengood
Donald Livengood - 2 months ago
We have the technology to make these vehicles safer. It may cost a little more, but when it comes to human lives I think they can do better.
Mail S
Mail S - 2 months ago
the f150 does awful in low speed crashes, tons of damage. Medium is does well do to design and strong frame, though, high speed crashes the body can come off the frame.
firedude01 - 2 months ago
I don't know why they are so focused on the passenger side. The majority of accidents on the road involve the driver side of the car or frontal impacts. If they want to focus on the passenger they need to look at side impacts not frontal impacts.
Tim Glascock
Tim Glascock - 2 months ago
What is it about the headlights that makes them rate poorly? What would they need to do to pass?
Tony Hightower
Tony Hightower - 2 months ago
And Chevy drivers need the most protection as they drive like idiots in my area at least. Worst drivers in my area are Honda drivers followed very closely by Chevy drivers. Don’t expect Chevy to fix anything, they wouldn’t fix a ignition switch that killed people.
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