AVENGERS ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown! New Armor & Easter Eggs You Missed!

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Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency - 6 minutes ago
The Quantum Realm?
Wait a minute is Dr.Doom there?
Where are Mr.Fantastic and his family?
Shania R
Shania R - 44 minutes ago
Thor and Carol❤️😋
Carson Kraft
Carson Kraft - Hour ago
I'm exited to see Thor and Captain Marvel. Like if you agree
Fortnite Montage
Fortnite Montage - 2 hours ago
Oh god a rick and morty reference OHWEE
Xbox mayhem Brothers
Xbox mayhem Brothers - 8 hours ago
Stark and cap would be awesome
WillDaBeast850 Qazwsx
WillDaBeast850 Qazwsx - 17 hours ago
Some people are willing to wait for Endgame to release on Redbox. But not us.
Not us.
FantasticX 4
FantasticX 4 - Day ago
The Favorite Duo I Cant Wait To See Is Thor And Captain Marvel Because They Both Kick ASS!
Alex Flores
Alex Flores - Day ago
The duo I want to see is Thor and Captain marvel
Molly Maher
Molly Maher - Day ago
Thor and Captain Marvel!
John Dunzelman
John Dunzelman - Day ago
Y’all expect the narration to be in the movie
Mostyn Forbes
Mostyn Forbes - Day ago
people flinch when the storm breaker comes flying past them.

but not us. [insert marvel theme song here]
Saul Diaz
Saul Diaz - 2 days ago
Look I'll check out you're darkest Time Line when you guys stop trying to act funny because I'm tired of it
Robin the 1st Robin the 1st
Nothing to do with this vid vut witch universe is Deapool in marvel or Dc because he knows wolverine but he knows Stan Lee (rest his soul)
Ken Al
Ken Al - 2 days ago
I just want to see The Punisher to be introduced. Imagine Frank Castle killing Thanos using some anti matter gun from Rocket.
Saul Diaz
Saul Diaz - 2 days ago
It's the called the Milano is not called the binitar
Crabby Bonnie
Crabby Bonnie - 2 days ago
Bruce banner: I can turn into the hulk
Thor: im god of lighting
Black widow: I have hair that’s a clock
WintzHenry - 2 days ago
Mabe they went back to there Planets
Sub Soldier
Sub Soldier - 2 days ago
Ironman and captain marvel, they both had the same color suits aside from one color each, they also both were kidnapped from their respective homes and both were attacked by the government and both made friends with someone working for the government. Their story is to similar, and they both shoot Lazers out of their hands, fly with the Lazers, they are to similar to not be a duo, and they both lost someone that was very important in their life
Reuben Abary
Reuben Abary - 3 days ago
Mark Zabala
Mark Zabala - 3 days ago
PepperSpray11 - 3 days ago
*Please Read*
You know how he mentioned the reality stone? Well maybe it all is just an illusion and Thanos wants to see how people react as a test for the real deal. So he got all the stones and pretended to kill 50% so that if reality collapses he could just undo it. But if it goes okay, he can snap for real. And remember that spiderman far from home is said to be a SEQUEL of infinity war. Maybe society collapses (or during the fight shown in the trailers) and Thanos resets the maybe illusion.
AnimaSean - 3 days ago
I just realised, what if tony stark talking to the helmet is actually him telling the story of how that avengers failed in the first third of the movie. Or maybe how they failed in general?
Cooly - 3 days ago
So no one is gonna talk about stan lee cameo in this video?
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 3 days ago
akshay to
akshay to - 4 days ago
what if one team goes against thanos in reality and others in time travel
akshay to
akshay to - 4 days ago
After each team successfully took the stones from the past the reality thanos will lose one at the same time
Lil Shorty
Lil Shorty - 4 days ago
when Thor is holding storm breaker in the sky I think that’s when Thor hits thanos in the head
Rejean North peigan
Rejean North peigan - 4 days ago
at 12:39 he said danos lamo
Jodaking 101
Jodaking 101 - 4 days ago
In endgame I would want Antman to go into thanos’s buthole and expand
HydroNovaa - 4 days ago
Or for number 12 hes inside thanos ass
In3sanex Boltz
In3sanex Boltz - 4 days ago
21:40 - 22:00 did any one notice hulk was running in that jog even though he was to scared to come out
Jenmah Goode
Jenmah Goode - 4 days ago
thor and captain marvel
Eric Hollins
Eric Hollins - 4 days ago
Where is black panther
Ulliey - 4 days ago
But when it says what has been lost can be brought back agent carter says in the winter solder
memes forlife
memes forlife - 4 days ago
When antman jump he probably goes into thanos butt
Rafael V.T
Rafael V.T - 4 days ago
thor x Captain marvel
Mr. Hàn
Mr. Hàn - 4 days ago
I’ll choose Captain Marvel & Thor this time
Makara Anne
Makara Anne - 5 days ago
Based on the fact that the “quantum suits” are similar shapes to their other suits, what if they’re using Kree tech similar to Carol’s where they can change the colours and appearance of it? Idk I just thought that
allemonn - 5 days ago
cant wait to see goose in action
MercyX2 Shadow
MercyX2 Shadow - 5 days ago
I’m really waiting for Thor and captain marvel
Jack Liu
Jack Liu - 5 days ago
Definitely Stark and Cap
Teg Slimmer
Teg Slimmer - 5 days ago
People say that Groot disintegrating but isn't Storm breaker handle made from groots arm so shouldn't it disintegrated by now or is Groot coming back
Tron -
Tron - - 5 days ago
I cant wait to see Nebula and Stark forced to work together on that ship.
Shawn Corey
Shawn Corey - 5 days ago
I see you didn't mention the wolverine.. I hear he supposed to be in endgame
zacari gaming
zacari gaming - 5 days ago
Thor and captin marvel
crazy lego man
crazy lego man - 6 days ago
I think the red is the reality stone because maby thanos will split into a different reality and the device from set phots will change the reality that the avengers live in
Chelsea Mcnamara
Chelsea Mcnamara - 6 days ago
# Thor+CaptainMarvel
RaveSoCal - 6 days ago
Rocket and flurkin
D v Z
D v Z - 6 days ago
People are saying that Thor and Captain Marvel will die
Aut0matic - 7 days ago
I’m sorry but the thought of Thanos going “Augh my corn!” Is really funny to me 😂😂😂
MARVELITE MAKER - 7 days ago
Hulk and Banner!
MARVELITE MAKER - 7 days ago
Maybe the glow was from a stalking Demogorgon.
Jaw dropper Dude
Jaw dropper Dude - 8 days ago
Ok......how about we don't talk about the movie now and just go and watch it??😅
Shaliza Khan-ali
Shaliza Khan-ali - 8 days ago
Thor and Captain Marvel
Shaliza Khan-ali
Shaliza Khan-ali - 8 days ago
i just want Peter Parker to come back
Leah Kate
Leah Kate - 8 days ago
I swear the hulk is never in the trailers
Magnus Sihvart
Magnus Sihvart - 8 days ago
Emily Grace
Emily Grace - 9 days ago
"way to jinx is t'chala" lol i'm laughing my butt off!!!!!!!!!!
Thaniya001Tv - 9 days ago
I can guess nebula get the guntlet and after thanos join with avengers to stop nebula its the true my mind.
samantha sophia
samantha sophia - 9 days ago
the last time I trusted, It ruined my life

i will regret watching this
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray - 9 days ago
thor and captain marvel
Dali Ruan
Dali Ruan - 9 days ago
Anya Stefany
Anya Stefany - 10 days ago
Hawkeye and Black Widow.
youserOfyou Tube
youserOfyou Tube - 10 days ago
weberton Figueiredo
weberton Figueiredo - 10 days ago
I can't wait to see the interaction between Antman and Thanos
Hermione Galadriel Romanoff
13:44 Yes, their plan involves him being *very* small ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
sugarnutz456 - 10 days ago
sugarnutz456 - 10 days ago
Captain Marvel and Thot
Dallas Anderson
Dallas Anderson - 11 days ago
Thor cap marvel
Brian Grussing
Brian Grussing - 11 days ago
The Endgame suits are space time suits (work in innerspace (multiverse/microverse & in outerspace). They're modeled after the suits from Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes space suits.
Jason Keahnah-Talbot
Jason Keahnah-Talbot - 11 days ago
Hawkeye and black widow
John and Greg
John and Greg - 11 days ago
Mandar Joshi
Mandar Joshi - 11 days ago
Stark and nebula
Carlos Muro
Carlos Muro - 11 days ago
Thor and Marvel
Nuggett V15
Nuggett V15 - 11 days ago
I think the fury who faded in infinity war was a skrull and then the real fury was in those shots
INSPIRE - 11 days ago
I just got my ticket 🙏🏼
Peterthespidey - 12 days ago
Lol. 70% comment thor & captain Marvel 😂
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips - 12 days ago
Thor, Cpt Marvel, and Valkyrie
bharat thapa
bharat thapa - 12 days ago
I can't stand this black Widow hair shit.
Manohar Gowda
Manohar Gowda - 12 days ago
thor and captan marvel
Alexander Boy14
Alexander Boy14 - 12 days ago
Thor and Captain Marvel
vlooging gamer
vlooging gamer - 12 days ago
the description tho
Dillon Daily
Dillon Daily - 12 days ago
Tony and Cap! OMG. Can’t flirkin’ wait!
brian boudreaux
brian boudreaux - 12 days ago
I thought Quinns ship was the millano.
Brian Grussing
Brian Grussing - 12 days ago
I can't wait to see General Ross turn into Red Hulk...
mandy Stephenson
mandy Stephenson - 12 days ago
Thor and caption America
Eddie Animations
Eddie Animations - 12 days ago
Stark n cap
Kaycie Cowden
Kaycie Cowden - 12 days ago
Thor and Captain Marvel
Hectic Patriot
Hectic Patriot - 12 days ago
Cap and stark
Hectic Patriot
Hectic Patriot - 12 days ago
No cap is wearing his scale suit if you look closely you can see the scales
Riain Murphy
Riain Murphy - 12 days ago
Best paring is hulk and banner
Sheffythedog 47
Sheffythedog 47 - 13 days ago
Pepper ain’t gonna save tony she’s gonna RESCUE him
Shruthik kolipaka
Shruthik kolipaka - 13 days ago
Thor and captain marvel/mar-vel😂😂😂
1 Minute Videos
1 Minute Videos - 13 days ago
Why can’t people find out where they’re filming endgame and take pics and leak it
1 Minute Videos
1 Minute Videos - 12 days ago
Including all extras and cameramen too?
Brian Grussing
Brian Grussing - 12 days ago
They work on closed sets & all involved must sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) if they leak, Marvel can literally sue them for the entire revenue that the movie produces, plus damages, plus production costs...so would you leak if you knew you'd be sued for hundreds of millions of dollars?
Craig Fox
Craig Fox - 13 days ago
Like if this is random
Nicafort Vidal
Nicafort Vidal - 13 days ago
u didnt know what back panther said he said dust and blood right that is why some characters has red colors on the suits
DragoN itesh
DragoN itesh - 13 days ago
Errol Dimailig
Errol Dimailig - 13 days ago
Thor and Valkyrie
🛰ELECTRIC GAMER🛰 - 13 days ago
They need the quantum suit to time travel through the quantum realm because hank did say that they can break *time* and space and bank's wife or hank (idr) said there are *time vortexes*
WRalliangelX 27
WRalliangelX 27 - 13 days ago
I see lol how’s this movie will go EDGE OF TOMMOROW that explain Tony’s 50 threw his final suit that defeats thanos and Capts suits lol idk maybe this will go die repeat lol
baby j its
baby j its - 13 days ago
Could the avengers trap thanks in the quentem relm
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