Why Do People Love Old Monk So Much? | Feat. Andre | BuzzFeed India

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ABHISHEK PATRA - 2 days ago
And people will still drink old monk in the year 2050.
stalin rajkumar
stalin rajkumar - 3 days ago
Oldmonk + tropicana apple, my fav..
Shubham Chaudhari Official
80 / 130 / 260 / 520 /680
Which is ur❣
dad style
dad style - 4 days ago
I don't like it at all. I wanna puke even at the smell
2618263 - 5 days ago
Bucks Kahan hai currency hai Bhai
TRIPPY T - 5 days ago
Poor 🇮🇳 dhotis
Diveen Varma
Diveen Varma - 5 days ago
Kohday's and thums up guy here
nandu sarath
nandu sarath - 7 days ago
I'm from kerala but I first drink old monk when I'm at dubai
Abhishek Bora
Abhishek Bora - 9 days ago
Hey bro.... Put me in buzz feed India too... I wana come on youtube and also earn money. My father said no so I plan to get a bike on my own.
Karthik K S
Karthik K S - 11 days ago
Old monk is always an engineers drink, no matter what high position or low position an engg might have reached, he still prefers old monk, old monk is something like an chaddi buddy who wil be stil with you for years to come ...
Cheers old monk buddies, let the rum flow through your veins.....
Extreme Yumnam
Extreme Yumnam - 11 days ago
Now, full of fake ones in Assam and Manipur.
Akash Suresh
Akash Suresh - 11 days ago
I have seen ads of Old monk back in the late 90s or early 2000s in South Indian channels. I was a kid back then I remember some of those ads vaguely.
Swapnil - 12 days ago
Why do people love old monk so much? Cause it's cheap with a big kick...duhh
Rahul Porwal
Rahul Porwal - 12 days ago
Justy - 13 days ago
Ye kya bawasir bnaye ho
dat coolcat
dat coolcat - 13 days ago
380rs for a litre
souvik mitra
souvik mitra - 13 days ago
Thumbs up and old monk not Coke!
Iska hangover bhi bhot tagda hai 😬
nimalan ganesan
nimalan ganesan - 13 days ago
It's my favourite Indian drink, trying mixing with ginger ale
vardhasur - 14 days ago
Those ears make him look like an ELF.
Anand Nair
Anand Nair - 14 days ago
It is sad thing that my generation Loves glorifying alcohol.
Sourabh Kumar
Sourabh Kumar - 14 days ago
Old Monk + ThumsUp = Great Combo (Little-Little ) (Y)
villain heroes couldn't kill
Drinking the last drops .😂😂😂😂I had the best childhood
kumar jith
kumar jith - 15 days ago
Pepsi with old monk 😋
AP ENTERTAINMENT - 15 days ago
Isko Desi ke demand Bata re 😂
Ghost Chilli
Ghost Chilli - 15 days ago
Fuck BuzzFeed India.
Dev Nambiar
Dev Nambiar - 15 days ago
I stopped drinking old monk years ago since it started tasting weird and funny 🥴
Tushar - 15 days ago
My home is about 24 kms away from Mohan meakin kasauli brewery
Raju Moirangthem
Raju Moirangthem - 15 days ago
Old monk is famous because of cheap price n good taste
SUMAN SAHA - 15 days ago
Old monk is like medicine to me.....!!!
Shikhar Ranghar
Shikhar Ranghar - 15 days ago
Bro you look high as fk but its cool😂
Batmangat 39
Batmangat 39 - 15 days ago
Hobbit, anyone?
Velister Vaz
Velister Vaz - 15 days ago
Old monk ❤️
Luwang Ningthou
Luwang Ningthou - 15 days ago
When i was in Russia, i used to buy old monk from duty free. After finding out old monk is actually selling in Russia , i was in heaven. Actually its doesn't cost much too. It was around 600 rub.
Arun Vignesh
Arun Vignesh - 15 days ago
Your thumbnail gave me a retinal cancer.
Dollar Hanjabam
Dollar Hanjabam - 15 days ago
It's only 250 bucks in our state sometime 230 depends on the retailer
Champion Saurav
Champion Saurav - 15 days ago
Fact check: Old Monk was named after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose,after he took assylum in UP,in his last few years of life as an old monk named Gumnaami Baba.
Abhishek GuhaRoy
Abhishek GuhaRoy - 16 days ago
The last line, same here.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 16 days ago
OMR is popular among college guys because it won't make hangovers and such shit . Next morning u r ready to go to college and chase some pussies😉😉😉
Sahil Naik
Sahil Naik - 16 days ago
Coke mixed with older monk is actually toxic for health. You can Google it.
Y S R - 16 days ago
"Never seen an old monk ad"
Then what the hell is this
Manik Sibal
Manik Sibal - 16 days ago
When he said old monk is sweet , BC kahan se?
Rathu - 16 days ago
also between college students 💜💜💜
akshay pk
akshay pk - 16 days ago
I can tell you why it's because you will get a full at 432Rs only fukng cheap at Mangalore easy to drink after that full on full power.
PRAKASH KATHAT - 16 days ago
Old monk is best, iski to bottle bhi mast lgti
abhishek jaiswal
abhishek jaiswal - 16 days ago
Imported or exported🤔😅
Danny Joseph
Danny Joseph - 16 days ago
Old monk is actually crap . It's all just hype .
Ritesh Verma
Ritesh Verma - 16 days ago
The reason is price.
Assh Ole
Assh Ole - 16 days ago
After all emptiness in my pocket after Diwali ..old monk helped me now to heal my soul.
Arun Vijayan
Arun Vijayan - 16 days ago
Old monk fan
Happy's Channel
Happy's Channel - 16 days ago
One of my Alaskan friends loved it so much on first try took two bottles with him ...
RONIT MASIH - 16 days ago
Goa m bhot sasti h re ye old monk
Dev's Point of View
Dev's Point of View - 16 days ago
han tum sahi ho, videshi "pic chare" dekh dekh ke apne launde ko bhi pilaoge, sabaash, college me jab piye rahau tab baap ka pilaye rahau? angrej ki jhaat!!
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta - 16 days ago
I fucking haven't even touched the bottle.
Why is this on my recommendation?
Aldrin Sangma
Aldrin Sangma - 16 days ago
It cost only RS. 240 in Meghalaya.. what can beat Rum with warm water in winters. Cheers
Srijit Mukherjee
Srijit Mukherjee - 16 days ago
I live in the US, my go to at the local liquor store is a 14.99$ Old Monk.
LIL G - 16 days ago
Thats still 1000 rupees man damn these import taxes
Lemme slide thru shaawty
Lemme slide thru shaawty - 17 days ago
Fuck old monk..i love mcd and desi daru santraa..
Film Clips
Film Clips - 17 days ago
Drinkable Hot water + old monk rum
In winter .
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna - 17 days ago
I can't see it any where in andhra, I miss old monk
shashank agarwal
shashank agarwal - 17 days ago
Take is a mistake you guys show USA as Canada
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