7 Gifts That Aren't What They Seem

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Kaithleen 2007
Kaithleen 2007 - 11 hours ago
Can you make a vid that your boss is invisible prank plz??
Alex Wolfe
Alex Wolfe - 21 hour ago
I hate this game cuz my family always throws in one stuffed animal and I will get it and someone steals it an I hate it
Lone Libra
Lone Libra - 23 hours ago
Doesn’t Danny mean red herring?
gabaskar 122
gabaskar 122 - Day ago
So fucking boring.
Edward Krol
Edward Krol - Day ago
I can get the not a 🐱 🐱 because. My sisters are alrgic 2 🐱s and my parins don't 👍 🐱s. So yeah thanks. Vat19
Hridya Praba
Hridya Praba - Day ago
Where's Not a Dog Dog?
Eric Willoughby Vlogs
Eric Willoughby Vlogs - 2 days ago
I’m on a Vat-19 Spree 😐
Deetya Peddireddy
Deetya Peddireddy - 2 days ago
yea, we cant get a stuffed dog because my dad says its too big a commitment so wHy ArE yOu InCoUrAgInG hIm??
King Of Life
King Of Life - 2 days ago
Would’ve liked to seen Maddie get the hair brush. If she did, I would’ve liked to seen her brush her hair a little bit. FOR THE VEIWS!!!!!
Dr. Toast
Dr. Toast - 2 days ago
I feel bad for the banana
Mason Contreras
Mason Contreras - 2 days ago
Cheesy wish I would still the not a cat cat
Nutella - 2 days ago
So it’s a..

*Not-A-Gift Gift*
Ho Gu
Ho Gu - 2 days ago
Great company for employees.
felipe Vazquez
felipe Vazquez - 2 days ago
The diversity here is outstanding!!!!!😂
Jocelyn Rafanan
Jocelyn Rafanan - 3 days ago
Your stuff is a waste of money
Gina Barrera
Gina Barrera - 3 days ago
PrincessAdel - 3 days ago
What are the other episodes in this series?
Björn Þór Hrafnkelsson
Oohhh, wow and awww were the main words used in this video
gbubs - 4 days ago
It sounds like they're saying playder.
Kyle Carper
Kyle Carper - 4 days ago
Make a garden of play dirt
Iraq Fuckin CountryBall
I dcan't buy anything but I watch
Yasmeen Khan
Yasmeen Khan - 4 days ago
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - 4 days ago
The local pub near where I lived had a garage sale, all I got was a (broken) water pistol, what I wanted was the custom foosball table they had, it only had two rows of people per person/team, and the box full of wrapped Christmas presents. What should I have got?
Gustav Eklöf
Gustav Eklöf - 4 days ago
make a giant gummy sword or a gummy hammer or a gummy saw or a gummy gun please love you vat19
Aria Iglesias
Aria Iglesias - 4 days ago
I didn't know that Ben has kids
keke raphael
keke raphael - 5 days ago
F B I - 5 days ago
Not a brush brush
Astrid Cabrera
Astrid Cabrera - 5 days ago
My mom bought the roaches and i forced my mom to return it and she did
Violet Coyne
Violet Coyne - 5 days ago
Antinasanana Roblox
Antinasanana Roblox - 5 days ago
The thumbnail ,If it’s not a brush,It could be a microphone For brushing hair In asmr Videos!
Homo Imbecilus
Homo Imbecilus - 5 days ago
It seems like it has a will to live but it's me
Tornado Gaming24
Tornado Gaming24 - 6 days ago
How is it not a brush if it is?
Kawaii Sunset :3
Kawaii Sunset :3 - 6 days ago
Not a cockroach cockroach.
emokid 506
emokid 506 - 6 days ago
Wait didn’t he already steal the banana phone??
LocDat - 6 days ago
Its not a brush brush
xGatcha Cookiesx
xGatcha Cookiesx - 6 days ago
Danny was stroking his "cat" in the background before it got stolen😂💗...
Star Twins Gaming
Star Twins Gaming - 6 days ago
The Ca is the nine lives kitten
ktrckr07 - 6 days ago
at 0:21 play that clip a bunch of times
Angry Monkey
Angry Monkey - 6 days ago
*Sees thumbnail*
Me- wow they’re really getting desperate for views...
Wayne Macatunao
Wayne Macatunao - 6 days ago
ttgydzdexhtfjg xx tdhn!hc by might be tricky HTC my vydjyghtdhgjyfhfufhtdhtvjgdyrd😥😥😥
Alicia Allen
Alicia Allen - 6 days ago
The good work 1
The good work 1 - 6 days ago
I like this game please do more
Magdalena Dojenia
Magdalena Dojenia - 7 days ago
Aww i miss eric T_T
BLJtheYoutbeAddict - 7 days ago
More of these videos please lol
Márk Morvai
Márk Morvai - 7 days ago
1:50 I got my eyes PEELED for that
Broboss11gamer - 8 days ago
I love these kinda vids
Isabella Morley
Isabella Morley - 8 days ago
Okay I just randomly presses but the white elephant sale in my school is where the great sevens bring in stuff that they don't want anymore sell it to every grade below them to pay for a $700 Quebec trip
PS each student had to pay $700
Deborah Ong
Deborah Ong - 8 days ago
This is a stuffed.
Origami With Oscar Denning
does no one else hate john for keep on reminding people the rules of the game and its probably 90% of the video just him talking about the rules
LPS Unicorn Horn
LPS Unicorn Horn - 10 days ago
This as ooo funny
Peyton Playz
Peyton Playz - 11 days ago
1:54 pun city
DarrensFunDays - 11 days ago
What’s that
DarrensFunDays - 11 days ago
DarrensFunDays - 11 days ago
What’s that
Nily - 12 days ago
The Adventures of Pookie & Tater
Gohan - 13 days ago
C what kkd
Eminem #Stan
Eminem #Stan - 13 days ago
Thumbnail: *Shows a brush*
Me: 😏 I wonder what it's for.. maybe 😏😏

Miracle YT
Miracle YT - 13 days ago
Not a brush brush?
Princess shewolf
Princess shewolf - 14 days ago
Do more of this I LOVE IT SO MUCH
Ylaissa Kelcey
Ylaissa Kelcey - 14 days ago
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 11111111111111111199999999999999999999999
aof - 14 days ago
John K George
John K George - 14 days ago
Ohhhh poor carol
yveltal lover
yveltal lover - 14 days ago
But the banana phone has been stolen twice didn't he say if you steal an item that same item can't be stolen again or am I missing something .-.
Wayne Shepherd
Wayne Shepherd - 14 days ago
Kye shepherd
- Simplicity
- Simplicity - 15 days ago
The second gift, for the alcoholic in your life~
Alexandria Pro player
Alexandria Pro player - 15 days ago
My mom name is Ben
Michelle Carey
Michelle Carey - 16 days ago
Whenever I go to saint louis I want to visit yall
Michelle Carey
Michelle Carey - 16 days ago
My grandma lives in Missouri
Michelle Carey
Michelle Carey - 16 days ago
Where is Eric
The Moon Light10
The Moon Light10 - 17 days ago
1:23 hopefully Jamie doesn't watch this video
Sophie Boshart
Sophie Boshart - 18 days ago
Part two!
Blue TrapGD
Blue TrapGD - 19 days ago
Kelsey looks cute
Faye Titus
Faye Titus - 19 days ago
Faye Titus
Faye Titus - 19 days ago
Gacha the Food
Gacha the Food - 19 days ago
Omg you got meee
NYANCATLOLOLOLOL________-_______ nhcbhbcvuhybgcb
This is a stuffed..................... PERIOD
Arvid Sk8boi
Arvid Sk8boi - 20 days ago
When someone opens a present: *AHHHHHHHHHH*
Gachy Gacha World!
Gachy Gacha World! - 20 days ago
Lol the cat is like my cab only she is a tabby cat but she still sits on ur shoulder and rolls about!😂😂😂😂like if you have a pet
Addison Carlson
Addison Carlson - 20 days ago
Alexander Emblad
Alexander Emblad - 20 days ago
Sub 2 Pewdiepie! Like if u agree!
LavaHotGaming - 20 days ago
*this is a classic vat19 product*
*5 seconds earlier*
*this is ummm.... stuffed.*
lol doesn’t even know the name when he says it’s a classic 😂
Ultra Violet:3
Ultra Violet:3 - 20 days ago
He really likes the Ba-nana PHONE!!! 😂😂😂
FEI DA GU THAM - 20 days ago
山农。 不用了……我们
a _loser
a _loser - 20 days ago
Please make a hairbrush that spins and takes off your entire scalp
Countdrakeula 22
Countdrakeula 22 - 21 day ago
Its a stuffed
Sippin Wid Sharlele
Sippin Wid Sharlele - 21 day ago
I want the banana phone and the olives lol
The Dude 99
The Dude 99 - 21 day ago
Play doh wait no
Play dirt
Cutelilmilliehamster - 21 day ago
I’ve done white elephant befor
Tay Tay xox
Tay Tay xox - 21 day ago
Me I watch commercials but never buys anything
THE pacifists
THE pacifists - 21 day ago
Lol roach clip
Rebeca Torres
Rebeca Torres - 21 day ago
I feel bad for kiera
V F - 21 day ago
This is basically White Elephant.
kk n mia
kk n mia - 22 days ago
I do not like VAT19.com
Eisha McNaulty
Eisha McNaulty - 22 days ago
I was expecting the hairbrush to be a hidden vibrator or dildo or something....
Kunaifox Marie
Kunaifox Marie - 22 days ago
Ligaya Resurreccion
Ligaya Resurreccion - 22 days ago
I’ve played this game and I won 2Starbucks cups
Leonardo Tecson
Leonardo Tecson - 23 days ago
Where's eric???
Raynee Hayes
Raynee Hayes - 23 days ago
We do that on Christmas
Sam S.
Sam S. - 23 days ago
No one realized “I got my eyes peeled” and pointed at the banana.
Wład Kapelinski
Wład Kapelinski - 23 days ago
Oh a camera! Come closer and I'll take a picture, BANG! Oh, it's a gun. Ok next product!
prokid195 - 23 days ago
The is a stuffed... Period!
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