TT Movie: Metal Sonic's Baby

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Liltreydeuce Faze
Liltreydeuce Faze - 4 minutes ago
Thatโ€™s how I cry
miracleproyo orginal
miracleproyo orginal - 3 hours ago
easter egg jefffy sml backround
Brandon Cleland
Brandon Cleland - 4 hours ago
Is that off Mortal Kombat
Gen Teltouch
Gen Teltouch - 5 hours ago
this is how many pounds panda is
OperatorMC - 6 hours ago
Riauna Rone
Riauna Rone - 8 hours ago
Ur vids are shit
alejandro rivera
alejandro rivera - 10 hours ago
vlog gamer
vlog gamer - 12 hours ago
This is how games Sonic won
redbear gamin
redbear gamin - 17 hours ago
dat jeffy pillow
Salooka - 20 hours ago
Can you please add silver the hedgehog
blue strawberry
blue strawberry - 21 hour ago
Hey tito can you do a bet box rap battle between Sonic and Mario please and love you're videos
Ulices Gomez
Ulices Gomez - 22 hours ago
Who else is waiting for Tito to post
Goji Fan 2014
Goji Fan 2014 - 23 hours ago
Wut da fuk
Tateranator 17
Tateranator 17 - Day ago
Metal Sonic: I am sad because I cannot have a baby
Me: omg we must be siblings
Cristian Z
Cristian Z - Day ago
U have three Chanelโ€™s super super Mario Logan and super Luigi Logan and tt movie
Christian the master of the world Blaine
The Jeffy pillow !
Jackson LS
Jackson LS - Day ago
TT Idea: Silver the hedgehog
Patricia Caudill
Patricia Caudill - Day ago
What is no one latching my comment๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ฃโ˜น
Davio Canyon
Davio Canyon - Day ago
You are way better than SMl. Tito should be in charge of all Loganโ€™s video.
Rรถkkvi Karlsson
Can Amy be in the next videos and robotnic
Alonzo Martinez
Alonzo Martinez - Day ago
P2 ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒฌ
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - Day ago
Make a part two of this video
Justguys And puppets
Sooo why do Logan say ur channel suck and itโ€™s awesome
Davio Canyon
Davio Canyon - Day ago
Justguys And puppets because logan know heโ€™s video isnโ€™t better than Titoโ€™s
Sonichu the hedgehog
I can't believe this was uploaded on June 17 my birthday it's late but I can't believe it
Habading Nation
Habading Nation - Day ago
Habading Nation
Habading Nation - Day ago
How is this not denomitized lmao eat ur wiener
yo yo
yo yo - Day ago
metel sonic seid no homo and jet more for me
Epicgamingwithjuan Me12
6:36 oof
Z Valkrie
Z Valkrie - 2 days ago
Basicly friends in real life 0:46
Billy Quill
Billy Quill - 2 days ago
*sees tails throwing jeffy pillow*
Ana Tecua
Ana Tecua - 2 days ago
Daft punk: Harder better faster stronger
Patricia Caudill
Patricia Caudill - 2 days ago
Will you try to make a video Every
Patricia Caudill
Patricia Caudill - Day ago
Why is no who liking my comet๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜–โ˜น
Cj_Aj YT
Cj_Aj YT - 2 days ago
Idei pander breack jet,s glasses
Aidan Mclaughlin
Aidan Mclaughlin - 2 days ago
Tt idea sonic.exe. Ok so how this is going to go is well sonic turns evil
Aidan Mclaughlin
Aidan Mclaughlin - 2 days ago
Tt idea sonic meets movie sonic
Aidan Mclaughlin
Aidan Mclaughlin - 2 days ago
Tt idea sonic meets Ugandan knuckles
Aidan Mclaughlin
Aidan Mclaughlin - 2 days ago
Tt idea Jet's girlfriend
Random Thingโ€™s With Lamar
6:41 he was not actually crying
hypes active
hypes active - 2 days ago
Where is chef pee pee
Spencer Hoskin
Spencer Hoskin - 2 days ago
Metal iron metal Sonic oh
Guillermina Casas
Guillermina Casas - 2 days ago
tittotter you have a jeffy pillow you must be supermariologan the creator of jeffy
Aron_Ninja 1234
Aron_Ninja 1234 - 2 days ago
I canโ€™t believe Tito youtube channel needs only 219,000 sub I hope it happened to get 1M
Josue Enrique Gomez
Josue Enrique Gomez - 2 days ago
Favorite character is metal Sonic
Asa McFarlane
Asa McFarlane - 2 days ago
Jesus panda chill
FerdyGames - 2 days ago
Sega hire theese guys
Ethan Palmer
Ethan Palmer - 2 days ago
Do a robot sonic sun part 2
Jimmy Palacios
Jimmy Palacios - 2 days ago
Metal sonic and metal baby sonic is inappropriate
N!ck TV
N!ck TV - 2 days ago
Uh uh uh uhhh
Alison O'Garro
Alison O'Garro - 2 days ago
Logan ellis
Logan ellis - 3 days ago
Google Sonic versus Mario Beatbox Google Sonic and Mario Beatbox battle
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