The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Expansion Pass - Nintendo E3 2017

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Pupper - 6 hours ago
master mode trial of the sword makes me cri
Pedro Abel Beltrán Disciplina
Insisto que la nueva dificultad debería de ser gratis.
Por lo demás, el DLC está muy bien.
Фатима Аушева
На гармошке прям по русски
linkloyer - 29 days ago
When will it be the suscription pass in colombia?
Doom Bros
Doom Bros - Month ago
You idiots Nintendo use your bombs idiots🤬
Otacilio Martins
Otacilio Martins - Month ago
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt - Month ago
Well, I mean... it's no Dragonborn, but it'll do. Still, it'd be nice if they'd FULLY break from tradition and give some form of post-game content so it doesn't feel like I'm just blowing off fighting ganon the entire time I'm playing.
BaronBrr - 2 months ago
I wish DLC 2 was an aftergame
Dark Néosis
Dark Néosis - 2 months ago
Hy - Hannnnnn
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez - 2 months ago
Oh my god majoras mask
Xavier Villaluz
Xavier Villaluz - 2 months ago
dlc 2 got the best boss fight in the game
Eirian solum
Eirian solum - 2 months ago
este es solo para los pro
SanQuiSau - 2 months ago
I don’t know why would I buy champions ballad if all I can do is get memories and then loose a one-shooting weapon which causes me to die
Cowgaff - 2 months ago
1:30 that idubbbz tho
Hissing Blaze
Hissing Blaze - 3 months ago
I suggest that in another DLC that you add multipalyer through a champion shrine of ressurection that you have to build post game completeion, this will bring in more profit value, and allow people to play together if you allow it to add multiplayer to the game, the host will be link, while the others would have no armor, and would only use the specified weapon type, Mipha = Spears, Daruk = Two handed Weapons, So on and so forth, please take this into consideration as it is a huge request, or add it to the next (Zelda : Breath Of The Wild) Game / DLC.
Hyperion - 3 months ago
The Special Version of Breath Of The Wild include DLC's?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 3 months ago
doubletallsteve - 3 months ago
2019, anyone?
Teresa Hohle
Teresa Hohle - Month ago
Dohawyth - 2 months ago
doubletallsteve yep
Orson Riven
Orson Riven - 4 months ago
Why would I pay money to play more of this game? I played it and hated the weapon systems durability crap. So every time I think about playing this again, I find another game instead like the far better “windwaker”
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson - 4 months ago
,mkopppp0oi97in ujj
Stormy2468 - 5 months ago
Best part ever
saoud lasry
saoud lasry - 5 months ago
batbro2004 studio's
batbro2004 studio's - 5 months ago
Why wount you make a dlc 3 it's where link travels back 100 years in the past and finds himself in his body before he was taking to the shrine of restriction
ashton hancock
ashton hancock - 6 months ago
Bosses can regenerate now?!
Elizabeth Kennedy
Elizabeth Kennedy - 6 months ago
Nintendo I love you! You added Majoras mask for armor! I wish we had the skull kids stuff
:O - 6 months ago
I want to get it but that island was f-ing hard enough
DonRayPlayz Pate
DonRayPlayz Pate - 6 months ago
give us more content
loz botw is the best
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 6 months ago
DonRayPlayz Pate They aren’t doing anything else with this game. Their work on it is done.
Phjeeteri - 7 months ago
My dad is buying this to me tomorrow!
LucyByTheOcean - 7 months ago
So the Champions Ballad has a seperate trailer but its here anyway..?
LucyByTheOcean - 7 months ago
Rachel Bowman
Rachel Bowman - 7 months ago
Who else gets annoyed when somebody references idubbbz's "I'M GAY" vine and says he's wearing a "green outfit" instead of the tingle outfit
Lasagna Gus
Lasagna Gus - 7 months ago
Patrick Tinsley
Patrick Tinsley - 7 months ago
Nice Work Love Outfits Love Everything about this game
I ❤ link
Falcon_ Eyez_
Falcon_ Eyez_ - 8 months ago
Does this expansion pack have the bike
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 6 months ago
Falcon_ Eyez_ Yes
That One Random Guy27
That One Random Guy27 - 8 months ago
My birthday was 2 days before the master trials came out so it feels like Nintendo gave me a birthday present last year lol
Lucky Wannabe
Lucky Wannabe - 8 months ago
Best DLC ever for $20 added another 15+ hours of gameplay to my game.
Soulish - 9 months ago
how can we make people use more money for Breath of the Wild.
Oh! I know. To make content available specifically on Amiibo.
Wanna ride Epona? Better get the Amiibo. Too bad there sold out everywhere.
Wanna be Sheik? Fierce Deity? Link from Oot?.
Link from WW?.
Link from TP?.
Link from SS?
Wanna have Wolf Link? Better get the Amiibo.
Wanna have Fierce Deity Sword?.
Get the Amiibo.
Too bad there sold out everywhere.
Oh I know let's add DLC!
Wanna have 4 challenging Shrines and more memories and ride a motorcycle? Better get Champion's Ballad DLC.
Wanna have Hard Mode?.
Buy the DLC.
Wanna have a glitchy NS T-Shirt? Buy the DLC.
Wanna have a sword upgraded (Fake Master Sword) that almost killed you when you tried to grab it? Buy the DLC.
Merchantrouge84 - 3 months ago
But breath of the wild has enough content to be called a full game unlike most modern games today.(I agree that master shouldn't be locked to dlc)
Stickman Cartoons
Stickman Cartoons - 8 months ago
Antony Music true
Soulish - 8 months ago
Stickman Cartoons Also almost everything on the game. (Cool stuff) is just on Amiibo and DLC
Soulish - 8 months ago
Stickman Cartoons you don't understand, do you?. Don't you think Nintendo has gone to far? Amiibo and DLC I get it, but just to get more of ZBotw you have to pay a LOT. Botw is a great game. But honestly Nintendo has gone to far.
Stickman Cartoons
Stickman Cartoons - 8 months ago
Antony Music do you know things cost money?
I Nielsen
I Nielsen - 9 months ago
Make a video about the legendary sword
MidNiteDiver B
MidNiteDiver B - 9 months ago
Good job Nintendo! So glad you guys are back on the top with this game
Niko Dutkiewicz
Niko Dutkiewicz - 10 months ago
Why when I beat Ganon the game restarts and I haven't beaten Ganon.
Ground Breaking
Ground Breaking - 10 months ago
Lmao, I bet they made those fourty five floors like building in Minecraft.
elnubnub - 10 months ago
NINTENDO, release a 2d Zelda game like A Link to the Past and ill buy a Switch, I bought a 3DS just to play A Link between Worlds ...
- a 38 years old school gamer
Clara Cheetah!
Clara Cheetah! - 11 months ago
Oh Jesus, I just love this part! 1:52 *~Bobolin Drowns~*
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos - 11 months ago
I just bought this DLC... I'm eager to play it! I love my Nintendo Switch!
Hussein's adventures
Hussein's adventures - 11 months ago
I love the music
jokiu4 - 11 months ago
I could never even beat the beginner trials!
the gaming king
the gaming king - Year ago
Templar 226
Templar 226 - Year ago
Link returns for the Master Sword
Ultimate Gamer 21
Ultimate Gamer 21 - Year ago
Got way too many harts
Gina Castillo
Gina Castillo - Year ago
Anyone who dislike are messed up
Alexander Markwell
Alexander Markwell - Year ago
Actual gameplay footage? Wow!
cheche 1977
cheche 1977 - Year ago
U have that game
Wesley Da Costa
Wesley Da Costa - Year ago
I’m about to get this update
Mystic -
Mystic - - Year ago
dlc pack 3&4 please?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds - 6 months ago
Mystic - Nintendo isn’t going to do anything else with BOTW, their work on it is finished.
Bri White
Bri White - Year ago
i’ve had the DLC for a bit but i’m still too afraid to try out the master mode 😂😂
Tyler Gates
Tyler Gates - Year ago
The Legend of Zelda: More Than a Breath of Eventide Island
That One Memer
That One Memer - Year ago
Trial of the sword = eventide on steroids
The Specter Wolf
The Specter Wolf - Year ago
only 20
Glenn Pressel
Glenn Pressel - Year ago
Trial of the sword was sooo worth it

Even thought the stress it caused shaved off years of my life.
赤Spryzen Edits
赤Spryzen Edits - Year ago
Is Trial of the Sword a separate mode or how does it work? If someone could tell me that would help...
Stickman Cartoons
Stickman Cartoons - 8 months ago
YeBoiMentlegen No, it's a trail of wits. If its ok to say spoilers than keep reading. If you want to experience it yourself, I guess dont read the comment. So the trail of the sword starts when you place the master sword back in its pedestal. You instantly get teleported to a place when you have nothing. No swords, no armor, no food, nothing except your hearts, the divine beasts powers, and the weapons in the rooms. The rules are to beat all the enemies in the room without dying. Keep in mind you can't save. If you die, you start at the beginning. There are 3 trails. I think they are called easy, medium and hard, but I'm not sure. Beat a trail, and it's saved so you dont have to do every trail in one go. There are different resting spots in each trail. Easy has 1 I think, medium has 2, and hard has 3. I'm not really sure though. Once you beat all 3, your master sword gets more health and won't break so easily. Plus the best part is that it glows! Hope that sums it up for you.
totalwar179 - Year ago
When I saw this, I thought Dead Money for Zelda.
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez - Year ago
Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman - Year ago
I can tell I'm gonna have a HARD time on the Trial of the Sword
schakalakadingdong - Year ago
*Nintendo, I love this game! Please look into some of these ideas, for one last (paid?) DLC to keep us challenged and therefore invested even longer:*
Something I believe could be easily applied and really change the dynamic would be a *much smaller inventory* , allowing you to only carry a handful of armors and weapons. Also having less materials with you would mean a little bit more planning on which area you will go to or which fights to pick.
A *thougher economy system* would make it harder for players to buy loads of arrows and materials, really bringing out the survival aspect. A lesser chance of mining valuable loot could tie into that.
*Destructable armor* would add to that too, since you'd have to constantly buy them anew. On top of that, imagine the thrill of losing your Orni armor in the middle of the Hebra mountains, making you rely on warming meals you've been wise enough to cook beforehand!
You could even go so far as to make *fast travel cost rubins or items* , forcing you to think twice if a fast travel is really worth it. The farther you'd want to fast travel, the higher the cost.
Add *infinite recurring quests* from NPCs, who will pay you. These could be monster hunts or material gathering.
And last but not least, since everyone loves Eventide Island, make the *blood moon nights strip you of all inventory items and allow no saving* , so you have to survive the entire night. If you die, you only get a fraction of your equipment back.
I believe these changes would keep up the challenge and make the wait for a sequel so much more endurable. :)
evil puppy
evil puppy - Year ago
Jay M
Jay M - Year ago
I sure hope it's not too many years before we get a sequel to this.
Lucas Awad
Lucas Awad - Year ago
shut up and take my money
Nathan Trinh
Nathan Trinh - Year ago
*Master Mode should be in the game WITHOUT DLC* just like Second Quest, Master Quest, and Hero's Mode from the previous games.
FG Sameer
FG Sameer - Year ago
How much gb does the dlc take up?
Ceci9824 - Year ago
i wish i could play that game i have a shirt of zelda but its only for nintendo and i have xbox
Raistlin Furlong
Raistlin Furlong - Year ago
what song is this anyone know ?
WaitWut? - Year ago
This too hardcore for me!😵
Tomato 64
Tomato 64 - Year ago
im a little bit confused, shortly after DLC pack 1 came out I got the pack, then when dlc pack 2 came out i couldnt afford it at the time, but then the Tuesday after when i opened the game, dlc pack 2 was unlocked even tho i never payed for it, and even my dad didnt get an email.
F.L.A.G - Year ago
Name.of the song of this trailer?
F.L.A.G - Year ago
Monsterkiller 418 thanks!
Monsterkiller 418
Monsterkiller 418 - Year ago
F.L.A.G molduga battle theme
Véro Dehou
Véro Dehou - Year ago
tes nul
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin - Year ago
Nooo i cant get it 😭
Stein Joar Nestgaard
Nintendo sucks. It Suld be fri.
Jack Son
Jack Son - Year ago
It's a shame this didn't sell well so we could have seen the DLC released together, but oh well, they have to spread it out to get more sales, the failure of Zelda was a big problem they needed to recover from-yeah, that's how stupid saying a profitable system was a commercial failure sounds!!
Wes Twan
Wes Twan - Year ago
I wonder just how much does the bird know?
Bobby Junior
Bobby Junior - Year ago
This is it? All of this stuff should have been in an update. Add more to the map and environment, more story line and, let us play as more than one character other than link. Then we'll talk about 20 dollars Nintendo. Your having me pay 1/3 for the game I already bought, except this time your ripping me off.
maria coria
maria coria - Year ago
Come on its DLC nothing to worry about doing the trail
Llamalus - Year ago
So... I know I’m late to this video, but I’m a bit confused. If I were to buy the expansion pass, do I get the DLC packs, or do I have to buy everything separately?
Llamalus - Year ago
Mighty Moku
Mighty Moku - Year ago
Llamalus it’s one expansion pass cost $20 it gets the whole thing you saw on this video just one you don’t have to get more
Alex Bagoly
Alex Bagoly - Year ago
wait so if i buy it now why don't i get to play it?? is it a pre order type thing cuz if it is that makes sense but they didn't say it was??im i stupid and i just don't understand or???
Randwack - Year ago
DLC pack 1 is out right now, but DLC pack 2 is said to be much bigger and will be coming out at the end of the year
YOUSEF - Year ago
Cancer Kid
Cancer Kid - Year ago
...still waiting on the dlc 2 trailer
Argonxx12 1
Argonxx12 1 - Year ago
$20 for the DLC that's cheap.
Meaningless Egg Comics
Can you start master mode with your normal mode save files?
nether221 - Year ago
the master trials part 2, do you get your items back or not?
King Beez
King Beez - Year ago
Mfw i found out this isn't dlc pack 2
Angel Zelaya
Angel Zelaya - Year ago
I wonder how they are going to pull of the Champions Ballad, either you experience it in third person as Link, or you are the Champion and you go through whatever they did, I hope its the second one.
TheGoldminor - Year ago
It be nice if ninty returns the favor for bethesda by adding a dovahkiin costume for link.
Legion Entertainment
EA & Activision: Expansion Pack =DLC=MONEY
Nintendo: Expansion Pack= Happy Fans
Emaad Hasan
Emaad Hasan - Year ago
Can't wait for Champions Ballad in December!
Zack Gazer
Zack Gazer - Year ago
BR huehuehu!
Chris Brodie
Chris Brodie - Year ago
i watched th is like 10 time AND I HAVE THE DLC XD
I’ve never been this excited for DLC
Alexandre Gaming
Alexandre Gaming - Year ago

Why Y U Make it Free!
claudia anghel
claudia anghel - Year ago
ma che
Jordy Beltre
Jordy Beltre - Year ago
WoW que guapo
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