Fishing ASMR: Induce Dreams of Fishing

Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Year ago
LOVE these reactions guys 😂😂 keep ‘em coming! My suggestion to anyone who hasn’t heard of ASMR is do a quick YouTube search, watch one video, then come back and watch this one and see what you think 😂
christina jones
christina jones - Year ago
Hahahahaha. I love you guys. Such lovely familiar sounds to fall asleep to. Bestest ASMR ever!!! Please loop it for an hour of great sound. 🤩🤩🤩🤓😎😜🤪😝🤯🤯
Hopeless Gaming
Hopeless Gaming - Year ago
Senko Skipper you know what annoys SO MUCH IN THE WINTER.... The cold tempatures and fucking school 😭😭😭
Benjamin Hsu
Benjamin Hsu - 2 months ago
This is awesome!! What gets me is the little bell I set at the top of my rod. I had a three hour kingfish run where it would ring every five minutes. Most fun day ever. No giant big fish. But about 30 little ones. Now I hear that bell in my sleep!!
MagicLars15 - 8 months ago
Oof, stop making the sounds so fast!!!! Slow sounds! Slow sounds, man!
first name last name
first name last name - 10 months ago
Rattle that damn lure ONE MORE TIME and im going to eat it
AJ 1
AJ 1 - 10 months ago
This is interesting
j.m Chen
j.m Chen - Year ago
pls more i fishing too and this is so chill
-gamer boy2007-
-gamer boy2007- - Year ago
*i woke up trying to set the hook and was sad that it was a dream.*
The Fisherman
The Fisherman - Year ago
I watch this video 30 times 😐💜
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Year ago
Air God
Air God - Year ago
Dawson Fayard
Dawson Fayard - Year ago
No stop I can’t watch you anymore I’m sorry man
Bud Rollin
Bud Rollin - Year ago
Dig the "Jaws" theme with the lure!
Matthew Pettes
Matthew Pettes - Year ago
Y’all are weird
fortnite epic Squad TV
What is this about
Dillan Suon
Dillan Suon - Year ago
plz dont do this again this is bad
Kentucky Fisherman
Kentucky Fisherman - Year ago
This gave me nightmares. I lost all the fish I hooked and all the rigs I used. I have no bait or hooks. And now jaws is coming after me. HELP!
Galaxy Hope
Galaxy Hope - Year ago
Before you all trash this, educated yourself first on ASMR,
Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia and may overlap with frisson.
Most of everyone had experienced this at several times in their life without evening realizing it. Most commonly while getting a hair cut at the salon or barber.
These videos were created to help those with sleep disorders or anxiety. They are meant to relax with and ease stress. This is not sexual as some mistake this to be, it is not a fetish. It benefits some for mental health or to sleep easier at night. And it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, if you don’t like it, there’s other methods of relaxing or simply change the channel.
Marcus Thatch
Marcus Thatch - Year ago
LOL to funny! But next time let Erin do the whispering. :)
Pygmy Puff
Pygmy Puff - Year ago
I don't see why people hate this. I'm new, but this was nice. Keep it up or better yet start an ASMR channel. :)
tsma79 - Year ago
Just saw the thumbnail and laughed hard cause of the genius.....then last night dreamed a big one got hooked, sank the john boat, lost all the gear, got to the hill saved the boat, then suprisedly with rod still in hand started reeling and eventually pulled in a big one...
Damian Owens
Damian Owens - Year ago
Was it class A's you were using that day if so can you send me the link where I can get some! 🤪🤯🤩☻😍💊💊💊
Christian Bertok
Christian Bertok - Year ago
Nathan Ring
Nathan Ring - Year ago
Wow. No words 😂
Rabill Madarboccus
Rabill Madarboccus - Year ago
Oh i wake up at the screaming drag! Very good video
Steven Ramirez
Steven Ramirez - Year ago
Hey I seen your video on shark fishing tips. I had suggestion. I’m subscribed to a guy named thrasher fishing. You guys should do a video because you both are really cool fisherman.
Paul Brand
Paul Brand - Year ago
PotiaGraphy - Year ago
i just played this video when my baby want to sleep... its work..... but i sleep 1st before my baby... hahaha
Tobi Beuthe
Tobi Beuthe - Year ago
Why is everybody saying this is weird, I think its funny. I don't like asmr but if they like it and want to make a video based off of fishing let them.
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Year ago
someone who understands 🧡
Kamal Darwish
Kamal Darwish - Year ago
Hi, 01:06 I liked this lure, it looks very real. where I can get one ?
Tim Hui
Tim Hui - Year ago
Tmw erin began to shuffle the hooks like a bunch of mahjong xD
arawtgabi - Year ago
Ahhh. This video was weird. Is this ASMR thing a condition? Youtube is flooded with these videos and most are borderline creepy/erotic.
logan moonsamy
logan moonsamy - Year ago
Huge fish in my dreams lmao catching dem in reality😂😂😂
Underground Chuckey Tennessee
Cool video. ..too bad some didn't understand what u were doing. ...
Spincaster 14
Spincaster 14 - Year ago
Sound is questionable but video have sense 😉
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia - Year ago
Are you guys high? Lol
BOLO2 - Year ago
When I first Tried the Senko Skipper Fishing ASMR video I was a Bit skeptical, But after Continued use for 36 Hours I can defintely say something happens! Thanks Senko Team.
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Year ago
A true testimony right there y’all 😂
John Hancock
John Hancock - Year ago
hoppina1 - Year ago
God nooooooooo no god please noooooo
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez - Year ago
This is the worst video I ever seen please no more 😵👎
The Galician fisherman
Pls asmr part 2
Jeff Nguyen
Jeff Nguyen - Year ago
Next videos