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darkstar2674 - Hour ago
idk why but Ian's swimming gag had me in stitches lmao
Michelle Schneider
Michelle Schneider - Hour ago
Wait we’re is Shane, Olivia, Noah, Keith. Why is it just Courtney?
Michelle Schneider
Michelle Schneider - Hour ago
Shazam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TDF_ W0rldKeY
TDF_ W0rldKeY - Hour ago
its so funny seeing zachary next to everyone because he is such a big man
Vicki Washburn
Vicki Washburn - 2 hours ago
Courtney is a really good singer!
I love slime Squishy lover\best friends tv
I didn’t know Zachary could sing
Baby Zilla
Baby Zilla - 4 hours ago
I’ve seen Shazam it halarious
Max Järnberg
Max Järnberg - 4 hours ago
Adalance - 4 hours ago
did anyone realiise the BG music was sims
Squidy Fantastic
Squidy Fantastic - 6 hours ago
Is smash back again :)
JusttSarinaa - 8 hours ago
The “Pity Spit” at 7:14 was actually so wholesome it touched my heart.
Tyler Swanson
Tyler Swanson - 8 hours ago
"You're my favorite Disney pricne" her face jahahahaha
Tyler Swanson
Tyler Swanson - 8 hours ago
The real cameo here was Joe
Tyler Swanson
Tyler Swanson - 8 hours ago
I'm out of the loop, when did Ian and Pamela break up?
INFIRES - 8 hours ago
7:55 - Best ever!
CRAZY TACO - 9 hours ago
They all stutterd in the beginning
Star streaming girl 101
Star streaming girl 101 - 9 hours ago
Did anyone else think he was going to say chungus?
*awkward silence*
Just me okay
Digital Glitch
Digital Glitch - 9 hours ago
SamPlayzRoblox - 9 hours ago
And these are pants!
CRAZY RUSSIAN - 9 hours ago
shazam is a fun movie broffff
its very fun you need to watch it
Mr. Mysterio
Mr. Mysterio - 10 hours ago
Zachary Levi is so Big
Thatgirl Bubbz
Thatgirl Bubbz - 11 hours ago
Wait he can actually sing tho😂😂did not know that..
Marshmallow - 12 hours ago
Ryan Burgess
Ryan Burgess - 14 hours ago
Erica Hernández
Erica Hernández - 14 hours ago
Is he gay
The Twister Sisters
The Twister Sisters - 15 hours ago
I dropped my laptop on my face and I didn't see the transition when Billy said Shazam and I thought he actually transformed. I harrowed it twice and dropped my smoothie. Then, I saw it for the third time and finally understood it.😂
Jaeda Flora
Jaeda Flora - 16 hours ago
How dare you make fun of Harry potter
zekrom916 - 16 hours ago
Marvel is better than DC
Sam walton
Sam walton - 16 hours ago
Zach made Courtney lose all motor skills 😂
datgameboi - 17 hours ago
What is the springy that got put on Ian's butt
Zak Ekins
Zak Ekins - 17 hours ago
hey zachary im zakary
milla renteria
milla renteria - 19 hours ago
2:30 me when my crush tells a joke
milla renteria
milla renteria - 19 hours ago
2:30 me when my crush tells a joke
Charlie Sluder
Charlie Sluder - 21 hour ago
I miss shayne
Ryan  Tanvir Chowdhury
Ryan Tanvir Chowdhury - 23 hours ago
Yooooo Levi can sing
Mari. MusicTM
Mari. MusicTM - Day ago
No butt for him😂
its like Zach doesnt want to be there or is it just me?
K Time
K Time - Day ago
Who is Zachery Levi ?I thought he was Charles Bartowski
Ben Rodgers
Ben Rodgers - Day ago
Courtney could have just won by lap dancing lets be honest
sad_wxrld - Day ago
this is stupid. ian you're a sell out..
りRenzOz - Day ago
*SHAZAM* "So guys I'm here"
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Is it just me or were courtney’s the least funny
lil nugget
lil nugget - Day ago
What is it with joe eating and throwing stuff up
Luka Eškinja
Luka Eškinja - Day ago
Whats the smosh pit shit on the screen
Jackmcboss - Day ago
I'm surprised noone made a joke about Alvin and Chipmunks
Subscribe to me for no reason Please do it
My name is Zachary
MegaMax - Day ago
8:53 and 11:31 are the best jokes😂
Brandon Nelson
Brandon Nelson - Day ago
I think Courtney is cute
MJ Torres
MJ Torres - Day ago
0:47 sims Freeplay music?? Wut
Aiden Dobson
Aiden Dobson - Day ago
Love this even more since I literally just watched Shazam for the first time. Can’t wait to meet you at the Calgary expo coming up Zachary 😁😁😁😁😁
Grace The buete
Grace The buete - Day ago
Anybody Else have a crush on Zachary Levi even though he’s like 20 years older than you?
Tragiic Duck
Tragiic Duck - Day ago
Courtney really should voice over as harley queen in a movie 😂
JohncloGames - Day ago
If only shane was there zachary levi wouldve burst laughing i wanna live to see that day hahaha
ianboggyboo - Day ago
Emma Di Bias
Emma Di Bias - Day ago
I Love Shazam its the best movie ever
Charlee The Meme boi
Only the real og’s remember Zac from Alvin and the chipmunks
onsraX _
onsraX _ - Day ago
Y'all wanna know who's the best out of all the smosh cast?

*The lady who cleans.*
Jade - 19 hours ago
fr tho
Ciara Schmidt
Ciara Schmidt - Day ago
He went from alvin in the chipmunks to being in shazam
Kairi Bug
Kairi Bug - Day ago
I was wearing headphones and it sounded like everyone was behind me. It was weird.
Kadyn Grant
Kadyn Grant - Day ago
Didnt that dude play on Alvin and the chipmunks the sqeakuel
Jorge Matos
Jorge Matos - 2 days ago
Harley Quinn Courtney is amazing.
Phantom Wolf4417
Phantom Wolf4417 - 2 days ago
Right that's a shit Scottish accent should never of even tried it
aher aher
aher aher - 2 days ago
It’s so good🤣
Rose M. Gottschalk
Rose M. Gottschalk - 2 days ago
I didn’t know Karen was married..
XxDark GenjixX
XxDark GenjixX - 2 days ago
Chiang Edison
Chiang Edison - 2 days ago
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 2 days ago
3:52 why does Courtney’s pants remind me of Robbie Rottens pants in lazy town?? 🤣🤩
JustDabIt - 2 days ago
I already watched shazam
MrCalabazin - 2 days ago
You just need Adam Sandler
Cute Doggo
Cute Doggo - 2 days ago
Zachary was on gmm as well your lucky smosh 😂 very good
John Fleet
John Fleet - 2 days ago
I've already watched shazam
Kaitlyn Dickson
Kaitlyn Dickson - 2 days ago
It didn’t ring yet
thick boi Vargas
thick boi Vargas - 2 days ago
I wonder what will Billy say
thick boi Vargas
thick boi Vargas - 2 days ago
thick boi Vargas
thick boi Vargas - 2 days ago
Tell him I love the moive and if there is going to be a part two
Snail - 2 days ago
I can't shake the feeling that Zachary Levi looks like a mix between Jimmy Fallon, young Ray Romano, and The Rock
Vaporizer - 2 days ago
4:51 “uh *WoAh* “
Lawrence Durero
Lawrence Durero - 2 days ago
4:21 is where I laughed the most!
derp king
derp king - 2 days ago
Mild.L :D
Mild.L :D - 2 days ago
1:14 - 1:36 i died
Antonio Miles
Antonio Miles - 2 days ago
Zachary has a nice little voice
Vanessa Rhea
Vanessa Rhea - 2 days ago
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan Rose - 2 days ago
zachary i saw shazam on saturday for some reason the demons were scary for me
Makayla Rose
Makayla Rose - 2 days ago
1:13 Trust me😂 you’ll thank me later😊
Elvito pamungkas
Elvito pamungkas - 2 days ago
Subscribe to Anthony Padilla
Silvestro C
Silvestro C - 2 days ago
It passed the Shazam movie
Masked Cuber
Masked Cuber - 2 days ago
I just called to say you're my favorite pizza place
Kait Clark
Kait Clark - 2 days ago
He appreciated her burps 🤩🤩😍😍😍 like he clapped ☺️☺️☺️
RRageMode - 2 days ago
Zach look like he wanted to leave
Flore Morini
Flore Morini - 2 days ago
8:36 moment genant pour les francais lol
Burger Muncher
Burger Muncher - 2 days ago
Shazam looking great so far
Sir Spider
Sir Spider - 2 days ago
I’m Scottish and that impression was hilarious
Kai Channing
Kai Channing - 2 days ago
Spend one with keyono Reeves Idk how to spell his name but the guy that played John wick
Yeeter the Peeter
Yeeter the Peeter - 2 days ago
When they did the phone thing someone legit called me
rhmcx ;-;
rhmcx ;-; - 2 days ago
i'm gonna scream, the bgm is literally the sims theme and it ironically suits this video so damn much.
Jj Ronda
Jj Ronda - 3 days ago
How far has smosh fallen off, i never laughed during the entire thing
Chief - Day ago
Jj Ronda I think they are good people but realistically ur right. None of the jokes were even funny to me
Scorps_ Yt
Scorps_ Yt - 3 days ago
Wow they got the actor of shazam cool!!!!
Mike Skellington
Mike Skellington - 3 days ago
You love, you lose: Courtney Edition
I lose every time
Ender Evolution
Ender Evolution - 3 days ago
4:37 that’s a really good harlequin impression
Alison Wong
Alison Wong - 3 days ago
Ahhh every time Zachary speaks I picture Flynn Rider
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