Wale - On Chill (feat. Jeremih) [Official Music Video]

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Conscious Iv
Conscious Iv - 7 hours ago
Literally my jam❤️🤞🏻
Shanitha Conner
Shanitha Conner - 10 hours ago
Dear wale u still that n***a❤️
MrCorwin88 - 10 hours ago
Wale is so Underrated. He's my favorite MMG artist!
T Swag
T Swag - 10 hours ago
This song beast
artavia boyd
artavia boyd - 10 hours ago
When it stop hurting & you forget what it was 😩💪🏾✌🏾
Moon Paradox
Moon Paradox - 11 hours ago
When you collab a tru poet and an angels voice together!!! Chillz!!!!!!
♥️♥️🥰Thank you guys for this 🔥
artavia boyd
artavia boyd - 10 hours ago
Chills 💪🏾💪🏾
Amanda lash green
Amanda lash green - 11 hours ago
Why Jeremiah look like juice world and wale look like tpain 😂😂😂
princessAmhariaabennett - 11 hours ago
ouuu babyy my boyfriend put me on dis song
Mizz Bajan Thai
Mizz Bajan Thai - 12 hours ago
Who else could collaborate two 90’s songs and his own.
Raphael Saadiq - All I Ask of You
Guy - Let’s Chill
Wale is Fire with Everything he drop 💋
Elevated Status
Elevated Status - 12 hours ago
90's smooth r&b with current hip-hop. Toni Tone Tony ! That's all I ask of you!
Nikki Green
Nikki Green - 13 hours ago
When you're going through it the song means so much more.....🔥
Deon Chavers
Deon Chavers - 13 hours ago
Kameisha D
Kameisha D - 13 hours ago
You are cute
Ivan Felipe
Ivan Felipe - 14 hours ago
B E E Z Y M U R D E R Z - 14 hours ago
Lmfao!!! All These Rappers Sound The Same, But NEVER EVER EVER Rap About Something Important Like, How American's Are Being Plundered, How We Are Being Murdered By The Police And How The Police Sell Drugs And Do Drugs, How People Keep Begging Like Really BEGGING For A Ruler You Know Voting Lmfao! Or How People Keep Sending There Children Off To A School Really Called A Slave Maker Or Indoctrination, Or Talk About How Adults Like 97% Of Rappers Are Just 3 Year Olds Who Lost There Pacifiers, Or Let's Hear Them Talk About Our Debt That Can Never Be Paid Off!!! Or The Fact That People Use Paper That IS DEBT As Valuable Currency IT IS HILARIOUS!!!! Wanna Hear Me Rap WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! UH UH BOTTLE GANG WAHHHHHH
Brainz Rooney
Brainz Rooney - 14 hours ago
This is the wale the world knows
Amber Plair
Amber Plair - 15 hours ago
This is a top down or windows down song.
Lucy Rushing
Lucy Rushing - 15 hours ago
This just my SHIT!! NO other words to say!!
big Dale Johnson
big Dale Johnson - 16 hours ago
That's a hit should add Rick Ross in a remix that would be fire🔥🔥🔥
Twila Dunlap
Twila Dunlap - 17 hours ago
Thobile LUTHULI FRANKERS - 17 hours ago
How many songs has Jeremih been featured in
TheQueen 86
TheQueen 86 - 18 hours ago
Still listening to this in 2019 looking ass 😭😂
Mrs. Angel Young
Mrs. Angel Young - 18 hours ago
I like the song and I think they did a good job sampling Raphael Saadiq's classic "Ask of you" but I think Wake should have asked Raphael to sing that hook.. no shade to Jeremiah, but it just needed a little more"stank" on the vocals 😂
EbonyJè _
EbonyJè _ - 18 hours ago
Wale is so poetic
Brayan Barranza
Brayan Barranza - 18 hours ago
Shuda been meek and jeremih on this song.
Eunique Nicole
Eunique Nicole - 18 hours ago
Have you ever listening to a song over and over but didn’t know what they were saying. However, you continued to listen to it bc the vibe was EVERYTHING...
We been on a tragedy for months,
Why can’t you agree with me for once,
Maybe we can be on chill, maybe I can give you chills!!!
samantha pauline
samantha pauline - 19 hours ago
I love some of your songs there very soothing wale ♡ thank u for maken them
Killer Kam
Killer Kam - 19 hours ago
Terry Wright you are very cute! maybe this song could be for us. 😎
Jay G
Jay G - 19 hours ago
Wale always make that type of music that you and your girl can just ride to and bumping your box down the highway. I always love the twist on old R&B like this. That bass in my truck though. Boom Boom, Bo-Boom. 😉
Brittni Brown
Brittni Brown - 20 hours ago
1:14 what kind of dive was that 🤔😂🤣😭
Niki Nichole
Niki Nichole - 20 hours ago
Happy birthday wale💛 on the same day as my grandfather. You are a special man. God bless
Tomi Antwanette
Tomi Antwanette - 20 hours ago
Looking like t pain
Nothingbut Love
Nothingbut Love - 21 hour ago
Jeremih please cut that shit off please.. I'll give you anything .. not you you're so handsome with a low cut. What's happening hun?
Diplomata MGTOW
Diplomata MGTOW - 21 hour ago
It gives me the Chill GOD DAMN IT
charlene bridgewater
charlene bridgewater - 21 hour ago
When i listen to this song i really be on chill 🚬 my cigar and sippin on cognac.🎶🎶🎤🍸💯🔥💕
ZzStayDipped - 21 hour ago
Wale & Jeremih is a winning combo everytime 💯💯💯
Misses Y T
Misses Y T - 21 hour ago
So late but this is a vibe💜
Ternice Liner
Ternice Liner - 21 hour ago
That Toni Toni Tone feel is everything!!!!
Jeremy - 22 hours ago
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Wale - On Chill (feat. Jeremih) [Official Music Video]
proud. I hope the people who wrote those songs are happy. I hope they feel it’s enough. I really do because they’ve made me happy. And I’m only one person. “We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. “‎Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. “Dogs never bite me. Just humans. “One can never have enough socks,’’ said Dumbledore. ’’Another Christmas has come
Riadh Sta
Riadh Sta - 22 hours ago
Jermaine Tatnall
Jermaine Tatnall - 23 hours ago
Jeremih is cute and look very and sound very goood for 32 years old
Moon Paradox
Moon Paradox - 11 hours ago
Jermaine Tatnall 32 ain’t😒 old 30’s are prime years 😄
Whynotme Collins
Whynotme Collins - 23 hours ago
Happy birthday 🎊🎈🎉 wale
Kennisha Banks
Kennisha Banks - 23 hours ago
Mannnnnn this shit hitting hitting my ass mannnnnn... I just want him back already God 😢😢😢😞😞😞
Royal Royal
Royal Royal - Day ago
#🎤🔊🔥♨️❣️ #🙏💌 #🔊💓🔊💕🔊💞🔊🔂✅🔊🔐🔊🏁🔊🏆🔊🎉🔊🎆🎇
Courtney Taylor
Courtney Taylor - Day ago
My Current Fave I ❤️ Wale🤞🏾👌🏾
Aniyha Little
Aniyha Little - Day ago
How can 1.7k people dislike this song !? Like if yu agree
Aniyha Little
Aniyha Little - Day ago
"Why can't yu agree wit me for once" felt dat ✊💕
Raena Alexander
Raena Alexander - Day ago
This song is Fire and go Hard...but Serious question, so I am not sure I understand is this song saying its time to let go, or let's be each others peace.
Izeim Phillips
Izeim Phillips - Day ago
Straight drop 《Qųąđřųþľę §ąłųţę 》
Ovogirl16 - Day ago
Naciatan Edgerson
Naciatan Edgerson - Day ago
Yessss On Repeat😍💖✨
Whink Jones
Whink Jones - Day ago
Mutie Muthuka
Mutie Muthuka - Day ago
Damn , the best song of 2019
c1tyboy415 - Day ago
Damn this slaps so hard. Did Tony Toni Tone justice
David Harris
David Harris - Day ago
Lawrence Johnson
Lawrence Johnson - Day ago
Jeremih and Wale make that 🔥🔥
Ranzeimas Davis Jr
Ranzeimas Davis Jr - Day ago
Tony toni tone sample love it though
DETTA GAL - Day ago
gwen eaddy
gwen eaddy - Day ago
this song going to played forever and ever I over love this song 💯
CallMe Enzo
CallMe Enzo - Day ago
I’m just thinking about my ex
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