Path of Exile 3.8: BLIGHT DAY # 6-7 Highlights BEST SUMMONER HELMET, DAY OF THE RIPS

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InfiniteParadox EvilParot
Lmao. Ok that start was hilarious.
Also I love watching ziz die.
Deathstar 699
Deathstar 699 - 25 days ago
A feature? I guess an orb that lets you remove lab enchants from certain items and allows you to place them on other items. But it would be as rare as an exalt to compensate?
GamerForLife - 24 days ago
#86ed vk
#86ed vk - 26 days ago
Another great video keep it up your doing great things for the poe community!!!
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez - 27 days ago
Pets loot currency
Slagomancer - 27 days ago
Still no Headhunter. Maybe by the time 4.0 hits I can get one.
Ben Harris
Ben Harris - 28 days ago
You can chance HH again?
GTR Nomad
GTR Nomad - 28 days ago
Feature :
Most famous MTX become actual items to chase locked behind challenges .
Illidan Stormrage
Illidan Stormrage - 28 days ago
I missed dying to normal packs or serious map bosses.
Now I only died to random intervention. -_-
Arm0r! - Official Music Channel
I love the Rally ulti's hit again (from heroes of newerth). insta like. :D @10:17 like he was smashed with kitava ^^
wickEd - 28 days ago
0:39 , Am I the only one who have a dirty mind? :kappa:
Dark Tizzy
Dark Tizzy - 28 days ago
"That one guy what's his name" on the list of patreon supporters was a nice touch. I see what you did there.
Prox CQ
Prox CQ - 29 days ago
First time I went to do blood altar, I opened about 10 and one of them was a Soulwrest :) 3ex+ BHC.
Jose Nicolas
Jose Nicolas - 29 days ago
Silence and just improve rng to all streamers now :3
Xeratas - 29 days ago
watching all this 10 fusing 6 links when i just spended 1900 for my 6Link it just hurts
Dante Korvinus
Dante Korvinus - 29 days ago
Orb of Cowardice - reforges a map to one tier lower
psalm ligan
psalm ligan - 29 days ago
come on man... casually chancing headhunters and GETTING legit headhunters from it... and im here, cant even get decent stuff from identifying rares. fml
protone2012 - 29 days ago
5:48 ... butt... 14% increase is literally nothing🙈
Ivan GnomV.2
Ivan GnomV.2 - 29 days ago
Нихера себе Мачо в ГФЛ
Abdul Sheigh
Abdul Sheigh - 29 days ago
Subtitles are missing. Have You resigned translating foreign languages?
Features i would add: Auction House, but we all know its not gonna happen. So maybe your own shop - you set it up in your HO and can go AFK (or even mapping etc.) PPL can come and buy your stuff for the price you have set.
Abdul Sheigh
Abdul Sheigh - 29 days ago
More realistically: Tipping jar (it can be a fountain - ppl used to throw coins into them for good luck) - you put it in your HO, and anybody that will came there can leave you a tip with no need to trade with you, or tossing in on the ground where it can be lost.
Bon Scott
Bon Scott - 29 days ago
пиздец у всех реакция одинаковая omg wtf loool все походу из одной пробирки
iPalmYaFace - 29 days ago
man the 6 link focus is getting out of control at this point its honestly not that impressive a week into the league mate
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
You are right... but when someone gets it in 1...
Wilbell Taveras
Wilbell Taveras - 29 days ago
Feature? a second row of potion slots :)
Mr.Nothing - 29 days ago
thank you :D for the video :D
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
You are welcome sir. :)
HappyChefHappy - 29 days ago
Oskar death sposored by steelmage could it be anymore obv
Dosarphic - 29 days ago
clips are cool as always but DAMN i wish i could have such places to walk like you showed at the end :O
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
Quite close to my house too. :)
Ecthelion - 29 days ago
Feature: Auction House / Trading Post in hideout.
Drancosqui 401
Drancosqui 401 - 29 days ago
A good trade system
spompofleks - 29 days ago
having 342987384 chance orbs.. O SHIT I GOT WHAT I WANTED... OU EM GI
Mikoto Suoh
Mikoto Suoh - 29 days ago
I miss the "no one cares" sounds clip after you say, that you stream too. thought that's so funny haha
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
I can fix that. :)
Baysaa - 29 days ago
6:06 that helmet is insane
Chute Boxe74
Chute Boxe74 - 29 days ago
thx GFL :)
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
Very welcome. :)
Eric Carman
Eric Carman - 29 days ago
10:15 lmao and I want pets that pick up currency items
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
Hell yeah
Tarik Hadzic
Tarik Hadzic - 29 days ago
pls mute next time those german girls with that deffected "lol".
So annoying.
Appo - 29 days ago
oh look the person in hardcore died, wowee amazing
NativeFail - 29 days ago
feature, "magnetic" loot same currencies on click like in d3
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa - 29 days ago
1:34 why is he happy witht he simple robe? It has 0 stats?
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa - 29 days ago
@atom thanks bro
atom - 29 days ago
6 links my friend
BeastOfWotan14 - 29 days ago
lol this terence guy is almost in every video ripping wtf dude
NaCHoS TV - 29 days ago
14:19 a league that actually has content and not just what we got this league, just loot everywhere, i want a league that actually has a lot of stuff to do and not some boring shit with loot everywhere
Matthew - 29 days ago
That second clip before the intro is the determination of never give up. Oks must be shooting himself atm.
Алексей Сухов
Ty GFL, true content...
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
Yw mate.
Ilya Shulgin
Ilya Shulgin - 29 days ago
12:24 is Boris playin POE? pizdec!
hgjf3 - 29 days ago
Another area glitch at minute 7:40
z11mbabve - 29 days ago
6:10, so tell me again guys, why did tarke became a skinhead ffs?
MrOmg82 - 29 days ago
Nooo! The locked labyrinth door has been shown! Now it's gonna get patched. Welp, it was fun while it lasted.
Also: the answer to your question is: fishing
Timo M
Timo M - 29 days ago
still dont understand why oskar deleted his rank 1 char
GamePlayRaja - 29 days ago
Because ziz beat him by a little bit?
Don Turbio
Don Turbio - 29 days ago
Hey gfl, old time viewer here. Gotta admit even tho i love your videos, I dont like that intro at all.
Don Turbio
Don Turbio - 29 days ago
@GamerForLife Id like something like the synthesis one, just keep it simple you know... this one feels like too much Ill still watch regardless of the intros tho xd
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
What would you suggest?
VRTM - 29 days ago
combat log
Freeky will
Freeky will - 29 days ago
7:50 talk about broken bridge
CREAM 23 - 29 days ago
i would like a vendor to sell us drugs,and instead of shooting fireballs you would cast a complete different spell or attack. thanks for your work buddy great videos.
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
ashen1 - 29 days ago
i wanna start a petition about bringing back "fkn mirror intro"
Pily - 28 days ago
@GamerForLife nostrodamažte or what was it i really liked that !!!!!
haxel96 - 28 days ago
@GamerForLife He is actutally saying "Jag fick en mirror" Which is swedish for "I got a mirror", not "fkn mirror". :) Great videos!
N Jobstvogt
N Jobstvogt - 28 days ago
@GamerForLife I hated the last intro
Furkan Yuksel
Furkan Yuksel - 29 days ago
@GamerForLife yes for sure
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
If you people want it. :)
Gally Manson
Gally Manson - 29 days ago
a real DPS meter .... + some dps boss test on hideout :)
Антон Майборода
Feature? Identifying items on the ground without picking it up. Like Shift+Click on item on the ground, expending the scroll, but saving yourself time and space
thenagazai - 29 days ago
thanks for making my day a little bit better
BhS RockY
BhS RockY - 29 days ago
WoW the outro is amazingly beautiful
GamerForLife - 29 days ago
Thanks, a lake near where I live.
Kronoswin - 29 days ago
7:43 "The Broken Bridge" irony is real
OH K - 29 days ago
BurnsTheGreat - 29 days ago
Nobody wants to see hardcore death, please do a little less of them...
Антон Майборода
You aint right, some people like it, excpecially if you know and watch these streamers
DxBlack - 29 days ago
@wannabeday9 no, u mum fk off.
wannabeday9 - 29 days ago
fuck off
Александр Буйновский
Alejandro Nunez
Alejandro Nunez - 29 days ago
*LUL* W rip
Denver Biniahan
Denver Biniahan - 29 days ago
The tree at the intro looks like labia of a woman
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