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Lana Avetisyan
Lana Avetisyan - Day ago
2:15 me talking about David to my friends but promising them that I’m totally not in love 😂
Sofia Grimsley
Sofia Grimsley - Day ago
I would literally give ANYTHING to date David Dobrik😍😘💖❤💓💕💗💞💝💟
Leanna Lara
Leanna Lara - 2 days ago
When David was describing the movie, I thought he was describing himself😍🤤
Baylis Zak
Baylis Zak - 4 days ago
I need more of this!
Lilah Bloom
Lilah Bloom - 4 days ago
David, you are too fine.
Emily Bee
Emily Bee - 6 days ago
Did they smoke halfway through this? David got super high looking and giggly towards the end. And I love it. I love him. 😍
Angela Jolly
Angela Jolly - 6 days ago
OMG I LOVE THAT DAVID LOVES THE MOVIE ABOUT TIME!!! that movie is sooooo underrated
Claire M
Claire M - 8 days ago
Mikayla Joy
Mikayla Joy - 8 days ago
I've never seen David look better in a video
Ali Cat
Ali Cat - 9 days ago
Pineapple gives me canker sores. Maybe that's the issue!!
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing - 10 days ago
Can you two be my new best friends forever and ever? Oh, you already are? Gnarly 🤘🏻
ֆɦɛ'ֆ ǟ ӄɨʟʟɛʀ զʊɛɛռ
Holy crap this video is DEEP now woke 😂👏 omg
evelinanest - 15 days ago
communication is definitely the most important part of any relationship, even if its non romantic i reckon
Margo McFaul
Margo McFaul - 16 days ago
You need to do this kind of video with David and Jason. How about with Erin and Carly?
A D A M - 16 days ago
UM! This video is old as hell but for anyone watching who may relate to the person at 5:23 just keep in mind that you might be biromantic and asexual!
basically that means your romantically attracted to 2 or more genders but just aren't into sex and stuff. happy pride motherfuckers
mella_is_ me
mella_is_ me - 18 days ago
amber carolinea
amber carolinea - 18 days ago
HOLY SHIT I LOVE ABOUT TIME!! ITS MY FAV FILM! None of my friends get my love for it wow David Dobrik just went to no 1 on my list
Jonah Landefeld
Jonah Landefeld - 18 days ago
David is honestly my favorite person on youtube. he has that persona of a vlogger, but also has so much more. He's so kind, humble, and sweet. he's just a good guy
rishita agarwal
rishita agarwal - 19 days ago
Josh - “Do you know Claire”
David - “Ehm No”
Josh - “I feel like I know her”
That’s shady AF
Trixia Mae Pascual
Trixia Mae Pascual - 19 days ago
More of this please!!
Aaron Yancey
Aaron Yancey - 20 days ago
Wow David is fucking great
Devyn Vega
Devyn Vega - 21 day ago
I love how they are so lgbtq positive and supporitve like they just dont care they dont speak about lgbtq+ relationships differently alright im done love you guys
Zoey Paugh
Zoey Paugh - 23 days ago
When Josh said that burrito I just ate I was eating a burrito
Kaylee Adams
Kaylee Adams - 24 days ago
I watched that About Time movie a few weeks ago because David talked about it on Instagram. I cried for the last 30 mins of it.
Alma Zarate
Alma Zarate - 24 days ago
David’s faces to Josh’s advice, he’s like “Wow”
Amanda Alexander
Amanda Alexander - 26 days ago
David is right a strong component to a healthy relationship is communication but in a relationship you also need respect. Two parties in a relationship need to not only understand each other but understand how their actions affect each other both to each other and themselves. And keep in mind you may not always like each other at times and that's ok. It's just whether you can get past that point. And know that if it doesn't work out, that's ok too. I feel like people today are so focused on being with someone that they forget that about what they want in a partner. Like Josh said, if they don't take you to the doctor they definitely don't respect you and you don't deserve that. You deserve so much more. And know that if someone doesn't respect you, it's probably not you it's them. If you show them respect, love and communication and they don't show it back it's ok to take some time.
Bela - Month ago
I never knew I needed this video in my life!
Lindsay Baron
Lindsay Baron - Month ago
"I'm bisexual but I hate people" OMG MEEEE hahaha
kftee - Month ago
I love about time too, made me cry. Thank u Josh and David
krf9398 - Month ago
I loved this video! You should know that your definition of asexuality was totally off though! People who are asexual are simply not sexually attracted to others. From there, it varies from person to person whether they want to be intimate/physical. Just thought I'd educate people who didn't know! Great video nonetheless. :o)
kristen - Month ago
gonna go watch about time imma see if its as good as david says it it, updates to come
update: i finished it and i cried so much its such a sweet movie omg i hate/love david for that
ayse guel
ayse guel - Month ago
David's face is soooooo cute especially when he has his mouth open lol
Ru Adriel Morino
Ru Adriel Morino - Month ago
I like how committed David is to the video. Like he really listens to Josh’s responses and thinks about it, and then he goes back and rereads the questions. You can tell him and Josh are really sincere and genuine (and funny) people. Much love ❤️
Ru Adriel Morino
Ru Adriel Morino - Month ago
Noted. Imma watch “About Time”. But have y’all seen “Me Before You”....bc I don’t like romantic stuff but that shit got me goooood
Caprice Hayes
Caprice Hayes - Month ago
this hit me so hard and i did NOT expect it
Exploitツ - Month ago
I feel like Josh made this video to teach how to get a girlfriend after losing *LIZA KOSHY*
Your Worst Nightmare
Your Worst Nightmare - Month ago
Davids face at 3:30 💔 Probably thinking about Liza
Victoria Medina
Victoria Medina - Month ago
when u realize "about time" is on Netflix...😂🙃
cryingbutinacoolway - Month ago
5:24-5:26 me af
Karlie Lynn Zabin
Karlie Lynn Zabin - Month ago
thank you so much for this video i needed to hear it
Katie Dowd
Katie Dowd - Month ago
You two should really make continuous advice videos together
Taylor Jamieson
Taylor Jamieson - Month ago
Watching David's facial expressions while Josh responds is fantastic
Lydia Franklin
Lydia Franklin - Month ago
Bro my names lydia... but my sisters seem to like me
mariamsakina bakran
mariamsakina bakran - Month ago
Who knew "two dumb white guys" was actually a real YouTube channel ? Lolllll
Jazmine Curls
Jazmine Curls - Month ago
give tips and tricks to stay motivated
start a category with all your friends 
"how do you keep yourself going/motivated to continue"
Nerdypants 05
Nerdypants 05 - Month ago
A sexual is just no sexual drive. A romantic is when you still have sexual drive but your not romantically involved. A sexual people date they just don't want to have sex lol
KRōck - Month ago
Thanks, dads!
KGB - Month ago
I mean genders not important unless you wanna have a child but even then science is making that possible these days but that's mainly it.
carrot hugger
carrot hugger - 2 months ago
About time has been my favorite movie for a while now and I hate that David said something because I feel like it’s my secret
help help help help h e l p
I have a massive crush on a straight/bicurious girl who has a boyfriend who's kind of an ass hole and it's a big ouchie
Megsing x
Megsing x - 2 months ago
OMFG CAN PEOPLE ACTUALLY LOOK UP A SEXUAL, it’s not not liking anyone, it’s not having sexual feelings
Laura Am
Laura Am - 2 months ago
Omg yes About Time is such a good movie!!!
Jasmine Robertoë
Jasmine Robertoë - 2 months ago
I am in love with a pineapple her name is David
Jasmine Robertoë
Jasmine Robertoë - 2 months ago
I thought I asked the bisexual question jk but me I'm bisexual and hate people lmao
Alice Snellings
Alice Snellings - 2 months ago
I've seen about time like 5 times
Ali Llamas
Ali Llamas - 2 months ago
Josh: You ever feel butterflies
David: Ya
Josh: For who?
David: ....
Josh: ....
David: ...
Chanise Mills
Chanise Mills - 2 months ago
David is the most adorable guy ever!
SugarySweetEsha 11
SugarySweetEsha 11 - 2 months ago
The movie you're talking about is actually "The Time Traveler's Wife." Just saying because Rachel McAdams is in a movie called "About Time" too.
Squeak the cat
Squeak the cat - 2 months ago
David you look so much better w out hats
Veronnica MacKillop
Veronnica MacKillop - 2 months ago
I'm no expert, but bare with me for a sec. Asexuality can actually be it's own identity on top of being bi, straight, gay, or whatever. You can romantically be bisexual, and fall in love with someone and be in a relationship with them, while still not wanting to have sex, therefor still being bisexual if that's how you want to identify. Asexuality is also sort of an umbrella term, so you can be gray ace, which could mean still having some sexual attraction, but maybe not wanting to actually have sex, or rarely ever wanting to. Also, an asexual relationship is different than a platonic relationship.
claire eva
claire eva - 2 months ago
well i feel attacked. i didnt even ask that question but it was v relatable & i just broke up with my boyfriend bc of it!!!!!!!!!
Emilia Finn
Emilia Finn - 2 months ago
5:10 David not knowing if he is supposed to laugh or not😂
Polina Parvanova
Polina Parvanova - 2 months ago
there's no reason why your love should polute, buy a tesla haha
Alexander - 2 months ago
yeah if your dating a vehicle, your problem might be too much exhaust on your no-no's
Emilee Anne Jacques
Emilee Anne Jacques - 2 months ago
This was an amazing video!
Anahi Garcia
Anahi Garcia - 2 months ago
Shey Adams
Shey Adams - 2 months ago
Thanks David for the tears. Just finished About Time, and you were right it’s really good
Megan O'Meara
Megan O'Meara - 2 months ago
Is it just me or does David look really stoned in this?
Marizol C. Gibson
Marizol C. Gibson - 2 months ago
I love that David loves About Time. It is also one of my favorites, because I love Domhnall Gleeson so much!
Emily Dodson
Emily Dodson - 2 months ago
Beverly Gil
Beverly Gil - 2 months ago
David described About Time so well, its a really good movie, sad sometimes though but funny and cute
Allison - 2 months ago
I told my boyfriend he was my boyfriend and he just said “okay” there was no asking
Madison Clermont
Madison Clermont - 2 months ago
Asexual isn't that you don't like anyone it's that you don't like anyone sexually. You can still like both genders romantically
Sarah Carman
Sarah Carman - 2 months ago
Asexual means that you're not interested in sexual relationships, but you still want a romantic relationship
Aromantic means you're not interested in romantic relationships, but you still want sexual experiences/relationships
You could be either, or you could be both, or you could be neither. Hope that clears up some confusion.
There's also demisexual meaning you don't experience sexual attraction until you have a strong romantic/emotional relationship with someone.

Side note: I am cisgender, heterosexual, like the least LGBTQ+ person out there, and most certainly not an authority on all the genders and sexualities, but I am trying to learn as much as I can. The above is what I've learned from friends and youtube channels like Sexplanations and Hannah Witton.
Alex In Wonderland
Alex In Wonderland - 2 months ago
Wow I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about this cause I immediately knew they got Asexual and Aromantic mixed up when they started talking about it lmao
Bridgett Evonda
Bridgett Evonda - 2 months ago
You should do more videos about relationships..
Zia M
Zia M - 2 months ago
Lol 4:18😂
Chelsea Meininger
Chelsea Meininger - 2 months ago
"I'm bisexual, but I hate everyone."
My life in a nutshell.
Beckaboo3397 - 2 months ago
One piece of advice for other females that I really have found beneficial when looking for or dating a male.
Is that
~you can’t raise a man~
Meaning if you’re with somebody that has already been raised by their mothers and are old enough to make their own choices then there ain’t no changing the traits that have already been instilled in him by his mother or whoever has raised him and the influences of his friends at times as well. So for eg. (and this is more looking at men who are around 24/25 and older ) if he is still leaving mess all over the place and you’re a clean person and you want to be with somebody that helps clean and likes a tidy house then you aren’t going to get that from him. Or if he is still out partying or makes comments about other girls that make you feel less than beautiful when you would like to settle into a slower paced life or feel like he only has eyes for you. You got the wrong guy.
He may be able to intermittently change but that will only be because he sees benefit in it at the time . But he will almost every single time return to his old routine at some point .
But like Josh said you have to pick your battles . If it’s something that isn’t more important to you then the relationship and love you have for each other then its usually something you should just learn to live with. If it is something that’s extremely important to you and something you need from him then it’s time to part ways. Never settle because of the fear of being alone . There’s a difference between alone and lonely . If you stay out of fear of anything then you’re letting the right one get away. Also love yourself and who you are and be confident about what you want from life before committing to any relationship.
Ok sorry so long I’ll stop rattling on now. Just know your worth . 💖✨✨
Hennessey M
Hennessey M - 2 months ago
I wish lizza and David could still be together or could get back together
Sasha Stockwell
Sasha Stockwell - 2 months ago
“Sometimes in like, that burrito is giving me food poisoning and will my partner take me to urgent care?” 😂😂
Sharon Lunsford
Sharon Lunsford - 2 months ago
dea k
dea k - 2 months ago
how to fall in love with david dobrik in 16 minutes;
Felix Jones
Felix Jones - 2 months ago
What a G.
Latoia Kalkowski
Latoia Kalkowski - 2 months ago
About Time is not only a fantastic movie, it also has an amazing sountrack! I watch it atleast every 6mths 😍
Chiara Kathleen
Chiara Kathleen - 2 months ago
David: * says something smart*
also David:
Josh: you just blew your own mind.
Clumsy Hammy
Clumsy Hammy - 2 months ago
This guy motivated me to start my own YouTube channel and I really appreciate it
Go check it out and tell me what u think about it
Catarina Mendes
Catarina Mendes - 2 months ago
Such a good movie about time sooooo sweet and cute
Amanda On The Road
Amanda On The Road - 2 months ago
Ok Clare's question! I totally understand where ur coming from. In all my past relationships i completely focused on the other person, trying to make them happy that i wasnt being myself. I would say yes to things i didn't agree with, pretend to like things i didn't if they were into it, etc. With my current relationship in the beginning i put my mindset that I'm going to focus on my needs too. I am a person with opinions and ideas. Im not a yes man. I can happily say I've been in this relationship for 5 years now, we are married, with 2 kids. The right person will love you for who you are, not what you think they want you to be.
Rachel - 2 months ago
Josh: Have you ever felt butterflies? For who?
David: I wonder
Everyone: LIZZZA!!!
Some dumb person: Natile???
pEpPa PiG •_•
pEpPa PiG •_• - 19 days ago
must be a dumb person... who's natile?
Jasmine Anzora
Jasmine Anzora - 29 days ago
Not to be annoying but I lost it when I read natile instead of natalie 😂😂
stop now
stop now - Month ago
i’m the dumb one
Savage Siblings
Savage Siblings - Month ago
Rachel omg yes haha
Bethlehem A
Bethlehem A - 2 months ago
He said that around 4:20😂
Tram-Anh Le
Tram-Anh Le - 2 months ago
I love the last clip of them making thumbnails and pretending to be overly happy while talking about David’s cankers like... 🤣🤣
Emilia Douglass
Emilia Douglass - 2 months ago
Time Travelers Wife!!!! I love that movie!!!!! Yes David!!!!!
Nirvana Raharuhi
Nirvana Raharuhi - 2 months ago
fuck u chocolate sandwich that fell on the floor
Princess Nugget
Princess Nugget - 2 months ago
About Time is my favorite movie as well!
Monkeyman Gaming
Monkeyman Gaming - 2 months ago
I just got broke up with 2 days ago and this helped so so much
Alyssa Hughes
Alyssa Hughes - 2 months ago
i want more of these videos
Ele Barto
Ele Barto - 2 months ago
David's got all this money but can't buy himself a damn haircut? 😂
funkycool - 2 months ago
David is so freaking cute I love you him
funkycool - 2 months ago
I can't wait until David and Liza get back together
Hannah Poland
Hannah Poland - 2 months ago
Wow David’s advice was deep
Itzel Diaz
Itzel Diaz - 2 months ago
Josh & David giving me advice on a Friday night while in bed, alone is just giving me life.
Btw low key this is the best video ever
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