Makeup Relay Race Ft. David Dobrik & Vlog Squad

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Maryll Gomez
Maryll Gomez - Hour ago
I love how David is wearing Mcdonald shorts
Autumn Reeves
Autumn Reeves - 5 hours ago
I know this video was posted months ago, but is anyone gonna talk about 31:51 ???

Jeff and James: *talking about living in New York
Jeff, out of nowhere: What nationality are you?
James: Caucasian.
Jeff: Really? You look so exotic.
James: Oooohhokayy thanks! Is that a good thing?

This stick out to to anyone else?? no?? just me?? Okay,, bye.
problematic - 13 hours ago
*i don’t know can i have a job* HAS ME WEAKKK
Johann Lagrimas
Johann Lagrimas - 21 hour ago
this is the first time i was gasp to see a man with a man? flirting? And I was like AHHHHHH
Franz Flores
Franz Flores - Day ago
I wish dom was there
Lucas Montecillo
Lucas Montecillo - Day ago
Who else remembers heath hates gays
SaigeRockz101 - Day ago
I feel pain everytime watching this video because whenever they refer to jonah it's always mean things
Cody King
Cody King - Day ago
Well I’m as strait as can be and love all guy things and am not into makeup at all but I think I love James Charles.
EXO&NCT GÜEY - Day ago
Jeff is fucking hot
Jane Lowrey
Jane Lowrey - Day ago
James and Jeff 😍😍😍😍😍
Live my life Ilovemyself
Flashback,Mary is back
Keren Ronaldo
Keren Ronaldo - 2 days ago
David is adorable
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 3 days ago
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 3 days ago
This made my life 10x better
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali - 3 days ago
Guys seriously cant multitask😂
Magrooni - 3 days ago
Too much scotty
Hannah West
Hannah West - 3 days ago
Liv - 3 days ago
2:00 proof.
Nomfundo.g - 3 days ago
Jeffery Wittek...
that's it
eldacruz100 - 3 days ago
Sorry to burst your bubble james but i think he is not into you
Morgan Perez
Morgan Perez - 3 days ago
I can watch Matt & Jeff all day
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
Erka Bur
Erka Bur - 3 days ago
David literally did the worst
Erka Bur
Erka Bur - 3 days ago
Jeff is clearly trying to be cute for James lol his co workers were probably telling him to
Erka Bur
Erka Bur - 4 days ago
Ya Jeff is cure but red head king Matt is gorgeous
YaGawtNoJams - 4 days ago
35:39 rip headphone users
LPS Electro
LPS Electro - 4 days ago
2:47 James using famous as a quote
Army x BTS
Army x BTS - 4 days ago
When you can’t sleep so you just decided to watch James’s videos 😂
Anish Naik
Anish Naik - 4 days ago
Such a great video idea!!!
Haider khalid
Haider khalid - 4 days ago
21:05 thats awkward...
Haider khalid
Haider khalid - 4 days ago
18:27 he has the Korean manners 😂XD
Voni Chavez
Voni Chavez - 4 days ago
James literally used the inside joke they use “wow your so famous”
Britney Jordan
Britney Jordan - 4 days ago
But where is Natalie!?!?
Amna Katkic
Amna Katkic - 4 days ago
I feel so bad for James
Indra van Maanen
Indra van Maanen - 4 days ago
I love it how Heith is wearing a sweater which says 'brothers'.
Kenna Malley
Kenna Malley - 4 days ago
are we not gonna talk ab how gorgeous corinna is
Suga :3
Suga :3 - 4 days ago
Danica Turner
Danica Turner - 5 days ago
i love that every boy in the vlog squad has a hat but david
Nadalie Hunt
Nadalie Hunt - 5 days ago
All James cares about is the make up looking good and Jeff.
Kpop Panda
Kpop Panda - 5 days ago
Did anyone else notice he kept licking his lips every time he looked at Jeff or thought about him
paige p
paige p - 5 days ago
And I oop-
Root Nixlz l نكسلز
37:07 that didnt last long lol
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah - 5 days ago
13 mill😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angel's world
Angel's world - 5 days ago
Guys jonah😂😂😂😂😂😂
Demon Boi
Demon Boi - 5 days ago
If I one day heard that James and Jeff we’re together/a couple than I wouldn’t be surprised 😂❤️
cece duncker
cece duncker - 5 days ago
i kinda feel like zane is like emma chamberlain as a guy
Skullzzz - 5 days ago
David is so cute 😂
Shelby Stacey
Shelby Stacey - 5 days ago
I can see why you like jeff😒sister still love you James Charles
Genci LL
Genci LL - 5 days ago
David Right Now:SHIT im gonna lose subs
btw congrats on 13 million i was here since 16 million
Kayla's Podcasts
Kayla's Podcasts - 5 days ago
I think im the only one heres
whose here after the *incident*
Red Fox YT
Red Fox YT - 6 days ago
Jonah is cute 😍
Ashlee Wrightson
Ashlee Wrightson - 6 days ago
where tf is scotty and dom!?
Suga :3
Suga :3 - 4 days ago
Ashlee Wrightson I JUST NEED SCOTTY 🥺😭
abc 123
abc 123 - 6 days ago
Where’s the rest of the squad
Kpop Panda
Kpop Panda - 6 days ago
29:42 😳
TheClone - 6 days ago
Jeff and james are so cute together i ship them like they are gourgeous together
I_ Don't care
I_ Don't care - 6 days ago
Where tf is Liza?
Logan Moye
Logan Moye - 6 days ago
12:51 Vietnam flashbacks
Chase Jeisbduegdudbs
Chase Jeisbduegdudbs - 6 days ago
asmr qween
asmr qween - 6 days ago
4:12 thats what he said
Default_/AnOnYmOuS72 _YT
Congrats on 13mill bro been here since16
Rainbow kittypals
Rainbow kittypals - 6 days ago
wait were is alex?
little Potota
little Potota - 6 days ago
Hey sister👋
H Pultz
H Pultz - 6 days ago
Honestly I really Think that this video just shows that James and Jeff have good friendship and funny.... Sure James thinks Jeff US hot, but honeslty who dosen't?
Bone,s Bone,s
Bone,s Bone,s - 6 days ago
Bye sister 😭😭😭
Destiny Duran
Destiny Duran - 7 days ago
jeff should get 24 hours hahaha
Roman Greenfield
Roman Greenfield - 7 days ago
I’m here when James list 1,000,000 in 24 hours
JIMIN’S JACKET - 7 days ago
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones - 7 days ago
ItzMe_Evan 46
ItzMe_Evan 46 - 7 days ago
Jeff-Squeezes the make up thingy
James -You can squeeze whatever you want 😏😏😏😏
Simeon Wilson
Simeon Wilson - 7 days ago
Fkn Lgbt reunion😫
Mark - 7 days ago
Director M
Director M - 7 days ago
TNT-kongen - 7 days ago
u mean u are 13 mill sisters
Coco the alien
Coco the alien - 8 days ago
Jesus Christ y'all loud
Dood Bro
Dood Bro - 8 days ago
Is it weird that I want Jeff to smash James? I feel like he thinks it’ll ruin his image to hook up with a guy, but I think that would be dope
I like stuff
I like stuff - 7 days ago
I want Jeff to smash a guy, but not James.
Beatriz LOVE
Beatriz LOVE - 8 days ago
Jef get that clout
Starly and Wolfy multibreed hybrids
At least it didn't happen when zane and heath are drunk and they were doing your makeup WHILE their drunk because it would not go so well
Kaitlyn Chan
Kaitlyn Chan - 8 days ago
who’s here after tati’s video
Roblox Vibes
Roblox Vibes - 8 days ago
It’s kinda sad to hear him say “don’t forget to subscribe we are 14 million sisters 💀” and he has 13 million subs rn
Chance Devine
Chance Devine - 8 days ago
No colour in this video but white. How fun.
Hasan Alsahli
Hasan Alsahli - 8 days ago
Only if he knew what will happen
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - 8 days ago
Maybe the reason David doesn’t make as much money from ads is because he doesn’t waste our time with like 6 per video like James does-which are all for money, as David doesn’t care as much about money but does care about his viewers
gaming with Rick
gaming with Rick - 8 days ago
Mai Buckley
Mai Buckley - 8 days ago
Hi James Congrats On 13M I've Been Here Since 16M
Cutie Malu
Cutie Malu - 4 days ago
+KENNETH ORTIZ why sadly, have u even watched his video??
Candi Lease
Candi Lease - 4 days ago
That come t is getting so freakin old! Why are you here on his channel watching his videos and giving him views when you obviously don't like him or are you simply full of drama and all you wanna see is is the drama! It's old now so move on
phindulo netsianda
phindulo netsianda - 4 days ago
Hahaha😂😂 that’s crazy
Mai Buckley
Mai Buckley - 5 days ago
+Samm S omg really?
KENNETH ORTIZ - 5 days ago
+Samm S sadly....😖
zhaniela xd
zhaniela xd - 8 days ago
i feel like jeff is uncomfortable
kanmellow kashyap
kanmellow kashyap - 8 days ago
I just came here to see how james behave with Jeff😂😂😂
Jan Cowell
Jan Cowell - 8 days ago
amber ;
amber ; - 9 days ago
all drama aside, I still love these videos
Maree Kate
Maree Kate - 9 days ago
It was going well until Nick stepped in 😂😂
Maree Kate
Maree Kate - 9 days ago
Oi where's Scott?
aly - 9 days ago
Well now it looks like it’s gonna be james who will need the push from david💀💀 davids gonna surpass james without actually surpassing james
Alexa&Co - 9 days ago
Alexa Bella Muerte
Alexa Bella Muerte - 9 days ago
Honestly Jonah killed me 😂😂
KENNETH ORTIZ - 9 days ago
James Charles be like🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
alonso b
alonso b - 9 days ago
Jairo 415
Jairo 415 - 9 days ago
I feel bad for Jeff
LPS Electro
LPS Electro - 4 days ago
He was literally flirting with him
brittney smith
brittney smith - 8 days ago
TwebingSandwich - 9 days ago
0w0 - 9 days ago
Hey James congrats on 13.5 mil I’ve been here since 16
In Reality
In Reality - 9 days ago
Stop saying that bs
Nexus YT
Nexus YT - 9 days ago
0:01 it's a fuking train
Annisa Farooq
Annisa Farooq - 9 days ago
Corinna was the best
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