ESPN Archives: Floyd Mayweather on KO'ing Conor McGregor [full post-fight interview]

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Dean Ryan
Dean Ryan - 18 hours ago
If mayweather calls you a “Tough competitor” you a bitch
WesleyPaclebArt - Day ago
A brilliant fighter
WHODATNATION - 2 days ago
Steven a Smith don't know shit About BOXING FLOYD clearly carry conner from the 1st to the 5th round
Garvin Gaynair
Garvin Gaynair - 2 days ago
For someone who can't read. He's pretty tactical 🤷
Bhupesh Ray
Bhupesh Ray - 2 days ago
First of all it shouldn't be Ko'ing it should be k'ing'o. Second of all it should be Tko
Deion the Don
Deion the Don - 3 days ago
Conor McGregor will probably die if you get in there and box with some Savages
Will Hanley Reed
Will Hanley Reed - 3 days ago
Floyd’s so smart EVERYWHERE it’s ridiculous.
shakey mike
shakey mike - 3 days ago
Who shot who's loads?
Jinja-Ninja - 3 days ago
Disgrace to the sport
Smiley Thegee
Smiley Thegee - 6 days ago
dam steven a. just pull his pants down and blow him already
Tony Claggett
Tony Claggett - 6 days ago
Mma vs boxing never again....
Squid Worth
Squid Worth - 9 days ago
haha i would love to bring a slave owner into the furture and introduce them to floyd
Turkeyy Bags
Turkeyy Bags - 9 days ago
Just got a Proper Twelve ad with McGregor sitting on a throne acting all cheesy haaha
Kayse Jama
Kayse Jama - 10 days ago
0:47 and then 0:52 Mayweather needs to fix tf up talking about "let him shoot his load" that's jokes, I am done.
Joshua Avila
Joshua Avila - 10 days ago
Yea cotto pack do hit hard you see they fights it bloody
Brian Keane
Brian Keane - 11 days ago
Mac isnt a power puncher he is just accurate and percise and with them big gloves , it's just diffrent . You gotta give floyd full credit he is a smart fighter and master
J Smith
J Smith - Day ago
How the fuck is McGregor accurate and precise? Compared to what? Bum fights? You've gotta be kidding.
elterrible00esb - 12 days ago
Uh sorry Stephen A but your opinion doesnt matter, it was a sanctioned fight by the Nevada commission, McGreggor was a licensed professional boxer and believe me if Charlie Zellenoff can get a pro license in arkansas then McGreggor is not the least qualified guy to ever be licensed or fight in a sanctioned fight. Floyd is 50-0 and if you are going to subtract fights from a record based on the experience level of the opponent, then you have to take off the journeymen with losing records that Marciano fought from his record. Marciano fought guys with a losing record just one year before becoming champion. Imagine if floyd fought that level of opposition? Hed be crucified for it.
Victor Kaizer
Victor Kaizer - 12 days ago
The master
Sophiaa Taylor
Sophiaa Taylor - 12 days ago
Floyd is the greatest
PowerHouse Watson
PowerHouse Watson - 12 days ago
He’s done then he goes and fights Tenshin
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez - 15 days ago
Stephen A is such a prick
Marius Langfeldt
Marius Langfeldt - 16 days ago
I only watched floyd to see his sick defence and counter punching. Maybe you should think about that floyd when your looking for a new pfp champ
K. O.
K. O. - 16 days ago
The ice block on his wrist 💎
skippymillward - 17 days ago
Stephen smith talks so loud but never actually says anything
IxTraumaxI - 18 days ago
This definitely shouldn’t count as number 50 gotta earn it
IxTraumaxI - 18 days ago
Clearly rigged but hey u gained millions so good job
Errordemn6 - 19 days ago
Love how Floyd like, "yea, I mean he solid...he cool. I mean, ain't no Canelo, nothing i haven't felt before..." He's basically saying he's trash as fuck lol
The Bishop Of Battle
The Bishop Of Battle - 20 days ago
Boasting bastard, cheeseball in the blue suit, blowing smoke up mayweathers arse
MJ 23-GOAT - 20 days ago
If Connor didnt use up all his energy punching non stop for 10 rounds...he would've beaten this overrated, hype who never fights toe to toe.....just runs away.
ShaqXDeezil - 19 days ago
It's called hitting and not getting hit.
STYNCLSY - 20 days ago
He didn't knock out nobody.
Tim Sapien
Tim Sapien - 20 days ago
Shoot his load 😂
ENTER NAME - 22 days ago
So you can say,”shoot your load” on espn??
Just a sec
Just a sec - 22 days ago
His love of money is very disturbing. He's obsessed with it. A very ugly trait.
1ST MAN - 23 days ago
If it was MMA rules McGregor had around 95677455774114 opportunities to finish him
Josh Radford
Josh Radford - 24 days ago
I'd pay to see a rematch
..make it happen
Daniel John
Daniel John - 24 days ago
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - 25 days ago
Wyman Young III
Wyman Young III - 27 days ago
Legal bank robber 😂😂
Miguel Fierro
Miguel Fierro - 27 days ago
Nate Diaz could take them both at the same time.
Jay Sosaaa
Jay Sosaaa - 27 days ago
"let him come out and shoot him load'
Black Lives Don’t Matter This is America!
Gay Casual Boxing fans: Tune in to watch a world great be interviewed, focuses on sexual inuedos instead of money marketing, and expert boxing mastery.
Lemon26 - 28 days ago
These fucking casuals and racist keep hating on Floyd btw I’m
Not black just because my profile pic is a black man I’m Mexican it’s fucking sickening I like Floyd I don’t think he’s the best ever but he definitely is one of the best ever
VicaMOOR - 29 days ago
He may be a smart business man, but he's also a genius technical boxer. He may not be very likable, but he's good at his profession.
m335 - 7 days ago
@HarryP he didnt really get KO'd so his chin aint that bad. he needs to learn better movement and get off the drugs.
HarryP - 7 days ago
@m335 You can't train a bad chin
m335 - 19 days ago
AJ need to contact him for some training.
Choega Dhondup
Choega Dhondup - Month ago
F u ! Shut the f up!
MrGoodpairofshoes - Month ago
So insecure
Marshall Zinhurimwe
Marshall Zinhurimwe - Month ago
Floyd will not last 1 round in the octagon.
DR BRIM IS A FRAUD - Month ago
50-0 cry
Mr. Copacetic
Mr. Copacetic - Month ago
TMT The American...GOAT.
ImCaliKidOfficial - Month ago
@7:44 When Floyd told him to stop lol
Hyde Daliquor
Hyde Daliquor - Month ago
Good shit Floyd. Nice running and hugging on Pacquiao for the win.
Quan Dusu
Quan Dusu - Month ago
Steven a clone listen to his voice closely nd look at his face its different
mike biggurlchaser
mike biggurlchaser - Month ago
How this nukka worth that many billion or millions n hate his beard like that
THE JACK LIFE - Month ago
MikeContrino86 - Month ago
He didn’t knock out anyone. Dude is a clown. Conor smoked you and the referee was in your pocket and stoped the fight. Kill yourself
Skubo Sly ice
Skubo Sly ice - Month ago
I remember people sayin Rhonda rousey could beat Floyds ass before she lost haha I can’t stand tha balled headed nigga tho wide nose spear chucker
Boogie City
Boogie City - Month ago
Money may weather goat👑
Black Lives Don’t Matter This is America!
what they dont understand that floyd was missing most of those shots on purpose to set him up for shots connor mcgregor leaves him self wide open after the first swing
Jk Grunge
Jk Grunge - Month ago
fucking fagot.. has no balls to fight a fighter in his sport but has the time to fight soft pussies from an entirely different sport LoL and he's supposed to be the best ever? what a joke.. to say the best ever is a long time.. I mean he's not even the best of this era let alone forever.. just listen to him trying to justify Connors voicing ability to make his victory seem legit.. this guy is a fucking dishonest crook.. notice how he's all nice these days because he knows he doesn't want more haters..
The Greatest Nation On Earth
Middle guy is a kissass
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 - Month ago
For someone so rich he went through a lot of hassle just to pick up 9M that would have taxes to pay from it his people his jet and all the things in between need to be paid for by the time he done all that i bet he was only left with 5M
Disturbed Duck100
Disturbed Duck100 - Month ago
I genuinely hated floyd till I seen this, think he showed good sportsmanship, that commentator is a prick though 😂
DaggerMan11 - Month ago
This should definitely count as win 50. Fighting prospects fight some *bums* when they first turn pro to build their confidence and stamina. Guarantee McGregor's a better boxer than Floyd's first several pro opponents.
Ian Dog
Ian Dog - Month ago
This monkey will be dead broke in ten years. No one deserves it more
Bigchill Walter
Bigchill Walter - Month ago
Your a fucking broke 🐷
Denny Kaleal
Denny Kaleal - Month ago
Rocky Marciano was facing a lot of tomato cans.. dudes who had jobs outside of boxing, aNd hardly any high level athletes like today. Guarantee you Mcgregor is a better boxer than a lot of the guys Marciano faced. You just can’t compare the athletics of today with back then
darryl brown
darryl brown - Month ago
You idiot mma fans heard that??? He doesn't hit as hard as a pacman , canelo , cotto , maidana. Conor is a bitch
Cleveland Jackson
Cleveland Jackson - Month ago
lmfao. bro need to pick his words bettet
G Skreet
G Skreet - Month ago
Right that shoot his load shit needed a pause😂😂
Justin Graham
Justin Graham - Month ago
Uncle Tom no integrity
Naopikka Sharma
Naopikka Sharma - Month ago
i never know that mayweather was such a nice guy
Ian Dog
Ian Dog - Month ago
Do nice guys beat up women???? Fuck off idiot
T S - Month ago
It's rigged middle man
MORGN. the rapper
MORGN. the rapper - 2 months ago
stop saying 'shoot his load' lmao
Ruben Regino
Ruben Regino - 2 months ago
He didnt even knock him out
Graham M
Graham M - 2 months ago
Stephen A Smith is such a moron...
Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher - 2 months ago
Steve Smith needs to navigate his way out of Floyd’s bumhole at some point surely.
Anton Shurik
Anton Shurik - 2 months ago
Floyd waited for Pacquiao to age and the KO from Marquez was the icing on the cake for floyd
Gunnel Gainey
Gunnel Gainey - 2 months ago
This was the dame white guy that was dissing floyd for the manny fight now he acting like hes cool
Hugh Mills
Hugh Mills - 2 months ago
That’s how phony and two faced people are in this world. ESPN/HBO always insults and discredits Mayweather and his achievements and he showed class in this interview and praised them. But y’all won’t give him credit for that though. All y’all talk about is his cons and like Floyd has always said. “ You can’t beat me inside the ring so you find ways to defeat me outside the ring”
# 1
# 1 - 2 months ago
Floyd is a boxing genius
I Am a Dirty Bird
I Am a Dirty Bird - 2 months ago
TkO* not K'O
Jay rey
Jay rey - 2 months ago
This nigga better humble himself to the king of boxing mayweather now!
roger kirkwood
roger kirkwood - 2 months ago
This is so laughable. Why don't floyd do the UFC part.
Neva Broke Again
Neva Broke Again - 2 months ago
Because hes almost 42 and knows hes not gonna beat a 29 year old mma fighter at a sport hes never done.Hes never wrestled or had any legit training for it.he wasnt the one saying he could just jump into boxing and beat the best fighter ever
Mixed Man
Mixed Man - 2 months ago
That thing sticking out behind his head is driving me nuts. What is that?
jeff said
jeff said - 2 months ago
2019 anyone
James Griffith
James Griffith - 2 months ago
Floyd is the smartest idiot ever. He can't even read but he damn sure knows the game and everything about boxing and how to make money at it
James Griffith
James Griffith - 2 months ago
Steven a dont know shit bout mma.
Joey Sparks
Joey Sparks - 2 months ago
Technical Knock Out not a Knock Out....
Kilwi Rivera
Kilwi Rivera - 2 months ago
I thought checks expire ?
Abdeladim Jawad
Abdeladim Jawad - 2 months ago
I don't believe it...
Roman Joe
Roman Joe - 2 months ago
UFC fighter lasted like 11 rounds in a boxing ring fighting one of the best, that’s a win in my book
Roman Joe
Roman Joe - 2 months ago
M0FoSH0 comer could of won all u need is a lucky hit
Mossey - 2 months ago
well he lasted that long cuz Floyd let him. he had his money on k.o. in 11th
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino - 2 months ago
Yep and made atleast 50 million on top of all that... No losers there that night
Rain Slay
Rain Slay - 2 months ago
He was smooth, composed and professional in this interview and the fight. That Man Floyd a pure bred champion
CoNnErW 125
CoNnErW 125 - 2 months ago
0:45 He wanted conor to shoot his load on him🤔🤔
S H - 3 months ago
Smart investments
He's a helluva fighter
Gamer Senari66
Gamer Senari66 - 3 months ago
Proverbs 26:4
Matt Ball
Matt Ball - 3 months ago
MMA> Boxing
Reinier Dekker
Reinier Dekker - 3 months ago
New FM has to be good in communicating, hahahahah... Paul de Leeuw sounding motherfucker, get outta here
mistadreadman - 3 months ago
Why Floyd had to still buy that Gucci BS!
Nultien010 Flyhigh
Nultien010 Flyhigh - 3 months ago
This nigga wanted to curse so bad at 9:45 lmaoooo look at his face
Nultien010 Flyhigh
Nultien010 Flyhigh - 3 months ago
He thought it was 200mil+ hahah look how he was trippin when he heard it was a 300mil+ fight.. LMFAO
This nigga starts losing the words out of his mouth when he heard the extra 100mil 5:33
A knife a fork a bottle and a cork.
Floyd is the money man but Pac man is the real warrior in the ring.
Tri Hardcx
Tri Hardcx - 3 months ago
5:00 lol Stephan A getting put in his place is so satisfying for me. All the guy does is report shit and talk loud .. THATS IT
firestarterr123 - 4 months ago
ESPN why u twisting words, floyd didnt ko conor, he didnt ko anybody for about 20 years
Jacc Trippa
Jacc Trippa - 3 months ago
TKO. Boxing 101 for you nerds
George Fulton
George Fulton - 4 months ago
Floyd's a dog! A money making machine damn!
George Fulton
George Fulton - 4 months ago
Floyd has singlehandedly bank robbed boxing, now he's just suckered the ufc
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