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Emma Dee
Emma Dee - 10 days ago
This was so sweet. You are a precious woman!!
Heidi Willis
Heidi Willis - Month ago
That looks like captain man
RodniGeek - Month ago
SmashBelieves - Month ago
Rewatching today because I just love you Tati!!
Older But Bolder
Older But Bolder - Month ago
I totally enjoyed watching this video. You inspire me, Tati. Putting on makeup helps me deal with end stage renal failure even for a moment. Thank you!
Sarah Metcalf
Sarah Metcalf - Month ago
You are truly a inspiration 😘
Afton Paige Welch
Afton Paige Welch - Month ago
ugh this made me cry. ive always stanned and always will!
Maria del Pilar Cupas
Maria del Pilar Cupas - Month ago
LOVE IT you are amazing! I cried a hundred times while watching. I wish you only the best!
Anoy Ing
Anoy Ing - 2 months ago
Is tati has a child?
Rohit Uppal
Rohit Uppal - Month ago
Kira Shulgina
Kira Shulgina - 2 months ago
I feel strangely uplifted after watching this
mathilda's mayhem
mathilda's mayhem - 3 months ago
I come back and watch this just about every month when I doubt myself and need inspiration.
Leah DelPezzo
Leah DelPezzo - 3 months ago
Love you Tati ❤️❤️
Eligia Marteliz
Eligia Marteliz - 3 months ago
It’s because she takes halo kiwi,
Vanessa Blount
Vanessa Blount - 3 months ago
I just love how Tati is so real! She can rock anything and then laugh at herself when things go awry! You have such a wonderful spirit, Tati. You are an inspiration more than you know! God bless!
brokegirltutorials - 3 months ago
I can’t believe I haven’t seen this video! Ive been a subscriber since 2015/16 and you have come a long way but have always stayed true to yourself. Love you Tati and I’m so happy for you
Nikki Stewart
Nikki Stewart - 3 months ago
This literally made me cry I just love Tati so much she helps me get through my bad days
Juliana Lim
Juliana Lim - 3 months ago
Damn... I realized i've been watching your channel since the beginning. I've been always blown away how well balanced and your willingness to try on very high end to drug store products CONSISTENTLY. I've noticed that once some influencers do pretty well, that they just start using high end only without really touching much drug store items after they get some notoriety. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that they can spend a little more money on beauty items, which i'm okay with. I mean, I want a well rounded expert, and you've always been consistent. Thank you so much for never forgetting that. You're always so positive and professional. Your videos never make me cringe from inappropriate behavior or language, which I can appreciate. You've always been so honest, that I trust your recommendations. Keep up the good work Tati. You deserve all the good that's going your way.
Gladi E
Gladi E - 3 months ago
Alys Mental heath
Alys Mental heath - 4 months ago
She deserves it
Rosepatra - 4 months ago
I love this vid! thank you tati! :)
mona floma
mona floma - 4 months ago
Can someone tell me what that hair product is at 1:56 or what video? I need it
arielle sotto
arielle sotto - 4 months ago
watching this with 10M subscribers- IM SOBBING
jeonghannie's jams
jeonghannie's jams - 4 months ago
Damn Tati.I love the fact that you have been staying so humble since the past few years.Keep on doing your thing girl 🙆❤💕💞💓💗💖💘💝
Deborah Bianco
Deborah Bianco - 4 months ago
Can't wait to see a happy Tati again.
boiled potato
boiled potato - 4 months ago
She is still subscribed to james
Khieran Targaryen
Khieran Targaryen - 4 months ago
I don’t understand the people who click thumbs down. Like, baby were you not loved by your parents, to have that much hate on your body for a video with nothing to hate about?! Lmao
lineth alvarado
lineth alvarado - 4 months ago
The more i watch tati the more I love her!!!
Stacy Olive
Stacy Olive - 4 months ago
Anyone here after the Bye Sister video just loving and admiring Tati for the crazy amazing human that she is? 💜💜💜💜💜
BookLoverFilmoholic - 4 months ago
You are so cool!
Don’t ever change :)
¡Arabella L!
¡Arabella L! - 4 months ago
she’s so sincere. james could never
krispy kreme in ur dreams
krispy kreme in ur dreams - 3 months ago
guess you spoke to early
shivani bedmutha
shivani bedmutha - 4 months ago
Still my favourite i always come back to watch and cry like a babyy
You are a true gem
I love you beauty mom ❤️🥰
lps cupcake queen
lps cupcake queen - 4 months ago
B**ch thank you....NEXT
Jasmine Halway
Jasmine Halway - 4 months ago
This is the most adorab;e video ever... always your supporter! XO's your subscribers
Petra Schülerová
Petra Schülerová - 4 months ago
Still can't get over those Kiwi launch dress...gorgeous
matylda duda
matylda duda - 4 months ago
Melany Lopez
Melany Lopez - 4 months ago
Still forever a fav video ♥️
Athziri Gutierrez
Athziri Gutierrez - 4 months ago
We love you.
Vizzzzzzle - 4 months ago
Now I cringe every time I see James Charles in Tati's videos.
Kathleen Kaye
Kathleen Kaye - 4 months ago
Amanda M
Amanda M - 4 months ago
I love you and your channel so much. I started watching your channel when i found out i was pregnant with my son to a guy i hadnt been seeing for very long. I moved to a new state and didnt know anyone and found myself exploring youtube for the first time. I have very sensative skin so i dont wear make up but i have this huge love for all things make up because of you and i love that you talk about skin care and full body health woth so much passion. I feel like for the past 4 years you've been with me through all the ups and downs of life. Thank you for your wonderful channel and putting so much of your soul into everything you do.
Renay Parrack
Renay Parrack - 4 months ago
You have given me chills during this entire video! I have always followed your videos since the beggining and to see how far you have come, it is SUCH AN INSPIRATION. You are so so beautiful, and the way you carry yourself is almost angelic. All of the lives that you impact, and people you inspire. I just, love you girl!
Crystal Henderson
Crystal Henderson - 4 months ago
I love this 😊
Your Grandpa saying “Remember Love never leaves you” made me tear up.
Beautiful video.
Kelly Johnston
Kelly Johnston - 4 months ago
Tati you are the Queen but what I love most about you is your humbleness and sincerity. You make me proud to be one of your viewers . xoxox
Ruby Curwood
Ruby Curwood - 4 months ago
I was crying
shir grod
shir grod - 4 months ago
I was having a bad day, and just rewatched this, and this video just make me so happy. Love you and support you💜
jordy - 5 months ago
Awe tati I love you! This made me tear up! You are amazing 💕💕
Rylie Alferez
Rylie Alferez - 5 months ago
Remember that love never leaves you 🔥💛
Fadwa Matrook
Fadwa Matrook - 5 months ago
I was eating my grilled cheese sandwich and then I started crying while eating the sandwich :') thank you so much Tati we love you
Brittny Rooney
Brittny Rooney - 5 months ago
Crying ilysm
Gabriela Carolina Johnson
Gabriela Carolina Johnson - 5 months ago
we love you Tati!
Alexandria Crayne
Alexandria Crayne - 5 months ago
kristolyn jean
kristolyn jean - 5 months ago
Beautiful face.....beautiful soul! There is a reason she has lasted so long.
Jasmynn Gowan
Jasmynn Gowan - 5 months ago
I honesty can't believe I missed this video when it released. I haven't been following as long as some of your subscribers, but I can't begin to express how much you changed my life since I've watched. You told me it was okay to love make-up, to love to play and enjoy all aspects. Because of you I'm reaching for my dreams of becoming an esthetician and I can honestly say I don't know if I ever would've done that if I hadn't clicked on your video.
aysenur - 5 months ago
loopyloopish - 5 months ago
*wedding video cuts on*
oh no hold the tears, you can make it through this video
clare sotka
clare sotka - 5 months ago
Tati has remained kind, humble, and entertaining. Through her continual rise of fame. How many other beauty gurus can say the same. Truly a role model
Luísa Monteiro
Luísa Monteiro - 5 months ago
We love you, tati!
Lindseyloveslacquer - 5 months ago
I had the biggest, goofiest grin in my face at the end of this and it made me realize that THAT is why I watch, love, and support you, Tati! You bring me happiness and in today's world, that is HUGE. Thank you for being so positive. You're a beautiful lady, inside and out and I'm so grateful to "know" you!
It's Me
It's Me - 5 months ago
Awwwww I can't stop awwing help
It's Me
It's Me - 5 months ago
Awwwww cutie
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