Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

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GEC Panther
GEC Panther - 13 hours ago
Darth JarJar time travel
Hell yeah
(I just dont really care anymore)
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis - 14 hours ago
This question is for mike:
Do you think after the rise of skywalker you will finally admit star wars is better than star trek?
Mr. Smiley
Mr. Smiley - 14 hours ago
PowerHouseG - 15 hours ago
awesome vid , very amusing and his laugh is creepier than palpatines ! 不不不
maddsloth II
maddsloth II - 15 hours ago
11:37 those are quidditch players.
AL3XinDANG3R - 15 hours ago
Star Wars writers are taking notes
Ed ebrock
Ed ebrock - 17 hours ago
i think the time travel plot is a little too ridiculous. i think JJ just said fuck it and rey just fixed the lightsabre due to some made up shit with the force they suddenly can do. the falcon looks like its just a new dish. looks more like a circle with the bottom cut off. i dont know what to expect. but anything is better than the last movie.
Paul Pizzlewizzle
Paul Pizzlewizzle - 18 hours ago
Rise of Scissorpunch!
The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule
Rich, I greatly approve of your shirt
Frank Henchy
Frank Henchy - 20 hours ago
I get more excited about seeing how the predictions pan out than I do about seeing the actual content.
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lloyd - 20 hours ago
Oh for fuck's sake, you're right aren't you.
Gw G
Gw G - 20 hours ago
Theory: Snoke was a force sensitive in the outer rim that was possessed by palpatine (it would be cool if it was Ezra Bridger) and now that Snoke is gone, palpatine needs someone else to possess to continue his pursuit of unlimited power and I think there is some kind of twist at the end on whether Rey or Kylo is the enemy etc.
I thought it would have been cool for Maz Kanata to be Asoka Tano in disguise but that seems highly unlikely at this time.
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson - 22 hours ago
Its too damn bad Mike took a (much deserved) 18 pound sledgehammer to Star Wars, because he deserves to be the voice of Emperor in any and all Star Wars related properties until he dies (probably of liver failure).
Dallas Malburg
Dallas Malburg - 23 hours ago
Now I just want to see this hypothetical fan fiction intend
Swanzo - Day ago
There is a Mr. Coffee in the bag so they can time travel.....undo all the Ryan Johnson fuck ups.
Kyle Fotheringham
Kyle Fotheringham - Day ago
Palpatine who was really Darth Sidious (but of course they'll call him Palpatine) creates a horcrux and puts it in a vault from the Death Star (and it's still intact. Sidious is the one who "possessed" Snoke and is grooming Kylo Ren to become his resurrected body host.
Fin is Mace "Snokes on a mother fu*king deathstar" Windu's son - because why not?
Knights of Ren are going to do absolutely nothing.
Rey is secretly Owen and Beru's granddaughter. Or Obi-Wan's Granddaughter. because - no reason - because no one cares about plots anymore.
CaptPostmod - Day ago
They could retcon Rey's parents being "no one" pretty easy if they said she was a clone. Maybe a gender swapped clone of Anakin. If she was Anakin's clone, they could then try to claim that it made a really good story arc with Anakin to Vader to Rey.
Terrell Reeves
Terrell Reeves - Day ago
Palpatine had a digital clone of himself giving orders in Battlefield 2 in like a robot body.
And those trees are too small to be Endor where Kylo Ren is fighting.
Daniel Roche
Daniel Roche - Day ago
They've already established a way to do this in canon, specifically in an episode of Rebels, unfortunately. And the Emperor was heavily involved in that episode.
x570Belmont - Day ago
Rebels already showed Time Travel is possible in limited ways in the Star Wars universe.
Chris - Day ago
Evil ewoks? So...would they be called...evilwoks?
Drunken Assassin
Drunken Assassin - Day ago
MightyMagyarz - Day ago
Time travel happens and suddenly.. "Hello There!" and then all Movie Theaters go crazy.
fu hoo
fu hoo - Day ago
the reason to kill the past is simple: toy profits in part must go to george UNLESS it is a new ip. so fuk r2d2, luke and all the rest so that di$ney can make more. wrap it in feminism and it becomes even more impervious! i kid you not this is exactly what is happening.
Craig Wallace
Craig Wallace - Day ago
one movie I really couldn't care about
nopaincobain72 - Day ago
Pretty new here....why does Rich laugh so fkin hard at mikes jokes.....yeehhh mike is kinda funny...but fkn hell rich.....he AINT DAT FKN FUNNY MATE???
Streamer Minion
Streamer Minion - Day ago
Are the resistance building their own Death Star?
nopaincobain72 - Day ago
Yeeeehhhhh I'm SUPER happy I didn't get too invested in star wars
nopaincobain72 - Day ago
JARJARS son isn't a Spiderman.....he's a spiderCANT......budum tsshhh
Jose Antonio Hurtado
The last season of Star Wars Rebels, introduce time travel, sooo i think we are fucked
bookillee - Day ago
JJ's thought "fuck it, I'll warp time with the energy core from the Death Star in Star Wars." It's so smug a plot it might just be right.
cheyyen - Day ago
they said she repairs the saber, its even shown repaired somewhere
shamlix - Day ago
dont you think jj going to make that rey actually lukes and leias bastard daughter and shell go back to the past (time travel) and be mother of darth vader?
DanTheMan225 - Day ago
7:06 lmfao I couldn't breathe
Franken Stein
Franken Stein - Day ago
Here's my prediction. I will never watch another Star Wars movie.....EVER.
TheBfutgreg - Day ago
At this point it's hard to say if the prequel or sequel trilogy is worse
Niven42 - Day ago
I think that planet is called Hana-kasana-hana.
TheNVSK - Day ago
Bad writers use time travel to fix their problems.
Bryan Gleason
Bryan Gleason - 2 days ago
Im not sure why they don't edit out Rich laughing.
The Ikon Channel
The Ikon Channel - 2 days ago
If they bring back Palpatine as an emaciated corpse with a rotting cowl, it'll be exactly the same thing Doctor Who did with The Master. The year before the original Star Wars was even released.
metalmugen - Day ago
Except The Deadly Assassin was great, kinda destroyed the mysticism of the Time Lords but it's great.
CounterCultureMedia - 2 days ago
I hate jj abrams sons smug entitled face.
Mike - 2 days ago
Sooo the deathstar is horcrux and Palpatine is just hanging around it like a spooky ghost?
Duy Son
Duy Son - 2 days ago
Don't care, won't watch it anyway. Why waste money on something that promised to suck. Slap the bitch in the face once in a while will be the best way to wake her the f up
Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell - 2 days ago
Rey turns out to be Ankins mom
c a.c. n
c a.c. n - 2 days ago
Rey finds some time travel thing and goes back in time and changes her name to Shmi Skywalker dont @ me
BumbleBeeTuna - 2 days ago
They had that time travel story line in Star Wars Rebels. Ezra saved ahsoka from Darth Vader.
Eric Evans
Eric Evans - 2 days ago
I still say that Lucas should have used Legends...
Robinsons Juice
Robinsons Juice - 2 days ago
Time travel in Star Wars is now canon thanks to the world between worlds rebels episode
Just a heads up :)
Wyman Lew
Wyman Lew - 2 days ago
Rey wiggles her nose, nods, then ploink! Time travel!
Father Thomas
Father Thomas - 2 days ago
A long time ago in a non-binary galaxy far far away .....
After Rey womenz and token black guy finn help fight off the horrible straight white non gender fluid Kylo Ren and his army of white manz,
With no training what so ever womenz Rey learned she is now the most powerful jedi in the whole galaxy putting an end to the white rulers. Rey womenz has started training up her own army of non white cis gender weirdo folk in a hope to establish that womenz are strong.
Meanwhile white straight non fluid kylo is back to his old tricks into trying to suppress anyone not straight Male or white.
Womenz Rey has found out about horrible white straight manz kylos plans and has teamed up with transvestite gay binary jar jar binks in a hope to secure peace to the galaxy ...........
TankUni - 2 days ago
JJ Abrams watches this video. Makes frantic call to Disney management; 'I need to do some reshoots ASAP!'
Gregory Sowten
Gregory Sowten - 2 days ago
Those 'jetpack' troopers look more like their on 'broomsticks aka Harry Potter than jetpack's.Hope I'm wrong about that!
Cumberbatch Pepperpot
Cumberbatch Pepperpot - 2 days ago
Luke should show up with a landspeeder that has to generate 1.21 gigawatts so they can save the past
Epic Ward
Epic Ward - 2 days ago
I could go on for hours but, simply put, Rian Johnson and Disney completely destroyed the history, the depth, the meaning, the characters, the values, and even the entertainment value of Star Wars then blamed the fans for not liking it. Thanks Disney.
Brian Carter
Brian Carter - 2 days ago
The power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. Hence Palpatine could survive the Death Star exploding. Also if Leia could fly through empty space, surely Palpatine could, right? He's been chilling in the wreckage of the Death Star for 30 years. Getting better. Working out. etc.
Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman - 2 days ago
-Bring out the schlock. -The schlock is sleeping. -Well, I guess you'll have to wake him up, won't you?
Pepin Nator
Pepin Nator - 2 days ago
Anyone else loves how richard laughs at 29:18
Dave Schilling
Dave Schilling - 2 days ago
It織s gonna be trash
Spyder - 3 days ago
Uh, we have written a, uh, a Spider-Man comic book.
metalmugen - Day ago
It's great, it's gonna be great, fans are great, you're great, great.
Whyavier - 3 days ago
Wait they thought it would be a good idea to give the Batman v Superman writer another massive project?
Rich is correct. This movie is going to be awful.
Milanous - Day ago
He also won an oscar for Argo so I don't think we should count him out
Roger Coh
Roger Coh - 3 days ago
Time travel in Star Wars! Noooo Waaay.
CluelessHack - 3 days ago
reminder that force time-travel was canonized by rebels so this shit is even more likely to happen
Joshua Harrington
Joshua Harrington - 3 days ago
象e's gonna take you back to the past To watch the shity movies that suck ass....
bongo gibbans
bongo gibbans - 3 days ago
As long as it's not depressing like last Jedi I'm in.
Doubleheaded Eagle
Doubleheaded Eagle - 3 days ago
Disney has brought this shit on them selves. I didnt buy the TLJ DVD. For the first time in over 25years. I dont own a Star Wars movie. Sorry Disney you dont get my money.
Jack Macpherson
Jack Macpherson - 3 days ago
Aint it cool news brought me here
Stephanie S
Stephanie S - 3 days ago
Another crybaby channel
Alex Rain
Alex Rain - 3 days ago
Like is not coming back. It will be Rey. Much to our torture
Lange Musik
Lange Musik - 3 days ago
I predict it's gonna suck and if you're gonna go pay for it, it will do nothing but make you angry
Andras Jonas
Andras Jonas - 3 days ago
I love these subtle jokes: you really wrote the mistaken "Bliss" name under the image then later have shown the actual name? LOL. Lando, presumably, sits in the front of the Falcon in a wheelchair. The surpRise of Skywalker...
Matt Allred
Matt Allred - 3 days ago
Problem is Disney doesnt own all the old characters. Thats why they are moving away from all of the old characters. So time travel back to old characters is against everything they are trying to do. They are trying poorly to create new characters but failing unfortunately.
AD BLOCK 4 LIFE - 3 days ago
put down a gray blanket or at LEAST clean that floor lol.
Leah L
Leah L - 3 days ago
Evilwoks is the best idea
tiberiius - 3 days ago
Kotor sounds great for the new trilogy!!
J Davis
J Davis - 3 days ago
"Star Wars is too big to fail!" -- Oh man, *TOO TRUE.* Could be written on the tombstone for Generation X.
Play More
Play More - 4 days ago
Well, I basically just watched the next star wars. It was simultaneously engaging and entertaining as well as deeply, deeply disappointing.
Wait. Is this Star Wars?
Jarred Emanuel
Jarred Emanuel - 4 days ago
They are going to back in time, and prevent Anakin from turning to the dark side.
Joseph DeMille
Joseph DeMille - 4 days ago
Why does Rian Johnson try to imitate George Lucas' voice?
The Cinema Grotesque
The Cinema Grotesque - 4 days ago
I doin't think it's going to be time travel. even in this video if you go to 20:47 you can see the part of Luke's lightsaber that broke in two now has something like a black band on it, as if it's been repaired. Also wee see in TLJ that the new dish had also been knocked off the Falcon on Crait (spelling?) so it'd make sense that they would replace it.
Jason Hyman
Jason Hyman - 4 days ago
I don't get why everyone's so upset on Rey's parents being nobody. Like, do her parents HAVE to be some big important plot thing? I thought the whole idea of her carving out her own place in the galaxy without a legacy was really good and well done.
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