Samsung Galaxy Fold Real World Test

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lazerway - 5 days ago
Hey man, thanks for the review.
If you double tap the power button does it go right into camera when it's closed? And also, is there a external micro sd slot?
My apologies if this was already asked
TheUnlockr - 4 days ago
Yes it does go into the camera. And no microsd
got2flynow - 3 months ago
The phone is nice, but WHAT HAPPENED WITH LAUREN?
Graeme Nicholson
Graeme Nicholson - 3 months ago
The fridge light turns off when the tab usualy shaped like 1/4 of a circle that tells the light to turn off the light so tape it down if you dont want light lol
M.A. M.R.
M.A. M.R. - 3 months ago
Michael Jack
Michael Jack - 4 months ago
great video very informative good job!
am LEE
am LEE - 4 months ago
When this infolding display is exported. Its price will be lower very much lets buy next or three generation model
Tony Lee
Tony Lee - 4 months ago
Not trying to be mean but your friend is annoying
João Linhares (Polipogas)
I have the mentality that this is a luxury product just like a Ferrari, Lambo or Rolls Royce in the car market. It is cool, everybody fancies it but it is too expensive to "normal" people. It's another segment of the market
Valery Njong
Valery Njong - 4 months ago
Thanks for this, I can't wait!
Mia Kim
Mia Kim - 4 months ago
The camera of Galaxy Fold is pretty good. Pictures and video are very clean. Your review was helpful to me.
Ich - 4 months ago
same camera on the s10 series
lunusia punm
lunusia punm - 4 months ago
That case.
VacancyJB - 4 months ago
the tiny screen at the front is awkward.......
Mandy Cheong
Mandy Cheong - 4 months ago
Once Samsung can come out a solution with the bezel of the front screen and the 'gap' when the phone is folded, this will be a ideal design considering the protection it offers for the inside main screen.
fnl aldpfm
fnl aldpfm - 4 months ago
Good review....
James BOND
James BOND - 4 months ago
I wouldn't get the foldable phone I saw a lot of problems with the display coming undone like big big black spots on it I would say in another couple of years or five years for sure they'll have a foldable device that is totally awesome
Pavel Egorov
Pavel Egorov - 4 months ago
MüsliManTV - 4 months ago
I only have a case because I can't afford to get a new one every year and I also don't want it to get scratches
Cali Killa Klown
Cali Killa Klown - 4 months ago
How many hours on my favorite app YouTube?
Cali Killa Klown
Cali Killa Klown - 4 months ago
Damn 16 hours and still pushin. I guess 2 batteries is the way to go
Cali Killa Klown
Cali Killa Klown - 4 months ago
What’s battery life if I’m watching tv all day?
Cali Killa Klown
Cali Killa Klown - 4 months ago
Wireless earbuds cause cancer
Cali Killa Klown
Cali Killa Klown - 4 months ago
That case makes the front screen a hellofa lot less ugly
Dene. F.
Dene. F. - 4 months ago
Do you have any shares in these Cafe's and bars that you always work in? Great video mate. Thanks.
Dan France
Dan France - 4 months ago
Your friend needs a show 😍😍😂
Muscle Boi
Muscle Boi - 4 months ago
Yeah, in the real world we need cases, phones are good looking but it is risky to have them vanilla style.
Artur Chmiel
Artur Chmiel - 4 months ago
That woman reacted like she pulled some dudes pants and saw a big cock...seriously!
Chung Xà
Chung Xà - 4 months ago
It's great that I don't see any ads in your video
Mundoblog - 4 months ago
Get a mini iPad ,, the idea of phone is horrible can use it to hide your money
avedis keofteian
avedis keofteian - 4 months ago
ur wrong they would never decrease its price ! look at s 10 plus it starts around 1k $ up to 1.7 k $ in my country ... so no they would decrease their price ..
Kay Kay
Kay Kay - 4 months ago
Was I the only one laughing at him only listening to panic at the disco-
Mark Stevensson
Mark Stevensson - 4 months ago
Honestly one of the best review/vlog I have ever seen! Subscribed!:)
ProNooB YT
ProNooB YT - 4 months ago
You shuld doo a bend test with it
Connor Hedley
Connor Hedley - 4 months ago
In theroy if you do it right you could flip the phone open or shut. Welcome to the return of the flip phone. Yay
genium me
genium me - 4 months ago
same storage iphone Xs max here in germany costs 1911€ compared to the 2000€ of the fold... doesnt seem that far out there does it?
Im most places around the world iphones are stupidly expensive, people buy them anyway, thats why its so little surprising to europeans that the Fold does so well while many americans are just saying the price is mad :D
Paul Sabian
Paul Sabian - 4 months ago
I dont care about Phone i want to know how much is Lauren cost
MobileDecay - 4 months ago
You really should remove the screen protector. 😏
Hamad_91 - 4 months ago
Love your videos man, keep it up 😊
Chemy Torres
Chemy Torres - 4 months ago
I made some maths... About your day 🤔
But talking about the phone, so far it's great, I think I like the approach Huawei took, but I would love to get one of this, great battery for the amount of screen it has.
Austin Brown
Austin Brown - 4 months ago
Lol... Lost me at "coffee". If you drink it through a straw it ain't coffee. I know coffee when I see it... It's black... and in a mug. 😁
galefraney - 4 months ago
Way too much wasted time in this video ... the coffee shop, the gym, the b-role street scenes ... a review should be succinct, short and snappy.
Hugo S
Hugo S - 4 months ago
Could you do a video whats on my phone and what kind of nutrition tracker do you use?
Jax - 4 months ago
Why in gods name would anyone pay 2 grand for a fucking phone??!??!!??? No!
tatumtate - 4 months ago
This phone is a lemon..don’t pick off the large screen..£2000 wasted
Dharmaraj IPPILI APPIAH - 4 months ago
Don't remove the screen protector or else the screen will break
MobileDecay - 4 months ago
Joan Sammersville
Joan Sammersville - 4 months ago
i bet he fold lauren
Ron Porter
Ron Porter - 4 months ago
Hello Lauren!! 😊
LEROY CARTER - 4 months ago
I'm just gonna stick with S10 plus is the best phone
Jay Lee
Jay Lee - 4 months ago
You should take off the built in screen protector on the inside screen and see what happens
imicca - 4 months ago
11:30 thats not called a subsidy. It is called financing plan
Rob Kroll
Rob Kroll - 4 months ago
complaining about a 1k phone versus a 2k phone is totally different. $60 a month.. is paying on it for 33 months. Nope, not doing it
imicca - 4 months ago
It is not a smartphone. It is more of tablet that folds
Włodek 1410
Włodek 1410 - 4 months ago
Mechanical parts in device that we are using it severals time a day. Its not gonna work! Its just WOW like oppo find x, mi mix3 and nexus. Its another phone who die in some days. Its another crap not tested phone who gonna take money from you and will see.
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox - 4 months ago
This guy looks like dapper laughs hahahahahah
IlIl420K00KIE - 4 months ago
My iPad Pro cost less then that 🤣🤣🥶💩💩
Jakvai - 4 months ago
Now do an Isekai test.
Chris Paul
Chris Paul - 4 months ago
Wait for Apple fans to jump on board and slate the phone as pointless and expensive. Apple will release a version soon enough, probably costing even more money and Apple fans will be throwing their money at them.
Ashton Grist
Ashton Grist - 4 months ago
Ewww plastic what a terrible problem
Ashton Grist
Ashton Grist - 4 months ago
In the real world the front display is useless because the obvious technology was e ink. Fucking idiots
space monkey returns
space monkey returns - 4 months ago
What's this guys name? He seems just like Rick Lax the magician. It's weird how two people who've never met can look and sound so similar, they even have the same speech patterns and mannerisms.
viktor josevic
viktor josevic - 4 months ago
4:21 look at them earssss
Professor Langford
Professor Langford - 4 months ago
That's what I did preordered from at&t I'm stoked for mine
silverfoxxer - 4 months ago
now try to strip off the plastic
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel - 4 months ago
that case is ugly
omar atif
omar atif - 4 months ago
Great video! Now we know when you need to pick up a date from the bar, it's alot easier with a 2K dollar foldable phone
NOVAZ - 4 months ago
You clearly aren’t using the phone enough to only have it at 38% at 1pm I’d have the phone dead in the first 2 hours tops ❗️
Ultimatefreeboy - 4 months ago
6 hour SOT tho
Alvin Rodney
Alvin Rodney - 4 months ago
Lauren is gorgeous!
Illia Čyžow
Illia Čyžow - 4 months ago
nice video. i wouldn't say i need the phone like this, but the video really sells))
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth - 4 months ago
why is your face so glued to the camera dude
eivis13 - 4 months ago
Marking this as spam, just because i was looking for info about the xv20 prius battery and youtube suggested this.
Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson - 4 months ago
You say $60 a month contract. But that only adds up to $1440 for a 2 year contract. Not even breaking even with the phone price. $2000 So are we talking a 4 year contract. That's crazy. What same person would do that.
sen - 4 months ago
she's hot bro:))
gene colon
gene colon - 4 months ago
Nope. Just can’t use android - wait for os .
LegendaryMoji - 4 months ago
Did you smash?
Derrick Arias
Derrick Arias - 4 months ago
Easy to Break
xXvenomxsnakeXx 999
xXvenomxsnakeXx 999 - 4 months ago
So it survived a whole day without breaking 😁😁😁
prod. Volttaone
prod. Volttaone - 4 months ago
Dope content!!😎
mredizon00 - 4 months ago
Only stupid people will burn their hard earned money for this stupid, useless, impratical design. 2000 USD for a more fragile phone? What a joke.
I'd rather buy a mobile workstation laptop like Dell Precision with that amount.
The only reason I am paying Sam 2K USD for a smart phone is if they bring back practical design.
1. Level 9H saphire flat screen instead of stupid curve design that will easilly scratch and break.
2. Sturdy and high tensile strength, efficient heat dissipating frame design.
3. Full metal back with optional TPU/Leather skin for grip and durability instead stupid full glass back that will slip like a soap in my hand.
4. Hydrophobic coating on top of optional IPS67/8 rating instead of sealed body for water resistance.
5. Removable high capacity battery ( min of 10Kmah ).
6. 512GB to 1TB internal storage with expandable micro sd slot.
7. 32GB RAM
8. Root friendly unlock bootloader
9. Fully functional near bug free DEX platform that can be actually used for genuine desktop like experience
Pepe Onzima
Pepe Onzima - 4 months ago
You are going bald
Justin - 4 months ago
Your friend made it sound a lot lamer than the thing we've been drooling about for the past week and took us down a peg 😬
anthony i
anthony i - 4 months ago
Great video, subscribed.
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