Schlocktober 2019 - Jack Frost (1997) | The Big Picture

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Escapist - Month ago
Sorry for the lateness. Bob was sick this week and lots of copyright issues on this one. There will be no Big Picture episode next Tuesday due to Bob being sick this week. The final Schlocktober episode will air next Thursday. You can watch the Killdozer! episode early now.
Pranavanathan Yoganathan
Hope you feel better Bob!
Irritable Down syndrome
Yeah, the temp Fucking sucks
Fred Roman
Fred Roman - 13 days ago
By the way do you not have any decent Shannon Elizabeth movies instead of that terrible and sexual assault Shannon Elizabeth movie Jack Frost like for example American Pie 1 & 2,Scary Movie,Jay and Silent Bob,Tomcats,13 Ghosts,Dish Dogs,Confessions of an American Bride,Kid and I,Johnson Family Vacation,Cursed,You Belong to me and Night of the Demons?
Bluecho4 - 16 days ago
Why does Jack Frost not go around as water or vapor, rather than bother with the snowman bit? _Because he's a psychopath out to have fun._ Dude's a quasi-immortal, shape-shifting water elemental; he's going to explore all the different ways he can murder people because he thinks it would be a riot.
Just because a character in a story acts in a manner you, the audience, don't consider logical or efficient, does not a plot hole make. It just means the character - and by extension the story - has different goals.
Infinite Octopaw
Infinite Octopaw - 25 days ago
I REMEMBER THIS FILM! The shower scene unlocked this movie from the depths of my memory. A babysitter of mine brought this film with her thinking it was the other film. She then left me alone to cook dinner while I watched it. I was probably about 7 at the time, holly shit!
theblocksays - 27 days ago
7:08 aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd DEMONETIZED :D Also wouldn't just plain sodium also kill it?
Also I wish they made a "Jack Frost Versus Red Green" crossover LOL!
Josh Reitze
Josh Reitze - 28 days ago
I remember watching this one...amazing. That’s all
ForNoGoodReason - 28 days ago
fun fact the only thing i remember was "its cold" from this back when i bothered with cable
Joseph Rion
Joseph Rion - 28 days ago
Jack you are the best.
TiMonsor - Month ago
involving jack made even more apparent that it would be much more interesting to look at this movie on best of the worst, it would bring much more flavour
Carlos - Month ago
Proof that Jack is ten times funnier when he's playing off a straight man
Planet Mars
Planet Mars - Month ago
So is Jack not with Red Letter Media anymore or is this like a side project?
Planet Mars
Planet Mars - Month ago
Oh shit! Jack!
shallendor - Month ago
This and the sequel are pretty fun films to watch!
Serratiger - Month ago
Perspective is a funny thing. When MovieBob got introduced I thought of him as mildly annoying and unnecessary to the channel, but I've grown warm to his thoughts and regular appearances.
Now this Jack person is making cameos here and he's become the new grating presence and I'm wondering if I'll get to like him too...
Pierre White
Pierre White - Month ago
At 3:03 you can tell the dead dude is still breathing
Chris Ashford
Chris Ashford - Month ago
My friends and I actually rented this movie back in the day for the express purpose of giving it the MST3K treatment. Then we tried to write an actual episode around it. I remember it involved Mike Nelson being traumatized from a childhood experience being trapped under the family snowman for a week and there was a planet of psychic French waiters. Good times.
Paradox Acres
Paradox Acres - Month ago
The concept sounds...kinda *cool* actually, lol

(I'd totally watch a Superhero fight Killer Jack Frost)
Marcelo Colin
Marcelo Colin - Month ago
Meursault - Month ago
I thought it was the Michael Keaton one too.
Lin2Waterfall - Month ago
killed by an Avalanche?
I guess Jack finally got his revenge. >.>
HellecticMojo - Month ago
I love how during "I want you back here in 5 mins" they cut to a watch that's 5 mins away from being an hour.
Man, really gotta be exactly here at 5 mins, huh.
Mike Hochanadel
Mike Hochanadel - Month ago
That sucker punch is the greatest punch I've seen outside of the sucker punch from Sonny Boy
Grunk McSaucy
Grunk McSaucy - Month ago
No one is talking about Jack.
anthony johnson
anthony johnson - Month ago
Wait he was killed by snow and you have no pun for this?
7SidedFilms - Month ago
Oh Jack, you are true enterjoyment
thelinedrive - Month ago
Wait.... You’re telling me the main protagonist actor of a movie about a killer snow man died in an avalanche.
I don’t know weather or not to laugh at the irony or be creeped out by it.
Steve Brown
Steve Brown - Month ago
You have to cover the sequel. The way they defeat Jack Frost in that is insane!
Pranavanathan Yoganathan
Jack got tired of doing game videos with Rich Evans.
tsartomato - Month ago
so jack frost did find a way in the end
Mirokuofnite - Month ago
This movie caused many confused parents at the video store when the Michael Keaton movie of the same name came out the next year.
Blarmenify - Month ago
Get well soon Bob!
Pohlio - Month ago
I only clicked on this cause i thought it was the micheal keaton movie.
E: still watched it tho.
Jim Richards
Jim Richards - Month ago
shameless cross promotion.
Gorinich Serpant
Gorinich Serpant - Month ago
I think the answer to why he walks around in snowman form is twofold. First he's got a human mind and humans are more used to be solid shaped than liquid or steam, second is that he's got a sense of humor and recognizes that it would be funnier for a snowman to kill things than some water.
JasCotton - Month ago
Jack is so traumatized by years of Best of the Worst he can't acknowledge schlock movies anymore.
Mathu Asher
Mathu Asher - Month ago
For once I actually know this one!
Eric Waters
Eric Waters - Month ago
So, this was awesome as always. I have looked forward to Schlocktober every year since it started. I cannot get enough! Great work, Bob!
Also, YouTube? Interrupting a 11 minute video twice with the same damn ad is why people use adblockers. Just sayin'.
musicsfan1 - Month ago
Love the DW reference but whose gonna tell Bob that there was a snowman monster in doctor who that builds itself? (2012 Christmas special)
Nerdnumberone - Month ago
Possible reasons why he'd stick with the snowman shape:
1) Being a liquid or gas might be pretty damn disorienting or uncomfortable. Imagine being liquid. Sure you can do a lot, but seems hard.

2) He might just like to be a snowman. He's a wisecracking psycho-murderer you compared to the Joker. "For the lulz" is more than sufficient for an explanation.
Sara Fontanini
Sara Fontanini - Month ago
a humanoid form may be more comfortable for him, plus it may make it easier for him to see the looks of terror on his victim's faces as he kills them.
Mike Nees
Mike Nees - Month ago
I'm sorry he died in an avalanche irl? Can we go back to that? Like maybe it's crass to dwell on but...irl?
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