Dramatic Cat Burglar Ruins Heist!

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Studio C
Studio C - 5 months ago
What would your secret heist nickname be?
Svetlana Alvarez
Svetlana Alvarez - 15 days ago
BewilderedWaffle - 28 days ago
Maurithe Lonquaviuth III
Mary Zehr
Mary Zehr - Month ago
Probably Burglar Baggins.
ShyNeonFoxes - 2 months ago
the cheetah
Lady Wolf
Lady Wolf - 2 months ago
She wolf!
Myles Wilson
Myles Wilson - Month ago
not offensive
Tiffany Strickler
Tiffany Strickler - Month ago
I was five when I commited a horrible crime. The theiving of... SKITTLES WHEN MY MOM DIDN'T KNOWWWwWwWw
the islander
the islander - Month ago
Omg...Stacey or maumau hilarious as a cat.
Bluerasperries111 - Month ago
My burglar's a HOT MESSSSS!
Bluerasperries111 - Month ago
Oh my gosh, that is insanely hilarious!
Michigan: :Garnet
Michigan: :Garnet - 2 months ago
I love Stacy, especially with his hair curled like that.
Eleni Daniolos
Eleni Daniolos - 2 months ago
My nickname would be........................................ food.
Gabe doesn't upload for 365 days
7 year olds when that heard Matt say mao mao: HE SAID THAT GUY ON CARTOON NETWORK
Lucky gamer125
Lucky gamer125 - 2 months ago
Mary Zehr
Mary Zehr - 2 months ago
That freaking cat leap at 2:00 had me dying in my seat!!!!
Chris Carson
Chris Carson - 2 months ago
And Matt has angered all of the cat people right meow.
Mary Zehr
Mary Zehr - 2 months ago
Stacey!!!! Your lisp is hilarious!!!!
Magic - 3 months ago
Keep the old cast pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sophiella Ryan
Sophiella Ryan - 3 months ago
My nickname would be police. “Hello, police, are you in?” “Police! The cops are coming!”
KT LoveBTS - 3 months ago
2:01 😂😂 he is a fabulous cat 🐈 👏👏
-K O K O- bean
-K O K O- bean - 3 months ago
I need more of this character
TizzyRose - 3 months ago
My three favourite types of cats:
1: sphynx (hairless cat)
2: black
3: tabby
Ayzeck Nozniksid
Ayzeck Nozniksid - Month ago
Mine are: 1. Jellicle 2. Tuxedo 3. Tabby (specifically silver and black)
Catherine Morin
Catherine Morin - 3 months ago
Next episode ever
Luci Ellis
Luci Ellis - 4 months ago
Star Feraldo: Reborn
Bi- Han
Bi- Han - 4 months ago
Margaret Elizabeth
Margaret Elizabeth - 4 months ago
Make him into a series
Moh - 4 months ago
Robert Pickett
Robert Pickett - 4 months ago
I have never enjoyed Stacy as much as in this video. Long live Maureeth Loquavius the Second!
Katy I like birdz
Katy I like birdz - 4 months ago
That moment when you realize even studio c likes there own videos.
Sheriff Martymoe
Sheriff Martymoe - 4 months ago
3:10 “just another false alarm”
I like to think this is just what he does when he’s bored
Hazel Doepke
Hazel Doepke - 4 months ago
Do more w him!
Sandra Rowe
Sandra Rowe - 4 months ago
I want to see more of this character, haha! I think someone needs to have an interaction with him as their crazy neighbor that feeds all the neighborhood strays.
kbear - 4 months ago
You could say the cat's out if the bag with this one
Evan Chan
Evan Chan - 4 months ago
Matt: “and dead”
Me: that’s my favorite type of cat too!
Aditya Waghmare
Aditya Waghmare - 4 months ago
New Missions please
Katie Helms
Katie Helms - 4 months ago
Steal it like a cat would do
Patriece D
Patriece D - 4 months ago
So did he ever get adopted?
Dream Corners inc.
Dream Corners inc. - 4 months ago
I really loved this
Diana Svetlov
Diana Svetlov - 4 months ago
it was hilarious
KSteak Sauce
KSteak Sauce - 4 months ago
Maurice loncaveeus the 1 millionth
Amalie R.
Amalie R. - 4 months ago
Still a better cat than the ones in the Cats trailer
Jasmine - 4 months ago
Comment your favorite type of cat!
Siamese.. Bernese (that's a dog), annnddd... Dead. -Matt Meese
DanielJS489 - 4 months ago
Maurice calls Matt Condor but that's his own codename!
Arianna Thaler
Arianna Thaler - 4 months ago
i like cat's
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