The Most Dangerous Game! (3 Year Edition)

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The ultimate DBF101 Squad
The ultimate DBF101 Squad - 12 hours ago
I roblox is
uss123 - 20 hours ago
stan loona
BroMike - 2 days ago
Just feeding the video more algorithm metrics.
Blaze Aditama
Blaze Aditama - 4 days ago
Why are you gae?
Gaming With Skelly
Gaming With Skelly - 6 days ago
Pewd's: Um well idc little bitc#
Ken: FK You
Bran Wilfred
Bran Wilfred - 8 days ago
COSMI8C GAME - 22 days ago
Cool Lord Cringe
Cool Lord Cringe - 22 days ago
he deleted the video on the system32 right?
Angel From 666
Angel From 666 - 22 days ago
We need cry back as well
Jedediah Hopkins
Jedediah Hopkins - 27 days ago
Eiljah Zekiel T. Ang
Eiljah Zekiel T. Ang - 27 days ago
What if Markiplier knows this or jackseptie😂😂
Abegail Origines
Abegail Origines - Month ago
Omolola Shittu
Omolola Shittu - Month ago
I love it when this 2 do a video together
DuoLingo - Month ago
T-Series? I THINK NOT!
Hazel Syahni
Hazel Syahni - Month ago
jse and mk !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!??!?!??!??!?!?!??!
Jaymer tenebro
Jaymer tenebro - Month ago
Thug life pweds😂
Lyndsie Wyckoff
Lyndsie Wyckoff - Month ago
Sarah__Barracuda - Month ago
This is the absolute best. Do more
MeBlack - Month ago
I just realized that its Felix,Mark and Jack being naked at the same time except for ken😂😂
Angry Mc
Angry Mc - Month ago
Cinnamontoastken! Whys my girl monika at your computer!
Ronja Hallberg
Ronja Hallberg - Month ago
I love this HAHAHAH
Vincent L.
Vincent L. - Month ago
I fucking cried 😂🤣 It's perfect
Insane aries xx
Insane aries xx - Month ago
your so sexy in general felix so are your tattoos and them bright blue eyes & that accent .. i’m pretty sure you would probably become a millionnaire alone if you decided to become a male escort. hahhahaha 😋😏
SladesGirl - Month ago
I keep coming back to this video just to see Ken's reaction to shirtless Felix. It cracks me up every time! XD
Tyrone Jone Arroyo
Tyrone Jone Arroyo - Month ago
Here we see two bearded grown ups screaming on the most casual game in human history, now this is what I call content
Shanta Nihalani
Shanta Nihalani - Month ago
Seriously after watching the thumbnail I thought that he is telling not to play the VIDEO
Tabitha Madigan
Tabitha Madigan - Month ago
10:42. Bottom left of screen. Just look.
AwesomeGuy4444 TA
AwesomeGuy4444 TA - Month ago
Wow. Lovely.
Shweta Karizmatic
Shweta Karizmatic - Month ago
Hi 9 year old from India. Someone plz tell me how to watch the Congratulations video cause its not available in my country. Racist T-series
Aaron Duarte
Aaron Duarte - Month ago
Wheres cry
HillBird - Month ago
Quick note that these 2 guys are a grown up men, one of them even have kids.
markislazy - Month ago
wow norgefilms
B-riley - Month ago
It’s already been 3 years since the last one.....I....what?????
Eli Never
Eli Never - Month ago
I love the closed captions
Pineapple People
Pineapple People - Month ago
💯 iq
Tyler - Month ago
Why was this video made in 2015
Blake Taylor
Blake Taylor - Month ago
Dorks 👌👌👌
Love it.
Shawn Apec oof
Shawn Apec oof - Month ago
They look like dads now xD
Renz Jeriicho Tu Bueno
Ken shouldv subscribe T-series when he won
Emil Torkelsson
Emil Torkelsson - 2 months ago
Svara gärna på denna enkäten angående självkörande bilar i Sverige (16 frågor , endast kryssfrågor) används för min C-uppsats tack i förhand för alla svar :)
Mette - 2 months ago
has it really been 3 years lmao. Glad this made a reoccurrence hahaha
דניאל פריבן
דניאל פריבן - 2 months ago
stand user:ken
stand name: Dr fhil
Raymond Joey Smith
Raymond Joey Smith - 2 months ago
Ken : *Crystal Clear image of his face*
Pewds: *Do i look like I know what a Jpeg is ?*
tristan stanley
tristan stanley - 2 months ago
I’ve watched this video 3 times.
TheNateShow - 2 months ago
Don't try this, it ended my relationship.
raccoon trashman
raccoon trashman - 2 months ago
0:11 pewds is litrally eating cum
Night Shadow
Night Shadow - 2 months ago
Trung Duc
Trung Duc - 2 months ago
That funny
Vincent Morehed
Vincent Morehed - 2 months ago
Ken has really nice teeth
Lil cholo
Lil cholo - 2 months ago
this was made on my bday
ZFazzershroudvietcynide64 Eczxio
no homo.
Mighty Destroyer
Mighty Destroyer - 2 months ago
Nowhere intense as the first part
RendezvousDart GD
RendezvousDart GD - 2 months ago
Taffy e suas Poções
Taffy e suas Poções - 2 months ago
The most dangerous game is Fortnite
Josh Alberino
Josh Alberino - 2 months ago
It’s not a good one of these until someone’s system 32 is gone
TheKacper42PL - 2 months ago
I respect Kenneth even more because of his wallpaper
Fathima:] - 2 months ago
Did YouTube really think they could give me a t-series ad in a PewDiePie video!?Dang YouTube do u need help?
Samuel Schiller
Samuel Schiller - 2 months ago
god its already been three years since that video... i remember watching it for the first time
Julia Catherine
Julia Catherine - 2 months ago
If rock paper scissors was an anime.
blazing son
blazing son - 2 months ago
that's pure evil laughter
Gabriel Peterson
Gabriel Peterson - 2 months ago
When you make so much money on YouTube the but overflow shows you making a negative amount.
Esprits - 2 months ago
Squad 33
Squad 33 - 2 months ago
KoTiKo - 2 months ago
Someone can to give me link of that game?
AlsoQuest - 2 months ago
Delete system 36 again
jake shadow
jake shadow - 2 months ago
wait its been 3 years??????????
Awsjosmar Aguilar
Awsjosmar Aguilar - 2 months ago
Is ken gey
joeydaboss 21
joeydaboss 21 - 2 months ago
7:24 who else saw that post before watch this video
DizzyizzyTime - 2 months ago
This is the best challenge, I love these videos with Ken😂
serenitymclean - 2 months ago
The Septiplier ship is so real...
YoRha No.4 Type:C
YoRha No.4 Type:C - 2 months ago
Lol i miss this
Angelo Julian
Angelo Julian - 2 months ago
This is so hilarious!! I love these grown up men ❤
Fikri Abi
Fikri Abi - 2 months ago
MFNA - 2 months ago
fotte motte
fotte motte - 2 months ago
NANI hahaha😂😂😂
...Loa... - 2 months ago
What the music at 6:39?
Dino Unicorn
Dino Unicorn - 2 months ago
Now all we need is cry back 😭😭😭
XAND 2PAC - 2 months ago
Welp I played it
TickTock Viper
TickTock Viper - 2 months ago
彡DmC - 2 months ago
who was playing against whom!
Peluchin18 - 2 months ago
PewDiePie chokes on his g-fuel at the beginning of the game
EricDa GoatXx
EricDa GoatXx - 2 months ago
he said "NANI?" XD 0:32
Myra6289 - 2 months ago
I miss these two playing games together
BotPlayerLegacy - 2 months ago
480p vs 720p60fps
Killer Queen
Killer Queen - 2 months ago
Nathan Tolosa
Nathan Tolosa - 2 months ago
Cinnamon u look like markipler
Atalino_ sensei
Atalino_ sensei - 2 months ago
It's just so parents stared at me like i'm just a weird person watching a grown up guys playing rock paper and scissors
Gleen Mero
Gleen Mero - 2 months ago
Vales verga hp
Nacho Arasaki
Nacho Arasaki - 2 months ago
esto en español se llama jugando a ser hackers
hiccup22 - 2 months ago
haha I love that Ken's eyes get burned by how much Pewd's youtube channel makes 🤣🤣🤣
Shikuto X4
Shikuto X4 - 2 months ago
Pewdz Like Square Enix? 8:17
Vida Maria
Vida Maria - 2 months ago
Oml those pictures made me cringe!!!!
Vida Maria
Vida Maria - 2 months ago
This is seriously hilarious
Azoz_Kh - 2 months ago
Why did wear that shirt Ken... How dare you..
Leonardo Vazquez
Leonardo Vazquez - 2 months ago
Xiral - 2 months ago
I love this so much lol
westy_ besty
westy_ besty - 2 months ago
Pewds I love these videos! Please make more! :D
GavinSchriewerVlogs - 2 months ago
I play PewDiePie Tuber Sim every day// I love it// I have played for like 2years
TigarOnTheWay - 2 months ago
i waited for this 3 fken years...
Basic White Girl
Basic White Girl - 2 months ago
10:51 that's how mafia works
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