Dramatic Cat Burglar Ruins Heist!

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Studio C
Studio C - Month ago
What would your secret heist nickname be?
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
Fluffy bunny
Messi Naldo
Messi Naldo - 15 days ago
Celest le Roux
Celest le Roux - 16 days ago
Lady Shadow gone bad😜
Kiwisaregamers - 20 days ago
Butterfly.. of sadness
Gemini Da Gacha master
Gemini Da Gacha master - 22 days ago
DiamondGem ( it’s a reference to some other RUvideosrs and my name is Gemini)
Luci Ellis
Luci Ellis - 5 days ago
Star Feraldo: Reborn
Bi- Han
Bi- Han - 7 days ago
Margaret Elizabeth
Margaret Elizabeth - 8 days ago
Make him into a series
Moh - 10 days ago
Robert Pickett
Robert Pickett - 12 days ago
I have never enjoyed Stacy as much as in this video. Long live Maureeth Loquavius the Second!
SerniAmniae Chan
SerniAmniae Chan - 12 days ago
Stacey: quick, what's your favorite kind of cat
Matt: uhh Siamese... Burmese..that's a dog...and...dead
Katy I like birdz
Katy I like birdz - 12 days ago
That moment when you realize even studio c likes there own videos.
Sheriff Martymoe
Sheriff Martymoe - 14 days ago
3:10 “just another false alarm”
I like to think this is just what he does when he’s bored
Hazel Doepke
Hazel Doepke - 14 days ago
Do more w him!
Sandra Rowe
Sandra Rowe - 16 days ago
I want to see more of this character, haha! I think someone needs to have an interaction with him as their crazy neighbor that feeds all the neighborhood strays.
kbear - 17 days ago
You could say the cat's out if the bag with this one
Evan Chan
Evan Chan - 17 days ago
Matt: “and dead”
Me: that’s my favorite type of cat too!
User name
User name - 18 days ago
New Missions please
Katie Helms
Katie Helms - 20 days ago
Steal it like a cat would do
Patriece D
Patriece D - 23 days ago
So did he ever get adopted?
Dream Corners inc.
Dream Corners inc. - 24 days ago
I really loved this
Diana Svetlov
Diana Svetlov - 24 days ago
it was hilarious
KSteak Sauce
KSteak Sauce - 25 days ago
Maurice loncaveeus the 1 millionth
Amalie R.
Amalie R. - 25 days ago
Still a better cat than the ones in the Cats trailer
Jasmine - 26 days ago
Comment your favorite type of cat!
Siamese.. Bernese (that's a dog), annnddd... Dead. -Matt Meese
DanielJS489 - 26 days ago
Maurice calls Matt Condor but that's his own codename!
Arianna Thaler
Arianna Thaler - 26 days ago
i like cat's
RedCaio - 27 days ago
So we're doing gay stereotypes now? Not a good choice, Studio C
yong Un Mao
yong Un Mao - 27 days ago
Sign them up for "the worst security ever"
Jessica Tuggle
Jessica Tuggle - 28 days ago
YaGotRektSon - 28 days ago
240,000th view
McKenna VanderZanden
McKenna VanderZanden - 28 days ago
you guys are so funny i love your videos
Hotjelleh - 28 days ago
Can you guys make more compilations?
Justin Chouinard
Justin Chouinard - 28 days ago
I love cats
Justin Chouinard
Justin Chouinard - 28 days ago
Stacy gets me!!!
Potter The Otter
Potter The Otter - 29 days ago
Maurice is probably my favorite character of Studio C. I love how sassy and funny he is. Thank you for the laughs.
random man
random man - Month ago
i love you guys so much, thanks for all the amazing videos !
Patton Warren
Patton Warren - Month ago
Wow Cats (movie 2019) looking good
Jayden 123
Jayden 123 - Month ago
"When we leave we are gonna get you a snickers sir cause you are gettin mad and sassy"
Miss Moony Queen
Miss Moony Queen - Month ago
Ok if Matt is looking for Cat Burglars on Craigslist, I don’t want to see what else he googles.
Jenna Schepemaker
Jenna Schepemaker - Month ago
i just have to say that my kitten hits everything off and then proceeds to hit me.
Chuggabug 45
Chuggabug 45 - Month ago
i was terrified someone was knocking on my door for a second.
Buddems Morgan
Buddems Morgan - Month ago
My secret heist nickname would be: The Titanium Sword
Douglas Family
Douglas Family - Month ago
This is what happens when my cat walks into the pantry...
Piper Jane Smithen
Piper Jane Smithen - Month ago
Matt: ....and dead
Me: Excuse me?!
Piper A
Piper A - Month ago
"Meese top three favorite types of cats go!"
"Uhhh...the siamese, burnese - that's a dog, and dead"
AbbieUrMother - Month ago
i saw this one when y’all filmed it. i been waiting for so long 💀
Kay325 - Month ago
“How you gonna say we’re friends but I don’t know your Christian name?”
Adri-Sam OS
Adri-Sam OS - Month ago
"Well, who bought you that purple booty cushion when you were having that lower back pain?"
eleora I.S.
eleora I.S. - Month ago
Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith - Month ago
studio c plus cats!
Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim
I have a sketch idea and if you used it that would be awesome!! you dont have to give me credit cause ill know!

A kid that has just is brought to the park by his mother who teachers him about "stranger danger" just before leaving him to play. But he ends up beginning to think that everyone is a stranger, even the people he knows, and insists that they are trying to kidnap him/her. When the mom comes back she find a lot of confused people and family relatives as well as friends, and a screaming angry child.

Please use it you're my favorite youtube channel ever!!
The Calderon Family
The Calderon Family - Month ago
Secret Heist Nickname: Beans
When I was about 4, My mom, and two sister, (and I) went to a bath and body works to get some candles, and while me and my sister looked around the shop, I took a hand sanitizer (I didn’t know it was stealing) and kept it in my hand, we walked out of the stop and the hand sanitizer was un noticed until I showed it to my sisters and bragged about how I got it.
Aress Epelu
Aress Epelu - Month ago
Top 3 favorite kinds of cats?
Matt Meese: Siamese, Burmese... that’s a dog, ugh... dead.
HydraPlays - Month ago
He looks like the black bob ross
LilGxchaPotato - Month ago
Studio C always finds a way for me to laugh each time ❤😂
Lillyana Penton
Lillyana Penton - Month ago
1:12 Purple Cushion reference
Ashley Forsyth
Ashley Forsyth - Month ago
Dead is the best type of cat.
Sangodele Taiwo
Sangodele Taiwo - Month ago
I love you get a lovely stop doing that you guys are the best I love you guys you're so amazing I do funny stuff you guys are various an amazing love you Esther
Maddeline Dear
Maddeline Dear - Month ago
Great video guys I loved it☺
Rebecca Reeves
Rebecca Reeves - Month ago
Hey I have an idea for a sketch! A guy robs a store or bank. Police and reporters come and interview witnesses to get a description on the robber. The robber hides in the crowd to hear how they describe him. They describe him as really ugly with ugly features. Each witness’s description is meaner than the last but he stays hoping one will say he was handsome. Eventually the robber will reveal himself because he doesn’t want to be described as ugly!
Gennesy Zimmerman
Gennesy Zimmerman - Month ago
666th comment 😊
Audrey the cat nerd
Audrey the cat nerd - Month ago
Me walking into my sisters’ room to steal the cat
Lucas Lyche
Lucas Lyche - Month ago
"You're kidding?" Nah he's kittying
Sean Ramos
Sean Ramos - Month ago
Day 26 of commenting on studio c’s videos until they make a papers please parody
Meg Villabel
Meg Villabel - Month ago
I need more videos of sassy Maurice!!!!
Karleigh Provost
Karleigh Provost - Month ago
I'm with matt, the best kind of cat is a dead one.

(i'm jk btw, b4 y'all murder me. xD)
Bieber Fan
Bieber Fan - Month ago
Hi, my name is... my name is... Maurithe Lonquaviuth I.
Because I am your father, Maurithe Lonquaviuth II.!
Michigan: :Garnet
Michigan: :Garnet - Month ago
Maurice has to be in more videos
Michigan: :Garnet
Michigan: :Garnet - Month ago
Stacy acting like a cat is my favorite thing ever!!!!
C Jill
C Jill - Month ago
I had a dream last night where I was a member of the studio c cult, but to become a full fledged member of studio c, I had to write and produce an entire sketch. They were performing it on my driveway and everyone from my school was there, watching us. We performed the crayon song (sort of) and Stacey said I plagiarized it and a war broke out and Tris had red hair. It was weird.
Lalit29 P
Lalit29 P - Month ago
Happy birthday Jeremy
Jeesh 8
Jeesh 8 - Month ago
Laurei Holden
Looks exactly like mallory
Sarah Mouser
Sarah Mouser - Month ago
Stacey: Mau-mau for short or rite-rith if we’re really good friends
Matt: OK May-mau
Stacey: Oh! So were not really good friends
Jared Knoope
Jared Knoope - Month ago
This makes me want to go and make a khajiit thief in skyrim
narutoroxanne22 - Month ago
Did he just steal the flower vases too?!
Braiden Taylor
Braiden Taylor - Month ago
Aw yes my favorite kind of cat is also dead
Zach Nacino
Zach Nacino - Month ago
How did the guards not notice him???? He has different color...

dmkccR2ventureMade - Month ago
Ha ha ha. Dead cat
Lead_Marie - Month ago
The kind you found on Craig’s list
JesusFreak1924 - Month ago
Favorite cat: DEAD
miguel miguel
miguel miguel - Month ago
Maddie Fishblob
Maddie Fishblob - Month ago
Top 1 favorite types of cats: dead 😂 THATS MINE TO!!!
Lilith Poskistien
Lilith Poskistien - Month ago
When Matt got called Don Pedro I started laughing like a maniac!!!! I’m in Much Ado About Nothing!
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