Only 3 of 11 Pickups Are Rated Good in Surprising New Crash Tests: Here Are the Least & Most Safe!

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TheKingkingg - 13 hours ago
Ridgeline truck is number one safest truck.
TheHotandshot91 - 20 hours ago
HAHA Suck it Gov motors lovers high strength steel is garbage
1Left 2Live
1Left 2Live - 22 hours ago
Surprising information. I thought all
Trucks were safe because of their size
violentmetalhead - Day ago
Ridgeline - "When I grow up, I wanna be a real truck!"
iLikeTigerz101 - 3 days ago
They don’t say built ford tough for nothing.
Armando Sturzenegger
Armando Sturzenegger - 9 days ago
my 2015 lariat has been beated the sh*t out in daily basis in my workshop and it is in mint condition. B*tch is tough af though. I just fk'ed up some headlights hitting a pile of rocks. substitute them with normal hallogen ones because the led ones where more expensive and i didn't need that much light .. so it is not a surprise they hold up well in their respective crash tests. Ford you have done well. You have a faithfull costumer here.
Richard Koehler
Richard Koehler - 9 days ago
I think the head lights are great on the F150 and I have a 2015 . Every F150 owner has no all around complaints that I talk to .If you are not fully aware of your surroundings while driving you have no business being behind the wheel of any vehicle.
Richard Marcott
Richard Marcott - 11 days ago
Tom Davis
Tom Davis - 11 days ago
Government Motors got beat by an aluminum truck
Green MarineFive-O
Green MarineFive-O - 12 days ago
I totaled my Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab last Xmas eve and despite crashing directly head on into a brick wall none of the airbags were activated. I'm still healing from a badly broken back and waiting for more surgery.
Sooo... since then I went ahead and ordered a brand spankin' new Ram 1500 Big Horn with the 5.7L Hemi engine. It's 8 speed transmission combines with the Hemi engine to produce outstanding pulling power for hauling a boat or trailer. The exhaust is so well engineered to let the engine breathe and sound good that there's no need for aftermarket upgrades.
Mark L
Mark L - 13 days ago
Wow, if you’re a passenger in that Tundra in a head on you can say goodbye to your legs!
Gu Nesnaj
Gu Nesnaj - 13 days ago
Why drive these dinosaurs?
Brent's Views
Brent's Views - 13 days ago
Where's Larry? You've got Curly and Moe!
F. U.B.
F. U.B. - 13 days ago
By the Reports you showed for each Truck, the RAM got all GOOD and better headlights than the F150.
Looks like some confusion there? Please take another closer look!
mbsnyderc - 14 days ago
The thing about pickup trucks and the way they test them is there heavier and crush under there own weight when crashed into a fixed structure like they use in testing in the real world your usually crashing into another vehicle,cash a pickup into one of these high rated SUVs and see what happens.the heavy trucks would do even worse.
ldawson103 - 15 days ago
Honda Ridgeline the only one, good job Honda.
BigFrogs4x4 - 15 days ago
I'm curious how off road models do in crash testing. Like the trdpro, ZR2, fx4, etc since they come differently equipped suspension and tires.
Dan Koning
Dan Koning - 16 days ago
This whole thing is pathetic. Americans...we want everything "perfect"...and our pizza in 15 minutes or its free. Life isn't risk free. The tests change [just like they said] so the trucks find it harder to score as well. Want a car/truck where you'll walk away from 99% of crash? NASCAR.
Railroads Across Maine
Railroads Across Maine - 16 days ago
Toyota and Nissan are a joke.
Robert Meehan
Robert Meehan - 17 days ago
the graphic you show has the Ford as good in everything and poor in headlights.the graphic for the RAM has good in everything and marginal for lights which is technically better than Ford. The graphics should match your words.
Richard Bowles
Richard Bowles - 17 days ago
I guess you fucks didn’t grow up riding in vehicles with metal dashboards like I did.😆
Richard Bowles
Richard Bowles - 17 days ago
Note to self: place the least liked family member in the front passenger seat.😆
kevin kent
kevin kent - 17 days ago
All of the crash tests for the 2019 Rams say that the "Built after July" Rams tested good. What are the differences between the trucks built after July, and the ones built before July. I purchased my 2019 Ram Bighorn in June of 2018, so this has me wondering....
goodguygto - 17 days ago
The Honda Ridgeline A.K.A. "Tin-can Japan", is the worst truck you can get (so-called called a truck)!!! The transmission overheats (No manual tranny), when you go off-roading!!! As in dirt, gravel, trails etc. Basically Honda Ridgeline is, !!!ALL SHOW NO GO!!!
Chris S
Chris S - 18 days ago
Because they are body on frame vehicles.
Kenneth Jinkins
Kenneth Jinkins - 18 days ago
Great report guys ... thanx
Yinky Morales
Yinky Morales - 18 days ago
Is good for crash because always is and the mechanic whit problems
joeinpittsburghpa - 19 days ago
Not only are headlights too bright has anyone noticed traffic light and emergency vehicle lights are too bright? Even these super reflective road signs are to bright! There's no reason for it other than for some a-hole to justify his or her job! The human eye can only take so much brightness! My first vehicle had sealed beam headlights and they were okay, when I install halogen headlights they were the shit! And all you need! If you need more than that then don't drive at night!
Louis Choquette
Louis Choquette - 19 days ago
I would like to commend TFLtrucks for airing this video on truck safety. This is atopic that has been under reported by the media. Thank you for being one of the few outlets that are addressing this topic in depth. 👍
JoMonki - 19 days ago
Just an observational suggestion. Not trying to be mean just making a point. As a host you don't want to look over to your co host every sentence. It makes you look uncertain? As a host. If you present your information with confidence in yourself and the facts and address us the audience directly then it becomes a more delightful overall experience. :) I love your show and what you guys do but wanted to point this out because, personally, it was getting to me from trying to sit watch and listen to the information presented. Again love you guys, just a suggestion. ;)
Juan S
Juan S - 20 days ago
Don't forget that the "UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED" AWARD goes to GM's Chevrolet Corvair. Are their Silverados following in the same footsteps?
Nick Reynolds
Nick Reynolds - 20 days ago
They don't make trucks anymore, what you own now is a four-door car with a open trunk
Tommy Truth
Tommy Truth - 18 days ago
Really. Any half ton truck is basically a car today.
Prentiss Campbell
Prentiss Campbell - 20 days ago
I feel so much safer now some corporate chumps slipped envelopes around .......yea it happens! Use common sense....walk around a few insurance auction yards and actually look at the carnage.....base the wrecked vehicles against the kind you want to buy.....I warn you it is sobering!
Mike Angel
Mike Angel - 20 days ago
Unsafe gas guzzlers, and the American sheeple are lining up to buy one "because there cool"
Stupid monkeys.
Betting Lizzard99
Betting Lizzard99 - 20 days ago
What about the vw amarok
FullMetalChicken - 20 days ago
What's the crash rating on Deuce and half?
Mike Z
Mike Z - 21 day ago
Trucks suck. Clumsy, slow, thirsty and now unsafe. But at least the soccer mom texting on the highway will FEEL safe in them
Strutingeagle - 21 day ago
Andrei, do not be afraid of old Baldylocks. You can take him no problem. If you have an idea how you want to conduct a video just inform him of how it is going to be and don't let him change it. After all, Chuck Norris personally asked you to be his bodyguard.
mdforsberg49 - 21 day ago
You know I'm glad they are testing headlights I mean hate to give credit to Audi but they use an infrared system to detect people animals they show up as bright white glob that should become a standard for safety because at night you'll see it 10 seconds sooner on that screen before your headlights even shine on them.
GeekOUT!!!!! - 21 day ago
Man I drive an old 74 Datsun pick up, that thing is safer that basically all of these... what the actual hell
P Kinsman
P Kinsman - 22 days ago
They should be safer but there won't be a big change unless the consumer stops buying them and demanding safer trucks.
Steve Sullivan
Steve Sullivan - 22 days ago
More likely a frontal with a small car ,so you don't want to have to sturdy a crush zone,kill the people in the small car.that off center test,3 in more toward the center they all pass .3 ins further out they all the manufacture has stated,not a real world test
Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges
sahiel5 - 22 days ago
f150 being the safest should be a key sellng point
fukthegoog - 22 days ago
Why keep staring at your friend's bald head?
Vermin93 - 22 days ago
Lol at Tundra fanboys.
tlv156 - 22 days ago
I've got a 2018 F150 Lariat. The lights are awesome for me because I can see everything so well. BUT I can tell other people don't like them. I've had a LOT of people flashing their high beams at me because they think my high beams are on when they aren't. Sometimes they keep flashing at me so I finally flash my highs at them and then they realize.
Mr Green
Mr Green - 22 days ago
I will never drive in a Toyota tundra
Michael Belden
Michael Belden - 23 days ago
On those test results. Have you ever hear about car makers staging bad vehicles for what they want for the future? I've seen many reports on this. You two said all bad on new trucks. President Trump is reopening car makers back in the USA. They as Elite want only electric vehicles. As long as they have been making vehicles and with the technology to make them all safe, your report on them not being safe is impossible. Same as computers, cellphones, laptops, etc. Back when the internet started. A new windows program would come out. They put up an up date. You had to take it. What it did was crash your old computer so it could not be fixed and you had to buy a new one. Just happened with XBOX. They trashed everyone's old ones to where even the controllers were burning up in people's hands. They have been playing this game for ever. It's not they can make an awesome product. They want the public to go into a direction. They dont ask, ect. Nothing positive. The force it. All negative. Thanks for the heads up. Sad. Nice trucks.
Jimmy Hou
Jimmy Hou - 23 days ago
Cause they are too heavy. In real world compare to smaller cars they are more safer for sure.
Shane Dykes
Shane Dykes - 23 days ago
I’ll stick with my Subaru till they pick up their game!
Shane Dykes
Shane Dykes - 23 days ago
Thx guys! I am always checking on the safety and u did a great job informing us!! Thx
Triston Faulkner
Triston Faulkner - 23 days ago
Honda rigelines are not TRUCKS
Tommy Truth
Tommy Truth - 18 days ago
Very true.
Steve Silvas
Steve Silvas - 23 days ago
The "BLUE BULBS" that people put for their replacements
should be OUTLAWED!!.
They Blind Other Motorists...
martin joseph
martin joseph - 23 days ago
dodge kills people
Jim Bond
Jim Bond - 23 days ago
One of the few videos you guys make that is actually helpful. The rest nearly all end up with 4 or 5 guys choosing 4 or 5 different trucks for personal reasons rather than what is actually best.
All you really had to do was let the other wannabe truck owners know that anything but the F150 is junk. We F150 owners already know this. The rest wish it were true so they finally have something positive and true to say about their junk pile. Okay in fairness, the Nissan Titan has been the best of the wannabes for awhile and my personal second choice in trucks
Benjamin Zavadsky
Benjamin Zavadsky - 23 days ago
Built ford tough?
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 23 days ago
Chevy is crap
banana junior 9000
banana junior 9000 - 23 days ago
Why are heavy-duty trucks not required for IIHS testing?
B D - 23 days ago
To much talking
Needed more visual
Ralph Furley
Ralph Furley - 23 days ago
These are surprisingly disappointing results!!! I’m really surprised about the poor Toyota ratings!!! Thanks for sharing!!! ☮️🖖🏽
Ernie Desjardins
Ernie Desjardins - 23 days ago
HONDA ridgeline is not a truck. Car with a box. A friend bought one. Loaded a Suzuki eiger ATV in the box and headed from sudbury Ontario to thunderbay to go hunting. This truck was so shitty he stopped in wawa and traded it in. The entire rear suspension was toast from the loaded ride up highway 129. He bought a f150 and was happy after.
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale - 23 days ago
All of these crash tests are only an indication at best. Crash between one of these and a small hatch and the hatch loses. Yes they are not as strong as maybe they should be. But all the so called safe baby cars really are not and never let numbers fool you. And these vehicles are built to comply with crash tests, not so much real crashes
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 23 days ago
I wish Toyota would make a new truck
Dirka13 - 23 days ago
great video, as a ram 3500 owner i'd like to see a video on the HD series of trucks please n thx.
Dirka13 - 22 days ago
+Tom Donelson I have a 2016 ram 3500 srw with the cummins and azin transmission. Only real complaint i have about it is the absolute trash turning radius, just hit 35000km on her today though.
Tom Donelson
Tom Donelson - 23 days ago
Dirka13 I was thinking the same thing. I've driven 3/4 & 1 ton PU's most of my driving life. I've only had one major accident. That was in 3/4 ton. Someone in a car decided to suddenly turn right in front me. Totaled the truck, but I walked away w/o a scratch & still a clean driving record.
Kevin Loewen
Kevin Loewen - 23 days ago
You would think all the trucks would be at the top in this for safety. ? Confused why they wouldn't be. ?
Michael Baudais
Michael Baudais - 21 day ago
Trucks are safe in collisions with smaller vehicles, but versus stationary objects or larger vehicles, more mass equals more force on impact.
Conservative America
Conservative America - 24 days ago
Chevy sux!!
Ugur Senturk
Ugur Senturk - 24 days ago
The ram at 2:54 shows all G? When you said it got Acceptable on the overlap test?
adirondacktrail - 24 days ago
That's crazy that heavy duty trucks don't have to be crash tested, that is insane
Mark Otter
Mark Otter - 24 days ago
Keep in mind that these crash tests are against immovable objects, so the trucks heavier mass is working against it. While real world accidents can involve immovable objects, it's much more likely to involve another vehicle, where mass is your friend. (and unfortunately the enemy of the other vehicle) Think about dropping a watermelon and an apple from 20 ft to the ground...the watermelon would smash open, while the apple may dent...but a watermelon would still crush the apple if the two collided,
triston king
triston king - 24 days ago
Can someone tell me why the driver side of a vehicle can be more safe than the passenger?
wahwah1013 - 24 days ago
Those GM lights need to be outlawed. They are blinding to oncoming traffic.
Kodi's Kustoms
Kodi's Kustoms - 24 days ago
This is this the reason I sold my 2016 ram 1500 for a 2018 ford f150. Did my research
Kodi's Kustoms
Kodi's Kustoms - 23 days ago
+gav com I didn't really like the rams. I am a die hard ford fan. The only reason I got a ram is because at 21 ford wouldn't finance a new truck for me but Chrysler capital would. So I ended up with a 2016 ram 1500 hemi 4x4 tradesman. Now I'm in a 2018 f150 stx 4x4 5.0
gav com
gav com - 23 days ago
Kodi's Kustoms you should’ve just gotten a new ram if you wanted to stick with the same brand because it’s a great choice in terms of safety now
G TIEMTORE - 24 days ago
The safest truck is the one driven by a safe driver.
Neil Leatham
Neil Leatham - 23 days ago
not many of those still on the road
David Ross miller
David Ross miller - 24 days ago
Ford use to be good, but I would not get into the new one...No aluminum can on wheels for me
David Ross miller
David Ross miller - 23 days ago
gav com oh look some body with Daddy issue's. Poor little boy
gav com
gav com - 23 days ago
David Ross miller bro are you stupid they literally just said it’s the safest pickup of them all
Saint Legna
Saint Legna - 24 days ago
What do they do sling them at walls @???mph, what about hitting other cars not just a wall ?
TheJerrydon575 - 24 days ago
Well since Jussie was exonerated, I have ZERO faith in ANY test's! If our court's can't do a good job, how the hell will the IIHS!?!!!! Seems like more propaganda for people to steer towards something, just saying.
Rex Wort
Rex Wort - 24 days ago
Honda Ridgeline?
Why is a SUV doing in this *truck* safety test?
Of course it safer because it meant for family carriage not working duties
John Smith
John Smith - 24 days ago
These trucks cost 60k now. Thats half a house. Literally. And they cant even keep our families safe? Were getting ripped off folks. Capitalism run amuck. Just like our government, corporations have no accountability.
anbu999 - 24 days ago
They forgot to factor in bullbar and rock sliders
Tacos Tumbras
Tacos Tumbras - 24 days ago
Ok That's it ! I'm sticking with my two door 07 Yaris
Allan A
Allan A - 24 days ago
My 96 Silverado is stronger than a brand new one besides I wouldn't waste $65,000 just to buy another truck when I can buy a perfectly good loan for 5 grand
Will M
Will M - 24 days ago
Wait until the Gladiator crash tests come out, it will probably make the Toyota look like a tank.
Herpn Derpn
Herpn Derpn - 25 days ago
It's a 5000lb+ vehicle. Trucks and large SUV's in America really only need a driver's seat as 90% of the time it's a single person in the vehicle.
On a serious note, the whole thought seems to be that the weight will mean the truck wins in most accidents.
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman - 25 days ago
There’s videos are getting more and more boring every time they keep talking slower and slower every time
Ultratron100 - 25 days ago
Interesting video, thanks.
You guys see this? Puts the new Chevy in a good light
Cannondale2019 - 25 days ago
what do you think is going to happen when you drive into a concrete wall ?havent hit anything but flies in 45 years
Justin Reily
Justin Reily - 25 days ago
GM worker: Hey boss, shouldn't we put more steel reinforcements on this side? It just seems like the other side has more.
Boss: Nah, we're good.
Kevin Mott
Kevin Mott - 25 days ago
Good ole Taco!!
Bizket Butt
Bizket Butt - 25 days ago
My father just got in an accident in a 2018 Silverado 1500 and the airbags failed to deploy, it instead released a bunch of smoke into the cab. Thank you GM, I hope you guys go out of business.
AstronomyToday - 25 days ago
chewchew74 - 25 days ago
ALL OF ford vehicle's headlights are f**king shit. It blinds other on coming drivers.
F*** Ford, that's why I hate the brand. so ignorant.
dufus - 25 days ago
I Own a Nissan Titan. I know if i'm in a crash, this thing will fold like a 3 dollar suitcase. Take your life in your hands. Good frame[all boxed ] with 11 cross braces. the body , don't lean up against it.
dufus - 25 days ago
they are all built like beer cans. no integrity. dangerous. any accident, the truck is totaled.
Jacob krzyzek
Jacob krzyzek - 25 days ago
This is astonishing that these trucks can not pass with excellence! Hope the manufactures are paying attention to this and the IIHS testing. Maybe we should be caring more about safety then trying to get up to tractor trailer payloads and hauling!?
Jacob krzyzek
Jacob krzyzek - 24 days ago
+AstronomyToday Hey don't get me wrong. I bought a truck for a truck purpose and I use it more then often. I am actually considering to move up to the 2500 with L5P in it. I just expect that when traveling and someone feels like getting in an accident. They should be really sorry it was with a full-size truck, and I know my family is good to go.
AstronomyToday - 25 days ago
Lol this is just a result of them knowing their core demographic consumer.
Willy p
Willy p - 25 days ago
So the Caitlyn Jenner of trucks the honda ridgeline is the top pick. I've had enough of Tfltruck for today 😒
gav com
gav com - 23 days ago
Willy p hey look it’s still technically a pick up
MrMackanno - 25 days ago
. . . who thinks pick-up trucks are safe? Oh wait, sorry, I forgot a lot of people just go by trends.
Khoa Bui
Khoa Bui - 25 days ago
Question about the headlight scores. Its for ALL models or just the base model? I know u can get more pimped out LED lights on higher end F150s
Nicholas Wegman
Nicholas Wegman - 25 days ago
The headlight ratings are BS. I have a 16 F-150 XLT and I get flashed all the time with the stock headlights.
Mike - 25 days ago
*Can someone out a list. I don't want to listen to hear 2 brain dead idiots jibber jabber for 10+ minutes about whose dick and ball ratio is better.*
Acousticmarine - 25 days ago
The Ridgeline is a great light duty truck, not cheap though. Glad to hear the Ford 150 did well, I would think the headlight issue should be a relatively easy fix.
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