Making My Own Makeup

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James Charles
James Charles - Year ago
I am so proud of this video and am so sorry that it's late, there were lots of complications but I wanted it to be absolutely perfect for u guys!!! I hope u enjoy me being a sister scientist! 😱💄
Emma Clare
Emma Clare - 11 days ago
James Charles We stan a sister scientist
s k i t t l e s
s k i t t l e s - Month ago
Luv uuu🥰
Cassandra Martinez
Cassandra Martinez - 2 months ago
Hi sisters
jelo d
jelo d - 2 months ago
James Charles I'm a Filipino real don't judge so I don't know what is a beauty guru
BTSforLIFE BTS lover A.R.M.Y
Who in 2019 is watching in James Charles old videos? Me ❤️😂☺️
Đức Phát Nguyễn
Đức Phát Nguyễn - 8 hours ago
The foundation that you made is the best match yet
Bero Oleana3112010
Bero Oleana3112010 - Day ago
Your not a loser love you thanks bye
littlemisskirk - Day ago
This is literally a video of James showing his nerdy side and I really want to see more of it
elle marie Hall
elle marie Hall - Day ago
Sarah Ruiz
Sarah Ruiz - Day ago
wow it been a year just a year
Armitis Sa
Armitis Sa - Day ago
he posted this exactly one year ago i-
Andie Slomann
Andie Slomann - 2 days ago
I’m here Exactly a year after this
space_dad_ _draws
space_dad_ _draws - 3 days ago
Whose here after the mini palette?
Katie Nichol
Katie Nichol - 4 days ago
Oxnard is the middle of nowhere now?? 🤣🤣 I mean their are strawberry feilds.. 🤣
Amirah Tianne
Amirah Tianne - 4 days ago
This is so interesting for me because I actually run my own business called Tianne Cosmetics and I make my own products! 😍
Pawnee & Aztec
Pawnee & Aztec - 7 days ago
The videos real title: James Charles throwing shade for 33:13..... at himself
Doggo Animator
Doggo Animator - 7 days ago
5:15 slay queen sister James
Beauty Tiger22
Beauty Tiger22 - 7 days ago
I barely have any makeup and makeup is like my most favorite thing to do
Beauty Tiger22
Beauty Tiger22 - 7 days ago
So foundation can be made from red, yellow, white, and black face paint?
Jinnat Tanha
Jinnat Tanha - 8 days ago
James I Love your video.
Nathalie Billett
Nathalie Billett - 8 days ago
I love math to
Bella Rose
Bella Rose - 8 days ago
whats your favourite colour? (question for everyone)
Melanie Ayoub
Melanie Ayoub - 8 days ago
I REALLY wanted to see them doing a palette ugh :(
Bella Harris
Bella Harris - 9 days ago
A one hour ride trip lol 😂 aren’t most road trips like for days
LPS Animations
LPS Animations - 9 days ago
He got a white speck in his hair, IM PARINOYED
Ave Parker
Ave Parker - 10 days ago
You make me smile. I love how nice and bubbly you are even when the haters come. But all you have to do is sister snatch there weave. You are my fav sister!!
Kileigh Pope
Kileigh Pope - 10 days ago
Omg lol
Tik tok Tik tok
Tik tok Tik tok - 11 days ago
Yes sister
veronica d
veronica d - 11 days ago
Sister Scientists also I love James Charles and I'm still young but I love all his videos I wached all his videos 💗 I hope he sees this
Neve Bolton
Neve Bolton - 11 days ago
Why do u need makeup u look beautiful without it
Willow Wolf
Willow Wolf - 11 days ago
try to do a all blue black and gray outfit
ItsJust Elyse_11
ItsJust Elyse_11 - 11 days ago
In my school bathroom someone wrote HEY SISTERS and i was like YASSSSS
Maitri Cooper
Maitri Cooper - 12 days ago
People of color?
Jozefina Jozić
Jozefina Jozić - 12 days ago
Audrey Y
Audrey Y - 13 days ago
Hi am a big big fan
Jayden Rey
Jayden Rey - 13 days ago
the product I would make is foundation because I can't seem to find one that matches and in on a tv show so the makeup lady has to mix two shades to get the right match. Love you sister James!!!!!!!
Cecilia cookie
Cecilia cookie - 13 days ago
I see NOTHING wrong with that foundation. It looks dead on to me. ;)
Jayden Rey
Jayden Rey - 13 days ago
you are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the queen of makeup and I am sister shook!!!!!!!!!!!
April McCreanor
April McCreanor - 14 days ago
OMG sisters did you see 25:45 he changed hid beauty blender to a brush while finishing his sentence!!!!
Soon Mae
Soon Mae - 14 days ago
Really good looking but annoying as hell the why he talks. He is so hyper and clumsy. No idea how he has so many subscribers. Talks to fast and like I said annoying as hell. Going back to watch Jeffery Starr! Classless..........
Pri Pri
Pri Pri - 15 days ago
If I was making my own foundation I would add the white and say ahh I’m done 😂 I’m so pale lol
Juliette Napier
Juliette Napier - 15 days ago
Make a highlighter or foundation.
I honestly don't know
I honestly don't know - 16 days ago
When sister James started twerking it had me dead lololol😂😂
Lanora Wright
Lanora Wright - 17 days ago
Ur beautiful sister!! My wish would be for u to do my makeup. I really feel if u did this then i could maybe see my beauty and this would really help my low selfesteem out. Luv u sister james
WickedRose - 17 days ago
When you said "This bed head is NOT cute" I literally gasped. You are so pretty! Even without makeup!
Maddie Crisp
Maddie Crisp - 17 days ago
James: Oh my god I wish I'd never done that...

James is the one that edits his videos....
Love you sister james!!!!
RuthAnne Schurr
RuthAnne Schurr - 17 days ago
This is for the sister haters if you want to criticize someone criticize your self.
Koral SANDOVAL - 17 days ago
Um... Oxnard is not in the middle of nowhere. It's very close to la and santa barbara. It also has really nice weather and has really nice beaches.
Tikio Luu
Tikio Luu - 17 days ago
My favorite JC video.
August Miller
August Miller - 18 days ago
AHHHHH, I'm used to his new bleached hair!! That sister shook me to see him with his old hair...
Katelyn Hunter
Katelyn Hunter - 18 days ago
Your eyes are beautiful
Kaitlyn Landi
Kaitlyn Landi - 18 days ago
Holly crap. It's so weird to live and oxnard and see this. My boyfreind litteraly wored in the facility's wearhouse 😰
Morgan Legner
Morgan Legner - 19 days ago
omg when you said road trip a car outside of my house honked twice 😂😂
Zayda Valenzuela
Zayda Valenzuela - 19 days ago
Ashlovesgreen - 19 days ago
James: wow I’m really good at this, maybe I should do this as a job, maybe.
Also James: omg my morphe palettes sold out!
Briana christy
Briana christy - 19 days ago
You look beautiful without makeup it doesn't matter if you have it on or not your beautiful for who you are ❤ (for any one)
madalyn dunn
madalyn dunn - 19 days ago
Yessica Siauw
Yessica Siauw - 20 days ago
I luv you sisters!
Ciara Shields-Esparon
Ciara Shields-Esparon - 21 day ago
How many times James said " that's everything "
Emily Jolley
Emily Jolley - 22 days ago
honestly after watching this. i don't think i have ever actually seen a like black foundation. and i'm 13. sooo. wow. (i actually probably wasn't paying attention) BUT THATS BESIDES THE POINT! honestly, i feel ashamed that i have never seen black foundation.
Anniyah Johnson
Anniyah Johnson - 22 days ago
People of Color ???
gaming nl xD
gaming nl xD - 23 days ago
Hilary Zeller
Hilary Zeller - 23 days ago
I LOVED this video! Like you I get excited by the science and mechanics behind the scenes. So much so that when I found myself without a job I started actually making lots of stuff at home that I sell locally. In the spirit of less waste, I make many solid products and have found this also means I can use much less preservative and sometimes none at all because bugs need water sister! I make shampoo, conditioner, and face cleanser bars. Deodorant sticks and pastes. Lip balms, dry shampoo, "beach" spray (for hair), vegan foaming soap (from scratch) and household cleaners - solid dish detergent blocks, shower cleaning spray, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, leather and vinyl cleaner, laundry detergent (powder), fabric softener, room fragrance sprays, etc. People often ask me if I make something, and I never say no! I say I'll look into coming up with something! Today my mum asked if I could make a tinted sunscreen (she plays a lot of golf and gardens a lot so is out in the harsh Aussie sun very often) so that's my next mission! I guess I'm kind of an eco warrior apothecary! Love it! And you still look great with thick winged liner on!
edward lienemann
edward lienemann - 23 days ago
I love you videos I have you James charles x Murphy palette just got it today it took two weeks and I am so so exited it is here
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