Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

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cody king
cody king - Hour ago
honestly i loved super 8
Commissar Dale
Commissar Dale - Hour ago
Episode VII-IX should've just been them fighting remnants of the Empire
mcfry13 - 2 hours ago
That feeling when these aweful predictions are far superior to all the leaks that been reported so far...
turian1moose - 5 hours ago
can't wait for time travel...wait is this how we get Ewan McGregor back?
Van Hyfte
Van Hyfte - 6 hours ago
I am srsly only looking forward to the plinkett review and nothing more. Thats all what Star Wars is good for today.
Luke Frederiks
Luke Frederiks - 6 hours ago
Star Wars is so......boring rn
genius2012 - 9 hours ago
I know “The Force Awakens” gets a lot of flack for being a re-tread of the original Star Wars film, but I liked it and the characters that it introduced and thought that it set up a lot of good plot points & threads for a new trilogy. But “The Last Jedi” ruined all of those plot threads and was an insult to the character of Luke Skywalker.
Mohzart - 10 hours ago
SW Rebels is canon and time travel has been done so... possible
Film Toppings
Film Toppings - 13 hours ago
Sometimes it's less important what happens and more important HOW it happens. Great execution is sometimes more important than what event happens on paper. It's all about the final product :)
Frank Merker
Frank Merker - 6 hours ago
it might be less important sometimes but it is still very important, you can't present a turd as a golden nugget with close inspection no matter how clever you are
yungdresscode - 20 hours ago
The round deflector can be much more easily explained by acknowledging that Disney just doesn't give a fuck about details like that.
Matthew Marn
Matthew Marn - 22 hours ago
I liked the prequels because I only care about world building and internal logic. As long as the characters serve a role in the world, that’s good enough for me. In 7 & 8 every character is basically superfluous. Even the ones that kind of matter are dragged down by the ones that are painfully forgettable
Matthew Marn
Matthew Marn - 22 hours ago
Zorey whatever her name is has the helmet of the girl at the end of Solo, so I'm assuming it's her daughter or she ages slowly
Matthew Marn
Matthew Marn - 23 hours ago
Disney: Okay so we need a crack team of writers and storytellers, who can we get

Tim: I LOVED Batman V Superman and the Justice League. They are masterpieces. The writers are crack addicts it's perfect.

Disney: Yes
Scatter TheWinds
Scatter TheWinds - Day ago
my prediction: critic score of 95, audience score of 40.
Cameron Valencia
Cameron Valencia - Day ago
Rey is the last Skywalker......
Digital Documentarian
JJ Abrams has ruined more childhoods than Epstein.
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes - Day ago
Excited to read Rick Moranis' Spiderman comic
Tony C.
Tony C. - Day ago
@19:08 - Trigger warning
Davey - Day ago
"How did you get this (Lukes lightsaber)" -Rey, "Thats a story for another time..." -Mrs Tomato head... How convenient.
Tony C.
Tony C. - Day ago
Two Plinketts, one big black void.
Sonic2489 Dragon2489
Time travel is VERY COOL.
DGO - Day ago
The Star Wars Paradox....Experimenting in space they released Palpatine...and Palperfield was born...Lets take a trip thru 10 Palperfield Lane...Henceforth, I will name this prequel A New.. Hope...Lets Hope going back we can start a new trilogy...And we can bring peace....
Coolboy 99
Coolboy 99 - Day ago
Siths cant be a force ghosts as far as I know
C Mac
C Mac - Day ago
you know, maybe it is “fan service” to make a movie that real fans would accept and like, but it would also probably make more sense story wise and logically.
C Mac
C Mac - Day ago
I think a zillion full manned star destroyers popping up out of the ocean is a bit retarded.. like quite a bit retarded
Raymond Walters
Raymond Walters - Day ago
the power source of the death star is going to be a giant light sabre crystal
Ryan Alexander Morin
It will be way WAY worse than you think IMHO.
PushyPillow - Day ago
Rey and Kylo will have a Stand battle with Luke and Palpatine as their Force Stands
Mavis Beacon
Mavis Beacon - 16 hours ago
noobslayer10101 - 2 days ago
Rich your face kinda scares me
ViciousProphet - 2 days ago
Star Wars: The Rise of Fuck It
BP Rokosz
BP Rokosz - 2 days ago
Rebels already did the time travel thing and established a force world where Ezra enters and saves Ashoka
Waste of Bass
Waste of Bass - 2 days ago
I'm gonna guess that Kylo is actually there to kill the Emperor same as Rey, so it'll be the First Order, Resistance and the Empire all fighting to the death for the ultimate fan boy jerk off session
funnystuff - 2 days ago
I'm just waiting for the Plinkett review of this movie.
TagusMan - 2 days ago
Prediction: Episode 9 will subvert all expectations and totally not suck.
But really... It will suck.
vlenhoff - 2 days ago
My predictions.
Luke will have 15 min or less, of screen time.
Rey wins again.
Kylo dies saving Rey.
Palpatine dies out of exhaustion.
One of the Ewoks marries Rey.

Why not, it is all shit anyway.
vlenhoff - 2 days ago
Luke's light saber has a new black colored band in the middle. i am assuming Rey patched it up. Palpatine was a great character, but so was Luke. It would have been cool to get three episode of Luke's adventures, but no respect was given to his character. I think everyone would have loved the movie, if Luke had a last go in more than one episode, alive. I am sorry to beat on a dead horse, but i completely hate the Last Jedi.
Dave Kimp
Dave Kimp - 2 days ago
I cannot wait for the scene where Palpatine has to explain how he survived. I cannot wait for the bullshit
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim - 7 hours ago
It's simple - he had Batwoman's cape, which is immune to explosions!!!!!!!!
Jeff Wallace
Jeff Wallace - 2 days ago
I respect you guys so much but I have no idea why you believe Luke Skywalker should be retconned. He was never an extremely strong character but the ever Optimist. The ending they gave him in the Last Jedi was perfect because he realized finally to let go. He was never a super strong force-user overall and there's no reason to justify any of his sacrifice further by having him do cool badass fight moves or whatever
Jeff Wallace
Jeff Wallace - 2 days ago
I'm guessing you guys haven't read the new novels? Jakku seems to have a lot of relevance as something in the emperor was working on in a laboratory
Joshua Farrelly
Joshua Farrelly - 2 days ago
When Palpatine possesses Kylo it'll fuck up Kylo's face just like the scene where Ray gets possessed by Viggo in Ghostbusters 2.
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