Every Way to Cook a Potato (63 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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Bear Draws
Bear Draws - Hour ago
Remmy has found his human vessel
Triggerhappy938 - Hour ago
Hasselback potatoes are supposed to be served skin on and with cheese/butter.
ANGRY CANADIAN - 4 hours ago
Is food channel: Can't BBQ
Something Something
Something Something - 4 hours ago
The longer I watch this, the more the voice sounds like Remy, the rat chef from *Ratatouille*.
Nerdy cube
Nerdy cube - 4 hours ago
9:13 my guy... you used the back of the fork?
Muhammad Younus
Muhammad Younus - 5 hours ago
And now the pan friend smashed potatos are now single because of you :,(
Lark Rockelle
Lark Rockelle - 5 hours ago
mamitaro24 - 5 hours ago
Eating raw potato is dangerous... lmao and putting potato in microwave is dangerous too. I used to have a roommate, he put potato in the microwave and I saw black smoke came out from microwave. Fire alarm went off and fire fighters came. My roommate stopped fire but fire fighters told me to tell my roommate not to put raw potato in microwave. (Because he didn’t speak good English)
Ally M
Ally M - 5 hours ago
For the pocket potato...he put *4:01* that bothered me so much
Mackenzie Desire'
Mackenzie Desire' - 6 hours ago
Does Amiel remind anyone else of Griffin McElroy?
TwiceThePraise - 6 hours ago
Potatoes,red and yellow peppers, onions, and sausages, salt and pepper and butter and throw in the oven. Thank me later
Dara45 Sm
Dara45 Sm - 7 hours ago
Let’s play a game.
Take a shot every time he says: let’s add some olive oil and salt
Aegean McCarry
Aegean McCarry - 8 hours ago
Mark Watney is crying on Mars
Caitlin Berney
Caitlin Berney - 10 hours ago
Amiel: *eats mashed potatoes with fork AND KNIFE
Tiger V20
Tiger V20 - 10 hours ago
No one:
Bone apple teeth: mnm
SweetBabyJayzus - 10 hours ago
Maybe try a true hash brown? Not some wierd fried shredded potato stuff. Maybe they're just different where you live but I know a hash brown has onion in it and is packed into a triangle ish shape with rounded edges
hello - 11 hours ago
so this is the guy who stole all the potatoes during the Irish famine huh.
potato blight? what’s that? i’ve only heard of this guy
Lori Savana
Lori Savana - 11 hours ago
Perfect way to ROAST a patoto
Dawwwm she is pale 👱🏻‍♀️
Holly_Nia17 12
Holly_Nia17 12 - 11 hours ago
You could just... add salt after if you are complaining there is no salt
Vic - 11 hours ago
**Sees the title**
"Almost every way to cook a potato."

*What a scam!*
Zeddicus Ulvestad
Zeddicus Ulvestad - 14 hours ago
Sweet potato pie
assholic - 16 hours ago
y'all electrocute your potatoes & put them in dishwashers but won't cook it in a rice cooker?? disgrace!!!
Mikey Eden
Mikey Eden - 17 hours ago
I wonder if he did all these in one day and got sick of them?!!? lol.
I LOVE KYLE SIMM - 21 hour ago
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Me:Yes, I'll have a potato
Waiter:How would you like that cooked?
Me: P I C K L E D A N D E L E C T R O C U T E D
Steven Park
Steven Park - 22 hours ago
you should have done the sun
Illusive[Brick] - 22 hours ago
just add a left over baked potato into a waffle iron and cook it. Thats it, enjoy your meal, college students.
Illusive[Brick] - 23 hours ago
I saw the double baked potato and literally went into the kitchen and made dinner for my family! I never tried a twice baked potato before this but all I can say is HELL YES! Its difficult when making it the first time but its worth the hassle!
Caleb Cunningham
Caleb Cunningham - Day ago
*doesn't season or wash potatoes*
*tasteless/tastes like dirt*
*surprised Pikachu*
TnT FoX - Day ago
the funniest part is him thinking those kitchen dishwashing gloves would do anything against high voltage.
Fred freak Aka randomman
Next time is how to cook crack in 50 different ways
100 000 subs challenge
Guess what guys...

I eat water with a fork and knife...
Dr Jamesscott
Dr Jamesscott - Day ago
rubyrose12345678 - Day ago
Some people mash potatos with some skin
Elon Hinton
Elon Hinton - Day ago
Bonappleteeth y’all I’m going to Taco Bell go get me a case of adidas
Ashlyn612 - Day ago
“Disgusting, would not recommend.”
Isaac Higgins
Isaac Higgins - Day ago
This guy doesn’t understand that not everybody has all the extra stuff to cook it with
tapak sulaiman
tapak sulaiman - Day ago
I thought the first way to cook potatoes was weird but the second one was even weirder
onionsmells - Day ago
Can you do noodles?
RBCop 1.
RBCop 1. - Day ago
My favorite potato is baked potato with tons of pepper and butter
xcarmen - Day ago
Everyone is talking about wanting to see him voicing this over but I wanna see him sitting standing there in silence waving his hands in front of a potato
Emily Snell
Emily Snell - Day ago
'First we're gonna take some kosher salt' - Babish has entered the chat
Ruairi Cuthbert-Ross
You sound like Patton Oswald!
Lyzette Goff
Lyzette Goff - Day ago
YOU CAN'T GET THEM EVERYWHERE! *cries dramatically* Just moved to Melbourne, Australia. Can't find them anywhere. Help!
Mr KosovanGamer690
Mr KosovanGamer690 - Day ago
Its not called "twice fried" its called blanching..... Thats what gordon ramsay says when he makes french fries
Herman Strömberg
Herman Strömberg - Day ago
Try the m24 stielhandgranate as a potato masher next!
LAKES tv - Day ago
you lie
Riley Theriault
Riley Theriault - Day ago
*sets timer to **4:01*
Corin Paterson
Corin Paterson - Day ago
Amiel: *cooks potato in oven for an hour*
Me: *cooks it in a microwave for 10 minutes* 😂😂
Jesús Trejo
Jesús Trejo - Day ago
I want to see the video where you hold the fork the correct way
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis - Day ago
‘Not cooked enough to eat’
*flashbacks to the beginning where you literally bit the entire top off a raw potato*
федя коновальцев
You have to bury the potato in sand under the campfire's coals and leave it there for 40 minutes
Chouci Vang
Chouci Vang - Day ago
12:14 dO NoT mIcRoWaVe over 4 mins. *Microwaves for 4:01. What a rebel!
Talia Grinage
Talia Grinage - Day ago
When he says cream what is he using ? What kind of cream?
Swantom - Day ago
29:24 "smoked potato" on a normal cheap charcoal grill......
Sandeep Khetawat
Sandeep Khetawat - Day ago
U talk alot.
Juan Correa
Juan Correa - Day ago
When is the beans cooking methods video comimg out?
Marvin Yoani
Marvin Yoani - Day ago
3:46 the color looks like an apple
Jace Kaloke
Jace Kaloke - Day ago
Honestly in my opinion raw potatoes arent that bad
Justine - Day ago
Potatoes can make you sick in a number of ways: from indigestible starch, also called resistant starch, that in raw potatoes can cause stomach upset, from the contamination of bacteria present in the soil and from toxins present in some potatoes.
Qui P
Qui P - Day ago
Nobody gives a damn Justine
ElZamo92 - 2 days ago
No, the aluminium film didn’t “burn”, it was annealed by the heat of the torch.
II DOGPOUND II - 2 days ago
Every way to cook a steak
Orla - 2 days ago
That’s not a smoker. You cut it open and there was no smoke ring at all. That’s a cheap grill. You guys know better than all these mistakes.
Honestly I’ve had this theory that you’re all book taught and you have no real world experience in restaurants and all of these things you’ve done wrong in this video strengthen that idea.
There’s no way an actual chef would be as uninformed on cooking methods for something so basic unless they were being willfully obtuse.
The video is supposed to be showcasing different ways to cook a potato but you’ve failed at the most basic ways because you weren’t aware of the actual techniques. People that watch this channel assume you have some knowledge that they don’t because you work for the most ubiquitous food magazine. This is frustrating.
Yeah, you guys are funny and entertaining but it makes me question why you should be the published authority on cooking methods.
And yes I know some of this stuff is a joke but they couldn’t even make smashed potatoes or hasselback correctly for Christ sake.
Orla - 2 days ago
Amiel will flip a pan full of hot butter onto a plate like that but won’t touch the spiky rotisserie thing. Get your priorities straight amiel.
Orla - 2 days ago
That’s absolutely not how smashed potatoes are made. You bake smaller potatoes, smash them, then pan fry them *or bake them again
Orla - 2 days ago
Nobody makes hassrlback potatoes with russets and especially not without garlic and herbs
Staniel Wilsenlöw
Staniel Wilsenlöw - 2 days ago
All I wanted was the pomme souffle, and then...
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
Are people gay?
hearttøheart - 2 days ago
I’m addicted to this channel. I have no idea why. I can’t stop watching these
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
hearttøheart should racism be illegal?
Foxgrove Forest
Foxgrove Forest - 2 days ago
Please get a chef to cook them(and season them) or get a control seasoning blend. You can't blame cooking methods for not having flavor of you don't season them.
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
Foxgrove Forest should racism be illegal?
Abby Thoreson
Abby Thoreson - 2 days ago
I ❤ raw potatoes
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
Abby Thoreson should racism be illegal?
5445 - 2 days ago
28:45 -Potato torture device.
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
5445 should racism be illegal?
Please, Kill me.
Please, Kill me. - 2 days ago
Why so anti-microwave? Its just another way to cook things.
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
Please, Kill me. should racism be illegal?
a person
a person - 2 days ago
waiter: how do you want your potat-
me: *firestick*

waiter: umm what?
me: ok fine then juiced
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
a person should racism be illegal?
Bqrtas - 2 days ago
Uhh can you make bread in 50 ways?
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
Bqrtas should racism be illegal?
Kayla - 2 days ago
Please don't eat raw potatoes people, it can be dangerous and NEVER eat a potato that has turned green.
Christian Kneupper
Christian Kneupper - 2 days ago
boil em mash em put em in a stew po tay toe
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
Christian Kneupper should racism be illegal?
Ruby Lucien
Ruby Lucien - 2 days ago
Can someone please tell me how many times this man said the word creamy? Like Oh my goodness, how is everything you're eating creamy?!?
Ruby Lucien
Ruby Lucien - Day ago
@Lama Duckie What? I just asked for someone to tell me how many times he said the word creamy.
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
Ruby Lucien should racism be illegal?
King der 31er
King der 31er - 2 days ago
Isn‘t raw potatoe like... poisonous?
King der 31er
King der 31er - Day ago
Lama Duckie should my dad come back with the milk from the store?
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
King der 31er should racism be illegal?
RadiLime - 2 days ago
the camera movement is messing with my head
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
RadiLime should racism be illegal?
noah hall
noah hall - 2 days ago
put metal rods in the potato and put it into an induction coil
noah hall
noah hall - Day ago
@Lama Duckie yes, though that's highly dependent on the implementation
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - Day ago
noah hall answer the ustion
noah hall
noah hall - Day ago
@Lama Duckie what
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 2 days ago
noah hall should racism be illegal?
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