Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition - Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019

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treepizzle - 9 hours ago
Ill probably buy this on ps4 and switch.That portability man!
Sally Sal
Sally Sal - 18 hours ago
And new story content? Wowww
Elb Vidya
Elb Vidya - 2 days ago
Man, I played the game for 65 hours and... 'beat it' (you know what I mean), but for some reason I want to play it again already. I will play it with Japanese audio this time!!!
Ultimax - 3 days ago
Lol I just bought it for my PS4 dammit
Jelai Okami
Jelai Okami - 3 days ago
I love nintendo company and their consoles
Beno C
Beno C - 4 days ago
the thumbnail looks like 17
Kojote - 7 days ago
All you peeps that were waiting for the Switch version. Buy new if you can. Square was talking about maybe not bringing DQ to the west anymore if sales dont reach a reasonable number. Dragon Quest is still pretty niche over here in the western hemisphere.
SorrowsHeelTurn - 8 days ago
I really hope the definitive edition extras are released to ps4 gamers like world of final fantasy.
Jay Fran
Jay Fran - 11 days ago
About time switch starts pushing non posh indie titles
Aquanara Boa
Aquanara Boa - 11 days ago
Nera 💙
This Guy
This Guy - 11 days ago
Is this version going to have post game/part 2?(I don't want to give out to much information because of spoilers.) I really do hope this version does have post game/part 2 in it. Then it would truly be the definitive edition
Genocidechaos - 10 days ago
Yeah. It has extra scenes as well. Hence the definite edition
Grown Kiddin
Grown Kiddin - 12 days ago
Okay it's decided - I am buying this. Come to think of it, it's been far too long since I've fallen in love with a good turn-based RPG adventure.
Challenge - 12 days ago
Im so happy I waited
Ricardo Carreon
Ricardo Carreon - 13 days ago
The S stands for Sorry, but thank you for beta testing PS4 owners.
Gadolium Nitrogen
Gadolium Nitrogen - 15 days ago
wait this game is popular?? The whole time I thought I was playing a cool game that no one knew...(this was in 2014)
TheGoldminor - 14 days ago
Mostly in japan, perhaps it's too popular there that people will literally play hookie to get a copy or even leave work entirely for it....including the boss.
GamingByteTv - 16 days ago
Bought this day one on PS4 and adored it and will probably end up doing the same on Switch.
BerzerkD monkeY
BerzerkD monkeY - 16 days ago
Now we know what Thanos did between Infinity War and Endgame.
Nurse Belle
Nurse Belle - 17 days ago
Don’t censor anything and add some character customization and this game will be 11/10
TonyKanameKuran - 17 days ago
Nintendo is not Sony, Belle.
Nurse Belle
Nurse Belle - 17 days ago
Now bring over 8 to the switch pleaaasse and thank you
TonyKanameKuran - 17 days ago
Ask Square Enix first.
guilda20110211 - 20 days ago
Oh, English version also has Japanese VA!!!
Astrea - 20 days ago
💗 Puff-puff 💗 💗 Puff-puff 💗
David Jones
David Jones - 22 days ago
I would have bought this version instead of the ps4 but too late brah unless it comes with new game +
KahunaCilver - 21 day ago
David Jones this version has way more content.
DragonHeart613 - 22 days ago
0:01 = "There are RPGs and than there's Dragon Quest"
There are RPGs and than there's FINAL FANTASY PERIOD!!!!!!! Dragon Quest might define the genre in Japan but to the rest of the entire planet, it's Final Fantasy that not only defines the RPG genre like no other but is also a bonafide timeless pop culture icon whereas Dragon Quest is just another popular title!!!!!!!
Genocidechaos - 18 days ago
Try the game out. Both franchises are really good.
TonyKanameKuran - 19 days ago
Shut up, Meg.
2477daysaweek - 22 days ago
im geting me a switch just for this game with out this franchise i would not be a gamer with the ability to switch to 16 bit graphics its a must buy i have already spent at lest 400 hours on on the PS4 release
Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams - 23 days ago
Just finished this 100% today on PC, and was looking up some DQ news for the future. I didn't realise it was coming to Switch (I have one) with these extra features. Guess that's more money to spend and another 100 hours to put aside hahaha.
TonyKanameKuran - 22 days ago
When Fall arrives, I'm sure you're gonna love XI S Definitive Edition.
Luliby - 23 days ago
The amount of choice this gives you is awesome. You can have the new 3D look, or you can go back to an old school 2D one! You can have it in English or Japanese. Giving so much freedom to players is a great move. Good job.
Happy Slap Comedy
Happy Slap Comedy - 24 days ago
english audio all the way im no filthy neckbearded weeaboo!
Tokenetta - 24 days ago
There's pre purchase then there's post purchase with more content. Damn, I got robbed.
Sirmi98 - 24 days ago
So i can play the game in 16bits🤯🤯
Sirmi98 - 23 days ago
+TonyKanameKuran 🤣🤣🤟
TonyKanameKuran - 23 days ago
Now you're playing with power... *SUPER POWER!*
40link - 25 days ago
I feel bad for plastaion people the switch has lots more feacture
40link - 25 days ago
Who is also geting this i am geting this
Ramon Cruz
Ramon Cruz - 25 days ago
Already played it on PS4 but can’t wait to get it again on Switch already have nostalgia watching this
Lloyd Duff
Lloyd Duff - 27 days ago
This game looks HARD CORE. I'm def getting this. Screw the PS4 insult. The PS4 version belongs with the weeds and I don't mean the smoking kind either. If someone got me a PS4 It will be me putting it on a bridge and "so they got me this to play an beta version of the better version. I will def(pushes PS4 over onto concrete with a SMASH) "CONSIDER IT"
Lloyd Duff
Lloyd Duff - 17 days ago
Tony I knew Nintendo would come up roses. But they have outdid themselves here giving us the best version
TonyKanameKuran - 27 days ago
A... to the... men, brother! The anticipation for the definitive version of Dragon Quest XI S is indeed worth it... and more.
Zoeintjie - 29 days ago
It looks amazing😱
Chloe the lucario
Chloe the lucario - Month ago
Never heard about this game...Should I play it
Lloyd Duff
Lloyd Duff - 27 days ago
That depends on how much you enjoy JRPGS
TonyKanameKuran - 29 days ago
+Chloe the lucario Affirmative... yes, that is.
Chloe the lucario
Chloe the lucario - 29 days ago
+TonyKanameKuran is it a JRPG
TonyKanameKuran - 29 days ago
Heck yeah!!!
satyanarayan Varma
satyanarayan Varma - Month ago
TV in
tarquinnff3 - Month ago
0:17 The Mana Tree.
Joriane Simpson
Joriane Simpson - Month ago
2:17 it's how i will feel when i'll have it on my switch.
ThePerrperr - Month ago
i've been meaning to get this game and now i'm glad i waited.
TheWhiteFang284 - Month ago
So switch gets orchestra and pixel version but PS4 and PC don't?
Lloyd Duff
Lloyd Duff - 27 days ago
I THINK Square enix got fed up of being asked endlessly about the switch version so they allowed Nintendo to bring us the game and I'm glad they did
TonyKanameKuran - 29 days ago
Published (in North America and Europe) by Nintendo.
DerCaine - Month ago
I never played a Dragon quest game. But this looks really good!
Aegritudo - Month ago
Please make an DLC for us PS4 T.T I just can't re-buy the same game for the orchestra and the 2D mode. Not fair.
Lloyd Duff
Lloyd Duff - 27 days ago
well put Tony I couldn't had said it better myself. And why is this person bitching and moaning when DQ11 came out for the PS4 and PC they didn't care about the fact Switch owners missed out and that BS was not fair. So goth gal you got what you got so PUT UP AND SHUT UP
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Life isn't fair. Nintendo funds Square Enix in making the definitive Edition *EXCLUSIVELY* on the Switch. You have no choice but to buy the definitive version and the Switch. Otherwise, stay salty for the rest of your inferior existence. Get N or get out!
Sergio M
Sergio M - Month ago
Más allá de los gráficos que versión es mejor, PS4 o Switch?
phoenixfireblazer - Month ago
I am so excited for this DQIX was my favourite game for the DS!
lightsarelow - Month ago
So glad to see Trunks living his best life in this timeline lol.
Juan Alvarado
Juan Alvarado - Month ago
Not sure if I should get it now on the PS4 for 25.99 or on the switch for 59.99....😪 world conondrums
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
I prefer the Switch Definitive Edition because it has more features that the PS4 original sorely lacks.
Lima Neris
Lima Neris - Month ago
Bring a full voiced main hero or keep it ;)
Lima Neris
Lima Neris - 27 days ago
+Lloyd Duff *GEEZ Dramaqueen* - There are plenty RPGs worth playing so don't talk nonsense, moron ;)
Lloyd Duff
Lloyd Duff - 27 days ago
GEEZ you wont be playing RPGS for a very long time on that request
Goose Man
Goose Man - Month ago
If this is really Nintendo's Youtube page,you should bring all of the main game dragon quest games to the switch.but if you do remake them in 6 put back the beast-master class system from the snes into it.that system seems to be better then the all slime one the ds remakes had.
ElSAVALDORfunes - Month ago
Ask square enix in theirs tweeter or webpage
VP Perf
VP Perf - Month ago
“If you want, you can switch between the original audio and the new one...”
Who is going to use the original audio? That was the biggest gripe about the original release...
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Fully orchestrated > MIDI
Epicurus - Month ago
Why is this game turn based?
Shi The Uchiha
Shi The Uchiha - Month ago
Because dragon quest is a series that stay the same, just like pokemon
ElSAVALDORfunes - Month ago
We still need 3ds version I don't want to homebrew my 3ds
Lloyd Duff
Lloyd Duff - 27 days ago
that depends if he can read Kanja because I don't think it's in englsih
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Buy the Japanese import for your 3DS.
Mr. Oats
Mr. Oats - Month ago
**Internal Screaming**
Seín2000 - Month ago
This games is right now at Ps4 at $30 with the deluxe edition :v
BaddieUniverse - Month ago
But it's still the defective version lmao. This is the best version hands down with more content. Not even close.
Omega Squad
Omega Squad - Month ago
i bought it for ps4 and pc. played on both systems to 100%. and now the third on switch. i love dragon quest. my fav rpg series.
fluffsnake - Month ago
I remember Masashi Kishimoto was a huge fan of the series, I wonder what he thinks of this game
NK - Month ago
My first DQ game was actually dragon quest biulders, soooo i guess ilI'm still technicaly nee to what this is about..
Anyways i just want to know who's great idea was it to put happy faces on the slimes?? lol. Its hilarious..
TMW001 - Month ago
Plan to buy this bad boy not only for all the amazing extras but to further support DQ in the west and for Nintendo.
Joseph Matthew
Joseph Matthew - Month ago
Great all we need now is to be able to change the party leader and play as someone else !
Florian Abbate
Florian Abbate - Month ago
Why Pokemon Sword and Shield doesn't look like that game?
Florian Abbate
Florian Abbate - Month ago
+Mr. Oats ⬆️ 100% True! ✔️ I think that all the fans wanted is Breath of the Pokémon if you know what I mean, a true open world RPG with new graphics and new mechanics of gameplay like Zelda did... Unfortunately they're not ready to reach the next level 😞
ElSAVALDORfunes - Month ago
Even yokai watch looks way better
Mr. Oats
Mr. Oats - Month ago
Basically game freak need to stop relying on the old format and actually try something different. Like Dragon Quest 11 clearly has. (I don't why game freak added random encounters back in when they took them out in the let's go games. It was amazing and they should have kept it!)
The Creeper
The Creeper - Month ago
So now I have to get a Switch just for a few extra stories? You suck and I hate you.
The Creeper
The Creeper - Month ago
+Ryder Barton Well sorry for liking something and wanting more.
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton - Month ago
The Creeper your Expectations went too high.
THE_fals Joestar
THE_fals Joestar - Month ago
Kat Odonnell
Kat Odonnell - Month ago
Wish we had the 3ds version
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
The 3DS is dead, Kid. It's over.
Snorlaxation - Month ago
So, should I sell/return the ps4 version I bought but still haven't opened and wait for this version?
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
+Snorlaxation I believe that you must wait for the definitive version for your Switch.
Snorlaxation - Month ago
+TonyKanameKuran I mean, if there's More content (this extra character focus story stuff it mentioned? )
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
It's up to you.
Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish - Month ago
I really hope these features will be coming to the original version of the game, be it free updates or a paid one, I don't care. I got the PC version for half off recently and I feel like it would be a poor business choice to just not allow the other versions to have access to this content... especially the story oriented content
Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish - Month ago
+TonyKanameKuran Well I modded in the orchestrated soundtrack so that's fine, I just wish and hope the other content and soundtrack will eventually make it's way to all platforms. Kind of slap in the face if to the other buyers if they don't
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Sorry... but Square Enix gets paid by Nintendo for all these exclusive features your PC version sorely lacks... especially new stories and a fully orchestrated soundtrack.
Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish - Month ago
Also, I've never played a DQ game before and WOW was I missing out! This game is fantastic! I'm not even big on turn-based RPGs
Jabes Gonzales
Jabes Gonzales - Month ago
I started Dragon Quest VI yesterday. I don't know but I think I liked it. I just rediscover my old DS on our storage and still working. After this, I play this new
Frostare - Month ago
Ouch, you started with a hard one. I love the universe in DQ6, though
R0b L
R0b L - Month ago
I really want a dragon quest coop game 😭
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
You've come to the wrong place, Bobby.
Jack Black
Jack Black - Month ago
Cant wait to play this i played the orginal on gameboy. If im right. This is a must buy no matter what
DuhSnafu - Month ago
Bought it on PC. Excellent JRPG.
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
That's good to hear. Looking forward to XI S: Definitive Edition for your Switch?
DuhSnafu - Month ago
+Nodto Modley Yes. As I mentioned, I have bought it already.
Nodto Modley
Nodto Modley - Month ago
Dragon Quest 11 is already on PC.
Padrinosky - Month ago
Loved this game so much. The characters, the story are magnificent. I'm glad it is coming to the switch so more get to play it. I'm probably going to buy it a second time just for the sake of collecting it.
3ngag3 - Month ago
Sees Dragon Quest for Switch

Sees that it's not Dragon Quest Online

Closes video
ElSAVALDORfunes - Month ago
This is better not paying online subscription
ahums16 - Month ago
It comes out this fall yet it already has my money.
I own Dragon Quest XI on my PC, I'm 94 hours into my first playthrough. It's absolutely fantastic.
Check out Tim Rogers' review of it, published on Kotaku's channel. It's what both made me aware of the game's existence and made me pre-order it five days short of it's Western release, and I don't pre-order anything.
Oliver Dalton
Oliver Dalton - Month ago
I'm getting a switch now
Luis Pro
Luis Pro - Month ago
Please in 3ds and 2ds XL
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Japan *ONLY*
Derek Chen
Derek Chen - Month ago
can you edit how your character looks?
joblagz - Month ago
please release the japanese voice and 16bit mode on steam.
Kaedo - Month ago
Man now I wish I didn't buy it for the PS4
Jeff Perteet
Jeff Perteet - Month ago
Need this in my life today!
Kevin Dougherty
Kevin Dougherty - Month ago
I’ve never played a dragon quest, will this game’s story heavily rely on past games?
Kevin Dougherty
Kevin Dougherty - Month ago
Rubis Hiroto Thanks
Rubis Hiroto
Rubis Hiroto - Month ago
ElSAVALDORfunes - Month ago
Bring 3ds best sold version in the motherland
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Sorry... but the 3DS version is available *ONLY* in Japan.
Dj11211 - Month ago
I literally just bought this for my ps4........😐😔
Mightymaxter 8
Mightymaxter 8 - Month ago
Can I start with this Game if I have never played the series before?
ff3player - Month ago
Yes you can
Mohamed hussein
Mohamed hussein - Month ago
I understand that having an original orchestral music as well as 16 bit mode is exclusive, but adding more story content exclusive to switch is unfair. Square should make any added story content available for PS & PC.
sakon10 - Month ago
Nintendo is covering the publishing cost so maybe they worked out a deal with Square Enix for some exclusive content and you know companies dont give a crap about the consumer.
PalPlays - Month ago
I still think that the animation looks like it's from Shrek...
PalPlays - Month ago
+ElSAVALDORfunes Sigh. It's his art, not his animations. They didn't bring him on to make the animations for this game, and I am not quite certain you are paying full attention to your own responses. My point about Shrek is that the animations from this are very clearly keyframed, and _like_ that film, the animators restrict movement to the in-betweens of every pose. Characters almost freeze when they reach a pose, making the movement appear stiff.
ElSAVALDORfunes - Month ago
+PalPlays well is his art and his animations go play previous DQ games, its nothing related to shrek
PalPlays - Month ago
+ElSAVALDORfunes The art is from Dragon Ball and Akira Toriyama, but the animation looks like it's from Shrek.
ElSAVALDORfunes - Month ago
It's from dragon ball
rya ajrob
rya ajrob - Month ago
Can we change MCs looks? I hate long hairs on my male characters, sorry.
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Scott Stapp
Scott Stapp - Month ago
Red dead update looks cool
IREDxINatiON - Month ago
Such an awesome game! From beginning to end holy cow!
Jo King
Jo King - Month ago
Fully Orchestrated is the best.
Jordi - Month ago
Always wanted to plats dragon Quest... Is this One a Good One to start with?
ff3player - Month ago
Yes it is
Teremei - Month ago
that overworld travel music is going to sound much much better being orchestrated.
Nanaki - Month ago
Hope ps4 get that update.
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
You'll just have to ask Nintendo first, port beggar.
Vando Nick
Vando Nick - Month ago
The best game of Square enix in lastest years....
mushy - Month ago
I already played this on top of the line PC but I'm buying this again. A CE & digital version.
If you play a lot of JRPGs I highly suggest playing with harder monsters turned on. The games a bit too easy without it
edwin pumperknickle
edwin pumperknickle - Month ago
yet another game that i already sunk hours into on console. gonna be a pass from me yet again. havent dusted off my switch in a long time. its basically a damn port machine at this rate. whats next? fallout 3? wow amazing.
BaddieUniverse - Month ago
You played the inferior version lmao. ALSO, they are getting ports cause the switch didnt exist while these games were being launched. Plenty new stuff will come on 2019. Astral Chain looks great. Your negativity is not needed, thank you.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - Month ago
So since you can play in 8bit and there’s Japanese voices, will parts of previous DQ be playable like in the Japanese version of XI?
TonyKanameKuran - Month ago
Brucie... it's *16-BIT* Have you ever seen a Dragon Quest game on the Super NES?
Bblurre - Month ago
they definitely made it unique for the switch
Bio Silva
Bio Silva - Month ago
Japanese dub?
Alex Schmidt
Alex Schmidt - Month ago
Fyi DQ is one of the best series ever! I was introduced by DQ Builders and have been loving the new DQ. Definitely getting this also on my switch with DQ Builders 2
Jude Shotwell
Jude Shotwell - Month ago
and we thought new super mario bros u deluxe was a long title
Charda Eben Haezer
Charda Eben Haezer - Month ago
Finally, something worthy!
sizzlingsamurai23 - Month ago
There are RPGs, and then there's *Dragon Quest,* the series that defined the genre.
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