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Samantha Cooks
Samantha Cooks - Hour ago
9:39 he said what!!
brianna Johnston
brianna Johnston - Hour ago
I’m never goin toSue people especially you James
Emily vlogs xx
Emily vlogs xx - 3 hours ago
Awesome video 📹👌👍😊❤️
Bhad_bitch756 - 4 hours ago
Am I the only one that kinda thinks that’s close to his shade of foundation 🤨
zahra Patel
zahra Patel - 6 hours ago
Hi I love your vids
sophie slone
sophie slone - 6 hours ago
Ok why complain , when your rich , give the poor woman some makeup
JayyJae &Cee
JayyJae &Cee - 7 hours ago
15 million subscribers. Sheesh. I'm just trying to hit 1,000 lol
JayyJae &Cee
JayyJae &Cee - 7 hours ago
His Mom is totally the actress from Home Alone!
Brianna Lopez
Brianna Lopez - 7 hours ago
You should give your mom a whole bunch of make up as a gift to suprise her
Madeline McCormick
Madeline McCormick - 8 hours ago
James you need to make a video of you buying your mom more makeup and give me a like if you still watching this video in 2019
Jessi Erwin
Jessi Erwin - 11 hours ago
is it just me or is he actually being a bitch to his mom??
Sidney Parks
Sidney Parks - 13 hours ago
I so saw Grayson in the background
causewhyn0t - 14 hours ago
5:06 the mom eyerolled at james 😂😂😂😂
Carrie Mckinney
Carrie Mckinney - 14 hours ago
Did anyone see Grayson in the background and then he left?
Eva Burgos
Eva Burgos - 14 hours ago
In the first like 40 seconds Grayson is their lol
Daniella Liehs
Daniella Liehs - 14 hours ago
i wanna see james do his moms makeup
Tea Infultraitor
Tea Infultraitor - 15 hours ago
When your mums/moms makeup is better then yours
Tea Infultraitor
Tea Infultraitor - 15 hours ago
Also his mother is more tanned then him and he goes “this is gonna be to light for me”
Iffat Zaidi
Iffat Zaidi - 15 hours ago
At 8:46 James was being so rude to his mom.
Drew Doughety
Drew Doughety - 16 hours ago
why is one of the Dolan twins in the background in the beginning??
Art and crafts With yara
Art and crafts With yara - 16 hours ago
Is it just me or does his mom look very similar to Kevin’s mom in home alone ( the movie )
Mr. Unique
Mr. Unique - 17 hours ago
His mom looks like Kevin's from Home Alone 1 and 2!🙃
ilana goycocheaa
ilana goycocheaa - 17 hours ago
Sis why is Grayson in the back
flufflepuffasmr 101
flufflepuffasmr 101 - 18 hours ago
In the intro a guy is seen in background
Libby O'Neill
Libby O'Neill - 22 hours ago
Did anyone else see Grayson in the beginning??
Morgan Deleur
Morgan Deleur - 23 hours ago
Omg let Jeffrey star use the eyebrow.... Thing?😱
SG Vlogs
SG Vlogs - 23 hours ago
OMG did you see Grayson Dolan in the back of James Charles intro at 41 seconds 🤭
Vanessa Frozen
Vanessa Frozen - Day ago
Who thinks that he and his mum hugging is cute he loves her so mjch
Andrea R
Andrea R - Day ago
The eyebrows dont look bad on his mom
Iridessa_ Blossom
Iridessa_ Blossom - Day ago
is this me or what but at 0:46 can you see a Dolan twin on James' Bed
Charlie Hunter
Charlie Hunter - Day ago
Is it just me but James' mum looks like Kevin's mum from home alone
Kaara Tut-Orial's
Kaara Tut-Orial's - Day ago
Did aybodynotice that guy who was there in the beginning
Skyler Priest
Skyler Priest - Day ago
my sister said you look better than you have ever did when you did your own makeup but i think you look BOOTIFUL
Kavya and Sophie
Kavya and Sophie - Day ago
90% of the comments are Grayson is in the background
5% are His mother’s foundation matches him perfectly
5% random🥴
Mia Montes
Mia Montes - Day ago
guess whos in the background
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee - Day ago
Why is Eathan Dolan behind I in the first clip
Yanet Ceja
Yanet Ceja - Day ago
Is it just me or do you see Grayson 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Rheeza Aldaya
Rheeza Aldaya - Day ago
We all found his new foundation it's perfect!
cecelia hilley
cecelia hilley - Day ago
did anyone else not see grayson in the backround
Shania Yates
Shania Yates - Day ago
2019 anyone just me...ok
In the beginning Grason in the back round🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Shania Yates
Shania Yates - Day ago
2019 anyone just me...ok
In the beginning Grason in the back round🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Macey Cwynar
Macey Cwynar - Day ago
I’m not allowed to watch you so I won’t be able to buy ur merch
that family channel
Who has in the back round at the beginning
Riley Lynn
Riley Lynn - Day ago
50 seconds into the video... watch James’ left shoulder and you’ll see Grayson...... I’m dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂gRaYsoNs SeRvEr iS dOwN
Heidi McQuade
Heidi McQuade - Day ago
Flashback Mary has entered the chat...................................
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith - Day ago
Grayson in the back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
morgan null
morgan null - Day ago
Is that gray in the back
Tania Nayyar
Tania Nayyar - Day ago
0:49 Grayson has stopped staring into our souls
Tania Nayyar
Tania Nayyar - Day ago
0:38 the person in the back is just staring into my soul XDD
Berra Yanmaz
Berra Yanmaz - Day ago
Am i the only one who noticed gray😂😂
Stella Dashiell
Stella Dashiell - Day ago
Why does she look exactly like the mom from home slone
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