10 Puzzles That Look Hard But Are Actually Easy!

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sniperman 037
sniperman 037 - Hour ago
i dk
I Like Trains
I Like Trains - Hour ago
Matt when he visits area 51 14:31
TheGreenGurl :3
TheGreenGurl :3 - 2 hours ago
Yeah I thought you “wood” have to push the box that’s in side the Wooden rim and then it “wood” open 😏😏😂
Allgaming Cz
Allgaming Cz - 2 hours ago
Im from Czech republic And i dont got that hedgehog in Hand And First i bought it i solve it in 5seconds😉😊😎
Rottweiler Entertainment
Rottweiler Entertainment - 6 hours ago
It’d be interesting to know how puzzle boxes are made
Zlayer - 6 hours ago
I look at the thumbnail and I saw the lement configuration. I thought to myself omg he is going summon pinhead.
XpertGamer - 11 hours ago
Chris Ramsey had a brass copper version of the hedgehog in a cage puzzle
Šimůnek xD
Šimůnek xD - 16 hours ago
Ježek v kleci z Česka!!
Kendra Knoke
Kendra Knoke - 18 hours ago
How old is Luna? Anyone know
L A P J - 21 hour ago
I actually got my Christmas present in the second box it took me like 15 minutes
SUNSOAR - 22 hours ago
Insults Australians for writing in broken English, but forgets that Australia is in Asia and has a large Asian population, many of which speak English as a second language or not at all.
randall allen
randall allen - 23 hours ago
I got them
Jesse Mathis
Jesse Mathis - Day ago
Your best youtuber Matthias
Captain Australia
Captain Australia - Day ago
I’m aussie
Tammie Zarro
Tammie Zarro - Day ago
why u be rasist to my kind
Tech Gamer
Tech Gamer - Day ago
btw its called a jigsaw puzzle
Mad Carbon
Mad Carbon - Day ago
I have one
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez - Day ago
I love real origami
Unloved Sideshow
Unloved Sideshow - Day ago
fuggin i solve level 8 to 10 puzzles dont mock me
Paige Myhre
Paige Myhre - Day ago
Yes I did know because it’s a magic trick too
Josh ian Miranda
Josh ian Miranda - Day ago
I no that its easy
Peyton Laing
Peyton Laing - Day ago
My friend has like five of the same products and I can solve All of them
LooksOfCass - Day ago
“None of you have jobs” boy what, I’m watching this on my break
Claudia Mencshelyi
Claudia Mencshelyi - Day ago
in Australia we can't go close to koalas or kangaroos because they will attack us
Amber Nightcorse
Amber Nightcorse - Day ago
SX-Nova - Day ago
Idk why but the second puzzle (wooden crate) is trippy af
Crazy_clay 78
Crazy_clay 78 - Day ago
19:58 i had just gotten into my room from the shower and he said that lol
Ba Co
Ba Co - Day ago
De box in de titel?
Looks the same as the box of hellraiser
white winter
white winter - Day ago
me mate 🇦🇺🇦🇺
Ms. Tiya
Ms. Tiya - Day ago
SimplyAlex Sowell
SimplyAlex Sowell - Day ago
The second one I have so when I saw it I knew how to solve it
CooP OmegA
CooP OmegA - Day ago
the hellraiser box isnt an actual puzzle, its a replica movie prop. in the film its a puzzle but is impossible to recrete in real life. the used lots of diffarent boxs that each moved in a differant way to show all the moves the 1 box in the film could make.
Aspynn - Day ago
Tea Tom
Tea Tom - Day ago
Him: I will give this a nope but that’s just me
Hinja: I’m sorry that you freaking suck at origami
Me looking at this product: 10/10
Doggo stuffz : Gaming and more!
arkangel - Day ago
i Australia recommend it to me it did to because. thank you
Athena Pacheco
Athena Pacheco - Day ago
Don't worry Matt I'm also dyslexic, so your not alone
Prophet Gaming
Prophet Gaming - Day ago
I have like LVL 10 puzzles
Katrina bean
Katrina bean - Day ago
I really love the banjo kazooie sound effects
Laurits Henriksen
Laurits Henriksen - Day ago
I have one
Wonky - Day ago
If I have children, I'll shove their PS4 controller in the puzzle boxes.. (big ones that fits controllers) and make them spend their time working it out it'll increase their IQ ;)
yeah yeah
yeah yeah - 2 days ago
The second puzzle I have that puzzle and I prank my friends by putting $200 in and say they have 20 seconds no one out of 10 could solve it
Kaitlyn Guidry
Kaitlyn Guidry - 2 days ago
Anybody noticed that all their vids is 24 mins exactly
ThirdPartyEJ Juliana
ThirdPartyEJ Juliana - 21 hour ago
Woahhhh, I didn’t notice!
SoThisExists - 2 days ago
They should put the instructions on how to solve it in the box
debbytr1 - 2 days ago
Who else actually wasn’t wearing pants 😒
Logicle G
Logicle G - 2 days ago
Only watched this for the hellraiser box
SLNTSCPE - 2 days ago
The round glasses makes me wanna unsubscribe
Eric Ostrowski
Eric Ostrowski - 2 days ago
I don't think I'd want to figure out the hellraiser box in thumb nail lol😂😰
? Playes
? Playes - 2 days ago
I solfed the secend Box in 20sec
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