The E-Boy Invasion 2

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Shannon Salerni
Shannon Salerni - Month ago
yeah im an eboy

an extra greeting boy
Red - Day ago
This comment is breaking records for likes
Haven Whitlock
Haven Whitlock - 2 days ago
...this is stolen from a comment under the first video
Ariana - 8 days ago
hell yea
sebces - 13 days ago
this is one of the most liked comments I’ve seen
6_billy _6_boy
6_billy _6_boy - 16 days ago
sunnywithclouds - 7 hours ago
lol remember when lilhuddy said the n-word?
Duda Pontual
Duda Pontual - 8 hours ago
IM SCREAMING😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
clown - 8 hours ago
You sound so much like drew gooden
Carlo Mendoza
Carlo Mendoza - 9 hours ago
so basically, eboys are white (or white passing) borderline-MAGCON boys dressing up like post 2015-2016 kpop idols.
IAmCatElf - 10 hours ago
Maddie Santiago
Maddie Santiago - 10 hours ago
the suicide trigger warning was much appreciated, thank you ❤️❤️❤️
J Higgs
J Higgs - 10 hours ago
Dude at 3:30 is definitely a Scarlxrd fan. Lol
Sam - 10 hours ago
anyone else noticed how big the space between his eyebrows is?... I can't stop staring at it.
charlotte grace
charlotte grace - 11 hours ago
shawn mendes = taylor caniff
Alex - 12 hours ago
Name brand: kpop
Great Value: E boi
I'm a weird normalist.
I'm a weird normalist. - 12 hours ago
john mulaney
Cheezus Christ
Cheezus Christ - 12 hours ago
eboys are the trash dumpster divers should've left in the dumpster
XoXoTrenni - 12 hours ago
I’m just gonna say it. I don’t hate Kyler. And I honestly don’t know why other people are too. Like when people say he’s said women don’t deserve rights he never said that, and there are billions of WOMEN who think people should have abortions. So are those women taking away women’s right too? Also with the lgbtq community thing, JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT SUPPORT IT, IT DOESNT MEAN HE HATES THEM. It’s also not homophobic, people need to learn the difference between homophobia, and not supporting things. I rest my case, and I already know people are gonna come after me but I don’t care. Also this is not me hating on kurtis!!
_ WowItsJake _
_ WowItsJake _ - 12 hours ago
It's really odd that this group of people is so conservative, like of all the groups, why them??? That's like if all scene girls from 2008 were like super republican
kda 1017
kda 1017 - 13 hours ago
Kurtis it’s not just eboys, but it’s now egirls. Help, they’re much more cringey than the eboys.
chew you up like bubble gum
e-boys listen to two soundcloud rappers and then call themselves goth lol
Raina Pawloski
Raina Pawloski - 14 hours ago
Kurtis is like 1/4 eboy 1/4 soft boy 1/4 comedian and 1/4 a normal functioning human
fightback 1
fightback 1 - 14 hours ago
Ummm abortion is murdering an unborn baby at an early stage of life. I like your other videos but you're just wrong on this one.
Regan Green
Regan Green - 14 hours ago
Since when does it make you a shitty person to have a different opinion?
M C - 15 hours ago
huggy more like yucky
Water MehL0ne
Water MehL0ne - 15 hours ago
FRIZZY KY - 16 hours ago
so I chose the name Kylar when I came out as trans and uhhhhhh............ if I had known I had to share a name with this dipshit I would have taken back my deadname and slipped right back into the closet forever
shelby481carter - 16 hours ago
I know this video is like a month old now but I just found you bc of Drew and Danny, and I'm so glad bc you're such a cool dude, and I'm really diggin your content. You are genuinely funny and your editing is *chef's kiss* so good.
Haru Kazami
Haru Kazami - 17 hours ago
"I would be best friends with a gay person."
"Oh really? I am glad you support LGBTQ+ family!"
"Naaah, I don't."
Do Do
Do Do - 17 hours ago
I thought i was gonna have a good laugh but I'm just angry man
NightcoreGirl98 - 17 hours ago
Those E-boy hugs are what my nightmares are made of.
Demet Erkan
Demet Erkan - 17 hours ago
It's 1.32 AM right now and i am watching this video for like the 20th time and the knock at 4:02 scared the shit out of me
Lily Moynagh
Lily Moynagh - 18 hours ago
I don't got a barf bag but I got a shoe
Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown - 21 hour ago
You know that one eboy that was talking about his strong urge to do a terrorist attack and murder as many people as possible, what's his name?
Shvdesofalexx - 22 hours ago
Did you really call Shawn mendes Taylor canniff
Kesang Sherpa
Kesang Sherpa - 23 hours ago
conner:they just did the woah and scrurried backstage
me(eating and scratching mah big stomach):i just remembered that one of my friend's like one of these aliens
Kesang Sherpa
Kesang Sherpa - 23 hours ago
there r so many things that im confused bout
but the first thing is:y do people pay so much just to go to watch these aliens?
Donghyuckie *Full sun*
Donghyuckie *Full sun* - 23 hours ago
Donghyuckie *Full sun*
Layla Kendall
Layla Kendall - Day ago
Did you forget that Shawn Mendes was on Magcon???
Greyno - Day ago
Your literally an E boy
Eden Rainstone
Eden Rainstone - Day ago
i hope kyler's girlfriend gets an abortion
Greyno - Day ago
This guy looks more like tobuscus than tobuscus does
Sara8 99
Sara8 99 - Day ago
if you dont agree with other people's opinions or beliefs you dont have to hate on them
Sara8 99
Sara8 99 - Day ago
Kyler's not wrong tho
Tori Mueller
Tori Mueller - Day ago
Am I the only one that got scared by the knocking??😂
aaronsdavis - Day ago
"I will tell on you"
Dwight Schrute
Jörgen - Day ago
They’re so stupid that they don’t even know what to do with their pretty faces. DUUDE if i could be that handsome(if i were a boy) i would do modeling
raya anne
raya anne - Day ago
i just love how he does all of his research before doing a video and still tries to update it before uploading.
my \\•respect•//, man.
Benjamin Zupančič
eboys on a jojo gay andventure
Daddy Daycare
Daddy Daycare - Day ago
god, or whatever, also created gay peeps and trans peeps so shut the heck up, BYELER
Yth 02
Yth 02 - Day ago
Huggy more like yucky
Gabby Nicolaou
Gabby Nicolaou - Day ago
the sad thing is i love almost all these eboys
mint chocolate aww
mint chocolate aww - Day ago
The door knock was so real and it scared the sh*t out of me at 3 a.m.
Eboni Retchless
Eboni Retchless - Day ago
Collecting bigotry stones
Skskkskskskksksksk 🤪🤝😜
Federica Cucchetti
Federica Cucchetti - Day ago
huggy more like yucky
Emmeline Simard
Emmeline Simard - Day ago
God damnit I’m going to have to stop associating with my brother Cuyler.
Lani Riggs
Lani Riggs - Day ago
If you are biologically a male you are a male. If you don’t think abortion is evil your crazy. Give people their freedom of speech. Not everyone’s a stupid feminist like you. Fuck off.
Lani Riggs
Lani Riggs - 22 hours ago
Zou Lara ok I just have a very strong opinion about murdering babies.
Zou Lara
Zou Lara - Day ago
You know you don’t need to watch the video lmaoo also freedom of speech doesn’t protect shitty ppls opinion from being made fun of 🤣
Lena Carpenter
Lena Carpenter - Day ago
You have so much respect In my book 💛💛☺️
Lani Riggs
Lani Riggs - Day ago
Ok but abortion is murder though
Anomalocaria - Day ago
your fuckboi impressions are absolutely on point.
tycho sedlachek
tycho sedlachek - Day ago
F man
Isabella Silva
Isabella Silva - Day ago
Is it bad that I actually threw up 4:53 I’m being 100% honest
Omg I can’t-
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