Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It Challenge !! He Got A NEW LAMBORGHINI!!

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Prettyboyfredo - Month ago
Sad 😔 but pushing.... 60K likes for the next video!!! Get paid 2 days early w/ Current here http://www.current.com/fredo
Jacob Alamparambil
Jacob Alamparambil - 14 days ago
i love xxx and he is very inspiring just like you !!!
Prime time Kid #1
Prime time Kid #1 - 20 days ago
Prettyboyfredo New on your Channel I really like what your doing bro!! 👏🏾✊🏾✊🏾 really want to meet you one day
Russell Curry
Russell Curry - 23 days ago
Rip xxx 😭🙏🏾
Carlos Da goat
Carlos Da goat - 26 days ago
I see you and jas are good keep up the grind brother
ya boi
ya boi - 26 days ago
Prettyboyfredo can I just say that what you said at the beginning was very helpful and inspirational thank you man
GuapBandz Entertainment #TBG
GuapBandz Entertainment #TBG - 13 minutes ago
The way Malik looked at fredo foot when he put it on the new I8
GuapBandz Entertainment #TBG
GuapBandz Entertainment #TBG - 16 minutes ago
That fat dude nasty what he did with that fry and that drink ig fat ppl really do eat anything
Sean Daniels
Sean Daniels - 14 hours ago
What's the song?
Pittsburgh steelers fan
Pittsburgh steelers fan - 14 hours ago
Daughter is just so beautiful!
TiNy_AnGeL-YT - Day ago
He broke up with Jas?
Daharii Jones
Daharii Jones - Day ago
Wat is that song called he was listening to in the car
Noah Swann
Noah Swann - 15 hours ago
Daharii Jones swoo in her mind
Willi Plays
Willi Plays - Day ago
What this song called it fyee🔥
Axel Fernandez
Axel Fernandez - Day ago
Axel Fernandez
Axel Fernandez - Day ago
Y’all see that bug in the table 14:58
NatesWorld - Day ago
I would have drew $10,000
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera - 2 days ago
I would of left yo dumb ass too your baby mama fine af you stooooopid
sungke iahdbd
sungke iahdbd - 2 days ago
What is the song that his playing on his car?
Troy Halsery
Troy Halsery - 2 days ago
Yep just be you and sty you rip xx😓😓😓😓😓
wave mclean.
wave mclean. - 2 days ago
seeing jasmine ever since fredo's recents😴
Brendan Murray
Brendan Murray - 3 days ago
“ a cow so that gotta be chick fil a” um last time i checked cows arent chickens but um okay
Rashawn Wilson
Rashawn Wilson - 3 days ago
Wants chick fil-a.
Draws cow /:
Marcus Crouch
Marcus Crouch - 4 days ago
Did fatboy draw a cow for a place that only sells chicken products??????????????????????
Marcus Crouch
Marcus Crouch - 4 days ago
If X sold his soul you are fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trae Games
Trae Games - 5 days ago
Malik is honestly a spoiled brat😂
Claudine Chetty
Claudine Chetty - 5 days ago
Love this video
Apallo Roque
Apallo Roque - 7 days ago
Fedo lowkey thicc no homo
Christie Lowkey
Christie Lowkey - 7 days ago
3 weeks and I still can’t believe he just drew a cow 😭 “watch the drip”
Carman 10
Carman 10 - 8 days ago
I love you bro
Andres Abarca
Andres Abarca - 8 days ago
That went to far
Amira Crandon
Amira Crandon - 9 days ago
See me I feel like I’m just gonna be going by. Must be nice to be spoiling the people you love ❤️. I can’t even get through college by myself, you guys care to help me out?
the savage beast triple threat
the savage beast triple threat
Love your visa
J_Money - 10 days ago
He should’ve just drew the bmw logo
S K - 10 days ago
Song at 4:54?
Isellmuch - 10 days ago
carlos tavares
carlos tavares - 11 days ago
Nigga you cheated
Terry Straker
Terry Straker - 11 days ago
What song is that 4:17
Prodigy APT
Prodigy APT - 12 days ago
‘’ baby I need you in my life’’ love you fredo
Rhonda Mcreynolds
Rhonda Mcreynolds - 12 days ago
#LLJ x bro I miss you so much Fredo I love you too
UnkwnJacob - 12 days ago
Whats that song called? 4:45
Drew Sticky
Drew Sticky - 12 days ago
What's the name of that song ?
Chris Moya
Chris Moya - 13 days ago
GoD_iNsTiNcTz - 13 days ago
What's the song at 4:17 ?
Hyperxjay - 13 days ago
The Gucci family Gucci
The Gucci family Gucci - 13 days ago
I saw you today in Walmart
Joshua Harriott
Joshua Harriott - 13 days ago
Song at 4:20
Tanner Vaughn
Tanner Vaughn - 13 days ago
whats the name of that song in the intro
Alvin Parker
Alvin Parker - 13 days ago
Landen Drake
Landen Drake - 14 days ago
I need Fredo's playlist it's full of bangers.
Demarco Butler
Demarco Butler - 14 days ago
I was just like damn I would draw AirPods 😂
Demarco Butler
Demarco Butler - 14 days ago
Song at 4:40 ??
Louis Logan
Louis Logan - 14 days ago
I love yo tattoos
A d u b
A d u b - 14 days ago
All he wanted was some chick fi le😂😂😂
Xavier Clark
Xavier Clark - 14 days ago
Sell on her mind🔥🤣
Vxzk Official
Vxzk Official - 14 days ago
Didn’t she leave Bc you cheated lmao?
lerang gao
lerang gao - 14 days ago
What's the name of the song at 4.13
Sade Williams
Sade Williams - 15 days ago
Love the tattoo now you get to carry him for the rest of your life 💯💯💯
lil_ron_ gacha
lil_ron_ gacha - 15 days ago
Thats what I like about fredo2x he never stops!!!
Jyleel Wright
Jyleel Wright - 15 days ago
Who thought jasmine did a burberry bag
Ahmad Alkaraki
Ahmad Alkaraki - 15 days ago
What song is at 4:34
Meme Smith
Meme Smith - 15 days ago
I'm in love with you 😍 sooo
Lirkn - 15 days ago
What the song at 4:12 ??? Please.
Deppression_Lzzz 13
Deppression_Lzzz 13 - 16 days ago
-What Bout’ Notorious B.I.G.

Like If You Want Him too Tattoo Notorious In The Same Leg....
Emanuel Nunez
Emanuel Nunez - 16 days ago
What’s the song called on 4:22
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