True Insane Neighbor Horror Story Animated

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Wansee Entertainment
Wansee Entertainment - 4 months ago
Narrated by Nightmarish Tales :
HiggoGaming - 25 days ago
Why didn't you or Nightmarish tales credit Mr nightmare from his 5 creepy-ass true stories video
KTM lover
KTM lover - 2 months ago
TheCrippledNinja - 3 months ago
@Matthew Hackett actually it's a Reddit story puplished 6years ago 😂🤧
Matthew Hackett
Matthew Hackett - 3 months ago
Wansee Entertainment No this is Mr Nightmare’s original story you both stole it lol
TheCrippledNinja - 3 months ago
U got this from Reddit didn't u?
l dark gamer
l dark gamer - 3 days ago
What was her 💩💩💩💩
Bïg Bōî
Bïg Bōî - 5 days ago
1:57 u shuld lock ur. Door at nite
Damani Boysaw
Damani Boysaw - 7 days ago
Retaliator _
Retaliator _ - 9 days ago
He did have his door locked, she broke in using the power drill she literally had in her hand.
Fancy Gladiator
Fancy Gladiator - 11 days ago
Moral of the freaking storyyyy

10cK tHE d4ng d00r thank you 😊
Jade Bruh
Jade Bruh - 13 days ago
He said there's dog shit everywhere no dog tho 🤣🤣
Haley Goodwin
Haley Goodwin - 14 days ago
Okay, if the neighbor did what this lady did, by breaking in, I would have called the cops; because her breaking in, would have been the Final Straw.
Ngan Dinh
Ngan Dinh - 17 days ago
She was holding a fucking power
An Ne
An Ne - 18 days ago
At least there was a happy ending
idonthaveaname - 18 days ago
Isn't it Davie504's voice??
Paola Gonzalez
Paola Gonzalez - 18 days ago
3:06 I guess he did number two
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez - 19 days ago
Didn't you got this from Mr Nightmare
Ziad Khaled
Ziad Khaled - 20 days ago
"At this stage I'm basically shitting myself" LMAO
Sueee Zy
Sueee Zy - 24 days ago
He has a girlfriend god Dammit*
Go Gaming
Go Gaming - 26 days ago
Nobody is really about to realize that this story was copied off of mr nightmares first video

Don’t believe me? Go to mr nightmares YouTube channel and go to his oldest video. There are 5 stories in that video skip to the third story in that video and there is your proof
Hyper Roll
Hyper Roll - Month ago
this is from mr.nightmare it's better bc it's animated
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - Month ago
Oh heck no ! poor doge why ?
Fascinating Horror
Fascinating Horror - Month ago
In a city you live your entire life surrounded by other people. You forget how close they are, but they're there. Just on the other side of the wall. Maybe close enough that you could touch them if it wasn't for that thin layer of brick and plaster. I've always found that terribly creepy...
Steven Mills
Steven Mills - Month ago
Moral of the story ;
If someone comes up in your house, and stares at you when you're asleep, or is chillin behind your couch - Beat the living SHIT out of them, and ask who is was after they can't move no more.
Simsin - Month ago
im sorry for her
philip kiage
philip kiage - Month ago
Its impressive how u make videos fast unlike some animated horror called thriller Teller, good job wansee
disasterology !
disasterology ! - Month ago
maybe she's talking to jesus
Hanisha Toor
Hanisha Toor - Month ago
*lOck yOuR d0Ors Ya dUmB sHiTs!*
Zie Tisdale
Zie Tisdale - Month ago
dog shit but no dog?!?!?!
Senexe - Month ago
Good high quality video without ads in the middle!
Continue doing this stuff and your channel is gonna explode
The Kid
The Kid - Month ago
I kept reminding myself that my neighbors would never do anything crazy
Ahmed Ismail
Ahmed Ismail - Month ago
Fuck this is creepy
christian Gange
christian Gange - Month ago
Bijaya Bikram Shah
Bijaya Bikram Shah - Month ago
Is that her shit
Bijaya Bikram Shah
Bijaya Bikram Shah - Month ago
What the heck dog shit but no dog
Marbella Jasso
Marbella Jasso - Month ago
*dog shit and cockroaches*
Me: 😂😂😂😂😂
Miss Cait
Miss Cait - Month ago
I can assure you, we Christians on average DO NOT act like this...
Nalaiah Branch
Nalaiah Branch - Month ago
1:08 💀💀
Fungstion Style
Fungstion Style - Month ago
Patricia Johnson
Patricia Johnson - Month ago
Guy. I'm crapping myself!
Pamzxs - Month ago
This is the story from mr nightmares first vid
missbeautifulstorm Esther Benita
I really want to say my opinion on your channel...everything is good...the storiessssss......the animation.....and yes of course the narration....only thing is....please...improve your volume...coz certain videos are really worse
Preet Rathod
Preet Rathod - Month ago
1:46 Isn't that what chandlers roommate did?!
LittleKittyLover :3
LittleKittyLover :3 - Month ago
You spelt neighbour wrong
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