"White People Can't March" - Trevor Noah - (There's A Gupta On My Stoep)

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Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah - 27 days ago
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chris bogan
chris bogan - 2 days ago
Sydney Fanani i hope his plane gets hijacked and his half breed ass gets raped
chris bogan
chris bogan - 2 days ago
Qawe Appolus and black people can? No they cant.
chris bogan
chris bogan - 2 days ago
Klaus Hoxha someone needs to kill africans again and show them whose boss. Yea i said it...wygd? NOTHING THATS WHAT
chris bogan
chris bogan - 2 days ago
thehoneydeev Are you seriously that retarded racism is racism you can put whatever prefix or suffix you wanted the front or back of the word but the fact is that hes a racist
chris bogan
chris bogan - 2 days ago
Rosemary Williams no black people cant swim. Nor can they go five seconds of being in nature without wimping out when they see bugs or wild animals like snakes or rabbits. Almost ALL black people are city slickers and wouldn't last 4 minutes in MY stomping grounds.
penexupifo namwandi
penexupifo namwandi - 3 hours ago
Oh my goodness the lady in the background her laugh is everything😂😂😂
My notifications ? - don't werk.
yo,' ብ|gᏀይг !!! wh0 the FㄩㄈҞ are ҽᏔع to teII МЕ what l can aηd can't d0...e@t $Н|Ț, пıوGદя !!!!!!!
Senpai Saibot
Senpai Saibot - 17 hours ago
3:00 thats a really cool protest chant, is there a video of it with them in public
?Mr, E?
?Mr, E? - 20 hours ago
You are a Racist P.OS Trevor also have you looked in the mirror man you are white with a little tan
Sacred Atheist
Sacred Atheist - 21 hour ago
Somebody shoot the stupid cunt laughing and put us out of our misery.
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres - Day ago
This hack should stick to what he does best ......... Nothing.!!!!
A G - Day ago
I wonder how a white guy and his "Black people can't...." would work out. Some liberals make me want to go full Trump sometimes
R P - Day ago
Black people cant swim
The Duke
The Duke - Day ago
Let's be honest, when white people march, it never really ends well for anyone.
soapyshoe - 2 days ago
Racism isnt comedy bro...
Fred Midtgaard
Fred Midtgaard - 2 days ago
Thank God for peaceful East Africa where this racism is not there. We just work together.
It's BeeRay
It's BeeRay - 2 days ago
But who's that laughing like a cartoon in the background?
Gumardee coins and banknotes
Someone needs to watch a Nazi or Commie film lol.
Cor Rautenbach
Cor Rautenbach - 3 days ago
It should not take you very long to figure out he's talking about a protest march, not a military march.
gtrfxdude - 3 days ago
European Americans are not white....paper is white....snowflakes are white. African Americans don't like to be called "black"...please use a less offencive term when referring to European Americans.
DeeJ Deckard
DeeJ Deckard - 3 days ago
He's barely brown. Matthew Perry lookin bitch!!!🤣
Abhinav Jain
Abhinav Jain - 3 days ago
As amazing as Trevor Noah always is, I still don't understand why Gupta's have a Stoep?
Mish Shubeti
Mish Shubeti - 3 days ago
The movie "there's a zulu on my stoep" and this is "there's a gupta on my stoep". Get it?
Larry Ballenger
Larry Ballenger - 4 days ago
You are a stupid Pi's cocksucker commie trash motherfucker fit to hanged horsewhipped and burnt how's that for skin tone you puke motherfucking left wing POS!
1-in-Billion - 4 days ago
Robair - 4 days ago
Fuc& Trevor....
Metrix - 4 days ago
German army in 1940: Am i a joke to you?
Timothy Farrand
Timothy Farrand - 4 days ago
Trevor Noah is a known racist
CyanCyborg - 4 days ago
I'm legit moving and jiving around in my chair, I see what he means.
Antifa Hood Ornament's Mom
Whites are the only people keeping you out of chains.
Ollie Tabooger
Ollie Tabooger - 5 days ago
Eh. Mediocre
Sea - 5 days ago
Towards the end it became hitler
tintuu - 5 days ago
Is there any white that hit the thumbs up in the video? lol
Scott McCormack
Scott McCormack - 5 days ago
Dude is a bigot
Mark Ongchangco
Mark Ongchangco - 6 days ago
For the longest time I couldn't put my finger on why your version of "Zuma must go" chant sounds so familiar. I finally figured it out. It fits the cadence of Michael Jackson's "They dont care about us (Brazil version)"
Rene S
Rene S - 6 days ago
I need to now watch both marches, lol
Dian Lyrach
Dian Lyrach - 6 days ago
Bless the lady who laughed so hard.. 😂😂
Fat Ass
Fat Ass - 6 days ago
A South African talking about race. How’s it going over there? Fuck you Trevor.
Lakiiza Rungi
Lakiiza Rungi - 6 days ago
Heheheeee did they only arrive just now? in that Zuma accent…am deceased!!
Marty G
Marty G - 6 days ago
What a waste of time
Marty G
Marty G - 6 days ago
I say go to hell ya fing racist mother fers. All of you drags on my great country can get the hell out.
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd - 6 days ago
Trevor, Trevor, Trevor, Please don't do that thing where the person asks for the viewers to hit the like button and subscribe at the end of every single video !!! When people do that it's soooo irritating and it would be the last thing I do !

Trevor If you have great videos people will do both BUT constantly asking people to do it is the worst !!! I really want to subscribe to this channel BUT now I can't !!!
yo 311
yo 311 - 7 days ago
Trump 2020.
yo 311
yo 311 - 7 days ago
Trump 2020
Pynksy Shell
Pynksy Shell - 7 days ago
Oh, Gosh Trevor is just amazing. I am from Mozambique and I remember when he started and everyone in Maputo was talking about him. And people were going to SA to watch him. I started to follow him and my hubby too. Now we are in Canada and we went to see him live in Vancouver. Eixx yahhh... Nikhombela Distras wenna. Super dope... Congrats dear African Man. You are showing that Black African Man can be very funny but most of all Smart, Articulate, Intelligent and can make the Brain-Work. Very happy for you Trevor.
Derek Jay
Derek Jay - 7 days ago
Hahaha white people getting slaughtered on their farmlands in South Africa. Hahaha hillarious that you will never mention this Trevor, you coward. But hahahaha it's too much. Hahaha
LiveErrors - 7 days ago
White people cant march? Uhh military
Sora Noize
Sora Noize - 7 days ago
No one gonna talk about the gap before the stage?
Nandu Chandran
Nandu Chandran - 7 days ago
Took off the left earphone..😂
Chuck Solutions
Chuck Solutions - 7 days ago
Trevor Noah, you suck.
XanderRcage - 7 days ago
the jacket of the "cool" people is an ac indoor comedy event in june...........the pandering is gnar
MR - 7 days ago
More sad race jokes. Come up with something original. And besides it's not even funny. White people can't march, well they seemed to march well in the both world wars and honestly what army in history marched better than Hitler's. Not to mention how ignorant it is to talk about another race. By doing so you have become the racists you hate. Grow up. Race doesn't matter and if it does you are a loser.
rtgr - 7 days ago
In SA white farmers are getting murdered by gangs hired by the black government
Watch’n Relax
Watch’n Relax - 7 days ago
Any one can hear that laughing voice at 0:26
Machong Horam
Machong Horam - 7 days ago
0:30 that women's laugh is racist 😂
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