Binging with Babish: Chicago-Style Pizza from The Daily Show

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - Month ago
Someone get Trevor Noah to go on a rant about low-carb protein bowls, I'm trying to lose some weight over here.
EdInABed - 3 days ago
Ok boomer
MCCB Family
MCCB Family - 13 days ago
Okay 👌
Chase Banson
Chase Banson - 21 day ago
Nicholas LaGrassa food wars... what a show😂
Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy - Hour ago
Your voice is sexy af
Brew City Boat Club
Brew City Boat Club - Hour ago
Chicago Pizza > New York Pizza
Rev ShyGuy
Rev ShyGuy - 3 hours ago
Being Italian all forms of pizza scare me
Dolphinboi - 3 hours ago
Late Night Jimmies are much more funny when they aren't parroting the same joke over and over for the past 4 years.
Ankitha Pai
Ankitha Pai - 4 hours ago
i really wonder who unlikes his vidoes :/
Justin Charpentier
Justin Charpentier - 7 hours ago
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer - 18 hours ago
Stop making me hungry
Light of Bliss
Light of Bliss - 21 hour ago
I love your homemade pizza
Jolfrye - Day ago
Thats not pizza thats a disgrace
Banks Peete
Banks Peete - Day ago
30 to 35 people? Try 2
Prachet Sinha
Prachet Sinha - Day ago
Like some sort of
Derek Callen
Derek Callen - Day ago
“And now it’s time to lay down the sausage” >:)
Luigi X
Luigi X - Day ago
I prefer detroit style over both
Gamerhandsjr - Day ago
My Man Babish from NYC?!
Ghost With The Most
Make Arlene's "Water Walking Dead Rising Magic Frybread"
Ghost With The Most
Deep dish > ny style IDGAF
Luis - Day ago
Congrats you made a casserole
ItzVapid - Day ago
I’ve made this, gotta say it was awesome, but I wasn’t too huge of a fan of the corn meal. Would it be possible to substitute it with a full flour dough?
Arachnid - Day ago
Giordano’s anyone? Great Mistakes anyone?
Pizza God
Pizza God - 2 days ago
spoiler alert Deep Dish isnt pizza, its pizza flavored casserole. my source? im Pizza God
Brandon Meenan
Brandon Meenan - 2 days ago
Avrán - 2 days ago
Thats a lot of cheese
Stuart Beckwith
Stuart Beckwith - 2 days ago
Did he say feeds 30-35 people? That's just enough to feed me!
6L1 TCII3D - 2 days ago
Any trewor nowah fwans hwere?
ares of olympia
ares of olympia - 2 days ago
I’ve never tried deep dish, but I hate Sicilian because there is way to much sauce, at least at my local pizzeria. But almost the whole town is Italian so we have genuine Italian
faris nabil
faris nabil - 2 days ago
Is he juwish??
STW_OG - 2 days ago
what do you do if there is stickage
Bill Gu
Bill Gu - 2 days ago
honestly my school serves this and everyone says it sux. wonder wat binging with babish would think about it
SoTex - 2 days ago
John Stewart is a commie and doesn’t deserve pizza in any form.
Ross Forbes
Ross Forbes - 3 days ago
Have I just found my new favourite channel?!
TJeanSoul - 3 days ago
I’m a New Yorker and I love deep dish.
I’m a fan of softer, thicker pizza crust and extra sauce so naturally it appeals to me.
...I don’t agree that cheese would be under sauce though.
Stevac - 3 days ago
Congrats on your book !
William Hendrix
William Hendrix - 3 days ago
what’s does he use to slice the pizza at the end?
William Hendrix
William Hendrix - 3 days ago
he has to be the only person in recorded history to not have flour on them after kneading
Immortal Blue
Immortal Blue - 3 days ago
Okay... We all know New York Style pizza is the best.
Anthony - 2 days ago
Immortal Blue well... outside of Italy maybe
Brian Rakfeldt
Brian Rakfeldt - 3 days ago
This is the first time I have seen any of your videos. Nice job! I live in Western NY (Buffalo, Niagara falls area). I prefer the Chicago style pizza although I recently visited the Bronx and had NY style pizza (folded it in half and loved it). Great video! I can't wait to see more of your work.
Mike the kidd
Mike the kidd - 3 days ago
Im from Chi
Kim_Brdl - 3 days ago
"The most controversial pizza" oh ho ho ho. In Thailand we have a Durian pizza. I wish I was joking.
AluminiumBOII - 5 hours ago
Have you heard of "Pineapple Pizza"?
Kai Chen
Kai Chen - 11 hours ago
I'm gonna die in agony having this fact pinned in my brain
Kim_Brdl - 14 hours ago
@SnorlaxIsLazy mate, the pizza company here is still doing it 😂😂
SnorlaxIsLazy - 14 hours ago
Durian ice cream isn't that bad. But damn,in Malaysia pizza hut YES the pizza hut made an official durian pizza which was a limited time thing
Kim_Brdl - 16 hours ago
@NotWuushu have you even smelt durian? Nevermind it being on a pizza. There was even Durian ice cream at one point.
Arthur  Lintz
Arthur Lintz - 3 days ago
Ja passou da hora de alguem deter este homem
Jakob - 3 days ago
Deep dish Pizza is not only disgusting shit but it's a rape on what the italians call Pizza
LordKiss - 3 days ago
ME @ 10:30 A.M.: hey honey what do you want to eat for dinner?

wife: deep-dish pizza?

ME Impossible. it takes 8 hours just to make the dough.
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson - 3 days ago
Ok first off what the hell is California pizza as far as I know all we have is little Caesars
DabDoesGaming - 3 days ago
At least ours is original
C'thulu Tenticalis
C'thulu Tenticalis - 3 days ago
Justin Schiller
Justin Schiller - 4 days ago
Anyone else binging these videos while fasting?
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez - 4 days ago
Who else is from Chicago
Tristun Reeves
Tristun Reeves - 4 days ago
New York doesn't even have good Chicago style pizza...... You have not lived until you try Giordanos Deep dish
Ja Kite
Ja Kite - 4 days ago
Fuck Jon Stewart.

Nice looking pizza.
THE TANMAN - 4 days ago
Babish eating pizza is like a high schooler doing 2nd grade math
Miss Red Hood
Miss Red Hood - 4 days ago
I'm gonna go through up. You Americans have defiled god.
hcirdak - 4 days ago
Babish should make Detroit style pizza, the happy middle ground between Chicago and New York
Roger Kreil
Roger Kreil - 4 days ago
It is okay to make deep dish pizza at home. But when 120 people buy deep dish pizza from a pizza place, the person washing dishes has 60 percent more work to do and the boss expects him or her to do it in the same amount of time. I know from experience that this is true. So that is why I am boycotting deep dish pizza from pizza places.
Ya boi B
Ya boi B - 4 days ago
Can you let it rise for more than 90 mins? I wanna make the dough before I go to work so I don’t have to wait an hour when I get off
Shaun Goin
Shaun Goin - 4 days ago
Dude, every pizza is better than California pizza
BrotherBozeman - 4 days ago
Better than California Pizza?
Shakira - 4 days ago
I’ve been wanting a deep dish pizza for SOOOOOO LONGGGG 😭😭😭😭
Andrew Gerber
Andrew Gerber - 4 days ago
Deep dish pizza is an Italian casserole
Jerome Callwin
Jerome Callwin - 5 days ago
*The cheese was cheesy and the sauce was saucy.*
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen - 5 days ago
pizza is my favorite food! 👍
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