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Karan Maheshwari
Karan Maheshwari - 2 days ago
Funniest podcast i have ever heard. I don't remember the last time i laughed so much 😂
Boss Gamer
Boss Gamer - 3 days ago
TheStrangest - 4 days ago
Erik:What does Logan have a doll

Me:ItS aN aCtIoN fIgURe
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - 14 days ago
came after geordie mention
Sham Adams
Sham Adams - 15 days ago
Never in my entire life I would imagine Erik Griffin and Logan Paul in the same room.
Ozy Perez
Ozy Perez - 15 days ago
Who is here after Logan said Erick was one of his favorite guest? 🔥
a_la_max - 15 days ago
zach carrington
zach carrington - 20 days ago
Spencer needs to chill on the vegan bullshit lol
Quique Bucio
Quique Bucio - 23 days ago
Yo Erik blowing up Logan's spot about being on the podcast lit up my life! I could not stop laughing!
JEPPAY - Month ago
46:00 - Just look up old videos from 2000-2005 called "Banned from Television" - its suicides, police in south america "accidentally" shooting hostages escaping a hostage situation, people jumping in front of trains, clerks in small shops getting shot or beat up by burglers...
It triggers our indignation, so we cant help but wanna see a little, but at the same time it shocks us to the core. Reality hits AFTER youve seen it.
JEPPAY - Month ago
18:00 - do your country treat cows bad when milking them? In Denmark we treat cows with respect and they roam freely on the countrysides ...
Jordi Blancarte
Jordi Blancarte - Month ago
Spencer, please just shut the fuck up.
My Daily Vitamins TH&C
Please give Mike the soundboard back...
kingpin_m - Month ago
I'm here for Erik and Erik alone
Malcom McLeod
Malcom McLeod - Month ago
Who's working the FUCKING camera!!!?
Jess C
Jess C - Month ago
Respect for this man for not drinking love to hear it 1:23:57
Drake Griggs
Drake Griggs - Month ago
Is somebody gonna tell mike there isn't even 10 and a half billion people
Kareem Elabbasy
Kareem Elabbasy - 2 months ago
lol the way this guy laughs is hilarious
Jay Quinn
Jay Quinn - 2 months ago
Who else re watches impaulsive episodes
KatiePitre2502 - 2 months ago
Hemp doesn’t have thc in it..
Des WestFam Vlogs
Des WestFam Vlogs - 2 months ago
I am legit loving the new Logan Paul 💯💜💯🤜🏻💥🤛🏻💯💜💯
A Detel
A Detel - 2 months ago
Get Gary Vee on the show!!!
Chris M
Chris M - 2 months ago
31:51 Why was that kinda beautiful?
kayla ryan
kayla ryan - 2 months ago
Most underwatched episode
chocolate turtle's
chocolate turtle's - 2 months ago
Actually being asexual you don’t have sexual feelings for anyone or thing you just can’t it’s not a choose lmao
Nygr3n - 2 months ago
10 days? nice. keep it up. :)
im up now on 10 years. why?
why not? ;D
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - 2 months ago
Erik Griffin is life
Justin Peyton
Justin Peyton - 2 months ago
25:46 ain’t no filters called jacarda wtf you talkin bout mike
NIGHTSHADE457 gaming
NIGHTSHADE457 gaming - 2 months ago
Being a sexual is being able to reproduce without having sex
Jess C
Jess C - 2 months ago
Dylan is 😍 1:02:00
Alaetra Jaxsia
Alaetra Jaxsia - 2 months ago
I love spencer. I agree with them. I see the awakening really happening to mike and logan. it's awesome to have people on this platform that will spread awareness and i don't think they fully realize it. I have so much love for you guys.
MD M8 - 2 months ago
Most people dont know they are going to black out you can feel fine then boom gone you wake up with no memory of most of the night
MD M8 - 2 months ago
I hope they get the workaholics boys on or at least one
Tess Noneya
Tess Noneya - 2 months ago
He said I just had a “vegan” tell me something...Spencer says no it ok I’m an adult. thank you for not being part of outrage culture lol 😂 btw, bring Dylan on more often! Great job!
Winter Soldier DB
Winter Soldier DB - 2 months ago
Jess Kim
Jess Kim - 2 months ago
you should have bobby lee on this
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez - 2 months ago
please do another one with this dude funny as fuck
808bill - 2 months ago
Get Jo Koy in here!!!
Carparelli - 2 months ago
he is so funny. amazing episode!
Kyle Krueger
Kyle Krueger - 2 months ago
looked up faces of death, why did i do that to myself
JoshEntertainment - 2 months ago
What is the definition of the faces of death.
Cokeman 1233930
Cokeman 1233930 - 2 months ago
I beg you to get Kevin Hart on. He is so funny
Lauren Taylor-Davies
Lauren Taylor-Davies - 2 months ago
Wales 💕💕
Linus Pedersen
Linus Pedersen - 2 months ago
Best one yet!
More comedians 👏🏼
james jenkins
james jenkins - 2 months ago
Can we have Spencer’s mate as a guest please?!?!
Dylan Dickstein
Dylan Dickstein - 2 months ago
I would be glad to! Thank you! Drop me a sub on my channel and follow me on Insta (dylandickstein) to see updates. It would mean a lot!
Jen & Juice
Jen & Juice - 2 months ago
This dude is hilarious
Jason todd
Jason todd - 2 months ago
1:22:01 that piece of shit wanted to sound cool so bad saying what he said like 2 minuets earlier and now he regrets it.. u didn’t look like u were kidding.. it’s called lying (and I know that he was like “im just lying) but in the end he was like (I was kidding) it’s like he doesn’t wanna admit that he lies to people just to sound cool. He’s so insecure and pathetic
Carion Jackson
Carion Jackson - 2 months ago
Erik is hilarious and gave some great life advice. Such a good episode guys!
Alex Sedor
Alex Sedor - 2 months ago
Get Phil Swift on the show
China Lokita
China Lokita - 2 months ago
Love it hahahaah
Shayan420 - 2 months ago
whos the girl logan was talkin about?
Abby Marie
Abby Marie - 2 months ago
Favorite impulsive yet! Couldn't stop laughing!! Love you guys!
Melinda Hofecker
Melinda Hofecker - 2 months ago
Looks like im really into smart kids
Blindedbysociety - 2 months ago
this is dope and underrated.
Jack Tomlinson Vlogs
Jack Tomlinson Vlogs - 2 months ago
I just want to say that I’ve always enjoyed Mike and what he brings to the table but his comment on the Welsh Terrier foundation just made me die laughing and made me so happy! Thank you mike, for being you!
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee - 2 months ago
I just saw this guy at the comedy store!!! Would highly recommend going 😄
Crystal Crystal
Crystal Crystal - 2 months ago
LOL!!!! this is so funny
askampo - 2 months ago
Olivia Eytalis
Olivia Eytalis - 2 months ago
Olivia Eytalis
Olivia Eytalis - 2 months ago
Twitter fuck man
Olivia Eytalis
Olivia Eytalis - 2 months ago
Hey Logan I’ve got a Chicago accent we’re in the same boat
Wicus _Auc
Wicus _Auc - 2 months ago
13:45 Mike's reaction 😂😂😂
LEONEL DABAMBINO - 2 months ago
Can anyone help me find out the name of the movie miked watching about people dying?
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