ESPN Archives: Floyd Mayweather on KO'ing Conor McGregor [full post-fight interview]

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freedom for all wakeup
Lol you feel it if took those gloves off
Alejandra Lopez
Alejandra Lopez - 12 days ago
Ian Dog
Ian Dog - 17 days ago
Imagine bragging about taking ten rounds to get rid of a guy who has never boxed before, ever. Floid is truly pathetic
1 TKO KO - 18 days ago
50 and 0 this guys thought em all best ever 💯
Gareth Hancock
Gareth Hancock - 13 days ago
Hashem Moghadam
Hashem Moghadam - 18 days ago
For finding the next Floyd M.Mayweather, you have to live in a safe world first, without any fighting, when peace rules then you go on,and do what ever you need to do,im ready put my life for better world . I need the support of you Guy's to reach that goal. Safe world for every body. So pls help each other.
jeffrey dequilla
jeffrey dequilla - 24 days ago
so this proves that floyd can finish mcgregor in 1 round if he decided to goe toe to toe..he just followed the gameplan..damn.
kakadots - 24 days ago
1:01 “Let him shoot his load and cum straight ahead” bruh
Ruhul Amin
Ruhul Amin - 24 days ago
He worked & earned every penny and over 21 years of hard work & dedication floyd deserves his spenditure! I quote: I'm not set up (bet) a fight for 400,000 when I'm making over 300million jheeze there you have it haters 💯🔥
Kelvin Gillett
Kelvin Gillett - 25 days ago
Steven a. key word ,game plan .lol
The Veteran Guy To HERO
The Veteran Guy To HERO - 26 days ago
Here is the facts, McConnor was so uncomfortable trying to box. They should have never called that fight! Personally I feel he threw the fight. It would have been over in the first round in McConnors world.
Chad Reno
Chad Reno - 27 days ago
In the octagon Mayweather wouldn't last 30 seconds. Anyone who says diff has no clue
Donny Dimes
Donny Dimes - 27 days ago
Octagon is for amateurs.
Charlie Ting
Charlie Ting - 27 days ago
We didn't want to see you running around and ducking inside the ring with Pacquiao. You scammed us !! You practically fought a One armed man inside the ring and you weren't able to beat him !! HAHAHA
ch1ngons1mon - 23 days ago
Another delusional overly emotional Filipino...
Charlie Ting
Charlie Ting - 27 days ago
Cherry picked... now try fighting him with MMA . SCAMMER !!
Donny Dimes
Donny Dimes - 27 days ago
Powder PUFF McGregor will get tired again. He seems soft.
Another YouTube
Another YouTube - 27 days ago
Stephen A Smith once said about Prince Naseem Hamed "until he was knocked out", confusing him with Amir Khan. As every casual boxing fan knows Naseem was never KOed in his career or stopped and only lost once on points to ATG Barrera. How is he even a boxing interviewer?
Ricardo Johnson
Ricardo Johnson - 28 days ago
it;s like these commentators don't understand game plan. you have to have a game plan to win a fight.
Sweetie pie 3
Sweetie pie 3 - Month ago
Fight Mcgregor you sissy- You will get decked chickenman--Kepp runnin your mouth chickenman
E46325mod - Month ago
Lmfao !! Floyd mayweather begging Stephan a Smith to stop it and please let him retire lolll
Ryan Dooki
Ryan Dooki - Month ago
Very classy interview from Mayweather. Enjoy your retirement, champ. You def earned it.
just some random guy
just some random guy - Month ago
If it was Pacquiao.... McGregor would get ko'ed in 1 round....haha
Donny Dimes
Donny Dimes - 27 days ago
Mayweather carried McGregor to make it interesting for the fans. 1 and done would have upset the fans.
SevenDeMagnus - Month ago
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion - Month ago
half of what he said pure lies. you cant beat a boxer and the referee and thats what happened to conor, not floyd. he kept wrestling conor for no reason, didnt even let him fight and stopped it way too early. does floyd actually know what rabbit punches are? punches from top to the back of the head. he got slapped to the back of the head like twice or something. never got hurt? watch the round 1, 6 and 9. never discredited legends? ali, tyson. and i just gotten into half of the video
Sheed Rich
Sheed Rich - Month ago
Hell of a mf business man ! Wow
alltime great
alltime great - Month ago
stephen A. about to marry floyd! His so in love with him ! ahhaa
Llewellyn James
Llewellyn James - Month ago
He fought for the money. It was too good to pass up. Not that Connor was an interesting fight but Floyd he was in it for the cash.
Patrick Trinh
Patrick Trinh - Month ago
It's like Michael Jordan smoking Wayne Gretzky at basketball. What is there to be proud of? For this fight to mean anything he has to return the favour and fight connor in the ufc.
daquan beamon
daquan beamon - Month ago
Patrick Trinh you are a fucking clown
Simba Simba
Simba Simba - Month ago
Connor called him out,,,not the other way around. Floyd doesnt owe shit to Connor. Wipe ur tears n move on
The Human Consciousness
Fraud Mayweather is the B. O. A. T - boring of all time😅 mc gregor shouldnt be counted bcoz he aint a pro boxer like Tenshin.
that was no ko that was an early stoppage
@Tony Star definitely not Conor had alot more fight in him
Tony Star
Tony Star - Month ago
SUNA GOES TURBO it's the same mate.. will be a KO if the ref didn't came in
Pablito X
Pablito X - Month ago
Just to clarify Mctapout was finished by a TKO not a KO.
All Things 11
All Things 11 - Month ago
Pablito X 30-40 more seconds and he was going to be flat on his back totally out!
925-Hustle! - Month ago
Give Pacman a rematch to get that 50-0 and I would've be impressed!
Tony Star
Tony Star - Month ago
925-Hustle! he is always fit and ready
Jonny Morgan
Jonny Morgan - Month ago
Stephen is the most unknowledgeable man i've ever seen when it comes to boxing😂
I'm wrong because,
I'm wrong because, - Month ago
Jonny Morgan go to any Fighthype Video about Pacquiao and read the comments.
Jaysen Rivera-Lebron
Jaysen Rivera-Lebron - Month ago
He's talking about Tank.
Tom Ross TV
Tom Ross TV - Month ago
Floyd Mayweather Jr The Best Pure Boxer of ALL TIME.
Major world titles
WBC super featherweight champion (130 lbs)
WBC lightweight champion (135 lbs)
WBC super lightweight champion (140 lbs)
IBF welterweight champion (147 lbs)
WBC welterweight champion (2×)
WBC light middleweight champion (154 lbs) (2×)
WBA (Super) light middleweight champion
WBA (Super) welterweight champion
WBO welterweight champion
Minor world titles
IBO welterweight champion
IBA welterweight champion
The Ring magazine titles
The Ring lightweight champion
The Ring welterweight champion (2×)
The Ring light middleweight champion
Lineal titles
Lineal super featherweight champion
Lineal lightweight champion
Lineal welterweight champion (2×)
Lineal light middleweight champion
Honorary titles
WBC All Africa super lightweight champion[248]
WBC Emeritus light middleweight champion
WBC Diamond light middleweight champion
WBC 24K Gold light middleweight champion[249]
WBC Supreme light middleweight champion
WBC Emerald welterweight champion[250]
WBA Man of Triumph Gold welterweight champion[251][252]
WBO Super champion[253]
WBC Money light middleweight champion

Honors and awards
1993 Michigan State Golden Gloves Champion, 106 Lbs[270]
1993 National Golden Gloves Champion, 106 Lbs[271]
1994 Michigan State Golden Gloves Champion, 112 Lbs[270]
1994 National Golden Gloves Champion, 112 Lbs; Outstanding Boxer Award[271]
1995 National PAL Champion, 125 Lbs; Outstanding Boxer Award[272]
1995 United States national amateur boxing featherweight champions, 125 Lbs
1995 Competed at Featherweight at the World Amateur Boxing Championships[273]
1996 Michigan State Golden Gloves Champion, 125 Lbs[270]
1996 National Golden Gloves Champion, 125 Lbs[271]
1996 Qualified as a Featherweight for the United States Olympic Team
1996 Atlanta Olympics Featherweight Bronze medalist
1998 and 2007 International Boxing Award Fighter of the Year[274]
1998 and 2007 The Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
2002 World Boxing Hall of Fame Fighter of the Year[272]
2005 and 2007 World Boxing Council Boxer of the Year[275][276]
2005–08 The Ring 'number one' pound for pound
2007 Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year
2007 ESPN Fighter of the Year[277]
2007 Forbes Magazine, Ranked "Number 14" Richest Celebrity Paydays[278]
2007 New York Daily News Fighter of the Year[279]
2007 World Boxing Council Event of the Year (The World Awaits)[276]
2007 World Boxing Council Knockout of the Year (against Ricky Hatton)[276]
2007, 2008 and 2010 Best Fighter ESPY Award
2007, 2008 and 2010 The Ring Magazine Event of the Year[280]
2008 Sports Illustrated, The 50 Highest-Earning American Athletes (ranked 4th)[281]
2008 Yahoo Sports, Ranked "Number 6" Most Powerful People in Boxing[282]
2009 The Ring Magazine Comeback of the Year
2009–10 BoxRec, BBC Sport and Yahoo! Sports 'number one' pound for pound[283]
2010 Yahoo! Sports Boxing's Most Influential (ranked 70th)[284]
2010 Forbes magazine Celebrity 100 (ranked 31st)[285]
2010 Forbes Magazine, The World's 50 Top-Earning Athletes (ranked 2nd)[286]
2010 Sports Illustrated, The 50 Highest-Earning American Athletes (ranked 3rd)[287]
2012 Forbes Magazine #1 of the world's 100 highest paid athletes.[288]
2012 Sports Illustrated #1 fortunes 50.[289]
2012 Best Fighter ESPY Award
2013 The Ring 'number one' pound for pound.[290]
2013 Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year[291]
2015 The Best Ever Award.[292]
2015 Forbes, Ranked "Number One" as The World's Highest-Paid Celebrities.[293]
2015 Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year[294]
2016 Guinness World Records Most bouts undefeated by a world champion boxer in a career (49)
2016 Guinness World Records Highest career pay-per-view sales for a boxer ($1.3 billion)
2016 Guinness World Records Most expensive boxing championship belt ($1 Million)[295]
2018 Forbes magazine #1 of the world's 100 highest paid entertainers[296]
CharlesYTC - Month ago
Wow such lengthy message. lol And you really think Brad and Horn beat Pac.. Did you actually see the fight or are you a bandwagon? You probably don't know what came before Floyd. lol. They watch a fight and think they're a professional analyst.
Tom Ross TV
Tom Ross TV - Month ago
@CharlesYTC by who? you PAc fans always bring up Pac when someone is talking about FLoyd.. Pac loss.. giv eit up.. Pac is horrible boxer, FLoyd is a perfect boxer, Pac biggest fights are fights FLoyd had before him when the fighters were in their prime, FLoyd unified every weight class except 140.. Pac rarely unified a weight class.. FLoyd beat two undisputed fighters back to back with Judah and Baldomir, Pac never beat a undisputed fighter, Floyd won more MAJOR championships in 20 less fights..Floyd never been knocked out, Pac has been knocked out three time, Floyd would never lose to bums like Bradley and Horn, Pac loss to both. Floyd won the biggest fight of his career against Pac, Pac loss the biggest fight of his career by a landslide against FLoyd. give it up, Pacman will never compare to FLoyd not even with all the promotion he got from ESPN
CharlesYTC - Month ago
His major accomplishments have been done before. Pac has far better resume.
Gerardo Pujado
Gerardo Pujado - Month ago
If you really do have a $100m cheque sitting there earning nothing, you are either very dumb or have very bad financial advisors. I have a feeling that was a lie, surely your not that stupid Floyd..🤔
Richard Falcone
Richard Falcone - Month ago
What a great champion happy retirement champ !!
Evander Holyfield
Evander Holyfield - Month ago
Wo owowoo owowowowo myy bad my badddd its my badd 😂😂😂😂
Evander Holyfield
Evander Holyfield - Month ago
Very humble guy floyd 😂😂
Dani Anold
Dani Anold - Month ago
This is the reason America is great. You can be a millionaire in a blink of eye.
realtalkboys777 harris
Floyd is a straight asshole but I love him thou lol
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Panzerkampfwagen 1 - Month ago
If Floyd had the balls to step into the octagon he wouldn’t last one round. Let’s be thankful he doesn’t
I'm wrong because,
I'm wrong because, - Month ago
Panzerkampfwagen 1 boxers have knocked MMA people out in the octagon Ray Mercer Vs Silva. Also, Dana White clearly doesn’t pay his fighters like boxers so that would never happen.
Tanner Steele
Tanner Steele - Month ago
Floyd Fighting 0-0 to go 50-0 to beat Marcianos 49-0 Mayweather. Dam Floyd really??
tramar parker
tramar parker - 2 months ago
He floyd wouldve lost they wouldve counted it lol
Wandering Wilderness
Wandering Wilderness - 2 months ago
Where i come from a KO stands for knocked out...not referee stoppage
I'm wrong because,
I'm wrong because, - Month ago
You heard of TKO
no hypocrites
no hypocrites - 2 months ago
Davin Paterson
Davin Paterson - 2 months ago
mayweather will be destroyed in the mma fight if he doesn't accept i think he a pussy straight up me that has no experience would ask conor to train me for 6 months and takeon floyd in mma anyday conor if you see this contact me
S GEEZY - 2 months ago
People talk on mayweather but he just mentioned maidana,pacman,cotto,canelo have power respect
Babyhurk#You Already Know Waltiere
You know Floyd never gets true credit everything he's done he's phenomenal.just look back on his career speaks for itself # Way to get paid on the way out the door# MTM The Money Team
MAXIMLS - 2 months ago
And then he went to drop the 3rd nuke on Japan on New Years
Pyro Flame
Pyro Flame - 2 months ago
his iq is high af
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus - 2 months ago
Floyd is a habitual liar. This fight did not generate more PPV buys than his fight against Pacquiao which happened 3 years earlier. It's like he's trying to downplay Manny's draw and popularity. Financial success means a lot in this world but it doesn't buy you respect. Floyd is an example of that
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus - 16 days ago
@IIKINGII a simple search shows what I'm saying is true you idiot
IIKINGII - 2 months ago
Christopher Columbus yeah I'm sure you know how much money he made in those two fights more than he does😂
Michael Wightman
Michael Wightman - 2 months ago
blackflag 321
blackflag 321 - 2 months ago
Guy doing an interview as if he just finished training and sparring but he actually fought LOL
LockDownDefen5e - 2 months ago
blackflag 321 it's pretty common for winning fighters to do an interview....
Martin McCastle
Martin McCastle - 2 months ago
Can somebody tell me what kind of watch that is or at least the brand
Naldo _114
Naldo _114 - 2 months ago
Stop saying he a boxer cause he isn’t..It was his first fight and still one of the best with you...And that’s him not being a boxer
աėšłęÿ - 2 months ago
That wasn’t a knockout.
That was a TKO, they stopped the fight because Conor’s gas was no more. Conor never even fell to the ground.
MrDaļekJD - 2 months ago
@IgGanrajkolii he was landing them punches because conor was gassed 🤣🤣 it was obviously floyds game plan
IgGanrajkolii - 2 months ago
He would have KOd him after as the punches he was throwing at mc g..
Luc Nilis
Luc Nilis - 2 months ago
Nobody got ko'd
Ali Saeed
Ali Saeed - 2 months ago
Mayweather put McGregor under cancelo. Pac man and maidana so that's shows us that Connor was shit
Ivan - 2 months ago
"KO'ing" lol
xXMrnobodyXx - 2 months ago
the boxing gloves makes mcgregors punches too light… should’ve worn mma gloves
xXMrnobodyXx - 2 months ago
I know they've the same gloves... I'm saying that "IF" this was some kind of boxing match where they'd use MMA gloves... HE wouldn't be able to resist a punch from Conor. The boxing gloves are thick as fuck.
Mustang Cartel
Mustang Cartel - 2 months ago
Are You mentally ok ? Sir ?
lil uru
lil uru - 2 months ago
floyd had the same gloves on and stopped im
Ali Saeed
Ali Saeed - 2 months ago
Wow you are so retàrded
Kun Tysonnn
Kun Tysonnn - 2 months ago
Shit boxer
Kun Tysonnn
Kun Tysonnn - 2 months ago
Fuck floyd
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness - 2 months ago
He got near 1 billion but its split to his team
kevin vfef
kevin vfef - 2 months ago
Lightup Darkness nah then he woulddv got way more than 300 Million
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