Speed Listening Challenge

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E V - 13 days ago
its not bad every country loves there flag however they like it
Jordan Ezell
Jordan Ezell - 17 days ago
Tape a 6 ft balloon to your mid section and try to bust a move!😎
moiDea - 20 days ago
Oh, link had me dying of laugh. Man :D loved it.
Czhao Zhao
Czhao Zhao - 23 days ago
0.5x playback speed for the speed talking
Jason L
Jason L - 25 days ago
Extra points for toots
Dark Cerebrus
Dark Cerebrus - 29 days ago
A moment silence for those few roaches that didn't scurry away fast enough. Lol
Gamenimations M
Gamenimations M - Month ago
I speed listened to gmm episode
Mossirg Semaj
Mossirg Semaj - Month ago
remake the unicorn rap
TheOfficial SauceBoss
TheOfficial SauceBoss - Month ago
These guys must be on crack 😂
Delenn Vidican
Delenn Vidican - Month ago
Talking fast is a girl's specialty
Kate Workman
Kate Workman - Month ago
6:55 - Tbone in the Tzone... I did not think his face when I heard that.
MikeDee425 D
MikeDee425 D - Month ago
Rhett definitely got 4of4 in round 1
Jeff Pape
Jeff Pape - Month ago
I love that GMM gives back to charities, especially ones dealing with mental health issues. Great work guys and keep it up!
madiii ‘
madiii ‘ - Month ago
rhett’s is so much easier to understand
Sarah Feher
Sarah Feher - Month ago
I heard teet zone and was very worried!
Maximus Heaton
Maximus Heaton - Month ago
Watch this at 2 times speed
NikkiTheWriter - Month ago
i’m used to listening to 2x
Rye-Tye Shea
Rye-Tye Shea - Month ago
Did anyone else way too easily understand everything sped up?
mark kay
mark kay - Month ago
is the bo reference to bo burnham?
xydoit - Month ago
I understood much but i forgot all.
Chacha - 2 months ago
My great grandma is super southern and talks at moch speed and all i ever do when she talks is just nod and agree XD
Mia Thompson
Mia Thompson - 2 months ago
I was actually watching this on 1.25 speed
Creepy Stories
Creepy Stories - 2 months ago
Fun Fact: Southern people actually talk faster than Northerners. I know y'all grew up in North Carolina but not all of North Carolina is considered Southern. You are welcome for the information.
David K Holland
David K Holland - 2 months ago
I heard it like Rhett did
Morticia Levana
Morticia Levana - 2 months ago
If you listen to them at 0.25 speed at 1:35 on, it's fricken hilarious
Yonael - 2 months ago
Link did trick Rhett, I demand a recount!
chey cat
chey cat - 2 months ago
idk if its because i live in minnesota and people kind of talk a little slower here but that 2 times the speed i cant do it
Lucymarie Dalton
Lucymarie Dalton - 3 months ago
Watch the entire video at 2x speed
Appolyons Inferno
Appolyons Inferno - 3 months ago
Turn the play back speed to 0.5
forestein - 3 months ago
i was already watching this in 1.5x speed, so this was honestly incomprehensible
Karly Robinson
Karly Robinson - 3 months ago
I ended up back here in 2019, not sure how but my gosh Rhett looks very tasty in glasses 🤤😆
Broveh Records
Broveh Records - 3 months ago
I thought the title was speed listerine
Caxton Smith
Caxton Smith - 3 months ago
Always putting down southerners. Have you ever heard a fast speaking person from the south? Lol
Caxton Smith
Caxton Smith - 2 months ago
@Shannon M. it's all good lol
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 2 months ago
@Caxton Smith True. Sorry for misunderstanding.
Caxton Smith
Caxton Smith - 2 months ago
@Shannon M. I know where they're from lol, I was just speaking in general about majority of people. I love rhett and link
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 2 months ago
No, and I'm from Alabama. :) They can't put down Southerners; they're from North Carolina.
Mark Cypert
Mark Cypert - 3 months ago
Southern, what you got agenced southern
Gus - 3 months ago
Rhett has a very good diction
darcipeeps - 3 months ago
When you’re already binge watching at 2x the speed
impscraft - 3 months ago
I about choked on a Twizzler when he put his feet in the tub 😂😂
Arpit Verma
Arpit Verma - 4 months ago
"just vase it up"
Phisit Jansopha
Phisit Jansopha - 4 months ago
I listen to speed at 1.75 and 2X speed for a lot of videos on Youtube. When I try to listen to "normal" speed ... it feels weird. haha
Simonas Duksta
Simonas Duksta - 4 months ago
Im watching this video in 2x the speed
Lioness 99
Lioness 99 - 4 months ago
Rhett actually looks good with glasses on
Haydn Creates
Haydn Creates - 4 months ago
i needed to do this
Cuck Master
Cuck Master - 4 months ago
I was listening to this at 0.5x speed and I still couldn’t remember what they were asked to do 😂
Mia Wells
Mia Wells - 4 months ago
105 words per minute unless you’re James Charles then it’s like 200 😂
The CatMaster
The CatMaster - 4 months ago
that foot bath thing

Courtney hooks
Courtney hooks - 4 months ago
Correction: people watch college lectures on 2x the speed to get through the lectures they skipped. The Panopto life
Valiant Cheez
Valiant Cheez - 4 months ago
I played it on 0.5 speed and it was awesome
Valiant Cheez
Valiant Cheez - 4 months ago
Rhett sounds drunk at 0.5 right after link's instructions are done.
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. - 4 months ago
"It kinda looks like I'm makin a bad symnbol..so I'm gonna do a thumbs up!"
Tiffanie Williams
Tiffanie Williams - 5 months ago
I can't stand Link sometimes :/
Medical Doll
Medical Doll - 5 months ago
How did Link not know Rhett thought he meant he didn’t instruct him to put his hand out to the side? That’s what I thought. Goodness... lol.
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