Joker Movie Review!

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Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee - 5 days ago
Me: The dark knight trilogy are the best DC movies
Joker: Hold my beer
Ori Cohen
Ori Cohen - 6 days ago
The things that really capture my attention in this great movie are how really fucked up society can be and what people can do to you.. yes, some people are insane in this world. People who are mentally disordered do walk among us. Day by day. How far is it really from reality to turn into a psychopath for a mentally disordered person? Not that far. That point right here is one of the reasons why we hear people say that this kind of movie can encourage violence.
MimM - 6 days ago
0:19 LMAO. That laugh was on point!
diare Jones
diare Jones - 6 days ago
Fleece johnson: when you lock me up can you introduce me as the booty warrior.
Cops: sure why not just dont touch us.
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo - 8 days ago
Excellent I am joker
dmora - 8 days ago
I was bored out of my mind till the last, what, 15mins of the movie? It was just too much of a slow slog dragging fact...pretty sure every one else did considering how everyone in the theater gtfo'd as soon as the creds rolled... Normally I'd say I'd watch it again to get a second take, but I was so freaking bored, no way I'll do that again.
The Entertainment world
Seen like last time it was the great origin.👍🏻
Dah Deh
Dah Deh - 9 days ago
You nailed the laugh!!!
Jacob Entz
Jacob Entz - 10 days ago
This quickly became one of my favorite movies
Alex Latus
Alex Latus - 11 days ago
I'm here because I just watched it.
bigdaddyvlone - 12 days ago
ledger was the best joker. phoenix was the best arthur fleck.
Cody Television
Cody Television - 12 days ago
Just finished - this is my favorite movie of 2012!!!! JOKER was amazing
Michael Heyn
Michael Heyn - 13 days ago
my god, Tomi is smart AND beautiful!
Tevan Fresh23
Tevan Fresh23 - 16 days ago
This movie reminds me a lot of the Taxi Driver movie with Robert De Niro. Both are great movies
Patrick Montes
Patrick Montes - 16 days ago
I'm sprry but the best line in the joker movie is
"Good Night"
Kloy Auto
Kloy Auto - 16 days ago
Tyrone be like : All I have, are Joker thoughts!!
Den V.
Den V. - 18 days ago
Watching this in my fridge.
Red Blast
Red Blast - 18 days ago
0:20 goddamn man that was so good
SuperStarDan - 18 days ago
This was an emotional roller coaster. I will be getting this on bluray. MY NEW FAVORITE DC FILM.
Rico Sun Diego
Rico Sun Diego - 18 days ago
This is the only movie about joker, batman and all of that stuff that i have ever liked!
Omega Mouse
Omega Mouse - 19 days ago
Nice laugh at the beginning!
Alan Pinal
Alan Pinal - 19 days ago
Its better than Jared leto but theres a competition of heath ledger R.I.P
Franz Haas
Franz Haas - 20 days ago
Tony II
Tony II - 20 days ago
Great Joker Laugh!!!!
Revolutionary Thinking
Revolutionary Thinking - 21 day ago
I sighed a lot in my review too. Just thinking about what to say.
David Munoz
David Munoz - 22 days ago
I was so in love with the movie had me at the edge of the sit and all hyped up
SL 500!
SL 500! - 22 days ago
Heath stillll got the best joker🤷🏾‍♂️
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera - 22 days ago
Is true bro, That movie is A Masterpiece!!
Travis Hazlett
Travis Hazlett - 23 days ago
Number one for me fo sho
Jean Vang
Jean Vang - 23 days ago
I walked out of the theater saying the same thing, "Where do I start?!" Lol
Warren London
Warren London - 23 days ago
0:20 You got the Joker laugh PERFECT! 💯😅
The movie was Amazing! Very powerful
MzGorgeous Grier
MzGorgeous Grier - 24 days ago
It is a leaves u speechless :)
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor - 24 days ago
Man I seen it last night just give Phoenix the Oscar now
Muhammad Rasyid
Muhammad Rasyid - 24 days ago
I watched it 3 freaking times in the cinema
Danny Vega
Danny Vega - 24 days ago
Tyrone can do any voice literally. This movie felt like killing joke origins
DEVOMANN - 24 days ago
Best DC character movie in my opinion; it makes him understandable
Raffy Rempis
Raffy Rempis - 24 days ago
Lmao I hear scar loe yelling dam it XD XD
Laishram Tondonba
Laishram Tondonba - 24 days ago
Bro it's not a DC movie.
Julio Algarra
Julio Algarra - 25 days ago
Come on man, how many times you practice the laughs!!!!!
Alchemistic Academician
Alchemistic Academician - 25 days ago
The ending WAS the Joker. The talk show scene was the best Joker portrayal I have ever seen (better than Dark Knight). It was uncanny and eerie. I will say that he didn't seem like the Joker for a large part of the film, but when he did, he REALLY did.
swamp naut
swamp naut - 25 days ago
On the best movies like ever. Not a single thing that i didn't like in this movie.
Joey Figueroa
Joey Figueroa - 27 days ago
Dude. That is THE most spot on Phoenix laugh EVER.
TheRob1024 - 27 days ago
The reality of it is Marvel is good at what they do... DC isn't good at doing that... DC is better at this type of movie period. They are better suited for a darker narrative.. I cant wait to see it now
denzelgodspeed - 27 days ago
It was real predictable
Miss Priss
Miss Priss - 28 days ago
Tyrone, was it good?
Seriously, it was so good, I don’t know if a sequel or a franchise would be wise. I think it would take away from the genius of it. It wouldn’t be a standout film anymore and it deserves to be one.
dsbfitness - 28 days ago
This is now my favourite movie !!!!
TheVillain1 27
TheVillain1 27 - 28 days ago
In some weird way......Tyrone's joker laugh is probably one of the best ever 😎😄
davidmalley122 - 28 days ago
Best joker of all time
Jacob Page-Smith
Jacob Page-Smith - 28 days ago
“A troubled man with an afflictiAN, donthatetheplayerhatethegamebars”
Dash Concepcion
Dash Concepcion - 28 days ago
Im 14 but i was able to watch it in cinema.
A Murphycotto
A Murphycotto - 29 days ago
Not a masterpiece but definitely good
Keoni - 29 days ago
That laugh was on point 9:20
Dick Wolf
Dick Wolf - 29 days ago
When he has the Tyler Durden moment, the metamorphosis happens.
Dylan L
Dylan L - 29 days ago
Other than killing the Qt3.14 mixed black chick.
I'd probably be one of the clowns in Gotham
violentblood1 - 29 days ago
One thing I learned about The Joker film is it's great for Tyrone's rap career lol. Dropping bars out here.
Ray Roque
Ray Roque - Month ago
Damn you nailed that laugh at the end!
Noah Fidler
Noah Fidler - Month ago
This review couldn’t be more true! Love you man!
Josue Correa
Josue Correa - Month ago
Todd Philips need to direct the Batman films moving forward. Hands down.
Josue Correa
Josue Correa - Month ago
The movie was excellent. Great casting. Great director and direction. Cinematography was superb. Costumes were on point. Storyline was Amazing. As for Joker, like you said Tyrone, I was on his side. I have compassion for him and what he had gone through that lead to the climate. I even teared up at certain points of the film because of the amount of emotion felt.
Mr Disrespecc
Mr Disrespecc - Month ago
2008: do i really look like a guy with a plan?
2019: do i look like the kind of clown that can start a movement?
Patrick Montes
Patrick Montes - 16 days ago
MEDS GUY - 26 days ago
2019: Do I look like a guy living in a society
Javier Strive !!!
Javier Strive !!! - 27 days ago
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