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Its ya gurl 15
Its ya gurl 15 - 2 minutes ago
Is your mom in home alone???
Slick Steph
Slick Steph - 39 minutes ago
Eimearplays Roblox
Eimearplays Roblox - Hour ago
Is your mom from home alone
Christine Ulmer
Christine Ulmer - 14 minutes ago
Did that’s what I thought!
Tilda - Hour ago
You have to by your mom some new makeup and makeup brushes for Christmas
Anisa Kamberi
Anisa Kamberi - 3 hours ago
You're mom is so cute
Raluca Badea
Raluca Badea - 3 hours ago
Eme enas alos
Bella and John
Bella and John - 3 hours ago
SHE IS 51?
Barča Homolkova
Barča Homolkova - 5 hours ago
Ošklivá matka
Barča Homolkova
Barča Homolkova - 5 hours ago
Nemáš piču
Carolina Rubio
Carolina Rubio - 7 hours ago
0:42 why was Dolan idk witch one in the background
Carolina Rubio
Carolina Rubio - 7 hours ago
0:42 why was Dolan idk witch one in the background
Carolina Villarreal
Carolina Villarreal - 14 hours ago
Look at Grayson in the back ♥️
Cloudy Roblox
Cloudy Roblox - 16 hours ago
Have yall not noticed a dolan twin is behind him... in the beginning of the vid..?
Leslie Sebastian
Leslie Sebastian - 17 hours ago
This is off topic your mom is really pretty😍
Lilysoftball Tv
Lilysoftball Tv - 18 hours ago
How is watching
_xxgacha love lifexx _
_xxgacha love lifexx _ - 18 hours ago
him:this is not my skin coler

_xxgacha love lifexx _
_xxgacha love lifexx _ - 18 hours ago
0:34 gray in the window tho xD
Cletus_ AndBuddies
Cletus_ AndBuddies - 21 hour ago
There's just a random dude in the background in the intro
Kian Staines
Kian Staines - 22 hours ago
Your moms cut
Annie May
Annie May - Day ago
Anyone else notice the guy fall of the chair in the back at the start 💝🤣🤣🤣🤣xxx
Amina 420
Amina 420 - Day ago
Does anyone see Grayson In The back
Taylor Cyrus
Taylor Cyrus - Day ago
his mom is funny. 🙃
PUGGI E - Day ago
In the beginning did anyone else see the Dolan twin?????
skooper 1
skooper 1 - Day ago
Nathan is in the bed room at 0:30 to 1:00
Evy Lalalalala
Evy Lalalalala - Day ago
Anyone notice Grayson in the background during the intro
Hannah Reichelt
Hannah Reichelt - Day ago
for some reason i got so mad that i snappped my laptop screen in half. it still works. pray for me
Laura Argueta
Laura Argueta - Day ago
Ana Dolan
Ana Dolan - Day ago
Did any one see Grayson in the back
Zakiya Cameron
Zakiya Cameron - Day ago
Ik I'm not the only MF person that seen one of the Dolan twinz 🤣
{cloudy gacha}
{cloudy gacha} - Day ago
why does she looks like that mother in home alone? ;-;
Kelsea Davies
Kelsea Davies - 2 days ago
Is your mum from home alone ¿
Gina Veskova
Gina Veskova - 2 days ago
Wow James Charles no wonder why you where so pretty your mom is soo beautiful 😊☺️
ibrahimi berkant
ibrahimi berkant - 2 days ago
wait... james has hundrets of make up but his mom just has these. like james giv youre mother a bit of your make up.
M - 2 days ago
mary fayloga
mary fayloga - 2 days ago
moms shade *shira*
in filipino sentence - may sira ka
in english translation - you have somethng wrog 💨💨💨🤣🤣🤣🤣
irdeena insyirah
irdeena insyirah - 2 days ago
i love James eyebrows !♥️
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose - 2 days ago
He finally found a foundation that is actually his skin colour
DeLALA Aleman
DeLALA Aleman - 2 days ago
Kyra Hamstra
Kyra Hamstra - 2 days ago
His mom looks like Kevin Mcallister’s mom from home alone.
Denise Latchman
Denise Latchman - 2 days ago
Omg Grayson in the back Lmfao 0:32
Lisa Redford
Lisa Redford - 2 days ago
Evelyn Rose
Evelyn Rose - 2 days ago
9:39 lmaoooo
Yareli Ortiz Rico
Yareli Ortiz Rico - 2 days ago
Owwmm 🥰 your mom is so sweet 💕
Zoleydi Rodriguez
Zoleydi Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Delen like si hablan en español
Tea time Sis
Tea time Sis - 3 days ago
In the intro who is that in the background
Ayesha Pirwani
Ayesha Pirwani - 3 days ago
James I will give 100,000 to get ur mum new Makup
Aeriseu - 3 days ago
44,001th coment
Sky Asia
Sky Asia - 3 days ago
No one in my family wears makeup, not even my mum wears makeup.
Lovely Girls
Lovely Girls - 3 days ago
Lol Greyson in the background hahaha
Like if u can see him
SavedSinner 03
SavedSinner 03 - 3 days ago
Anyone else see Grayson in the background...? 0:49
Sofia Camareno
Sofia Camareno - 3 days ago
Your mother is so so so beauty
butler vlogs
butler vlogs - 3 days ago
Give your mom some makeup!!!
Clay Stiebel
Clay Stiebel - 3 days ago
Actually one shade darker than the one she got would be perfect for you (not hating just thought I’d say)
3va - 3 days ago
My mom thinks that powder is foundation and she always gets mascara on her eyelids and she literally just puts powder, an exercise amount of blush, and then she try’s to mascara
Heather Leonard
Heather Leonard - 3 days ago
Mama Charles you should call her
Devy Dignard
Devy Dignard - 3 days ago
I love how Grayson was just staring in to the camera the whole time
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh - 3 days ago
Oh and those are definitely bent eyebrows are bent
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh - 3 days ago
I started makeup let’s see ummm on New Years soooooooo about less than 8 months and I’m 10 and guess what I am really good Bc of your videos
Life with destiny
Life with destiny - 3 days ago
Your brother is so fucken cute 😍🤤
Olivia Groh
Olivia Groh - 3 days ago
Your mom made a good human
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